Church Bells ringing in unison Easter Sunday at 10AM – please share

A lovely message and clarion request from Dierdre Savage, a Gloucester resident who grew up in New York City:

“Sitting in my too quiet home in Gloucester at 10AM last Sunday morning I was struck and comforted by the sound of church bells coming from up the street. Sure, there would be no usual gathering, but the bells rang. I felt an eerie sense of calm, as if it was a regular Sunday. 

Later the same morning, I live-streamed Mass being held in a small chapel at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in NYC. 

The endless sound of sirens coming from outside could not be missed. It was utterly heartbreaking.

Here’s a thought – lets get all the church bells in Gloucester – and beyond – ringing in unison on Easter Sunday morning. If you agree — please share this request far and wide.” – Dierdre Savage, Gloucester, Ma


Please consider asking your churches to participate. People across the country have already responded saying their churches are in on the idea — bells will ring across the country on Easter Sunday at 10AM!


  • various places of worship, Gloucester, MA — and City Hall bell tower 🙂 – click individual photos twice to enlarge to full size (or pinch-zoom)
  • Manny photographed the bells CLOSE UP at Our Lady here
  • Our Lady 1924 photo Fred Bodin here



Dear Friends and Snowy Owl Lovers,

Not last winter but the winter before, an exquisite Snowy Owl arrived on Cape Ann. I think it was sometime in December we first began seeing her perched on Bass Rocks. Many of us followed her escapades daily and we took lots of photos. I was also filming her. Like many Snowies, she was tolerant of people, but I think she was especially unperturbed by humans. I also filmed other Snowies that irruptive winter, a stunning nearly all white male nicknamed Diablo at Salisbury Beach, a pretty female at Plum Island, and a pair of males that were located at a beach just north of Logan Airport. And while filming one morning in the dunes at Crane Beach, two were having an epic battle. I was sitting super still and one of the combatants landed within several feet of where I was perched, startling us both!

About two months ago my computer crashed and I lost my film editing program and also became sick with what I thought was a cold. I had been mostly self-quarantining for a month prior to the mandated quarantine because I didn’t want any elderly friends to catch my cold. It turns out it is pneumonia. So between quarantining and learning my brand new film editing program I have made a series of short 3-5 minute films, mostly for the parents and kids in our neighborhood, and also for all our owl lovers. Hopefully, these shorts will help a bit to pass the time.

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann is part one in the first of five episodes. Next to come is Snowy Owl Hunting. Stay tuned 🙂

Please share with your neighbors and Moms and Dads home with the kids. I think you will love seeing the Snowy and how beautiful, too, Cape Ann looks in wintertime. And we’ll also learn some fun facts about Snowies!

Thank you for watching and please be well ❤


City of Gloucester Offers Grocery Shopping Guidance–Requests public abide by store rules and City guidance–Promotes social distancing and personal responsibility

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (April 1, 2020) – Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Public Health Director Karin Carroll would like to provide guidance and suggestions to residents about grocery shopping amid concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Yesterday, Governor Charlie Baker extended the “Stay at Home” advisory which encourages everyone to restrict social interactions to essential activities, such as getting food, medicine and gas until at least May 4.  Residents have called, emailed or messaged the Mayor about their worries around shopping, their shopping concerns and comments about their own shopping experience. 

Our supermarkets are providing an essential service to our community during this public health emergency.  We know for many going to the grocery store is one of the only times they leave their home.  Additionally, eating well is a crucial component of staying healthy, even if getting the food can be stressful.  The best way to protect yourself while shopping is to limit person-to-person contact by keeping a physical distance from other people and avoid touching things as much as possible.  

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “We appreciate all our local supermarkets and their commitment to this City.  Our sincere thanks to all those employees working to provide this service.  Let’s all be respectful of each other and the rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety.”      

Practices in Place at Gloucester stores 

We are in frequent contact with our supermarkets and are confident that our Gloucester stores are working in earnest to comply with social distancing guidelines, to maintain a high level of sanitation and to ensure employees hygiene. 

