April Reiki Training and CE’s in Sedona Arizona; First Degree/Shoden

Cape Ann Wellness

Begin Your Reiki Journey in Beautiful Sedona Arizona

First Degree/Shoden (Beginning Teaching)15-hour training.**

When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. April 5, 6, 7

Where: Sedona, Arizona

No pre-requisite necessary. Come with an open-mind and open-heart!

 Contact Us for Details – 978-283-4258 or Email: info@dreamtimewellness.com

Usui Reiki Ryoho – a Japanese Healing Art/Method that originated in 1922 with Founder USUI Mikao Sensei of Japan. Komyo Reiki System: A Keep It Simple system of reiki as taught by Buddhist monk INAMOTO Hyakuten Sensei, based on Japanese aesthetic – Less is More.

Learn Reiki (ray-kee) in this traditional apprentice-style training. Class is offered in beautiful, peaceful settings surrounded by nature. Includes instruction, discussion, practice, meditation, attunements (Reiju,) manual, ongoing mentoring and much more. Learn the history of Reiki Ryoho, techniques for self-reiki and self-care, potential benefits and use of reiki, reiki research, ethics and boundaries, and the reiki precepts…

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Whenever I’m out doing errands, if time allows, I try to take the “long” way around. The sun was beginning to shine through the storm clouds while the snow was still falling when I stopped to capture the beautiful shadowy and pale lavender-gray hues at Stage Fort Park. The pretty grays lasted only a few moments, but I was so glad to have taken the long way.


Michelle Barton and Chris Anderson shepherded this little seabird back to the water after it was seen blown into a telephone pole and onto the ground. Many thanks to Chris and Michelle for taking care of the Arctic voyager and for sharing their photos..

Just like the Razorbill spotted earlier in the month, Thick-billed Murres are members of the Auk family. They are deep sea divers and seen off the coast of New England during the winter months. Thick-billed Murres are occasionally blown onto shore during intense storms.

I read that Thick-billed Murres have very pointy eggs and wanted to see what one looked like. Don’t you think they are beautiful? I love the shape, and patterns. Image courtesy Audubon.

From our friend Iain Kerr Ocean Alliance

Dear Friends,

Here we go again! The Parley SnotBot team is off on expedition, we’re taking along some other ‘Bots and will be having some long distance chats!

This time we’re in the Dominican Republic (DR), visiting the breeding / calving grounds of the North West Atlantic humpback whales (photo 1). I was first here in the 1990’s aboard the RV Siben and then the RV Odyssey so it is great to be back. This location and this group of whales is very special to us, because while the humpbacks mate and give birth in the waters off the DR, some of them migrate up the East Coast of the U.S. to spend their summers feeding on Stellwagen Banks, right off the coast from our headquarters in Gloucester, Mass. (Photo 2)

During Expedition 9 we took the Parley SnotBot out to study and collect (Exhaled Breath Condensate) “Snot” samples from the Gloucester population of humpbacks and we’re very excited to bring all of our skills and tools to bear to add what knowledge we can, about these whales in their winter grounds.

As with every Parley SnotBot expedition, this one started out with us at the airport with a ridiculous number of bags (total of 20 bags with 2 carry on’s each ☹). We flew Boston to Miami, Miami to Santo Domingo where we picked up a rental mini van. We then drove for almost 3 hours to our Air B&B accommodation (Photo 3) in Samana. Six people and twenty bags was a bit of a squeeze in the mini van. So when we got to Samana Chris and I removed some of the chairs from the mini-van to make it a bit more SnotBot friendly (Photo 4).

In addition to SnotBot, we are putting energy into another member of the Drones For Whale Research family while we are in the DR EarBot. EarBot was first seen in Alaska in 2016 and 2017 (photo 5). While our other drone work has kept us busy, our Robotics manager Chris Zadra has given EarBot some much needed TLC over the last few months and we are excited to be putting EarBot back to work to record humpback whale songs in the DR.  As well as doing some behavioral studies and working with regional scientists monitoring the whale watch industry here we will also be doing photogrammetry work (measuring the size of whale with a drone) using our LIDAR array (photo 6) mounted on one of our Inspire 2 drones.

