Breaking in grilling season

Easy pickup with halibut from Fisherman’s Wharf and a baguette from Alexandra’s. All available veggies were thrown on. Of course, we started with Turner’s oysters again before firing up and topped it off with Captain Dusty’s. Enjoyed by all!


Drive-Thru “Pop-Up” Event – Friday 4/10/20

Scallops and Haddock landed at Fishermans Wharf

When: April 10th, 2020
Starting at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
37 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Haddock Fillets in 2 lb. Bags
$15.00 / Bag (Only $7.50 / lb.)

Scallops in 1 lb. Containers
$15.00 / lb. (limited supply)

*Please do not walk up to the truck, we will not be selling to walk-ups while we have a line of cars to ensure safe social distancing and to be fair to those in line.

Cash Only

Please try and bring exact change to cut down on the transfer of money.
This will be set up as a “drive-thru” style pick up only. No need to get out of your vehicles. Please follow the signs and stay inside your vehicles to ensure social distancing.

Happy President’s Day: FDR in Gloucester, Carrancho family and FSA photos


FDR in Gloucester MA.jpg

2015 Manny and Joanna Carrancho, Trib and Ken Joyce and extended family visiting from VA and elsewhere for reunion stop at the HarborWalk exhibition Fishermans Wharf  to see manny panel.jpg

You can find a historic panel about Roosevelt’s visit included as part of the HarborWalk Fisherman’s Wharf display. I’m posting this in tribute to Manny Carrancho. The photographs and history shared by Manny Carrancho (1923-2017), Ken Joyce and their family for the Fisherman’s Wharf exhibit make the FDR plaque incredible. The 2015 photograph above shows the beautiful Carrancho family at Fisherman Wharf by the historic plaque vastly improved by his photos, knowledge and stories.

Manny Carrancho on Fisherman s Wharf exhibition Gloucester MA
Photo caption UL: 1933 En route to ME, President Roosevelt visits Gloucester Harbor.  Ben Pine and others on board the yacht, Amberjack, present an Emile Gruppe painting of the racing schooner, Gertrude L Thebaud, to commemorate their advocacy sail to Washington DC just two months prior. Photo caption UR 1942 Ben Pine’s vessel, Old Glory, at Fisherman’s Wharf. Some of the crew continued with Pine’s vessel the Puritan. Credit: Howard Liberman, September 1942, FSA/OWI photograph collection, Library of Congress.  Photo caption LR: 1943 On a first voyage, young deckhand, Manuel “Manny” Carrancho, mends nets with twine man, first mate Mario Vagos on Ben Pine’s vessel, Old Glory.  Captain Oscar Riberio and Manny became close friends; the Captain and his wife, Irene, were Best Man and Maid of Honor at the wedding of Manny and Joanna Carrancho, née Cecilio. Manny Carrancho helped identify the Howard Liberman photographs in the Library of Congress after a GMG post I wrote in March 2014!

you can click thumbnails to enlarge



This is It! The Last Weekend for the Kahn Studio/GMG Gallery


This Is It!

The Last Weekend for the Kahn Studio/GMG Gallery

This Colombus Day weekend is the last weekend for the Kahn/GMG Gallery until next year. I think I have 4 small Paintings framed and one unframed left. Any Framed painting will be $60.00 any size. the unframed one will be $35.00. All drawings framed or unframed will be 20% off.

EJ has some of her Beautiful Paintings, Prints, “Did You Know” Book and her popular Fishermans Calendar at Discounted prices available.  Also Joey C. and Sharon have some Awesome Photos Available. And don’t forget Paul Morrisons Pottery. All at Discount prices. If your interested just drop by the Gallery at the Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck. Tell EJ  I sent you.

Kahn Studio/GMG Gallery

77 Rocky Neck Ave. G3 Madfish Wharf

  12 to 8pm Until Columbus Day

Here’s a few of mine that are available:

Tied up at “Fisherman’s Wharf” Gloucester

Sharpie Sketches;


Gloucester At Dawn -Fisherman’s Wharf and Saint Peter’s Park 4/26/10 4:55AM

Yes I know that by the book this isn’t a very clean picture but I just like it’s grittiness.

Gloucester At Dawn- Harbor Cove 4:45AM 5/23/09

Gloucester Zen Video Here tomorrow at 8AM

Here is a picture you really ought to see full size by clicking it and selecting “all sizes”  it’s probably one of the best shots I’ve taken in a while.

Fisherman’s Wharf, 1980 Gloucester Ma Pic from Frank Ciolino

This is the original Fisherman’s Wharf building on Rogers Street and Harbor Cove before the fire destroyed it.  Check back next hour for the picture of what it looks like today.


Harbor Cove- Fisherman’s Wharf and Captain’s Courageous- Site of New Latitude 43

Much thanks to Frank Ciolino who brought down a bunch of old photos of Gloucester from roughly 1980.

Maybe someone could identify the building that is to the left of Captain’s Courageous in the photo.  I’m guessing it was the old Gloucester Grocery but I’m not sure.  There is an alleyway that provides public access there now.  In the post above this one, the Lat 43 sign is located on the left corner of the Captain Courageous building in this photo.

The Fisherman’s Wharf Building has been replaced after a fire a few years back with a corrugated steel building.