I Find These Buffs/Gators Much More Pleasing To Look At and Wear Than The Masks Regular Folks are Wearing

Seeing and talking to people wearing hardcore masks is still jarring to me.  I completely understand why they are needed but they still make me so uncomfortable- wearing them and talking to people in them.

The buffs that fishermen, farmers and landscapers use to keep the sun off their faces and necks in the summer are much more pleasing in my opinion.  Not to mention you can put them on in the morning and they’re always there.  It’s like a fashion statement and you don’t have to go scrambling for a mask.  Total no-brainer purchase.

You can get them on Amazon link here


You can get them on Amazon link here

Local Raptors

Some of you might remember we were fortunate enough last year to have a hawk family nesting in our backyard. Sadly, it seems we do not have hawks in that nest this year BUT we do see hawks around pretty regularly.  This Cooper’s Hawk has been visiting just off our deck recently. Such a regal posture!


Osprey in flight calling out:


This red tail hawk seemed to be very large and healthy. I thought he was particularly beautiful. We are so very fortunate in this are to have seabirds, birds of prey and songbirds galore!



Oliver’s Harbor Reopen for Take Out and Delivery!

Oliver’s Harbor Facebook page announces they reopened yesterday Tuesday April 28 for takeout and delivery.  They will be open for lunch and dinner Monday – Sunday 11:30am to 8:00pm and for Brunch Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 12pm. We are excited to see our local establishments finding ways to accommodate restrictions.  Welcome back Oliver’s Harbor and all others! See you soon. Call 978-559-7638 to order.




Hold Fast LIMITED BATCH OFFER… 100% of the proceeds from our “Every Little Bit Helps” soap bars will go to The Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry.

We’re offering this LIMITED BATCH OFFER… 100% of the proceeds from our “Every Little Bit Helps” soap bars will go to The Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry.   We’ve all been doing our part to stay home and save lives but like so many others, feel helpless at a time when there is great need in the community. Your $10 purchase for two-bars of our Every Little Bit helps soap, while supply lasts, will be directed to benefit The Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry! 100%! Made purely and simply on purpose, with purpose. These are rustic hand milled, hand cut soaps made from a blend of shavings from our Pure and Simple line. Made with a perfect formula of all natural oils to create a daily use bar with a rich lather that gently cleanses head to toe. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide (for saponification), and a blend of essential oils. A perfect soap for any skin type.  Each hand cut bars average between 3.25-4.25 ounces.  $10 for two-bars, while supply lasts will benefit The Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry! The mission of The Open Door is to alleviate the impact of hunger in our community. We use practical strategies to connect people to good food, to advocate on behalf of those in need, and to engage others in the work of building food security.  Every Little Bit Helps soap bars are available for local purchase only with curb side pick up or porch drop off.  Free shipping is not available for purchases of only Everly Little Bit Helps soap unless part of a larger additional products order.  Thank you for your support and understanding. 

GloucesterCast 408 With O’Maley Science Teachers Amy Donnelly and Dave Brown, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 4/29/20

GloucesterCast 408 With O’Maley Science Teachers Amy Donnelly and Dave Brown, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 4/29/20

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

GloucesterCast Virgins Death Row Meal/Sub Picks

Vote Gloucester and Cape Ann Restaurants and services for the Best Of North Shore Awards. Link to vote is stickied to the top of www.goodmorninggloucester.com
Both science teachers at O’Maley innovation middle school. Created a go fund me to help cover supplies so that the teachers can keep making shields if you want to include the link anywhere: charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/schools-makingfaceshields
How did this project get started?
How many facilities have you been able to help so far?
How many shields do you envision producing?
Who are the volunteers for the project?
Where does the funding come from?
How does Gloucester have so much amazing equipment?
How can the community/others help this initiative?
Have you ever done anything like this on this scale before?
Thursday at 11AM We will be livestreaming with Warren Waugh, Karen Hansen, Drew Hale and Scottie Mac



Looking For a Fun Surprise at Home for a Special Day?