In Gloucester, all our supermarkets have implemented the following:

·         Markings at the registers to avoid crowding – please look for tape on the floors for social distance guidance at registers;

·         Wipes available to clean carts upon entry;

·         Constant cleaning through-out the day of high traffic and touch-point areas;

·         Special shopping hours for the senior and at risk community;

·         In-Store signage detailing the CDC’s safety measures;

·         Adjusted store hours for cleaning and stocking; and

·         Hand washing and hand sanitizing requirements of all staff. 

Shopping Guidance and Considerations

The Gloucester Health Department and the Mayor’s Office encourage the following regarding grocery shopping:

·         Minimize shopping trips and shop during off peak hours;

·         Plan ahead and consider delivery;

·         When possible, go alone to limit household exposure and reduce the number of people in stores;

·         Clean your shopping cart or basket – specifically the handles – with your own disinfectant wipes or wipes provided by the store;  

·         Make a paper list (the less you can touch personal items the better);

·         Respect quantity limits of select, high-demand items (like hand sanitizers and household cleaners) to help ensure more of your neighbors can find the products they need;

·         Please respect other customers and keep a 6′ distance; and

·         Please be patient.

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “We all have a responsibility to keep each other and our community safe.  Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be respectful of social distancing.  If you see a crowded aisle, skip it or wait for people to leave.”

Dedicated Shopping Hours

Market Basket, Shaw’s and Stop & Shop have implemented “High Risk and Senior Shopping Hours”.  

Dedicated shopping hours are: 

·         Market Basket hours are 6 a.m. – 7 a.m. daily.  

·         Shaw’s hours are 6 a.m. – 7 a.m. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday.  

·         Stop & Shop hours are 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. daily.

Residents over 70 years of age or anyone with underlying health conditions, who are considered at high-risk when exposed to COVID-19, should limit social interactions with other people as much as possible. We encourage our seniors and high-risk individuals to have family or friends go to the store for them.    

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “Please respect these dedicated shopping hours, which are meant to protect our community’s most vulnerable individuals who have no other option but to go to the store.”

Pick-Up/Delivery Options

If you can afford to, it’s best to order food online.  Delivery services dramatically reduce your contact with other people.  You pay online, items are packaged and the food is left outside your door.  Currently there are delays for many delivery services so plan ahead.   

Reusable Bags

As a reminder, reusable shopping bags have been banned for use at stores during the coronavirus outbreak and local bans on single-use plastic bags have been suspended.

Slather your junk with @BiancoSausage Cologne and watch the ladies come knockin!

Northeast BBQ


We’re excited to announce the highly-anticipated launch of our Bianco & Sons Cologne! The intoxicating scent has a deep base of Sweet Italian Sausage with notes of tomato and garlic. Experience the vibrancy of this 2020 scent, available at all fine retailers. #BiteIntoBianco

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Cape Ann Olive Oil

This Saturday, April 4, Cape Ann Olive Oil Co. will be open for curbside pick up and delivery from 11 to 3, 57 Main Street Gloucester, AM  01930.  We will be filling website and phone orders. There will be no tastings offered and no refills on empty bottles at this time. You can order online at and clink “in store pickup”, or email your order at please include your phone number so we can get credit card information, also let us know if you are picking up or would like free delivery. You can also call us at 978-281-1061. Rick and I appreciate your support during this difficult time. Please stay safe!! Patty

Cape Ann Whale Watch Updated Season #42 Opening

Cape Ann Whale Watch has announced May 16 2020 as its updated season opening, a newly designated date to adapt to COVID concerns. You can check their webpage here or check their Facebook page for additional details. I am disappointed but I understand. Can’t wait to get back onboard for a whale watch!  42 years of great sails!

Screenshot_2020-03-31 https www seethewhales com

With Hope There is no Fear~

Cape Ann Wellness

By going with the flow of life we are staying in the present moment and the load is much easier than trying to carry life @deepakchopra

When we take a breath, step back, and let go, we can get caught in the ease of the flow…making it easier to activate the hope inside us.

With hope there is no room for fear.

Can you activate the hope inside you and let go and be with the flow of life?

Inhale, exhale, Inhale, exhale….

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”😊


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