Bob Morris "Spirit Lobster"

Good morning Joey & GMGer’s.

I was doing store inventory when I discovered a bottle of Beauport vodka missing. I looked down to see one of Bob Morris’ “Spirit Lobster” racing out the door with it. Our bottles seem to fit nicely inside the little bugger as a gift package. The trap wire lobster seemed to be on a mission so I followed it outside. There, behold, I saw it was having a meetup with an old friend. A nice pre-game cocktail shared with Santa while discussing holiday gifts. Note the martini glass is held by the Pincher Claw. I found a couple of broken glasses which it tried to hold with the Crusher Claw.

We have both the Spirit Lobster and the Bottle Trap available here at the Ryan & Wood Distillery, along with other items of interest.  It is rewarding to sell these items and showcase local crafters like Lobsterman Bob Morris (Spirit Lobster) and Enza Iacono (Wine Trap). Mention you saw this on GMG.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.   

Bobby Ryan


2 thoughts on “Bob Morris "Spirit Lobster"

  1. Seems that Bob Ryan and I have both found the same great hidden treasure of (Bob) Morris Wire and Trap!
    Great minds think alike!
    Cheers all around!


  2. Enza’s nifty Wine Traps are also available down here on Fort Wharf / Commercial Street at our Cape Pond Ice gift shop, while supplies last ! They aren’t as lively spirited as at Ryan & Woods… must be the colder temperature here, as we keep ours “on ice” !


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