I find myself for the second time this year sending a heartfelt thanks to the compassionate and infinitely competent emergency room staff and EMTs at Addison Gilbert Hospital. 

Embarrassingly, yesterday morning I fell on the rocks along the berm. The nicest person you could ever meet, Carol, helped me to my feet and waited with me for the ambulance, taking care of Rosie, car, and camera until husband and son arrived.

The EMT Jeff Romeo was terrifically kind (both Jeff and the ambulance driver, whose name I did not learn, were terrific).  When I asked him if he pronounces his name the same as does our Mayor, we laughed when he said no, because he is from New York, his name is pronounced like the Romeo of Shakespeare fame.

So many thanks to Doctor Berger for getting my elbow back in place, and to nurse Dana and x-ray technician Jennifer Ella for their gentle touch. I would especially like to thank Kariann Bergman. She is the most kindhearted and sympathetic nurse, and was thoughtful in every way possible. Thanking Kariann too for sparing my warmest winter coat and not cutting it off!

This is the third time our family has received stellar medical attention at Addison Gilbert, stemming from an emergency. I can’t express enough how very fortunate we are to have such an incredible team of doctors, nurses, and the entire AGH team serving the medical needs of our community, and located in the very heart of our community.

I would like to write more about AGH but left handed typing and mouse moving are slow going. Please forgive typos for the next several months while I work on developing lefty skills.



  1. I imagine you were going for a great photograph. :O Those rocks can be tricky to navigate. Sounds like its a good time to ‘kick back’ and enjoy a restful holiday. Heal well! Healthy, happy holidays.

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  2. I, too, have experienced their wonderful care when I sliced my finger open instead of cutting the pepperoni for cocktail hour on the Schooner Green Dragon. Great people there from start to finish.

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  3. I tried to bring a little bit of the Mens Night from Main Street to you guys–knew you were looking forward to a special wine tasting and dinner at Passports and felt so badly about your fall. Hope you’re a little stronger each day. See your glass remains half full 🙂

    Agree about AGH!

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