Yankee Swaps Are the Worst

First off by now I’ve come to accept that whenever I’m involved with a Yankee Swap that I may as well accept the fact that I’m going to  walk away with the worst bottom of the barrel re-gifted piece of crap Yankee Swap gift possible.

Going in with realistic expectations will ease the pain of getting it stuffed up your butt after you spent a good amount of time thinking of a good prize and putting in the effort only to get someone else’s re-gifted snow scraper or some shit like that.

My go-to Yankee swap present that I usually put into the mix is either a Gift card or lottery tickets for the amount of what the Yankee Swap was for.

Doesn’t it kill you though when the person who inevitably steals your halfway decent selection with a late round steal is the person that put into the pile some really thoughtless crappy re-gift.

It’s the worst.  The absolute worst.

What Type of Yankee Swapper Are You?


4 thoughts on “Yankee Swaps Are the Worst

  1. I always put in a thoughtful gift I think someone will really like or enjoy but I have to admit that I have in the past made deals with others to make sure someone gets the crappiest. Sorry, you give crap you should get crap. Does that make me a bad person?


  2. Yankee Swap is a fun but intense family event. Sometimes there are lousy obvious regifts, sad to say. Occasionally I will take one for the team and keep the dud 🙂 so others will be happy. Now that the sons are older, we tell them to buy what they would like to get, why not? Works out pretty good sometimes!


  3. No definitely does not make you a bad person!!! Seems like every year the same people buy junk (under limit) gifts.
    Why be in the swap then?


  4. Embrace the swap. Pick a fun theme and buy the most outrageous gift possible for under $10 or so. A good Yankee Swap has been the source of some of the best belly laughs ever. I still treasure my turkey hat and “Fifty Shades of Chicken” cookbook.


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