Yankee Swaps Are the Worst

First off by now I’ve come to accept that whenever I’m involved with a Yankee Swap that I may as well accept the fact that I’m going to  walk away with the worst bottom of the barrel re-gifted piece of crap Yankee Swap gift possible.

Going in with realistic expectations will ease the pain of getting it stuffed up your butt after you spent a good amount of time thinking of a good prize and putting in the effort only to get someone else’s re-gifted snow scraper or some shit like that.

My go-to Yankee swap present that I usually put into the mix is either a Gift card or lottery tickets for the amount of what the Yankee Swap was for.

Doesn’t it kill you though when the person who inevitably steals your halfway decent selection with a late round steal is the person that put into the pile some really thoughtless crappy re-gift.

It’s the worst.  The absolute worst.

What Type of Yankee Swapper Are You?




I find myself for the second time this year sending a heartfelt thanks to the compassionate and infinitely competent emergency room staff and EMTs at Addison Gilbert Hospital. 

Embarrassingly, yesterday morning I fell on the rocks along the berm. The nicest person you could ever meet, Carol, helped me to my feet and waited with me for the ambulance, taking care of Rosie, car, and camera until husband and son arrived.

The EMT Jeff Romeo was terrifically kind (both Jeff and the ambulance driver, whose name I did not learn, were terrific).  When I asked him if he pronounces his name the same as does our Mayor, we laughed when he said no, because he is from New York, his name is pronounced like the Romeo of Shakespeare fame.

So many thanks to Doctor Berger for getting my elbow back in place, and to nurse Dana and x-ray technician Jennifer Ella for their gentle touch. I would especially like to thank Kariann Bergman. She is the most kindhearted and sympathetic nurse, and was thoughtful in every way possible. Thanking Kariann too for sparing my warmest winter coat and not cutting it off!

This is the third time our family has received stellar medical attention at Addison Gilbert, stemming from an emergency. I can’t express enough how very fortunate we are to have such an incredible team of doctors, nurses, and the entire AGH team serving the medical needs of our community, and located in the very heart of our community.

I would like to write more about AGH but left handed typing and mouse moving are slow going. Please forgive typos for the next several months while I work on developing lefty skills.




Time to Take the Plunge

rocky neck plunge 2016 call

Rocky Neck Plunge – New Year’s Day 2016.  A great way to start the new year, whether you plunge or just come by to cheer on others taking the plunge.  Bring along some donations for The Open Door Food Pantry, and come by the Cultural Center after for some warming fare and camaraderie.

11:00 am.  Stevens Way
Please bring canned goods for The Open Door
Peanut Butter
Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Apple Juice
Cash or checks also welcome

Bob Morris "Spirit Lobster"

Good morning Joey & GMGer’s.

I was doing store inventory when I discovered a bottle of Beauport vodka missing. I looked down to see one of Bob Morris’ “Spirit Lobster” racing out the door with it. Our bottles seem to fit nicely inside the little bugger as a gift package. The trap wire lobster seemed to be on a mission so I followed it outside. There, behold, I saw it was having a meetup with an old friend. A nice pre-game cocktail shared with Santa while discussing holiday gifts. Note the martini glass is held by the Pincher Claw. I found a couple of broken glasses which it tried to hold with the Crusher Claw.

We have both the Spirit Lobster and the Bottle Trap available here at the Ryan & Wood Distillery, along with other items of interest.  It is rewarding to sell these items and showcase local crafters like Lobsterman Bob Morris (Spirit Lobster) and Enza Iacono (Wine Trap). Mention you saw this on GMG.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.   

Bobby Ryan


Give Something Powerful for Christmas

More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness


Socks are nice. Books are great. Candy, treats, and cookies are all tasty and fun to eat. A new Lexus with one of those red bows would be totally awesome. But one powerful gift says:

“I love you so much that I want you to be happy, healthy, and live as long and fulfilling a life as possible.”  

That gift is a certificate to Cape Ann Power Yoga.

You can buy one right now online and print it out or come in to the studio 15 minutes before or after any class on our schedule to pick up a certificate in person.

and then:

the person you give the gift certificate to can go online or come in to the studio to use it any time. If they are savvy (which they must be to have a friend like you) they have until January 2 to take advantage of our special Holiday…

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Olympic Dreams

If any of the young skaters who grace the ice at The Dorothy M. Talbot Rink have any Olympic ambitions, it is pretty cool to have Ben (Punky) Smith watching from the stands!

Thatcher and Finn, knowing he is my husband’s Godfather, have read the plaques that pay tribute to his pretty fantastic Olympic Coaching career many times and were pretty smitten to see him at last week’s Gloucester High School game.

Thatcher was beyond happy to hear him say, “Your son looked pretty good out there” after his team skated at intermission.

Benjamin A. Smith, III was able to lead the United States Women’s Hockey team to a Gold Medal in 1998, a Medal in 2002, and a Bronze Medal in 2006.  His 1998 Olympic Team went on to be inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.


Thanks Santa! @GlostaJoes On My Desk When I Got To Work This Morning!


Get Yours To Fill Up XMAS Stockings at @Seameadowgifts & @Paulinesgifts

Just noticed when I was looking over this post that on the label it tells you when the coffee beans were roasted.

Are you shitting me?

I love the fact that I know that my coffee was just roasted a couple of days ago- frickin cool AF