We have a bigger team here this year as we continue to try to improve Parley SnotBot and our Drones for Whale Research program. The team from past expeditions are Iain Kerr, Andy Rogan, Christian Miller & Chris Zadra. Now we have Ocean Alliance staff member Britta Akerley helping Andy with the science and data and Angie Sremba from Dr. Scott Bakers lab at Oregon State.  Angie has been doing most of the DNA analysis of our Snot samples so we thought it important for her to see the collection process. Next week Ainsley Smith from Gloucester will be joining us to be trained on our data protocols and management. As if this was not enough we will be joined by Germany’s largest TV network ZDF (https://www.zdf.de) to shoot a documentary short.

We did get out on the water today but it was blowing close to 20 knots (photo 7) which like Gabon makes the work more challenging. To try and beat these trade winds the plan is to be on the boat tomorrow at 6:00 am (before sunrise) and be with the whales as the sun rises – hopefully we will have some spectacular photos and will be able to collect plenty of Snot before the wind picks up (fingers crossed).

Last but not least I am excited to report that these blogs are going Live! Our good friends at Maritime Gloucester will host an evening with a live discussion from the DR with the Parley SnotBot team along with live and archival footage.  We hope that we can share some of the expedition excitement and let people know what it is like to be working in the field and answer a few questions….LIVE. If you live near Gloucester, please come on down and be part of the conversations at Maritime Gloucester on Sunday March 3rd, you can Register here. Next time we do Expedition Live we hope to webcast as well but for this first one we are trying to keep it simple as we can.

So once again we will be keeping busy, that said I am sure we will have some great stories to tell along with Christian Miller’s stunning photos.

As always thanks again to our partners and expedition supporters Parley.

Onwards Upwards and Fair Winds from the Dominican Republic!


Iain Kerr


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Dave Sag’s Blues Party celebrates tonight …Yes, it’s Mardi Gras Time @ The Rhumb Line 2.28.2019



Thursday at the Rheummie, Let’s celebrate Phat Tuesday. Yes, it’s Mardi Gras Time and in honor of St.Hadacol, we’re gonna whoop it up before the dreaded Lenten heave-ho. So, look out for something a lil different. I’ve got John Cameron, fleet-fingered piano perfessor to tinkle the ivories, Steevee Sadler to mortar the cracks, and Andrew “Pops” Jones lubricatin’ that second line beat. Plus a whole slew of musical cronies who promise to show up and electrify the situation.Gonna be singin’ a whole lot of nude stuff. be prepared! 830 to 1130

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


From FOB Len Burgess

If you are interested in model ship building
I’m the guest on a 1/2 hr. program on local TV called “Smart Boating” with Paul Jermain.
The show is airing in Gloucester, Essex, Rockport and Manchester this week-
Here are the time slots on Channel 12:
Smart Boating:
Thursday at 8:30 pm
Friday at 10:00 am
Sunday at 7:00 pm

-Len Burgess


Pics of the former US Coast Guard station building the partially frozen women lived in when the super blizzard hit 50 years ago (Photos from Pat Morss)


The Gloucester Daily Times featured a story today (Wed) about the super blizzard 50 years ago.  Text included: “But two years later, the bodies of two elderly women were found, still partially frozen, in their home in a remote section of Eastern Point.  Police said they found signs that one victim had been chewed by a dog.”  Shortly after, we were building our early year-round home as next-next door neighbor.  Here is a photo of the former US Coast Guard station building the women lived in, which was a WWII observation station that triangulated with a similar station in Scituate to plot ship movements into Boston Harbor.  The second photo shows the view through the horizontal slot window for the telescopic binoculars.
Best, Pat Morss

Lobster trap tag washed up in Cornwall, UK that was attached to a trap in Gloucester MA harbor that belonged to our lobsterman Tommy Burns, skipper of the F/V Arethusa

Hello from England!

