Bought my fourth #@stopandshop #cornedbeef #brisket today.

Bought my fourth #@stopandshop #cornedbeef #brisket today. It’s $1.47/lb with Flyer coupon. $2.47 without.

Easiest thing I’ve ever made. Crockpot.
Baby gold potatoes cut in half, a handful of baby carrots half an onion cut up on the bottom of the Crockpot. Then lay the brisket on top of that, add three cups of water, next sprinkle the seasoning packet on top. Close the lid. Set on low for eight hours. Come back in eight hours and plate it up. It’s ready! My daughter’s asked for seconds and thirds!


My husband Tom and I returned from filming Monarchs in Mexico very late Monday night. The first day back was pasta making for Saint Joseph Day at the Groppos and spending time with our son Alex and granddaughter Charlotte. Yesterday and today I’ve been pouring through the footage to add to the film. I’ll write some posts about beautiful Mexico, the fantastic JM Butterfly B and B, and the magnificent Monarchs as soon as I have time to sort through the photos. It was an adventure of a lifetime!

I was most worried about torturing Tom and wasn’t entirely sure we would have uninterrupted internet access so he could work remotely, but he had the best time meeting new people, riding horses up the mountain, climbing Cerro Pelon, and practicing his Spanish!

Monarch flakes fill the sky 

The Sunrise Fund


Episode 90!
***Disclaimer***Our original disclaimer is in place; however, we must address that this episode discusses a heavy topic and is not our light-hearted conversation. We discuss Addiction and our guests are very honest and open and we ask that you listen at your own discretion.

If you suffer from PTSD or Suicidal Tendencies, we ask that you listen at your own risk. If you are struggling with addiction you can call the National Drug Hotline 1-888-633-3239
(We apologize for some audio hiccups, unsure what happened, it was a few minutes in).

We sit down with Jackie Latham and Christian Maki of ‘The Sunrise Fund’ a Scholarship program with the goal to provide hope to individuals & families with financial assistance through a recovery scholarship. Fund will be used for sober living placement around New England. Jackie and Christian talk about how they started this, why they wanted to start this scholarship.

Christian discusses his road to recovery and how many times it took before he was able to maintain 7 years of sobriety.
Jackie and Christian discuss the inspiration for the fund (Jackie’s sister and Christian’s friend Jill) and share some stories about what it is like to have someone that is struggling with addiction, the effects on the family. (31 minute mark, especially).

They also talk about their upcoming ‘The Sunrise Fund Golf Tournament’ and they need donations/sponsors! They are looking for people for hole donations, gift certificates. Will you be that person?

We cannot thank Jackie and Christian for giving us the opportunity and thank you for your candor.

Special Thanks to Kristina Ribeiro for Opener.

Music by John Jerome “Friends Forever” Album John Jerome Copyright 2018

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This Weekend in the Arts 3/15-18/19


Steve Howard One-Artist Photography Show

March 16 – 28, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 16th, 2 – 4 PM

Steve Howard - 1Steve Howard - 2

Solarization – An exhibition of photographs by Gloucester artist Steve Howard will open in the Marguerite Pearson Room of the Rockport Art Association & Museum (RAA&M) on Saturday, March 16th with an artist’s reception from 2 – 4 PM. The exhibition will be on view Saturday, March 16 – Thursday, March 28.

For more information on this and other exhibitions, please visit the RAA&M’s website at

Rockport Art Association & Museum

12 Main Street, Rockport MA 01966

RAA&M March Hours:  Open Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 5 PM.



Watch for Pauline’s Gift 20th year Opening

Opening for our 20th. Season
April 16,2019…. GET READY!! It’s going to be a WICKED AWESOME YEAR!!! Watch for updates, pictures and Videos… @bridgecapeann @captjoe06 @sefi62 #gloucesterma #giftshop, Good Morning Gloucester

512 Essex Avenue

Gloucester, MA  01930


Brian Tempeton tonight with Billy Loosigian, Dave Mattacks and Dear Ol Dave @ The Rhumb Line’s Blues Party 8:30pm 3.14.2019




Thursday at the Rheummie: Brian Templeton!!

Yes, he’s back with the same old gang (Billy Loosigian, Dave Mattacks, me) and ready to chase you back to whatever evil planet you came from. I love this band! 830 to 1130

Yours Truly,

Dave Sag


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732



RESULTS WEEK 1 | try Mr. Goulart’s local history hunt #GloucesterMA Throwback Thursday

GHS_20180423_©catherine ryan
Gloucester, Mass.- Great teacher at Gloucester High School, Shaun Goulart, creates a local history scavenger hunt trivia game for his 9th grade students that takes place weekly for 6 weeks. We’re taking the challenge one week after the students. Good luck!



