While out doing errands, I always hope to have time to take the “scenic route,” which usually means driving by one or more of our local bodies of water, whether sea, pond, marsh, or river. The day before I left for Mexico I was wonderfully surprised to spy the Three Graces swimming in a marsh on the other side of Cape Ann. There was still snow on the ground, but they were right at home foraging in the salt water marsh for vegetation.

Swans don’t migrate long distances, but move around from body of water to body of water within a region. These three siblings were most likely kicked out of their family and nesting area by the dad, as he is preparing to mate and nest with the mom to produce the next brood of cygnets. The Three Graces won’t be mature enough to mate and lay eggs for at least two more years and during this time, I imaging they are learning the lay of the land, where food may be plentiful and where may be a good place to nest. Swans are at their most vulnerable in these first few years of life. Hopefully at least one will survive and decide to make Cape Ann his/her future home!


The applications have gone out for the Cape Ann Community Foundation Grants for 2019 to our local nonprofits and education initiatives. The deadline for submitting grant applications for 2019’s round of Cape Ann Community Foundation grants is May 1st. This year the foundation will be awarding $15,000 in grants in June. The proceeds from the Cape Ann License Plate fund the Cape Ann Community Foundation. When you go to Lovecapeann.com and order a plate you not only show your love for Cape Ann but you also enrich the community we all love.

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Coming to America 65 Years ago

Today marks 65 years that I came to America. I celebrate this day with thanks to my parents and their struggle to come here, and make a better life for our family. Back in those days you needed a sponsor, and guaranteed work, so my father was on a fishing vessel, two weeks after we landed, headed to the Grand Banks.

In 1963 my parents save enough money to re-pay their debts, here and in the Azores. My parents decide to take me back to the Azores to let me see how we lived; I was 15 and becoming (American-Spoiled). Below is a whale hunt my father took me on, he had been a whale harpooner in the Azores. Below is the 8mm film I took during that adventure. Enjoy



Jazz Brunch Featuring Jose Allende – Sunday, March 24 – at Feather & Wedge~!


Feather & Wedge is delighted to feature Jose Allende at this week’s Jazz Brunch. Stop in for brunch and mimosas as Mr. Allende delivers a captivating mix of jazz standards and Latin American music featuring improvisation, South American rhythms and classical music influences.

Sunday, March 24, 2018
10:30 AM  – 2:30 PM

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917

Jose Allende

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