Folks at Good Harbor Beach this afternoon practicing physical distancing 

Over the weekend many more beaches and beach parking lots closed across the state. Massachusetts DCR State Beaches such as Winthrop Shores Reservation, Revere, Swampscott, and Nahant joined other North Shore communities (Crane Beach, along with Ipswich and Newbury town beaches, for example) in closing to non-residents.

Should Gloucester close her beaches to non-residents? Please write and let us know what you think (and why).

The good news is that State Parks across the Commonwealth are opening early. Massachusetts owns more 450,000 acres of recreational property. Several of the State Parks listed below are beaches, which are now closed, but many are not.

Here is a link to Massachusetts State Parks, alphabetically listed by town.

State Parks by region.

Auto. shop Shout Out From Cynthia Mochowski

I love our vocational program! Today I went out for groceries and noticed one of my tires was low.
I went to Sandy Bay garage, and Kenneth Gillis, a senior in the Auto program, noticed my valve stem was broken. After calling his boss, Kenneth got the ok to replace the broken piece. He did a great job. Because of everything he learned in auto he fixed my tire and probably saved more damage to my car if it hadn’t been fixed.
Jack Porter and Bud Maciel, you two teachers are awesome! You deserve a huge shout out for the education and skills you’re giving our students.

Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda All Free!

Cape Ann Wellness


nia flyer shout out broadwayIMG_5059

Current routine will be our homage to Broadway.  You can be a Broadway diva in your living room.  No critics, whew!

The whole streaming thing is working pretty well.  I’m awaiting some new equipment to further improve the quality of the music and a better mic that doesn’t cut out when I sit on the floor.  Fingers crossed.

It’s amazing how many people have been “attending”.  I had some folks from Florida and upstate NY join us last week.  Pretty cool.

So here is how it works.  It will be easier for you if you download the Zoom client for meetings for a desktop or laptop, or the app for phones and tablets.

Click here for the link to download the client or the app

Then click on this link which takes you to my web site and a list of the week’s classes

Click on the right class…

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Drive Thru Today at Fisherman’s Wharf!

They are doing it again: From Fisherman’s Wharf Facebook page:

Drive-Thru “Pop-Up” Event – Sunday 4/05/20

Scallop and Haddock Drive-Thru “Pop-Up” Event
Sunday, April 5th, 2020
Starting at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
37 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Haddock Fillets Vacuum sealed in 2 lb. Bags
$15.00 / Bag (Only $7.50 / lb.)

Scallops in 1 lb. Containers
$15.00 / lb. (limited supply)

*Please don’t walk up to the truck, we won’t be selling to any walk-ups while we have a line of cars to ensure safe social distancing and to be fair to those in line.

Cash Only

Please try and bring exact change to cut down on the transfer of money.
This will be set up as a “drive-thru” style pick up only. No need to get out of your vehicles. Please follow the signs and stay inside your vehicles to ensure social distancing.

Free HBO Shows Now Available Through ROKU Channel

I mentioned on the podcast that HBO is offering free streaming of some of their most popular shows including “The Wire”, “Sopranos” and “Veep” and I recently discovered the news is even better than that! You need to access these through the Roku Channel on your streaming device, the mobile app or on the internet at  Selected Warner Brother movies are also being made available along with episodes of “Sesame Street”. Here’s a link with details on which shows and how to access them.


Jessica Linquata Wilkins Wants To Light It Up For Easter

We are trying to get the word out to our community. I have helped organize the Teddy Bear Hunt , but I really want to shine our light during these not so bright times and see if we can get the Island to Light it up for Easter!

Jessica Linquata Wilkins
Harrison Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930

Keeping Up With Your MEDS

Cape Ann Home

Did it feel like March was the longest month ever? A friend told me to watch my MEDS.

Here’s what he meant:

  • Meditation: as in prayer and meditation. There are a lot of good teachers. But Deepak Chopra is one of our favorites. He has a 21 day guided practice that is free and easy to follow, even if you’ve never meditated. You’ll find it at . (It’s about HOPE!)
  • Exercise: Keep the body moving. Walk it. Twist it. Make it jump up and down. offers a 60 day free trial and streams live and offers a 14 day trial. We also found lots of free yoga and workouts on YouTube.
  • Diet: We know that some foods “feel” good when we eat them but aren’t good for us so we’re keeping a close eye on what we’re eating.
  • Sleep: Even though it may feel like…

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