Waves and USCG Training — pat morss

It seems as if the waves have been coming in on Cape Ann for weeks. Here is a sunny day on Eastern Point last week; the other photos are from this Saturday morning, including USCG training out by the whistle buoy.

Eastern Point 3/31/20
USCG training at E Pt whistle buoy 4/4/20
USCG training at E Pt whistle buoy 4/4/20
USCG training at E Pt whistle Buoy 4/4/20
Breakfast waves at Eastern Point 4/4/20
Waves at E Pt lighthouse/Mother Ann 4/4/20

O’Maley courtyard | City of Gloucester DPW work during Covid-19

City of Gloucester DPW work on O'Maley courtyard in progress during Covid -19_20200402_ © c ryan (2)


As one branch of the city’s essential services, Gloucester DPW is busy serving the city during this pandemic. Sanitation, disinfecting and water management are critical public health priorities. Regarding construction and infrastructure work, the Governor gave specific instructions that limit construction projects with safe and rigorous controls so as not to expose anyone uneccessarily to bigger groups. Big DPW jobs may involve layers of interactions among larger crews, city staff, police and partners which is inherently at odds with any social distancing mandate. At the city level, Mayor Romeo Theken and local administration are following the Governor’s advisory on construction to a “T”. It would be unsafe if every town did something differently. “The Mayor is adamant about the use of PPE,” stressed Mike Hale, the Director of Public Works. “She’s spot on with daily notifications and advisory on essential and supplemental guidelines. And she shares directly any Federal and State communications.”

Gloucester DPW has

  • reduced crew size and staggered staffing level to limit potential exposure

“We have plans a,b,c,d,e as far as staffing goes. Look, the Gloucester DPW staff is fantastic! They want to be here. They’re willing to work; they feel it’s their public duty. The ability to work right now is essential for the staff and the city. DPW work is hard to catch up on under normal circumstances. And we had caught up on so much. We won’t fall back.” – Mike Hale

  • modified ride sharing (from groups of guys in a truck to 1 or 2 per individual vehicle)
  • prioritized smaller jobs and/or
  • specific jobs where bigger crews can be spread out more and the project is still manageable under covid-19 constraints
  • assigned work that can start and finish without disruption (for example if a building is re-opened it’s good to go)
  • dispatched crews inside schools cleaning, deep cleaning (management of school disinfecting started the Saturday following the Friday school closing), and traditional maintenance work (i.e. old doors that need replacing)

At Gloucester’s O’Maley middle school campus, DPW is making good progress on a courtyard improvement phase they’ve long planned. Three raised planter wells were removed and three lower planting beds with 16 new trees are coming.

“Lots and lots of concrete panels are being replaced.”

The scraggly boarder gardens around various walls facing the street will be attended to; DPW is teaming with Generous gardeners for the flower beds. The anchor will be relocated within a flower bed along the building.


(photos above)

Wow– even at this stage, the project mitigates the outdated elements that felt harsh.  Looks fresh, and it’s easy to envision the future plans so full of life!



raised beds removed_new courtyard design_photo 20181129_ ©c ryan


Live GloucesterCast 392, With Scottie Mac, Chris McCarthy, Ralph DiGiorgio, Craig Kimberley, Jim Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro 4/4/20

GloucesterCast 392, With Scottie Mac, Chris McCarthy, Ralph DiGiorgio, Craig Kimberley, Jim Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro 4/4/20

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the font lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

Delivery Shark will make deliveries for you.

Cooking up a storm has been great- cooked with my daughters, made bread for the first time

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Netflix or other bingeworthy series to watch also HBO streaming some shows free in April: Sopranos, Veep, The Wire

Are you watching the news or are you tuning out?

Dr Fauci and Dr Brix are all stars

Restaurants getting makeovers- The Franklin and the Nest

Ty Law says Peyton Manning tried to get him drunk to get intel on the Patriots

Live Cams around the country

Motor vehicle accidents probably way down.

This Old House features a Cape Ann house this season in Manchester By The Sea and interviewed (Tom Ellis?) from Lannon and other locals

Coping Techniques?



Charlie’s Place Open for Take Out

When we stopped at Charlie’s Place for our takeout, another customer commented that she didn’t know Charlie’s was open but was very happy to find out that it was. For that lady and everyone else who might not realize, Charlie’s is open for takeout and it’s worth the call! Lobster Mac and cheese for me, hot caprese sandwich for Jim! Call 978-281-5002

Crystal Ball Around Town

CB has been enjoying the nice weather we have had these last couple of weeks, even if her activities are restricted. We are carefully following guidelines so we can all remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible and we hope you enjoy these CB Around Town Early Spring pictures. Can you match the locations which include Annisquam, the Fort, the Back Shore, Niles Beach, Dolliver’s Neck and Brace Cover?

We are now offering some staple items, at grocery store prices, to add on to your takeout or delivery order at some of our Serenitee Restaurant Group locations


We are now offering some staple items, at grocery store prices, to add on to your takeout or delivery order… And hopefully save you a trip to the store.


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Breakwater Roasters’ Half Moon
12 oz bag of ground coffee  $12

Breakwater Roasters’ Babson’s Ledge Decaf
12 oz bag of ground coffee $12

Breakwater Roasters’ Dogtown
12 oz bag of ground coffee $12

Breakwater Roasters’ Bottled Cold Brew
12 fl oz  $3.50 each

* limit three per item* 

We want to better serve our guests in these uncertain times.

Please click here to let us know what items you’d like us to have available for curbside pickup or delivery, so we can save you a trip to the…

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Dreamtime Wellness is Offering ‘Virtual’ Sessions: #StayHomeStaySafeSaveLives

Cape Ann Wellness

During the International Pandemic Emergency, We REMAIN OPEN, offering emotional support, products and ‘virtual’ sessions for Healthy Coping, Relaxation, Stress Relief and Pain Management.

In consideration for your and everyone’s safety, we are following the MA Department of Public Health’s Directive to ‘Stay Home’

Though we are temporarily unable to offer ‘in-person,’ office, home, hospice or hospital sessions, we continue to support you and your good health and promote optimal well being, in the best and safest way possible – Virtual’ Sessions and Products Offered at *Discounted Prices.

Including but not limited to: Instruction in and sessions of breathing relaxation (variety of techniques), guided imagery, visualization, hypnotherapy/self-hypnosis, meditation (variety of techniques), reiki (variety of techniques), tobacco treatment/smoking cessation, and more.

*Offering ‘Virtual’ Sessions: ‘Discounted’, ‘sliding scale,’ ‘by donation,’ and in some cases, ‘free.’ (Per person limits) Cost varies by type of session/product, and individual needs. 

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