How did you do? Week one delved into the history of Cape Pond Ice. More than one player “had to call a friend”, Scott Memhard, owner of Cape Pond Ice and City Councilor. He kindly shared supplemental archival material included in this post. Stop here if you prefer to go back to see questions only from 3/10/19 Week One trivia questions

Continue to scroll for the answers.


courtesy photo from Scott Memhard Cape Pond Ice Gloucester Mass (3)

1)In 1848 a blacksmith named Nathaniel R. Webster started a company by damming a local brook. What did the brook become known as?  ANSWER. VETERANS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAMPUS

2)What did Webster’s company become known as? ANSWER. CAPE POND ICE

3)Take a picture at the present day location of the company 

20160718_© catherine ryan.jpg

4)Take a picture of the street named after him with a member in it. ANSWER. WEBSTER STREET



6)Take a picture at the location of the old dam with a member in front. ANSWER. THE SCHOOL





7)A competitor to Webster named Francis W. Homans in 1876 created a 32 acre man-made lake. What is the lake known as? ANSWER. FERNWOOD LAKE



8)Submit a screenshot of a map of the lake (Google Maps or Google Earth)

Fernwood lake.jpg

9)What year did the two companies merge? ANSWER. 1908

Courtesy photos below from Scott Memhard, Cape Pond Ice, Cape Ann Museum



Courtesy photo from David Collins-

“My grandfather, Millard Collins, Sr., worked for one of the ice houses for a while. He died in 1918 at age 29 in the Spanish Flu pandemic. At that time he was working for LePages’s and had taken a leave of absence to care for his brother, Jacob, who had contracted the flu first. Jacob died October 17, 1918, and my grandfather died October 28, 1918…”

“I’m enclosing a picture of my grandfather and his horse-drawn ice wagon. You can see the word “ICE” faintly written on the inside back of the wagon. The youngster atop the horse is my father, who was born in July,1912, so I date the picture to about 1913 or so.”

courtesy photo from david collins.jpg

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3/10/19 Week One trivia questions


Feeding the Sharks

I took a little side trip with Finn down to Islamorada in the Florida Keys before we meet up with the rest of the family up in Fort Meyers for some baseball.  He wanted to hand feed the tarpon yesterday, but it turned out that the sharks were more interested in eating.



SAVE THE DATE: March 14 Jazz Dinner Featuring Scollins-Warsi Duo at Feather and Wedge


The Scollins-Warsi jazz duo is back at Feather & Wedge! With Kevin Scollins on guitar and Sahil Warsi on double bass, they will play from their extensive setlist including selections from the Great American Song Book, modern jazz, contemporary blues and R&B.

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917

Thursday, March 14, 2019
7:30 PM –  10:00 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA, 01966

For more information, click here.

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Friday Night Lights at Treetop Yoga

Cape Ann Wellness


Join Sharon Esker for a fun and creative vinyasa flow by candlelight with movement on breath. Accompanied with gentle assists by the lovely, compassionate Erin Herzeelle and a live music savasana with Abby Sykes playing her soulful violin.
$25 pre-register or $30 at the door
Space is limited, pre-register to reserve your spot!
About Sharon: Sharon is a passionate teacher who leads with light, encouraging her students to tap into their inner strength and wisdom by moving creatively and confidently through unique yoga sequences.
Treetop Yoga Studio, 3A Pond Road, Gloucester
At Treetop Yoga Studio, our class schedule include Yoga and Barre and features an eclectic combination of instructors with very different training and teaching styles in order to best meet the needs of our diverse community. We recognize that every body is different, and that different styles of yoga and classes are appropriate for different…

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Cape Ann Museum to host Surveying the Collections: Historic Toys & Dolls

Cape Ann Community

A selection of toys and dolls from the collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

On Friday, March 15 at 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., the Cape Ann Museum invites the public to observe as curatorial staff survey rarely exhibited selections from its toy and doll collection on March 15. This will be the third in a series of four sessions designed to enrich visitors’ appreciation of the depth of the Museum’s holdings. Previously, antique quilts and works by the Folly Cove Designers were spotlighted.  

This complete survey of the
institution’s holdings involves physically locating objects in the collection,
then measuring, assessing condition, photographing and repacking each item. It
is a chance to see the Museum’s collection of toys and dolls in close quarters
and gain a better understanding of the Museum’s vast collection. Highlights
from the Museum’s doll collection include European and American-made dolls…

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The Farm Bar and Grille

I recently saw an article in the Gloucester Daily Times that the owners of the Farm Bar and Grille had plans to open a new restaurant on the site of Vasa Waterfront Kitchen and Bar so it brought to mind that I hadn’t been at the Farm in a while. Yummy Blood Orange Margarita! Good luck Ryan Cox, Brad Atkinson and Noah Goldstein. Looking forward to riding over this bridge to visit the new place.