BOSTON, MA and CLARKSDALE, MS, April 10, 2020 – When Grammy- and Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker Ted Reed learned that the JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL scheduled for April 17, 2020 was cancelled due to the global health crisis, he immediately leapt into action pushing back the release of his original documentary “THE BLUES TRAIL REVISITED” and instead worked to create a new film celebrating the performers and performances of the festival of 2019. “JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL REVISITED”, a 60 minute film, created for digital release on Saturday, April 18th, features exclusive performances with some of the world’s blues legends, old and new. This film celebrates the worldwide impact the Juke Joint Festival has on blues tourism, blues culture, and the unwavering passion and dedication to keeping the blues alive for generations to come.

Last April, Reed, a self-proclaimed blues fanatic, filmed extensive footage for his soon to be released documentary, “THE BLUES TRAIL REVISITED”, during the annual Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, MS. While editing this film, Reed realized he had a treasure trove of live performance footage. His decision to create a new film based on this exclusive performance footage came from a desire to help blues musicians and fans through this challenging time.

Led by Roger Stolle, Nan Hughes and their amazing team, The Juke Joint Festival draws in thousands of blues fans from all over the world for a weekend full of live musical performances. With this year’s 18th annual festival cancelled, they wanted to create an online experience and felt Reed’s documentary, JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL REVISITED, would be a great opportunity to relive last year’s event and provide a finale to a day of live-streamed blues performances during April 18th’s just announced VIRTUAL JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL CELEBRATION.

Reed and Stolle’s ultimate goal is to help drive donations to the Blues Foundation COVID-19 fund (https://j.mp/2wupAYe), and the Mississippi Blues Benevolent Fund (http://www.msbluestrail.org//mississippi-blues-trail-donations).


About Ted Reed

Ted has been producing, directing, writing, and shooting films and television since the 1970s. Creating documentaries, commercials, animated features, and broadcast and streaming series. His storytelling expertise has led to award-winning shows about gender equality, the future of communications technology, immigration, national parks, West Indian music, space tourism, assisted suicide, Jewish innovators, and handgun violence. He is the recipient of multiple awards.


During his career he partnered with the MIT team who pioneered internet streaming video technology, produced New England’s first local all-digital TV broadcast and pioneered the use of interactive video for large business meetings.

Ted has taught and lectured at Harvard University, Tufts University, Boston University, Endicott College and the Boston Film and Video Foundation. He has brought filmmaking courses to elementary schools, community groups and retirement homes, and continues to run film, photography and music workshops at his office in Gloucester, MA.


About Roger Stolle

After a successful 13-year advertising/marketing career in Corporate America, “Mad Man” Roger Stolle moved to Clarksdale in 2002 with a mission to “organize and promote the blues from within.” He owns Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art (“Mississippi’s Blues Store”), co-founded multiple festivals (Juke Joint Festival, Clarksdale Film Festival, Clarksdale Caravan Music Fest, Cat Head Mini Blues Fest, etc.), writes for Blues Music Magazine and Poland’s Twój Blues magazine, is a contributing editor to Delta Magazine, authored “Hidden History of Mississippi Blues” and “Mississippi Juke Joint Confidential” (History Press/Arcadia), and co-produced award-winning films like “Hard Times,” “M for Mississippi” and “We Juke Up in Here”. He is co-creator (with Jeff Konkel, Broke & Hungry Records) of the web series Moonshine & Mojo Hands. He produced three acclaimed albums on Big George Brock and has assisted other blues record labels.
His Cat Head store was called “one of the 17 coolest record stores in America” (Paste mag) An authority on Delta blues and tourism, Stolle is a frequent speaker at events and has been quoted by The New York Times, Forbes, The Economist, PBS Newshour, NPR and Travel+Leisure.



Hello Friends on this rainy, windy day. People’s holiday weekend ran the gamut from joyful to tragic and I so hope yours was not too difficult and you were able to find some light. It was such a beautiful day weather-wise yesterday and if there is one thing about the coronavirus is how wonderful it is to see so many families enjoying each other’s company while out in the fresh air.

Part four, Snowy Owl Takes a Bath, was filmed early one morning. I stopped by to check on Snowy Owl (her nickname at the time was Hedwig) and noticed her face was stained red from breakfast. I only planned to take a few snapshots when she hopped over to a rocky tide pool and began to wash her face. I ran back to the car to grab my movie camera and am so glad I did! For the next 40 – 45 minutes she bathed, preened, and fluffed.I am calling this rare footage because I can’t find anything else like it. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal (active at night) Snowy Owls are active during the day (diurnal), providing a rare glimpse into the world of owls in the wild.

