Shopping Wine Online Made Easier & Safer on Savour’s Online Market



Shopping Wine Online Made Easier & Safer
on Savour’s Online Market

In addition to our ongoing Curbside Pickup program for a safer shopping experience, minimizing risk – that our customers access by phone (978. 282.1455) and / or email ( ) – we have expanded our website’s presentation of wines to select from our Online Store.

>Currently there are 100 wines available from our stock of over 700 personally curated selections in our Online Store, each with descriptions of the tasting experience.

>Soon we will post a second collection of 80 wines from our popular $14.99 bins,
expressing the desired qualities of complexity, gaining length, balance and finish.
Here again, each wine’s taste experience is described. Please check back.

Online Shopping at Savour: Easy & Efficient
Begin by entering >
taking you directly to our Online Store.
>Adding wine to your cart and placing your order, we…

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Cazeault Solar Celebrates Earth Day 2020




As a provider of energy efficiency solutions for businesses, Cazeault Solar is proud to shine a (LED) light on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22!
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a good reminder of the profound impact businesses and homeowners can have on the planet by doing their part. By taking advantage of energy efficiency upgrades, using Solar to power HVAC and lighting, businesses and homeowners can not only reduce their carbon footprint, but save themselves money, too.

It’s Cazeault Solar & Home!  “Best Of The North Shore Magazine”
The Readers of “BONS” magazine awarded us Number #1 for Solar and Home.
We are thrilled that you voted for us and we wanted to say a sincere Thank You to you.
We also wanted to tell our dedicated staff that, “You Are The Best!”.


Fill out the form or email me at and I’ll have lifelong Gloucester resident Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar call you to go over your options for free.

mail (1).jpg

Celebrate Earth Day 2020 with a ‘Virtual’ Walk in the Woods

Cape Ann Wellness

Today is the 50th Anniversary of ‘Earth Day.’  Be sure to spend some time in nature today, in gratitude, as you celebrate this wondrous planet where we all live. We are the earth’s caregivers and protectors, and that was never more evident and important than now. As Astronaut Carl Sagan’s photo demonstrated and spoke of, the earth is but a tiny speck of dust in the Universe. “Everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives,” Sagan later wrote. “On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”Candy Hansen, a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who worked on the Voyager imaging team noted, “It also made me think about how vulnerable our tiny planet is.”

‘Shinrin yoku’ – Japanese ‘Forest Bathing.’ Shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yokumeans “bath.” Shinrin-yoku means ‘bathing in’ or ‘taking in’ the…

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Anna Solomon’s New Book Is Launching Virtually Wednesday, May 6 at 7 p.m. @SolomonAnna

Dear hometown friends,

I hope this finds you staying safe and sane as we move into what feels like week 462 of social distancing. I also hope you’ll join me on May 6 for a very special event to launch THE BOOK OF V. here on Cape Ann.

Who: I’ll be in conversation with my dear teacher and friend Charlotte Gordon––and YOU!
What: A virtual event––registration details to come! (You can also check my website for updates.)
When: Wednesday, May 6 at 7 p.m.

Please mark the date! And if you’re able to, please support our local small business, The Bookstore of Gloucester, by calling 978-281-1548 or emailing and pre-ordering a signed copy of THE BOOK OF V.

Thank you!

Though this event is open to anyone anywhere in the world (feel free to share!) I’m sending this to folks on and around Cape Ann in the hopes that many of you will recognize each other––and we might create together a much-needed boost of community and connection.

It’s never been truer that I cannot wait to see your faces.

Thank you!

P.S. A cool piece of recent news: The audiobook for THE BOOK OF V. just won an Earphone Award from AudioFile Magazine! These awards go to “truly exceptional titles that excel in narrative voice and style, characterizations, suitability to audio, and enhancement of the text.” Buy it here or anywhere audiobooks are sold.

