New beach parking restrictions are being implemented by the Mayor’s office. These restrictions include Witham Street, Nautilus Road, Eastern Point Road (the road that runs along Niles Beach) and the neighborhood roads around Wingaersheek Beach.

Barricades were placed today in several locations and we imagine more will be forthcoming.

Niles Beach Eastern Point Road is clearly barricaded and marked

No barriers yet on Nautilis Road (we expect they are coming)

No barriers yet on Witham Street

New barriers at the corner of Witham and 127A

Walk-ons allowed and bike stand still in place at Good Harbor Beach

Good Harbor Beach this afternoon, in and out of storms

Face Mask Requirement and Other New COVID Measures in Place Today April 10

I have copied this information from the City of Gloucester COVID Alerts link available here:

I have highlighted areas I think might be of special interest.

City of Gloucester COVID-19 Advisory and Announcements – April 10, 2020

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and the City of Gloucester continue to advance measures to limit person to person contact to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

As of today, there have been 58 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the City of Gloucester:  two deceased, 16 currently in home isolation, four are currently hospitalized, and 36 have recovered.

As the City prepares for the COVID-19 outbreak to surge in Massachusetts, additional measures are being implemented throughout the City to further promote social distancing in high congregation areas.  As this rapidly evolving situation progresses and the COVID-19 case count continues to escalate locally and statewide, the City may be forced to enact further measures and closures.

At this time, all beaches, parks and trails will continue to remain open to the public.  However, in an effort to curb the amount of people using any of these areas at one time, effective immediately, many parking lots are closed and additional parking restrictions at access points are in place.  Residents and guests visiting any of our beaches, parks and trails are asked to respect the social distancing guidelines by maintaining a distance of 6 feet, wear a mask or face covering, practice responsible personal care and hygiene and to clean up and properly dispose of your personal trash.

New Community Measures in Place Effective Immediately

The following measures will go into effect immediately until at least May 4. 

  •  Playgrounds:  City playgrounds remain closed.  The nearly twenty playgrounds around the City will be locked and/or roped off as studies have shown that the virus can stay on surfaces for up to several days and playgrounds are not disinfected.
  • Stage Fort Park:  Gloucester Dog Park will remain open but parking at Stage Fort Park will be closed.  Walk-in access only.  
  • Beaches:  
    • Niles Beach – No parking will be allowed at Niles Beach. 
    • Wingaersheek Beach – The parking lot remains closed and additional parking restrictions will be implemented and enforced along Atlantic Street.
    • Good Harbor Beach – The parking lot remains closed and additional parking restrictions will be implemented and enforced in the adjacent neighborhoods.

• Dogtown:  No parking will be allowed on Dogtown Road.  

Electronic and other signage will be posted at all of these areas.  The Gloucester Police Department will have an increased presence throughout the City and will be out enforcing traffic and/or parking violations.

There are many high foot traffic areas within the City – most notably Stacy Boulevard.  Everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing and to wear a mask or face covering when out in public.  Please do not congregate and if there is a crowded area use your best judgement to keep yourself safe by considering to wait for people to move out of the way or walking a different path.

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “It is vital that everyone within the City of Gloucester follow the recommendations of the CDC and DPH to do what is necessary to address this ongoing crisis.  By practicing social distancing, wearing a mask or face cover out in public, and not gathering together in groups we can make a difference.  We control the turning point of COVID-19 in our community.”

Gloucester Board of Health Emergency Orders

Today, the Gloucester Board of Health issued additional emergency orders to protect members of the public from transmission of the coronavirus.  The full orders will be available shortly and can be viewed here.

An emergency order was issued regarding the Use of Masks and Other Protective Measures – This Order requires the use of face coverings by members of the public when entering any essential business, at a restaurant for the purpose of picking up food for take-out, or entering or exiting a residential or commercial building complex of greater than one (1) unit and while in common areas and communal spaces.  Additionally, all employees of all essential businesses shall wear a face covering, provided by their employer, when interacting with the public and within six feet of a co-worker.  

The operation of Ice Cream Trucks are prohibited. Brick and mortar establishments serving ice cream will be allowed to operate in accordance with the Governor’s Directive if effective social distancing measures are implemented.

The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators, which should be left for medical professionals and first responders.  Wearing a face covering can lessen, not fully prevent, the chance of the person wearing the covering spreading COVID-19 to others.  People should also continue to social distance to further minimize exposure.   See the following links for information on cloth face coverings:
Face Covering Do’s and Don’ts Graphic  
How to make a mask 
How to wear/wash cloth face coverings 

Another order was issued establishing a moratorium on eviction enforcement which states that no landlord and/or owner shall enforce an eviction upon a resident of Gloucester, including residential tenants and commercial tenants deemed to be essential businesses per the directive of the Governor of Massachusetts, during this public health crisis.  Additionally, no landlord and/or owner shall access or seek to access a tenant’s dwelling space for purposes such as general inspections, displaying units to potential future tenants and other non-critical activities. A landlord may only access a tenant’s dwelling space to make repairs requested by the tenant, repairs required as a matter of law, or to respond to a life-threatening emergency. A tenant may refuse access of entry for non-critical purposes or when adequate social distancing arrangements (at a minimum of six feet) have not been made.

A final emergency order was issued mandating all Elder Housing and Congregate Housing buildings within the City of Gloucester to restrict access in order to limit exposure to the occupants.  Only health care workers, vendors or service providers approved by the management agencies, or visits by individual family members or friends, are allowed.