To see all four episodes together, please go to the Snowy Owl Film Project page on my website. These shorts were created for the kids in the Cape Ann community during this at-home schooling time. The last segment, part five, Snowy Owl Returns to the Arctic, is almost completed and will be posted later this week.

Thank you for watching!

Again, thank you to Scott Weidensaul from ProjectSNOWstorm for script advice.

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann
Part Four: Snowy Owl Takes a Bath

After a snow squall and as the sun was beginning to appear, a Snowy Owl came out to take a bath. She found a watery icy pool tucked out of sight from dive bombing crows and gulls.

Snowy Owls, like most non-aquatic birds, take baths to clean their feathers.

First washing her face, she tip-dipped and then dunked. After bathing, Snowy fluff dried her feathers, pooped, and preened. During preening, oil from the preen gland, which is located at the base of the tail, is distributed through the feathers to help maintain waterproofing.

Washing, fluffing, and preening took about forty-five minutes from head to talon.


Scenes from around the eastern end of Gloucester – churning seas, leaden clouds, and great puffs of wind – the waves weren’t super, super huge at 4pm but there was still great crashing action over the Dogbar.

Herring Gull and Brant Geese taking shelter (and fighting) at the little cove at Easter Point Light

Beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon

With a different type of Easter with no family visiting for Easter, we did some yard work and then walked to the beach.  Other walkers were very considerate and no congregating.  Most walkers were wearing masks and I find people are polite.  Stay safe and stay healthy.


John Krasinski, David Ortiz surprise Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center employees with free Red Sox tickets for life

A few Massachusetts hospital employees got a big surprise from actor John Krasinski and celebrated Boston Red Sox hitter David Ortiz.

The two announced during the third episode of Krasinski’s “Some Good News” YouTube show released Sunday that staffers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston would be getting four free Red Sox tickets for life.

Krasinski, a Newton native, launched his online show last month to promote positivity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Live GloucesterCast 398 With WEEI’s Rob Bradford, Nichole Schrafft, Jim Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/13/20

Live GloucesterCast 398 With WEEI’s Rob Bradford, Nichole Schrafft, Jim Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/13/20

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

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Death Row Sub/ Death Row Restaurant Meal- Which Restaurant Which meal

What time during the pandemic do you consider it acceptable to start day drinking?

How long have you been the Red Sox Beat writer for the Herald and site editor for WEEI?

Lobster chronicles

Favorite on the field and off the field moments in his time with the Sox.

Rob wrote a great piece that I shared about the night Corona Virus chawed baseball….and our lives…. What people thought about Covid at the first pitch of that spring training game….and what they felt by the time of the last pitch. It was really cool to hear his perspective of how it unfolded.

Who was his #player to hang out with off the field. Rob has traveled with, hung out with, worked out with, and become good friends with many of these guys.

Who would he be quarantined with. Kind of like your “pick a quarantine house”….Rob should name his perfect house (other than his wife/kids obviously).

Have to get the obvious question out of the way which it seems every sports talk show host is obliged to ask when they have a new guest that is an insider- Do you think we will have baseball this year?

Which player do you think will emerge as the leader of the Red Sox in marketing materials now that Moo,is is gone?

What percentage of what comes out of Boston Sports Radio hosts do you think they believe vs trolling to fill 4 plus hours?

Listened to Bradfo Sho Joe Kelly “Quarantined with the Kellys” podcast on link here to subscribe on iTunes It was such a great interview

Astounded me that he says that as a Dodger this year he’d only been approached 5 times to do an interview and the stark contrast between LA sports media and Boston where there would probably be a mic in his grill every other day. How rabid we are as sports fans and how that can probably be a double edged sword.

Joe Kelly Fight Club-

“I go from zero to 100, like, really fr***en fast,” Kelly said. ” … I’m just a psychopath. (Austin walking toward the mound) just sparked me. I just get the shark eyes … something goes off in my head where I get super laser focused and just black out. “He did that, and then all of a sudden it just clicked, and I was instant serial killer.”

Joe Kelly seems like the most chill guy on your podcast and on the mound a complete competitor.

I’m a big percentages guy- What percentage of athletes prefer the high pressure cooker sports atmosphere of Boston vs playing in a town where sports isn’t everything like Boston.

