Weekend views from the house, and a short walk — pat morss

We’re staying close to home with the pandemic, but there was no shortage of wildlife and other goings on around Eastern Point this weekend.

Mallard preening at Niles Pond
Mallard preening at Niles Pond
Wildlife relaxing on Eastern Point Boulevard
April swimmers at Niles Beach
The scallopers are working in-shore
The turkeys still prefer Anne-Lise’s car
Couldn’t resist another fiery sunset last week

Operation Family Secrets

There was a time when I used to read mob books.  Black Mass, Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob, Gotti: Rise and Fall Mass Market Paperback – June 1, 1996

After a while I stopped reading them.  The reason was because if you read what these people did and how they betrayed each other you lose your faith in humanity.

In “Operation Family Secrets” it tells the story about how a mob boss’ son wore a wire to and took down a lot of people in the Chicago mob including his own father.

In the video of the investigative report the last words of the son who says how it’s portrayed as glamorous and everyone is taken care of but the reality is far from that.

Link To The Book Here

Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda All Free! Week of April 27th Nia Routine: Movie Theme Songs

Cape Ann Wellness

movie themes graphicThis Nia routine is all about flexibility and strength to music from movies, not musicals, but movies whose soundtracks have become iconic.

If you are new to Nia with Linda, these streaming classes are free.  Share with anyone who you feel needs a little movement in their lives during this period of social isolation.

So here is how it works.  It will be easier for you if you download the Zoom client for meetings for a desktop or laptop, or the app for phones and tablets.

Click here for the link to download the zoom client or the app

Then click on this link to bring to my website and the list of streaming classes

At my website, niawithlinda.com, you will want to click on the link for the class and time you are trying to join.  Otherwise you will be all alone!

If you have downloaded the client/app, the…

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GloucesterCast 403 With Comedian Paul D’Angelo, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/26/20

GloucesterCast 403 With Comedian Paul D’Angelo, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/26/20

Press play to listen-

When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast or GMG in your email.  So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get them via email subscription.

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

Here’s a link to Paul’s New Book- This Next Round Of Jokes is On Me- https://amzn.to/2S8FKOC

@HolyCowTweets Milk and Cookies Ice Cream Should Be Illegal

Cape Ann Retailer List from The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce

Hi Joey – Please  feel free to share the attached updated business lists. We have expanded the retailer list and encourage Cape Ann residents to shop local for Mother’s Day. A lot of businesses have moved operations online and to curbside pick-up and free local delivery. If anyone is looking for puzzles, gift baskets, clothes & accessories, bath products, etc. Cape Ann has a lot of wonderful options, with no delayed wait times like Amazon. A lot of restaurants have also been added to the take out and delivery list. If anyone has interest in being included on any of these lists, or would like to update their information, they can contact me at olivia@capeannchamber.com.

All lists can be found on our website https://capeannchamber.com/covid-19-updates/. If any local businesses need help navigating through these challenging times, and need a one stop shop of information, they can use our website as a helpful resource, in addition to their respective municipal websites.

Click to access cape-ann-retailers-4.23.20.pdf






Todd In Isolation

When Kathy Tarpinian and Ginger Ataya of The Cottage on Smith Cove heard about Todd Carlson’s Isolation Chair, they contacted him to invite him to Rocky Neck as a potential sight to add to his “Isolation Chair” photo collection. Saturday he visited with his family Jes and Jackson and we got to see his work in action.

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day so it wasn’t as deserted down on Rocky Neck as it has been recently, but Ginger showed him around the area and introduced him to some potential locations. He found a spot he liked then out came the Isolation Chair and Jes’ camera! The chair is a long time possession of his and when it no longer served a purpose inside his house, he found a purpose for it outside.

His story can be found here or you can follow him on Instagram at @Todd_in_Isolation . The photos are an awesome record of this historic time. Thank you Todd, Jes and Jackson for driving all the way from Southbridge MA and for spending time here in our beloved Gloucester!


@ChiefEdConley Shares An Uplifting Story About @GloucesterPD Police and @GloucesterFire rescuing 14 ducklings that had fallen into a drain 🦆

Great moment today when Officers Mackey and M Foote @GloucesterPD along with Firefighters Buddy Doucette, Dave Barrett and Paul Hudson @gloucesterfire helped rescue 14 ducklings that had fallen into a drain on Rockport Rd.