Cape Ann Olive Oil

Cape Ann Olive Oil Co. will be OPEN Wednesday through Saturday 10-2. If you would like curbside pick up please order at, email at or call 978-281-1061. We will delivery too. Please wear a mask if you come into the store, 57 Mains Street, Gloucester, MA  01930. Thanks for your support.

Cape Ann Olive Oil is located in the heart of downtown Gloucester. We carry a large variety of fine olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and specialty products.

Destino’s to Close Temporarily and Voluntarily

From Destino’s Facebook page an announcement today Wed April 22 2020

Destino’s Subs & Catering to voluntarily close after employee exposure to Covid-19

Like other essential service providers, we have now seen our associates and family impacted by Covid-19.

Unfortunately, as public health officials have indicated, we expect to see an increase in cases as the virus spreads in our community. Upon learning of the exposure of one of our employees, we have made the decision to close the shop out of concern for our employees and customers.

Our restaurant has been open for take-out and delivery since Governor Baker’s emergency order. We have strictly followed all guidelines from the DPH, CDC and the Gloucester Board of Health. All employees have been following local and state guidelines and have taken the necessary precautions to deep clean and sanitize the shop regularly amid Covid-19 concerns and have been wearing face coverings/gloves for additional protection.

We look forward to reopening after the proper contact tracing protocols have been completed.

The Destino Family

Avis R. Murray coaching the community | great letter to the editor Gloucester Daily Times 🎾 🎾 🎾

Avis R. Murray tennis courts Stacy Boulevard Gloucester, Mass.I© 2019
Avis R. Murray Tennis Courts, Stacy Boulevard at Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, Ma (dedicated to her June 2019)


Avis R. Murray, Gloucester resident and member of the USTA Hall of Fame, letter to the editor: “Reflecting on times past and present during these trying times”Gloucester Daily Times, April 22, 2020

“During these difficult times, it has given me time to reflect on times past and how blessed we are for the present modern conveniences.

Since I am in the classification of “elderly,” I recall growing up in the late 1930s and early ’40s and how things were then.

It was during World War II and I recall my mom and gram closing curtains at night and we all had to stay indoors as there was a threat of German submarines possibly in our harbor and ready to bomb us. Our parents never showed any fear, so we naturally just thought we were closing our curtains cause it was nighttime.

During those days we had electricity, heat by coal furnace, one radio for entertainment and news, our refrigerator was an ice box and milk was delivered to our door by a milkman. We also had a party line for a telephone — so many rings and it was for us.

Running hot water was a treat during the winter months, as we had a stove that held a tank that was full of oil, which heated our water tank. In the summer seasons we heated a pot of water to have hot water when we bathed.

We saved the grease from cooking as we turned it in and got a couple cents per pound. We also stood in line with our rations to get various foods.

With everything happening in the world right now, we can feel blessed in some ways as we have iPhones, iPads, computers, the internet, TV, lights and heat.

We have brave workers out there to help us daily — health workers, police, firemen, grocery workers, transportation workers, convenience and package store employees, gas station helpers, take out restaurants and coffee shops, volunteers who are delivering food and those who are working to provide the delivery packages for the elderly, and people helping in every way they can.

We need to wear a mask but we can go out and take walks, keeping the 6-foot distance. We can take rides, walk the beaches, ride a bike, and enjoy the fresh air.

We have a stimulus checks coming to us from the government, we have a mayor who is keeping us abreast and caring about our safety, a governor who is so passionate and fighting for all the equipment we need to help those affected by the virus and also equipment to keep all our health workers safe…”

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Gloucester Biotechnology Academy: Virtual Info Session on 5/1

Cape Ann Community

Interested in learning more about Gloucester Biotechnology Academy? Do you know a high school senior or recent grad that is looking for their next move – but isn’t sure where to start?

Join us from your own home on Friday, May 1st as Academy instructors hold our first VIRTUAL Informational Session. Held on ZOOM from 2p – 3p, instructors will be live with details on the program, information on how to apply, and answers for your questions during a live Q&A.

See the invite below, and reach out to Ashley Destino at with any questions.

Virtual Info Session_Invite

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