We found this lobster trap tag washed up in Cornwall, UK a few days ago and wondered whether it might have once belonged to lobsterman Tom Burns of the boat Arethusa? Not sure if it’s the same person or not but it would be wonderful to find out!
With very best wishes from Tracey Williams in Newquay, Cornwall

I put it into a google map and did a distance calculation- 3052 miles!


Thank you Community for seeing the wisdom in these changes and for giving voice to these tiny endangered birds.

Last night’s Council vote a was win for our Good Harbor Beach Piping Plovers and a win for all the citizens of Gloucester. There was a tremendous turnout by the Piping Plover volunteers and friends, as well as an impressive number of letters written to the Councilors in favor of the changes to the ordinance. The combination of the two spoke volumes and definitely tipped the scales in favor of the Plovers.

Read more here:



City of Gloucester Awarded $1 Million Seaport Economic Council Grant

City of Gloucester Awarded $1 Million

Seaport Economic Council Grant

Improved Harbormaster Office and Visiting Boater Center planned

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (Feb. 27, 2019) – The administration of Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken announced today that the City of Gloucester was awarded a $1 million grant from the Seaport Economic Council (SEC). This grant, and others, were approved at today’s SEC meeting, chaired by Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito.

The grant will be used for final design and construction of an improved Harbormaster’s Office and Visiting Boater Center at 19 Harbor Loop. The enhanced facilities will allow the Harbormaster to meet the increasing community demand on the office including the response of safety calls, staffing special events that take place on the water, and handling of the growing number of visiting and local boaters.

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “An improved Harbormaster Office and Visiting Boater Center will be a huge asset to our City. The City of Gloucester is excited about this substantial investment from the Commonwealth. It allows us to provide safe, efficient, and critical harbor operations while increasing economic opportunities to our thriving downtown. We look forward to welcoming visiting boaters into our harbor with these enhanced amenities. Thank you to the Baker-Polito Administration and my colleagues on the SEC for recognizing the critical role that all of our port cities play in the Massachusetts economy.”

This endeavor is part of the Administration’s continued effort to put into action the recommendations of the City’s Harbor Plan/DPA Master Plan adopted in 2014 and as well as the Mayor’s Recreational Boating Ad Hoc Committee. The Plan had several recommendations including: diversifying the harbor’s economic base, including the visitor based economy; enhancing the harbor’s role as a center for community life while connecting the harbor to downtown; and promoting public access to the waterfront for both residents and visitors.

Modifications to the building will include: changes to meet safety codes and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); installation of energy efficient lighting and HVAC; and adherence to Federal Energy Management Agency’s floodplain construction requirements. The expanded space will also create a new training/meeting room that can be used for educational opportunities such as boating safety courses and cross department public safety meetings. ADA accessible public restrooms and space for visitor information that will provide historical and general information about Gloucester to visitors and the public are also planned.

Gloucester Harbormaster Captain TJ Ciarametaro said, “Gloucester is poised to become a premier visiting boater destination in New England. With an improved Harbormaster Office and Visiting Boater Center there will be the support for the increasing transient boating community while addressing critical harbor needs. These shore side amenities will benefit the community and local economy tremendously and I’m excited to help implement these changes.”

Gloucester’s port saw an overwhelming increase in recreational boating this past summer. The Harbormaster’s Department, with the help of Discover Gloucester and in collaboration with the Community Development Department, has successfully attracted a record number of visiting boaters to Gloucester’s beautiful harbor and thriving downtown. These increases have led to job growth potential in both the tourism and maritime sectors as well as new opportunities for downtown and harbor businesses.

This year marks the second full year of implementation of the transient mooring online reservation system, DOCKWA. DOCKWA rents 30 transient/visitor moorings for vessels up to 60 feet. Moorings are located in three areas: The Inner Harbor, in close proximity to downtown shops and restaurants; the Southeast Harbor, which offers views of Eastern Point, sunsets over the Western Harbor and the Boston skyline in the distance; and the Western Harbor, off of Stage Head, where the original settlers landed and dried fish. Reservations for the 2019 season will begin on April 1 at https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/mnc89p8-gloucester-harbormaster. The Gloucester Harbor Launch is free of charge with a reservation and can be contacted on VHF channel 72 or by phone 978-726-0155.

