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Rockport: Bearskin Neck, Dock Square and on up the hill for those last minute Christmas Presents.

There were carolers this weekend but most of the stores I hit were going to be open all the way to Christmas Eve. So that pair of earrings or feather boa, salad bowl, or nutcracker, or that weird gift, the big stone thing to put in the garden and put a candle inside.

Bearskin Neck is a must but make sure you make it all the way down main street because there are gold mines of goodies all through town.


The best part is easy in and out. Rockport meters are all covered and plenty of street parking available.

The little drummer boy said barampuh bu bum.

Sad News

Gloucester emergency personnel were called to the wharf at Americold on East Main Street around 12:30 this afternoon after a body was found in the pilings, leading to the possibility that it could be the Rockport woman who went missing this weekend.

Family and friends of Susan Nilsson of Rockport have gathered at the scene.

Police have been searching for the 56-year-old woman since she went missing late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Some of her belongs where found in the vicinity of the Gloucester Marine Railways, on land and in the water, according to police.

We will update this story here at gloucestertimes.com as more information becomes available. To have text updates regarding this story and other local Breaking News coverage sent to your mobile phone, just sign up for the Times’ free text-alert service on the gloucestertimes.com homepage.

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For full coverage, look to tomorrow’s print and online editions of the Gloucester Daily Times and gloucestertimes.com.


Happy Birthday To My Boy The Rabbit! @bmanpitt

Nobody does the double chin like the Rabbit does the double chin.


The Rabbit Doing Rabbit Things


GloucesterCast 2/14/14 With Joey C and The Rabbit Day II From Mexico

2014-02-12 14.20.24

The Rabbit Responsible For Multiple Mexican Woman Faintings Over Past Couple Days

The tongue is just too much to take. Not only possessing the length but equally impressive girth.
Strap on the gimp mask and he might as well be Brad Pitt under there.


You May Ask Yourself How The Rabbit Maintains His Slender Physique


Bikini Dodge Ball THE MOVIE 2013: Trailer Number 1 The Rise and Fall of The Rabbit

Rabbit Down. I Repeat. We’ve Got A Rabbit Down! Somebody Get A Medic!


The Rabbit Is A Prism- Just Ask Him

If I had a nickle for every time The Rabbit uttered the phrase “I am a prism” I probably could have paid for a couple extra nights in Playa.



Check Out My Boy Rabbit’s Glass Eye Just Floating Around In His Skull Like A MFer

Rabbit Zen

The Rabbit’s Man-Boobs Poolside

For Those Of You Who Use Pinterest- My BBQ and Smoking Recipe Pinterest Board Is Live

If you want to pin your favorites to try when you get a chance you can follow or share from my BBQ Board here-




I Hope All The People That Are Wishing For A White Christmas Get Coal In their Stockings

I have a terrible memory.  I mean terrible terrible.  But one thing I won’t forget is the horrific winter snow shoveling last year.

So for all those people who keep saying they’re bummed out that there won’t be a white Christmas- be careful what you wish for.

I’ll take 68 degrees and muggy any time.


Better to Give Than Receive

So proud of my students last week! They decided that it would be better to give than receive. They opted to skip the annual gingerbread house making for themselves and instead baked like crazy in class and at home. We then made a list of recipients and delivered holiday treats from Beverly to Ipswich to people whom our school is thankful for. We wish we could have made 100 more stops.

Please take a minute to watch  how amazing they are!

Steve Harvey With the Most Awkward Moment In TV I’ve Seen, Uhmmmmm Everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner Of Miss Universe, Chaos Ensues-