Live GloucesterCast 394 With GPD Chief Ed Conley, Chris McCarthy, and Joey Ciaramitaro 4/7/20

Live GloucesterCast 394 With GPD Chief Ed Conley, Chris McCarthy, and Joey Ciaramitaro 4/7/20

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the font lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.


A SNOWY OWL COMES TO CAPE ANN PART TWO: SNOWY OWL MIGHTY HUNTER with graphic warning for very young children

Snowy Owl MightY Hunter is part two of the series A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann. The segment where Snowy is eating prey may be too graphic for very young children, so parents please preview.

Please share with friends and your young naturalists. Thank you for watching and take care

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann
Part One

Dear Friends,

Not last winter but the winter before, an exquisite Snowy Owl arrived on Cape Ann. I think it was sometime in December we first began seeing her perched on Bass Rocks. Many of us followed her escapades daily and we took lots of photos. I was also filming her. Like many Snowies, she was tolerant of people, but I think she was especially unperturbed by humans. I also filmed other Snowies that irruptive winter, a stunning nearly all white male nicknamed Diablo at Salisbury Beach, a pretty female at Plum Island, and several males that were located at a beach just north of Logan Airport. And while filming one morning in the dunes at Crane Beach, two were having an epic battle. I was sitting super still and one of the combatants landed within several feet of where I was perched, startling us both!

About two months ago my computer crashed and I lost my film editing program and also became sick with what I thought was a cold. I had been mostly self-quarantining for a month prior to the mandated quarantine because I didn’t want any elderly friends to catch my cold. It turns out it is pneumonia. So between quarantining and learning my brand new film editing program I have made a series of short 3-5 minute films, mostly for the parents and kids in our neighborhood, and also for all our owl lovers. Hopefully, these shorts will help a bit to pass the time.

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann is part one in the first of five episodes. Next to come is Snowy Owl Mighty Hunter.

Please share with your neighbors and Moms and Dads home with the kids. I think you will love seeing the Snowy and how beautiful, too, Cape Ann looks in wintertime. And we’ll also learn some fun facts about Snowies!

Thank you for watching and please be well ❤

Sharing Further Information from the City of Gloucester

This additional update was posted on the city’s website today April 7:


Unfortunately since City buildings are closed to the public, the Compost Facility located at Dogtown will also be closed Saturday, April 25, 2020.

The City’s first Spring Curbside Collection will begin on Monday April 27 on your regular trash day.  Please have leaves and yard waste in brown paper leaf bags or loose in barrels out no later than 7am on collection day. The contractor picks up yard waste first, then dumps and then begins regular trash and recycling collection.  Please – no plastic bags!  Unfortunately brush cannot be collected curbside, just leaves and grass clippings.

The City of Gloucester continues to advance measures to limit person to person contact to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  Everyone is urged to follow all the local and state guidelines and recommendations.  We all have a responsibility to do our part to keep each other and our City safe.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  Stay well!

Update From Mayor Sefathia

Good afternoon;

The Basket Ball Hoops at The Fort Playground and Burnham’s Field are no longer useable.

The Stay Home electronic sign is at rotary. ( let’s hope people do it)
Beach Parking Lots are closed and will remain closed.
Cars illegally parked will get tickets and Vehicles obstructing other vehicles from passing will be towed.

Chief Conley will be on GMG tonight at 6:30PM emphasizing Stay Home ! etc.

Be Safe

“Ignorance doesn’t excuse Ignorant.”


Sunday and Monday Generous Gardeners planted pansies in pots all over Gloucester. With the help of a local grower and all the gardeners spring and hope has sprung all over Gloucester. Soon there will be tulips blooming on the Boulevard, all of these gardeners bring beauty to Gloucester, so they put on their mask and continued to bring beauty and hope that soon life will return with gratitude!❤

Maritime Gloucester

Bear Sighting

I was quite shocked to see this bear roaming the boulevard as Thatch and I took our daily drive.  Not as shocked, however, as I was to see it hop on the back of a motorcycle and drive away.    Ok…so, it may not have been a real bear…but, it was out spreading real joy.  The look on the face of one of the bridge workers when he spun around and saw that it was a biker bear who had just shouted “hello” was priceless.   Good for this duo riding through town giving people a reason to wave and smile.  It’s the little things right now…


Lighting It Up For Easter From Afar

I received a lovely note from FOB David Collins a few days ago which he graciously permitted me to share. It seems Jessica Linquata’s Wilkins suggestion that we “Light it Up for Easter” has spread to Florida!

Here’s what David had to say:

Jessica Linquata Wilkins wrote Joey about the possibility of people lighting their houses for Easter like it was Christmas and as an equally nice something-to-see for families on evening walks and neighborhood drive activities together during the Covid-19 era.
I really liked that the idea, a kind of positive and uplifting thing in an otherwise negative time, so here is what I put together for my house (even though I live in Florida now after an adult life working in Connecticut – but my heart is still in Gloucester – always.)
I will start lighting them tonight so I will be with you who also do so up there in spirit. (I took a picture of them in daylight because it is cloudy here today and my camera is lousy with night shots.)
The star in the window is the same one that used to be on the outside our house on Stage Fort Avenue (the house now on Anchor Lane with the 3 windows that look out over the baseball field – the star was centered over the windows) back in the 1950’s at Christmas time but my father used orange lights then. I put it up now at Christmas with red, green and white lights and on the 4th of July with red, white and blue. I display it indoors these days because it is made of wood with funky wiring and is about 65 years old. I figure it has had enough weather abuse. The star was made by our family friend Bill DeCoste. I believe some of his relatives still live in Gloucester.
And this all ties together (for me anyway) because Bill and Hester DeCoste and Bev Low’s grandparents, Don and Aune Gray, and my parents, Millard and Mae Collins, used to do almost everything together – ballroom dance, play canasta, go beaching at Wingaersheek. They even went on vacations together to New Hampshire. All such great people who had a lot of fun together. Again, something positive to think back on in these not-so-positive times right now.
I sincerely thank David for sharing a little bit of Gloucester history wit hour readers and for his efforts to join in the “Light it Up for Easter” campaign.

Backyard Growers’ online store brings veggie-growing resources to Gloucester residents during COVID-19 crisis

Cape Ann Community

Backyard Growers has launched a new on-line store in response to COVID-19 to get veggie growing resources to all Gloucester residents with contact-free payments and home delivery. Items include:
🌻COMPOST bags from Black Earth Compost
🌱 SEEDS of all kinds!
🍅 GROW BAGS *New custom grow bags to help you grow veggies in tight places
🌿 SEEDLINGS from Cedar Rock Gardens available later this month
DISCOUNTS: Anyone who has participated in the Backyard Garden Program since 2010 will receive a discount. Check your email for the promo code.
FREE + DISCOUNTS: 2020 community gardeners and NEW 2020 backyard gardeners will receive an email that lists the free seeds and seedlings you will receive through the program and a promo code if you want to buy additional items at a discount.
Interested in becoming a 2020 Backyard Gardener? We still have gardens available for income-eligible participants. Learn more…

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