Have you ever had Rolled Ice Cream?  Here’s your chance….and, right in your own yard!  Reach out to How We Roll Coast to Coast.  Friends of ours had plans to get this new business venture up and running this summer, but as we’ve all found ourselves at home and in need of fun surprises…especially on special days like birthdays…they have started to take reservations early.  I can not wait to see how they roll when they are in full swing in the months to come, but for now…with an awesome brand new quick freeze ice cream machine and all the supplies and fixings on hand, they will book a visit right to your driveway for a quick treat or a special surprise delivery.

They stopped by our house the other day and served up some super yummy strawberry and oreo ice cream treats.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can tell you that it was REALLY creamy and delicious.  This will be such a great business when summer is in full swing at fairs, festivals, events, block parties and more….but for now, equally as important, it was such a ray of sunshine for my boys who are stuck at home.

If you like ice cream and are looking for a little at-home-pick-me-up reach out to How We Roll Coast to Coast (formerly from the West Coast and now living on the East Coast) on their new Facebook page and book a time for them to come to your driveway.


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Gloucester Education Foundation Organizes Effort to Create Face Shields to Protect Front Line Workers


Gloucester Education Foundation has organized an effort to manufacture over 50 face shields per day using 3-D printers at Gloucester High School and O’Maley Innovation Middle School to protect front line workers against the coronavirus. The effort began on Friday night, with teachers running 40 printers nearly nonstop through the weekend to create the personal protective equipment for front line workers.

“This is another example of our wonderful Gloucester community coming together during this time of crisis.” said Aria McElhenny, executive director of Gloucester Education Foundation. “All of us want to help our friends and neighbors on the front lines and this project is giving us that opportunity.”

The shields are being printed and assembled at O’Maley and Gloucester High School by teachers wearing protective face masks and practicing safe social distancing. The teachers include middle school Science teachers David Brown and Amy Donnelly, high school Engineering teachers Kurt Lichtenwald and John Barry, and high school Makerspace Coordinator Timothy Quinn.

The 3-D printer labs at both schools have been rooted in community collaboration from the start. The O’Maley 3-D printer lab was created during a weekend-long “make-a-thon” in 2014, when local volunteers built 24 printers. At Gloucester High School, the 3-D printer lab is part of the Makerspace, which gives students and community members the opportunity to work on state of the art equipment including 3-D printers, a water laser cutter, a circuit printer, robotic arms, dry laser cutter, and other industry-grade tools and equipment used in design and manufacturing.

Funding for both came from Gloucester Education Foundation thanks to generous donors including the Applied Materials Foundation, JMR Barker Foundation, and local philanthropists John and Mollie Byrnes, Richard Weiss and Barbara McLaughlin, and Joe and Maggie Rosa.
Gloucester Education Foundation drives innovation, encourages creativity, expands student opportunities and empowers educators to strengthen teaching and learning in the Gloucester Public School District. Since it was established in 2005, Gloucester Education Foundation has raised more than $8 million to fund programs in the Gloucester Public Schools.

Additional Info:

Face Shield Design being used at O’Maley: 


Face Shield Design being used at Gloucester High School:



Minglewood Harborside will be opening for takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery starting today, April 29th 


Minglewood Harborside will be opening for takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery starting today, April 29th 

Call 978-281-0223 to order dinner, grocery staples (at cost), beer & wine. 

4 – 9 PM Monday – Friday

12 – 9 PM Saturday & Sunday


Minglewood Harborside is offering 32 oz Bottled Draft Beers for takeout and curbside pickup.







Beer & wine available for takeout and curbside pickup only.
Must have valid ID.


Minglewood Harborside


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Virtual Class Schedule, Prop Rental, & Mat Delivery from Treetop Yoga Studio

Cape Ann Wellness

Cream Brown Simple Class Schedule (1)

We are well into a groove of the new virtual platform, and excited to be able to add to our schedule! Have you tried a class via Zoom yet? It’s super easy and a way to stay connected to your practice, breath, and mindful movement as we continue on this journey; isolated yet still very much connected.


1. Create a free account on Zoom and download the app on a device if you plan to use something other than your phone.

2. Sign up on our schedule using your MindBody account. You can view the classes on the “Schedule” page of our website. Your current class passes and memberships will work, or you can purchase a drop-in class or virtual-class pass. (Only Friday currently appears, but we will update all future classes by the close of the business day on…

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