Cape Ann Special Olympics Paint Nite

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We are hosting Paint Nite fundraiser Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 7pm. As a new program we need to raise money to offset the cost of uniforms, gym time and equipment. Please show your support by indulging your creative side. Tickets to this event can be purchased on

Through sport, Special Olympics is building communities of acceptance and inclusion for all people.


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Another Snowy Owl sighting, this submitted by Kim Bertolino in East Gloucester. Thanks so much to Kim for sharing her beautiful photo!


We were talking about Snowy Owls and lemmings in Sunday’s podcast when questions about where lemmings live and what do they look like came up. Lemmings are a small rodent that comprise the bulk of the Snowy Owl’s diet in their northern breeding grounds, the Arctic tundra. They are about 3 to 6 inches long with silky fur and short tales, and are closely related to voles and muskrats. The Snowy eats between three to five lemmings per day in the tundra! Read more about lemmings here.

Although we can’t offer the Snowies a diet of lemmings, we do have lots of mice and rats readily available to hunt during the winter months. Cape Ann’s open shoreline, of beaches, dunes, and rocky outcroppings, are a somewhat similar terrain to that of the tree-less tundra. Snowies are diurnal; they have evolved to hunt during the day and night because in the tundra during their breeding season the hours of daylight are continuous. A Snowy couldn’t survive in the Arctic if it could only hunt during night time like most other species of owls.

The following BBC article about lemmings is super interesting and well worth reading: The Truth About Norwegian Lemmings

E464P8 Norway lemming (Lemmus lemmus) calling on spring snow, Vauldalen, Norway, May
Norway Lemming (Lemmus lemmus)

Photo Credit: Nature Picture Library / Alamy


Adult male Snowy Owl delivering a lemming to a female on the nest. The female is feeding a chick. Bathurst Island, Nunavut, Canada. JuneGerrit Vyn Photography


Kids Yoga Classes for the New Year

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Let’s face it, being a kid can be tough these days. Let’s give our kids the tools they need to manage their bodies and minds!

Yoga benefits children in so many ways and really helps them connect their bodies and minds, while building confidence and love for themselves inside and out. Not only does it improve strength, balance and flexibility, it really helps children to concentrate, focus, relax, be creative and imaginative, and channel their energy more effectively.
Some of the MANY benefits of for yoga for children are:

  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Promotes self-esteem, self-respect and inner-strength
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Teaches respect, compassion, gratitude and sharing
  • Increases coordination and balance
  • Teaches breath awareness, meditation and relaxation techniques

New 6 week session of KIDS yoga start January 5/6th

All classes offered at Treetop Yoga Studio:

Little Yogis, Wednesdays, 3-3:45pm  Ages 3.5-5

Your child will use their imaginations and go…

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Winter is Coming!

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Cape Ann Wellness


Don’t get caught out in the cold.

Choose to be WARM.

There is still time to take advantage of steeply discounted prices at Cape Ann Power Yoga!!!

If you purchase online or in-studio by the end of the day on January 1:

1 Month Unlimited – $100

6 Month Unlimited – $650

One Year Unlimited – $1150

Buy Online Now

Or come in to the studio!



ymca Y Members pay just $5!!!

schedule capy

Email us anytime with questions at

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“I Made These For You”

Last week I did a post about our “Great Holiday Cookie Giveaway”.  If you didn’t see it, check it out here.  It is pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

Better to Give Than Receive

My students decided that it would be better to give than receive. They opted to skip the annual gingerbread house making for themselves and instead baked like crazy in class and at home. We then made a list of recipients and delivered holiday treats from Beverly to Ipswich to people whom our school is thankful for. We wish we could have made 100 more stops.

So, the other day, Finn finished his job.  In addition to delivering cookies as a class on a school day, each child also brought a box of cookies home to deliver to someone special.  Finn chose to deliver his to the Gloucester Coast Guard Station at Harbor Loop.  You may remember that my boys have both loved and respected members of the Coast Guard for quite some time.

Here’s another post in case you want to read up on that….

Thank you, Grand Isle

So, here is Finn’s letter…and a photo of him delivering his treats to a Petty Officer.


Snowy Owl Atop The F/V Endeavor Photos from Janelle Favaloro

Heard people were looking for the snowy owl in East Gloucester. Located him on top of the F/V Endeavor today and grabbed a couple of shots. Would have loved to climb aboard the ship for a better shot, but the hubby said No!  Had to stay on the dock!
Janelle Favaloro