GloucesterCast 164 With Guests @Jeannine_Oneil Leslie Heffron @KimSmithDesigns and Host @Joey_C Taped 12/20/15

GloucesterCast 164 With Guests @Jeannine_Oneil Leslie Heffron @KimSmithDesigns and Host @Joey_C Taped 12/20/15

Topics Include:
jeanine o’neil JO Social Branding Owner Check out her blog here

beverly up and coming

bj going to syracuse

kim is broken

missing lady

done with christmas shopping

TBT Post, surfari,nelsons, kim maritime heritage center,

leslie hit up seaport grill for men’s night
lat 43 nye gloucester ed foundation

instant read digital thermometers

Ohana Rocked
passports $50 get a $10 gift card

yankee swap strategy

leslie heffron art run down

“Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival”
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck
6 Wonson Street
Saturdays & Sundays, 10AM -6PM
Don’t Miss the Final Party!
Yankee Swap
Sunday, December 27
“Eye See” Photography Exhibit
Works by Elizabeth Enfield
Addison Gilbert Hospital Lobby
Now through January 1, 2016
Open 24 hours daily
“Tis the Season”
New paintings at the Central Street Gallery
now through February 1st
11 Central Street
Manchester-by-the Sea


Jeanine O’Neil photo by Leslie Heffron


Jeanine O’neil photo by Leslie Heffron


 I love to check in on Joey’s Northeast BBQ blog although beware, it will make you super hungry!


The perennially warm and welcoming shop of Bob and Dave, at Vintage you’ll find not only a fun selection of vintage clothing, but also interesting and unique antiques, art, and artifacts.

Judy Gross, David Krebbs, Bob Driscoll, Melissa Young, and Geoff Richon


3rd Annual Bang-A-Song Holiday Jam at Bang-A-Song- Studios December 21st 6-9pm

12212015 3rd Annual Bang A Song Holiday Jam Invite

Volunteers needed for Rockport New Year’s Eve 2015

Good Morning Joey,

Rockport New Year’s Eve needs over 100 volunteers to work on this event and your help is greatly needed to spread the word.

Please put this in Good Morning Gloucester along with our event poster if you have room.


Claire Franklin

President Rockport New Year’s Eve, Inc.

Rockport New Year’s Eve is looking for over 100 volunteers to help with set up, clean up, button checkers at every door for performances and sales of buttons, souvenirs & food.  On Wed., Dec. 30th we set up several sites, on Thurs., Dec. 31st we need 2 people at every door checking buttons as well as helpers in Spiran Hall headquarters to sell buttons, sell food and sell souvenirs.  Also on Fri., Jan. 1st we need people to clean up several of the sites.  Volunteer for 2 hours or more and you earn a free admission button.  Please contact Claire by calling 978-309-9744 or email   Our full schedule is on our website so check it out and volunteer to work the door of a few performances you want to attend anyway and earn a free button.



womanSusan Nilsson of Rockport is described as white, 5’5″ tall, 130 pounds, and with green eyes. She was walking on Rocky Neck Friday night. Police found personal items belonging to her on a dock and in the water. Anyone with information about her disappearance is encouraged to call Gloucester Police at (978) 283-1212.

Boneless NY Strip Loin Roast Live Smoke Sunday Morning

Follow along all morning at

Northeast BBQ

Follow along with this morning’s live Boneless NY Strip Loin Roast Smoke at



Here’s tomorrow’s victim.

Update 6:00AM

Bust the Loin Roast out of the package and prepare the rub.

Cut a criss-cross pattern in the fat cap to get the rub to penetrate in there and create a nice flavorful bark on top.


When I selected this particular NY Strip Loin Roast I looked for the one that had the most fat throughout as this fat will render fantastic flavor through the slow smoking process when it renders down.


Start out by slathering on a coating of EVOO and coating it with coarse salt and black pepper.


The next layer of flavor will be a coating of Montreal steak and chop seasoning.


We’ll let her sit for an hour or so while we build our smoke using the minion method in the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.

Set up…

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