With the way free agency is and knowing Boston Sports media the way you do- Say you were a Superstar playing on a Boston Sports team and you have two years left on your contract before you hit free agency. The press is trying to get a statement from you stating what your intentions are. How do you handle the press? Reporters ask you what are your intentions, do you plan to re-sign early? Do you plan to re-sign with the local team?

APR 16, 2020 Chelsea Berry concert in YOUR home! at 7:30 PM

Join me on Thursday, April 16 at 7:30pm EST for an evening of covers, originals, stories, and love! Pour yourself a glass of wine, get comfy on the couch, and we’ll do a show just like we would if we were all in the same beautiful venue together. Can’t wait to see you all!!!
Show will be streaming from the Chelsea Berry FB page.



Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

  RIP, John Prine.

Click link to listen*




Mason Williams Classical Gas 3000 Years of Art | you know the song have you seen the 1968 early music video by Dan McLaughlin?

Classical Gas as music video 1968


Do you remember watching the Smothers Brothers in 1968 and seeing this early music video?

Mason Williams, uber-talented musician, comedian, multimedia artist and writer, wrote for television shows as varied as Dinah Shore and Saturday Night Live and was the head writer on the Smothers Brothers. He composed Classical Gas in 1967. A year later he was inspired by a wry conceptual film, God is dog spelled backwards, a compilation of selected visual artworks (paintings and drawings) originally cut to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony:  The world’s greatest music and the world’s greatest art catalyze the world’s greatest film. Williams commissioned the filmmaker, Dan McLaughlin (1932-2016), to re-edit his student art film* and set it to Classical Gas. McLaughlin was a pioneer in computer animation and leading light in his field. This iteration transformed Classical Gas basically into an early music video. The multimedia collaboration aired on the Smothers Brothers in the summer of 1968 and was a hit.

The result is masterful, though dated. Can you spot a work from the 1960s? Can you spot a work by a woman artist? A black artist? Any outside the cannon?  For context, Janson’s influential textbook, History of Art, was published in 1962; McLaughlin’s student film is dated 1963. They are essentially simultaneous encyclopedic pursuits. Linda Nochlin’s groundbreaking essay “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” was published in 1971; maybe the video’s popularity added some fuel to that fire. It would be fun to edit a sequel with today’s tools.

As is, the editing is trippy fast to match the lightning notes, as break neck as any subliminal messaging. It feels painterly. Brush marks, broad strokes, and beautiful washes. The art is not spliced chronologically or thematically by any categorical art history “ism”, nor by a particular place or institution as in, “Is this stretch the Louvre patch?” Pacing is punctuated with mini concentrations devoted to a single artist. Selections tend to figurative works, seated, faces and gazes, all ages. Representations of love and family feel prevalent and arbitrary. Less familiar artists are included. There are humorous beats and repetition. Paintings depicting a musical bent are fun to spot.

I’m not sure if the order of images was altered from the first iteration to its Classical Gas transformation or how much Williams was involved in the second visually if at all. (So many questions: Did McLaughlin grab images at the library, photographed from artist monographs and museum collection books? Did institutions provide photographs? Maybe he rifled through an art history department’s visual bank? Were any works photographed in person, by McLaughlin, Williams or their contacts? Did he include personal favorites?)   *Some of these questions are answered in an audio tape decades after ( listen here ); sad to hear it seems from his perspective he wasn’t done right by Smothers Brothers or his distributor. Library books were combined as part of the work’s mixed media techniques. The crops and zooms helped resize vertical images for an unforgiving horizontal medium. He felt the mosaics were a happy success. Perhaps their inherent fracturing structure optimized the optical goals he envisioned.

Twenty two seconds in, the montage music video kicks off with several DaVincis. (The Portrait of a Musician is included–look for the red cap.) If you’ve never seen the video, I’d recommend letting it ride and experience it whole. If you are familiar with art history you might see a favorite painting quicken past.

Rewatching to concentrate on a few seconds is a fun ID challenge, like the game Masterpiece, or flash cards. Running at ten or twelve images per second at least it’s impossible to dial down without an editing bay. Albeit Mona Lisa, each work was afforded 2 frames.  Though incomplete, here’s my stab at attribution during a single three seconds (tops), starting at timecount 22 seconds. Give it a go!

