Neil deGrasse Tyson Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

4 December, 2015

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson (1958 –    )


A New York City native and a product of its public schools, Dr. Tyson is arguably the most publicly visible scientist in the country. He was attracted to astrophysics from an early age, lecturing on the subject as early as fifteen years of age. Although scouted for Cornell by Carl Sagan, he chose Harvard University, and did post-graduate work at the University of Texas, Princeton, and Columbia before being named Director of the Hayden Planetarium in 1996. He has become the public face of the scientific perspective for many and has hosted numerous television shows, including Nova and Cosmos, (which Sagan had once hosted.) He was at the forefront of the controversial movement to classify Pluto a minor planet and has spoken widely on the relationship between spirituality and science. In great demand as a commencement speaker, Tyson holds eighteen honorary doctorates, the most recent from UMass-Amherst. Another Tyson quote: “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.”

Greg Bover

Awesome Gloucester Pitch Night at O’Maley

Dear Joey,

Awesome Gloucester held its Pitch Night at the O’Maley School Library Monday night. This month we took proposals for “making Gloucester more awesome” only from students there and received eleven. Our twenty trustees, who each chip in $50, voted to choose the top four ideas, and heard them pitched at the event. Even better, the Gloucester Education Foundation generously doubled our usual kitty, so when we voted again after hearing the presentations, the top two ideas were each funded with $1000, free and clear. The top vote getters were student initiatives to establish composting of food waste at the school, and another to support activities for kids with IEP’s during movement breaks.

This was one of those fun, exciting events that gave everyone who attended hope for the future. These kids and their ideas were extremely impressive and their presentations were articulate and well thought through.

Next month we’ll be back to taking proposals from all comers at





Thank you to Leslie Heffron who mentioned in last week’s podcast that she had done nearly all her holiday shopping at the Cape Ann Museum. The Museum’s gift shop is simply a treasure trove of unique and special gifts for loved ones of all ages on your Christmas list.

Cape Ann Museum -9 ©Kim Smith 2015

The inspirational and beautiful Folly Cove Designers Catalogue is in its third printing! First published in 1996 in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Cape Ann Museum, the book incorporates updated information.

Cape Ann Museum -7 ©Kim Smith 2015From the witty and wonderful art of Virginia Lee Burton comes the Cape Ann Museum’s exclusive new carry-all tote bag “Gossips.” Made of a very sturdy 100 percent cotton, with magnetic closure and zippered inside pocket. 

Cape Ann Museum -2©Kim Smith 2015Terrific Trivets!

Cape Ann Museum ©Kim Smith 2015The Museum is closed tomorrow, Wednesday, for the 7th Annual Women’s Luncheon, and will reopen Thursday at the usual 10am time. Open Tuesday through Sunday, the Cape Ann Museum also has a terrific schedule of events lined up for Saturday, December 12th, for the Middle Street Walk. Click here for programming. The Museum is free and open to the public all day.


Katherine Richmond’s Photos

Rob 1

Captain Mark Ring on the Stanley Thomas off the shores of Gloucester

Rob 2

With the winds steady and strong, this young seagull took a rest and kept a look out. 

Rob 3

A very large wave breaking off the rocky shores of Gloucester.

Rob 4

A funky sloppy wave breaks off the shores of Gloucester.

Hospice Tree of Light at Bank Gloucester


Opening Remarks by Patrick Thorpe President of Bank Gloucester, and Gwen Cochran Hadden, Care Dimensions Board Member from Gloucester

Prayer:   Pastor Andrew Sweet – Pigeon cove Chapel, Rockport

Invocation:   Reverend Ronda Tyndall, Senior Chaplain, Care Dimensions

Soloist:   Carl Wrubel

Harpist:   Lily Press


The Great Christmas Light Fight

We have several holiday traditions.  Some are silly and some are really, really special.

One of the sillier ones started last night….the 3rd season of The Great Christmas Light Fight.

The boys LOVE to hunker down with some cocoa and popcorn and watch the 4 families compete with pretty fantastic holiday light displays.  The boys continued to love it even after they realized it wasn’t going to be a show with families chucking holiday lights at each other….as the title evidently led them to believe.

We love “getting to know” the four families, seeing where they live, and hearing their stories.  We love seeing them come together and work so hard to make their magic happen.  We love guessing Who Will Win.

While it’s no, It’s a Wonderful Life, it works for us.

Check it out if you have some time to kill….if nothing else, it’ll help bring the holiday season to your living room.