Marinas.com and Northshore Magazine recently published an article placing Gloucester on the top 10 list of places to visit by sea in Massachusetts for the second year in a row. Gloucester also has very favorable ratings on boating sites Active Captain and G-captain.

The Harbormaster’s Office offers 4 hour transient tie-up dockage for residents and visitors, an increased number of transient moorings, an on-line mooring reservation system, and runs a 26 passenger launch, The Gloucesterman, which operates from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., seven days a week during the boating season. This allows for more boaters to enjoy the restaurants, shops, and attractions located downtown.

The Seaport Economic Council advances the Baker-Polito Administration’s support for communities and residents across the state by leveraging unique economic assets to drive sustainable regional growth. The council was re-launched in August 2015, with a mission to deepen the maritime economy, promote economic development, and support resilient infrastructure in all 78 of Massachusetts’ coastal communities


My husband Tom and I had the most unexpectedly wonderful and fantastic dining experience last Saturday night. We have our very favorite Cape Ann restaurants (that we adore), but were wanting to try something new. The menu posted online at Allie’s Beach Street Cafe, located in Manchester, looked very French and very inviting, so we gave it a try. It’s not everyday you discover a restaurant that hits all the right notes and we were beyond delighted. So much so, we are returning tomorrow!

Allie and Glenn Varga

Readers may recognize Allie. She has owned and operated Pleasant Street Tea company for over a decade. Husband Glenn has been a sommelier and server at the Four Seasons for more than nineteen years. Both are wonderfully welcoming towards guests, and the waitstaff are just as friendly.

Manchester’s former Beach Street Cafe has been transformed, with chic, Provencal-inspired decor. Sunlight pours through big picture windows warming the white-washed walls and wide-planked wooden floors. The dining room feels relaxed, fun, and elegant, all at the same time. Primarily a classic French bistro, the menu also features dishes from around the world where French cooking has been highly influential, including Louisiana Creole, French Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and North Africa.

The most amazing thing is, Allie’s is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as Saturday and Sunday brunch, all day! And, too, you can stop in casually for specialty drinks, coffee, pastries, or order from their online menu.

We happened in on a ‘Three Course Tasting,’ night, which takes place every Friday and Saturday evening. You can either order from the menu or partake in the tasting. Tom had the Weiner Schnitzel from the menu and Loved it. I tried the ‘Tasting’ offering and it was simply fabulous.

The first course was a sublime mixture of duxelles and goat cheese served in a puff pastry shell. In between courses, Glenn brought out a zippy sizzling hot pan of Shishito peppers. What a treat! Next course served was the fresh and warm baby spinach salad, dressed with a super tasty bacon balsamic vinaigrette. The final course was a perfectly cooked and tender medium rare steak, served with yummy truffle fries and a lovely arugula salad. We were waaaaay toooo filled to try dessert, but I did catch a photo of a gorgeous blackberry ombre layer cake, topped with blueberry compote, and it looked WOW!

I wasn’t expecting to take any photos and plan to return during the day with my real camera, but here are some cell phone snaps to give you an idea.

Allie’s Beach Street Cafe is located at 35 Beach Street in Manchester-by-the-Sea

For reservations, call 978-704-9571

Allie’s Beach Street Cafe Hours

Monday 6:30am to 3pm

Tuesday 6:30am to 3pm

Wednesday 6:30 to 9pm

Thursday 6:30 to 9pm

Friday 6:30 to 9pm

Saturday 8am to 9pm

Sunday 8am to 3pm

The menu changes seasonally and the following are the current postings.