DavinciMona Lisa(Louvre), Portrait of a Musician (Milan), Head of Woman (Royal Collection Trust /Windsor), Head of Man Shouting (MFA Budapest), A Man Tricked by Gypsies (Royal Collection), studies of heads in profile (not sure); Rembrandt- Man With Golden Helmet (no longer considered by Rembrandt) (Gemaldegalerie Berlin), A Man in Armor (Glasgow), A young woman trying on earrings (Hermitage), A Girl with a Broom (no longer considered by Rembrandt) (National Gallery of Art), Old Man in Armchair (now considered probably by Rembrandt) National Gallery, London; Titian (Girogiane) Pastoral Concert (Louvre); Pisanello Portrait of Princess (Louvre); Alesso Madonna and Child (Louvre); Ghirlandio Old Man and His Grandson (Louvre); David Marriage at Cana (Louvre); Frans Hals The Gypsy Girl (Louvre); Van Dyck Charles I (Le Roi a la Chasse ) (Louvre); Durer Portriat of the Artist Holding a Thistle (Louvre); El Greco Saint Louis (Louvre); Jean Clouet? Portrait of Francois I; Fragonard The Bathers (Louvre); not sure (portrait of woman);  Delacroix Liberty Leading People (Louvre); Daumier Crispin and Scapin (Musee d’Orsay); Goya Duchess of Alba (Hispanic Society of America); Bonnard Nu dans le bain (Nude in the Bath) (Paris); Van Gogh Detail from Starry Night (MoMa), Self portrait (Musee d’Orsay); Paul Klee Fish Magic (Philadelphia Museum of Art); Miro Lessons; Chagall; Raphael La Fonarina (National Gallery Rome); Velazquez Portrait of Juan de Pareja (Metropolitan Museum of  Art); Vermeer Art of Painting (Kunshhistorisches Museum, Vienna); Grunewald Isenehim Altarpiece detail Virgin and Child (Colmar France); Bellini Portrait of a Young Man in Red (National Gallery of Art); Cezanne; and El Greco detail from Burial of the Count of Orgaz (Iglesia de Santo Tome, Toldedo, Spain).


Rembrandt van Rijn, 1606-1669; A Man in Armour


I wonder if the museums have –or could –spot their holdings? What artwork would you add that’s missing?

*McLaughlin (1932-2016) attended UCLA film school for animation graduating in 1958. After serving in the Korean War, he became a pioneer in computer animation, chairing the UCLA animation department and heading the Animation Workshop from 1970 (After Bob Shull) till his retirement in 2007. His son published his writings on animation, see more here , with sample chapters. 

Mason Williams (b.1938)  attended Oklahoma City University (1957-60) and served in the Navy from 1961 to 1963. Fun artworld aside: friends with Ed Ruscha from childhood.

1968- Mason Williams – here with symphony


Many covers- Continue reading “Mason Williams Classical Gas 3000 Years of Art | you know the song have you seen the 1968 early music video by Dan McLaughlin?”

Ryan & Wood

15 Great Republic Dr, Gloucester, MA 01930

Greetings from Ryan and Wood, we hope you are all well. We are happy to say we’ll have our HAND SANITIZER available Monday, April 13th from 10:00am to 4:00pm as supplies last.

It’s $31.88 including tax for a one liter bottle. Curbside pick up, one car at a time at the clearly marked door.  We bought some a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful.  Buy local

Cash accepted, credit cards are encouraged.

Drama in the Osprey Nest

Ospreys have returned to the Essex Greenbelt! We witnessed a total of 3 ospreys at the nest near LobstaLand Easter Sunday. First, we noticed a single bird in the nest. Pretty soon another came along, hovered above for a bit, but was clearly not welcomed by the nest-sitter.

The rejected osprey flew off and another one landed in the nest. These two seemed to get along very well. I do not know if this pair is Annie and Squam from last year’s nest, but I understand ospreys return the same nests with the same partners under normal circumstances.

The Osprey Cam is not yet activated, but this is the link for you to bookmark if you are interested. Also available at that link is a volunteer form for monitoring Essex Greenbelt Osprey nests in the area. I sent mine in! I hope I get the LobstaLand nest!! Watching this story unfold (along with a pair of feasting egrets) was a special Easter blessing!

Sherri Lewis’ Light It Up For Gloucester Easter Video

  My family and I made a little Easter display with lights. I wondered how many had done the same, so we drove around to see if others had done the same. I took pics and made a little video with my son Ryan’s help. There were so many I had to lengthen the tune and unfortunately cut some out but the majority are in.  I thought it was a nice idea so this was my way of saying thanks for trying to bring community together.
All the best,
Sherri Lewis