RESULTS WEEK 3 #Gloucester Ma FIRSTS| try Mr. Goulart’s local history hunt Throwback Thursday

Gloucester High School_20190318_photo © catherine ryan.jpg

Gloucester, Mass.- Great teacher at Gloucester High School, Shaun Goulart, creates a local history scavenger hunt trivia game for his 9th grade students that takes place weekly for 6 weeks. We’re taking the challenge one week after the students. Good luck!


How did you do? Week three was all about some famous Gloucester FIRSTS and there were many locations.   Stop here if you prefer to go back to see Week 3 questions only.

1)The location of Gloucester’s first “Four Year High School” 

Principal Albert Bacheler CENTRAL GRAMMAR

Central Grammar first four year high school Principal Albert Bacheler_20180505_photo copyright © catherine ryan.jpg

2)The location of Gloucester’s first Brick Building?

PURITAN HOUSE built in 1810 by Col. James Tappan* is a historic house at 3 Washington Street and 2 Main Street. Also known as: Tappan’s Hotel, Gloucester Hotel (“Tappan’s Folly”), Atlantic House, Mason House, Community House, Capt Bills (1960s-70s), Puritan House & Pub (1977), Blackburn Tavern (1978-00s) *Tappan was taught by Daniel Webster

Excerpt from prior GMG post (read it here) about scenic tours by bike 1885: “And now let’s take our wheel for a short run along our harbor road to East Gloucester, and note the many points of interest on the way. The start is made at the Gloucester Hotel–the headquarters of all visiting wheelmen in the city–at the corner of Main and Washington streets; from thence the journey takes us over the rather uneven surface of Main street, going directly toward the east. In a few minutes we pass the Post Office on the left, and soon leave the noisy business portion of the street behind us, then, e’re we are aware of it, we reach and quickly climb the slight eminence known as Union Hill…” This brick building at Main and Washington now features Tonno Restaurant. Notice the chimneys and same stairs as when it was the Gloucester Hotel. The Blackburn Tavern sign was just marketing; this building has no connection. Blackburn’s Tavern is now Halibut Point restaurant at the other end of Main Street.


3)The first schoolmaster and town clerk’s house. (private property do not trespass)

RIGG’S HOUSE” 27 Vine Street (Annisquam) Thomas Riggs House purchased in 1661

oldest house on Cape Ann, Gloucester, MA

Oldest House on Cape Ann.jpg

Fredrik D. Bodin.jpg


4)A list of the first recorded Gloucester fishermen lost at sea. (Hint: 1716)

Look under the year on cenotaph surrounding Man At Wheel

annual fishermans memorial service_Mayor Romeo Theken_20160827_fisherman at wheel cenotaph gloucester© catherine ryan.jpg
Mayor Romeo Theken, annual Fisherman’s Memorial Service, 2016

5)The location of the first carillon built in America.

Our Lady of Good Voyage – read more

Subshop with a view- through Destinos window

view from destinos subss 2017

6)The location of Gloucester’s oldest surviving burial ground for the First Parish.

1644! – 103 Centennial Drive – top of Centennial Drive near the train bridge


7)The location of Gloucester’s first town hall.

LEGION – read more

another photo from Fredrik Bodin

Townhouse 1844-18710000.jpg

8)The location named after the first settled minister on Cape Ann.


Blyman Bridge looking like Winslow Homer scene_Gloucester Ma_20170926_photo copyright Catherine Ryan.jpg

9)An example of a First Period house.(include the year of the house)

See state’s list select “Gloucester”, “Buildings”, under architecture select “First Period” (although it’s incomplete) look for homes dated approx. 1626-1725. If it’s first period, sometimes there’s a historic marker right on the house and it will have the year. One of many examples: The White–Ellery House was moved from its site roughly in the middle of the rotary to the corner location now part of CAM. “It was built at the edge of a marsh for Gloucester’s first settled minister, the Reverend John White (1677–1760)”

10)Mural depicting the “Founding of Gloucester”. (the first pioneers) Hint: Build not for today alone, build for tomorrow as well.

Charles Allan Winter’s mural above stage in Kyrouz Auditorium City Hall

20170912_city hall meeting.jpg


11)The house that was the first location of a library in Gloucester.

Idea for Library discussed as early as 1830s and a semi-permanent one was established ca.1850. Fire destroyed the nascent repository. In 1884 a permanent one on Middle Street, Saunders House, was gifted by Sawyer and built back along Dale from there.

Saunders and additions_Sawyer Free Public Library_20180422_© catherine ryan.jpg

12)The location of the first city owned bridge. It was a drawbridge moved by a hand-cranked winch.

from the City Archives Timeline book- Annisquam walkway – “The first city owned bridge was built in 1861 for $2587 by Joseph B Burnham to replace an earlier 1847 built private bridge that crossed Lobster Cove. The 1861 bridge is 440 feet (130 m) long and 30 feet (9.1 m) wide, and had a drawbridge section in the center that was moved by a hand-cranked winch”

Annisquam Bridge ca.1905-1915 Library of Congress

detail from 1899 city engineer plans Annisquam bridge.jpgLibrary of Congress detail of City Archives engineering plans Historic American Building Survey

ANNISQUAM BRIDGE, LOOKING WEST ALONG DECK, C.1885. Photocopy of photograph (original glass plate negative #T14 in the collection of the Annisquam Historical Society, Annisquam, Massachusetts). Photographer: Martha Harvey (1862-1949). – Annisquam Bridge, Spanning Lobster Cove between Washington & River Streets, Gloucester, Essex County, MA PHOTOS FROM SURVEY HAER MA-61

13)The first statue formerly atop the Our Lady of Good Voyage Church.

A replica is on site. The original is now at Cape Ann Museum


14)The plaque for the first meeting house green. (a.k.a Meeting House Plain)

Meeting House Plain commemorative plaque set into boulder across the street from White Ellery house

Meeting House Plain commemorative plaque 1923_20190318_© catherine ryan

15)The first location for the YMCA in Gloucester Mass.

YMCA was founded in 1873 with a reading room located at 58 Front Street – now the West End of Main Street. The historic “Front Street Block” includes roughly four connected brick buildings 55 -71 Main Street by Pop Gallery and Main Street Book shop. ON the 1899 map (see detail)  YMCA is listed as #83 Front Street

YMCA 1899 map

three story Dale house duncan and middle
(view from Dale) intersection Duncan and Middle Streets, before the YMCA


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