Breakfast Menu

House Specialties

Croque Madame*: Grilled ham and swiss topped with a fried egg and bechamel $7

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich*: on an english muffin or bulkie  $5.5

Quiche Du Jour*:  made fresh daily $8

Ful Mudammas*: chickpeas fritters,  marrakesh harissa, eggs  in a wrap $7.5

Breakfast Burrito*: eggs, black beans, salsa,  and rice in a wheat wrap $6.5

Pancakes or Waffles: with nutella & whip cream or maple syrup $8

Smoked Salmon* on a  bagel with herb cream cheese $10

Monte Cristo: Fried Belgian Waffle stuffed with ham, cheese, turkey  and  jalapeno jam $9

Stuffed French Toast* : Banana & Nutella   or  Sweet Cream & Berries $8

Eggs Benedict*: two poached eggs served on english muffin with fresh hollandaise and herb potato

                              choices:  ham $12, florentine $12, avocado $13, smoked salmon $14,

Avocado Toast: Texas Toast w/ Avocado, pickled onions, pico de gallo, chimichurri $8

Omelettes or Scrambles*   $12

 Served w/ toast and herb roasted potatoes,  or beans & greens

Jardin: “garden”:  shallots, herbs,  veggies and swiss cheese

Petit Cochon: “little pig” bacon, ham and sausage peppers onions and cheddar

Champignon: “mushroom”  truffled mushrooms, herbs, and goat cheese

Fumee du Mer: “Sea Smoke” smoked salmon, capers, chives, and boursin cheese

Grecque: “Greek” spinach, peppers,onion, olives, feta and, oregano

Le Duc:  “John Wayne”  ham, peppers,onions, and of course American cheese

 A La Carte

Cinnamon Roll  $3.75

Scone w/ clotted cream  $3.5

Plain Croissant $3

Chocolate Croissant  $3.5

Two Eggs any style $5

 Side bacon, ham, or sausage    $3

 ½ Avocado    $3

Oatmeal your way $7

Side Toast $2: Brioche, white, wheat,  marble rye, english Muffin / Gluten free toast $3

Smoothie $6

Lunch Menu

Soups   &   Salads

French Onion Soup:  Steaming hot sweet onions in a rich broth loaded with cheese    $7

Poisson Rouge: (Redfish Soup) local haddock &  vegetables in a lightly spiced tomato broth  $8

Seasonal Greens: Fresh greens, roasted root veg, and pumpkin seeds Winter citrus vinaigrette $8

Arugula:  Peppery rocket greens, shaved Parmesan, and lemon zest   $9

Butter Lettuce Wedge: Great Hill Blue, Applewood Bacon, egg, sunflower seeds, Fig glaze $14

Ancient Grains: Quinoa, Heirloom rices and grains(gluten free) with greens and harissa dressing  $9

Caesar: Kale tossed in Chef’s caesar dressing with garlic croutons  $10

Add on to any Salad:    Falafel  $4, Chicken Salad  $4,  2 Eggs* $4 Sirloin Tips $7  Beach Street Lobster Salad $15

 Sandwiches & Wraps

Croque Madame*:Grilled Ham and Swiss Topped with a fried egg and Bechamel $9

Crispy Fish: Tempura battered fish with wasabi mayo and coleslaw $12

Veggie Quinoa  Wrap: Hummus, veggies, and whole grains, in a wheat wrap          $8

Vegetarian Sweet Potato BBQ : Vegetarian BBQ Sweet Potato on a Bulkie          $7.5

Smoked Salmon Plate :Toasted Bagel w/ Avocado, Hard Boiled Egg, Onions, Cucumbers, Capers  $13

Beach Street Smashburger*:  60z ground chuck on a bulkie with secret sauce#5 & pickled veg  $8.5

Chicken Banh Mi: Cilantro Veggie slaw on a baguette  with chicken   $9.5  or Lobster $22

Ham & Swiss: Black Forest Ham piled high on rye w/ horseradish Dijon         $7.5

Beach Street Club: Turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on thick sliced Brioche   $12

Falafel Shawarma: Falafel with Tzatziki, mix greens, and harissa in a grilled wrap  $9.5

Burrito all the Way: Chicken with beans, rice, cheddar, pico de gallo.   Do you like it hot or mild ?   $9

Philly Cheese Steak*:  Shaved Sirloin, Mushrooms, Onions, & yes, cheese wiz 🙂   $12.50