City Recommended COVID-19 Surge Preparations

For at least the next two weeks, City officials recommend the following:

  • Limit, or if possible eliminate, all essential trips, such as grocery shopping;
  • Avoid gatherings and maintain physical distance from others in public;
  • Practice good hygiene including thorough and frequent hand-washing;
  • Avoid touching your face; and
  • And per recent CDC guidelines and Gloucester Board of Health’s emergency order, wear a mask or face covering when entering a grocery store, picking up food from a restaurant, entering other essential businesses that are currently open, or entering or exiting a residential or commercial building complex of greater than one (1) unit.

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “Please stay home for the Holidays. Even though we may be physically separated from each other and our loved ones, we are never far apart spiritually.  We must all do more and continue to stay away from each other physically.  If we can stop community transmissions, we will stop the virus. Each and every one of us will save lives by staying apart and staying home.”

Social Distancing and Additional Guidelines

We cannot say it enough, all residents are encouraged to practice social distancing by remaining at least six feet away from others.  Social distancing will help to minimize exposure among people, especially given that COVID-19 is highly contagious and people may be contagious prior to exhibiting symptoms.

As always, if anyone displays symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever, cough or shortness of breath, they should not come to work or school and they are advised to contact their primary care provider.

Union Congregational Church, Magnolia joins bell ringing in unison Easter Sunday at 10am

Susan Dalton shares a vintage postcard image and message from Magnolia that



Dierdre Savage’s message of the bells was shared. Pastor Abram Kielsmeir-Jones confirmed that the Union Congregational Church, Magnolia will particpate in the bell ringing event 10AM Easter Sunday.

Like Dierdre, Susan explains that she’s originally from New York and “wanted to mention that Magnolia’s Union Congregational Church was missing from the group of photos on your GMG Post.” She lives near that “sweet church” which completed a “recent re-shingling project on their vestry.” Thank you, Susan, for this happy update which also gives me a chance to underscore that the first post included some places of worship in Gloucester, not all. Enjoy photographs of a few more below.

Look forward to hearing the ringing of the bells which is an international effort now. “Tuscany and beyond!”


Live GloucesterCast 396 With Paul Gamber, Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy and Joey Ciaramitaro 4/10/20

Live GloucesterCast 396 With Paul Gamber, Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy and Joey Ciaramitaro 4/10/20

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the font lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

Paul Gamber MD GloucesterCast virgin-
Has his own dental practice in Danvers-
Couple of questions-
First off what specific toothpaste do you and your family use?
Are teeth whiteners safe?
What are the top three things someone can do to maintain a healthy mouth?
How important is flossing?
Waterpic, is it a gimmick?
What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in your office?
Are you taking new patients

Coronavirus Drinks- Gamber’s Pineapple StoliDoli

When would be the first time you think you’d go to a professional sporting event once things reopen?

Tiger King Episode 8 being released Sunday night on Netflix!

Creative uses for zoom other than talking-games, drinking games?

Allergies are brutal. What do you guys use to combat it.

Easter plans

Post-Corona restaurant wish list inspired by Carl McKay Stratton

Ralph DiGiorgio’s List:

Note: this is NOT in any particular order

1. Franklin- Burger
2. Tonno- Pork Chop
3. Franklin- Carbonara
3. Essex seafood- fried Haddock dinner
4. Causeway- linguine with clams
5. Short and Main- pizza
6. Captain Carlos- Clam chowder
7. Seaport grill- key lime pie and cookie Sunday
8. Stones- pulled pork Mac and cheese
9. Sugar mags -Lobster eggs Bennie
10. Georges- pancakes
11. Lobster land- lobster quesadilla
12. Charlies -chicken fingers
13. 525- Buffalo dip
14 . Halibut point- fish chowder
15. Blue lobster Rock port-  Moqueca Brazilian stew
16. My Place Portuguese- fisherman’s stew

Paul Gamber’s List:

J.T. Farnhams – fried clams
Great Marsh Brewery – Burger/Red Pepper Jam, Camalized Onions, Cheddar
Bancroft and Co. – aged Ribeye steak and creamed spinach
Black Cow Hamilton – Buratta Capressi Salad with Steak tips
Tonno – Dirty Martini
Studio – Sushi
Fogo de Caio – Brazilian Steak house (Boston) – Abundance of MEAT!
Short and Main – Pizza
Petrillos – Chicken Parm Sub
Mikado – Sushi
Champions Pub – Steak tips
Sea Level – Grilled Tuna
Depot Diner – Brunch – Lamb tip salad, while the family gets breakfast
Legal C Bar – Seafood Paella (best is at Columbia Restaurant in Sarasota/Tampa Florida)
Sawasdee – Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai

Chris McCarthy’s List:

I’m so sick of food, I went with the cocktails I am dreaming of

Crows Nest- Bloody Mary

Machaca – blood orange margarita

Franklin – Maria’s special (top secret)

Cape Ann Brewing – flight of beer (any kind, they are all good)

Tono – dirty martini with blue cheese olives

Minglewood – Fire on the mountain

Rhumline – Rhumb Boogie

Mile marker – Pain killer (2 please)

Pratty’s – bucket of coors light.

Passports – glass of Caymus (ahhhh make it a bottle)

Jalapeños – skinny margarita

Azorean- Sagres

‘I Just Need the Comfort’: Processed Foods Make a Pandemic Comeback
Shoppers, moved by nostalgia and hunting for longer shelf lives, are returning to old standbys like Chef Boyardee and Campbell’s soup.
By Julie Creswell


Two Blue Herons and an Egret

A pair of Great Blue Herons joined the neighborhood egret for a meal recently. They appeared to be cautiously accepting of each other as they enjoyed marsh treats. After a little while, two additional egrets joined the fun. The five of them provided us with an airshow and several minutes of entertainment. So happy to see so many signs of spring popping up! It gives me hope for a light at the end of this tunnel.