Turkey & Pesto: w/ prosciutto, arugula, pickled onions & provolone served on Italian Bread   $9

Add on to any Sandwich: Mixed Veggies $4 , Falafel $4, Chicken $4, 2 Hard Boiled Eggs $4, Smoked Salmon $4

All sandwiches & wraps served with Chips or Cilantro Veg Slaw.  Add fries $4  Soup du Jour $3   Salad $4  Cilantro Veg Slaw $3

Dinner Menu


French Onion Soup:  Steaming hot sweet onions in a rich broth loaded with cheese   $7

Poisson Rouge: (Red Fish Soup) local haddock &  vegetables in a lightly spiced tomato broth  $8

Seasonal Greens:  Fresh greens, seasonal veggies, pumpkin seeds, w/ citrus vinaigrette $9

Arugula:  Peppery rocket greens, shaved  Parmesan, and lemon zest   $7

Butter Lettuce Wedge: Blue Cheese, Applewood Bacon, egg, sunflower seeds, Fig glaze    $14

Ancient Grains: Quinoa, Heirloom rices and grains(gluten free) with greens and harissa dressing   $10

Caesar:* Kale tossed in Chef’s caesar dressing with garlic croutons   $10


Fried Camembert: Balsamic Glazed Strawberries, Prosciutto Crisps, & Crostini        $12

Falafel Plate: Falafel, Tzatziki, Red Pepper Coulis      $ 9

Crispy Brussel Sprouts:  Hot Sauce and blue cheese dip     $9

Lobster Cocktail : Sweet local Lobster, Cilantro-Lime Mayo, Avocado $16

Stuffed Avocado:  feta, spinach and tomato stuffing baked with crispy herb crostini  $12


Croque Madame*:  Grilled Ham and Swiss Topped with a fried egg and Bechamel $11

Beach Street Smashburger*: 60z ground chuck on a bulkie with secret sauce#5 & pickled veg  $12

Beach Street Club: Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato on thick sliced Brioche $14

Lobster Shells & Cheese: Lobster, Spring Peas &  Shells Baked to Gooey Perfection $ 18


Caribbean Bouillabaisse: Scallops, Local Catch& Clams, Creole Broth, Plantains, & Avocado Toast $26

Wiener Schnitzel:* Thin & Crisp veal paillard topped with a sunny side egg & skinny fries   $19

Steak Frites: Marinated Black Angus  skirt steak, truffle fries, arugula salad         $ 26

Veggie Quinoa Bowl: Fresh Veg of the day with Kale and Quinoa, Warm Dressing   $13

Roast Chicken Provencal: Organic fingerling potato, Market Veggies, Pan Sauce      $16

Bretonne Haddock: Wine Poached Haddock w/ Mushrooms and veggies, Bretonne cream  $16DESSERT


Cinnamon Blueberry Cobbler: Ginger Beer blueberry compote, cinnamon bun & ice cream     $8

Brownie Banana Split:  topped with the works  $8

Baked Alaskan” Smores”: Flourless chocolate cake,toasted marshmallow, graham, ice cream   $8

Caramel Apple Turnover: Served hot with Vanilla ice cream       $8

Allie’s is located at 35 Beach Street in Manchester-by-the-Sea

For reservations, call 978-704-9571

This Week at Treetop: Reiki Circle and Monthly Restorative

Cape Ann Wellness


Welcome to all our new students who have joined since the New Year! We love seeing all the new faces at the Barre and on the Mat. And to those who are ‘regulars’, thank you for being part of our community. If you have a friend interested in trying yoga, talk to us about brining a friend for free and our new student specials.

THIS WEEK – Two amazing workshops are available this week, and no yoga experience is  necessary. Join us at Treetop Yoga, 3A Pond Road, Gloucester.

INTRO TO REIKI – Add some Wellness to your Wednesday

Have you heard all the buzz about “Reiki”? Wonder what Reiki is? Join us to learn all about the power of this self-healing technique. Reiki is the most accepted alternative healing modality , and Brigham & Women’s has the largest Reiki clinic in the nation! Find out why, learn about the…

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