Pawtuckaway State Park ©Alex Hauck copyFundy Cove at Pawtuckaway Lake – Alex Hauck Photo

Only about an hour and half northwest of Cape Ann, Liv, Matt and Alex had a great time hiking at Pawtuckaway State Park yesterday. Located in southeastern New Hampshire, the park is named for Pawtuckaway Lake and Pawtuckaway Mountains, which are a circular rocky range that form the outline of an ancient volcanic ring dike dating from the Cretaceaous era.


Volcanic Ring Dike

There are a number of trails in varying in length. They opted for the 11 mile route which included several summits.549NOTICEMAP

Pawtuckaway State Park lies within the Northeastern coastal forests ecoregion that also includes Cape Ann.




Northeastern Coastal Forests Ecoregion

Alicia Unleashed Episode 13-Cold Review

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 13 taped 12/27/15 with B-Side, KD and Host Alicia Cox


Sorry it cut off at the end 😦 sad face:

Topics Include:

Queen Latifa “Unity”, Hidden Homiecast, Joey’s Sabbatical, Yoga 2016, How many Homiecast in 2016, recap Pats game, Steve Harvey, Alan Thicke and Ryan Seacrest mishaps, Chris is wearing Pat’s Revis shirt, Cold Play in Super Bowl, Kyle’s review on new Cold Play Album, Kyle’s new necklace from Common Crow, Gas station open on Christmas, Little Sister Selia learning to cook and growing up, New year’s resolutions, Grandma Mary’s New Years saying, Do you say Hi to people you haven’t seen in many years?, New Years Eve plans, Hanging out with people younger than you, Nora Jones, Who is you favorite actress/actor?, Sandra Bullock drama in Cape Ann, Can you recite movie quotes?, Netflix series, Fuller House premiering Feb 26th, John Stamos, Adele




Gloucester … A Community of Neighborhoods will be on view at the Cape Ann Museum through the month of January.

All Cape Ann residents are welcome free of charge during the month!

Gloucester … A Community of Neighborhoods is an ongoing exhibition of quilts made by members of the Rose Baker Senior Center under the direction of artist Juni Van Dyke. The thirteen quilts on display were recently donated to the Museum by the Art Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center and are now part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

Gloucester … A Community of Neighborhoods began in 2007 as a collaborative art project celebrating Gloucester’s diversity. Following the completion of a 30-foot long series of quilts celebrating the American landscape (From Sea to Shining Sea, now permanently installed at the Rose Baker Senior Center), the group went ahead with what program director Juni Van Dyke admits felt like a daunting task. Since then, with an ongoing invitation from the Art Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, nearly one hundred participants – primarily Senior Citizens – from every corner of the community, have enthusiastically participated in the project commonly referred to as “The Neighborhood Quilt Project.” The project has since grown to include quilts representing thirteen neighborhoods – from Lanesville to Eastern Point, Magnolia to Brier Neck – with a fourteenth now in progress.

“From the very beginning” Van Dyke says, “my assurance to all was that one need not to have attended art school to create beautiful works of art…. What is necessary is time and passion.” Fabric, both accessible and forgiving, proved an ideal medium for the project, allowing for imaginative and expressive approaches to the work. While most of the participants had not had any formal art training, many of the accepted principals of fine art – balance, contrast, harmony, composition – are apparent in the works in this exhibition. As Van Dyke puts it, “the Senior’s (mostly intuitive) utilization of these principles, tethered to their tenacity, spirit of participation, and devotion to place is inspirational and helps to inform the definition of what it means to be an artist.”

In conjunction with this exhibition, Juni Van Dyke will present an illustrated talk on Saturday, January 16 at 3:00 p.m. in the Cape Ann Museum auditorium. The program will be free and open to the public.


What are you doing for New Years Eve? Rockport has a great lineup


Advance Buttons are only Adults: $15.50 Youth $10.50 & Child $5.50 available online or At Store Locations:


        Bean & Leaf Cafe, 12 Bearskin Neck

          John Tarr Store, Main Street

          Rite Aid Pharmacy, Whistlestop Mall

          Smith Ace Hardware & Lumber,   Lumber Desk,3 Station Sq.

          Toad Hall Bookstore, Main Street


        Building Center, Harbor Loop

          Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Commercial St.

          Common Crow, Eastern Avenue

          House of Raven, Main Street

          Wally’s Blackburn Bistro, Blackburn Center


Gloucester Captain Joseph Trupiano Grateful to Have Survived Tugboat Sinking Off Colombia

boat sinking 22wJoseph R. Trupiano Jr. of Gloucester escaped with three crewmembers when the tugboat Spence sank off the coast of Colombia while towing a barge to Cuba. COURTESY PHOTO

By Terry Weber / Special to the Beacon

Dec. 28, 2015

Looking back at 2015, the members of the Trupiano family of Gloucester are especially grateful that the year ended in happiness and good fortune instead of tragedy. That’s because Joseph R. Trupiano Jr., a tugboat captain, survived the sinking of his tugboat off the coast of Colombia in mid-December.

Trupiano, 54, had regularly served as a tugboat captain for TransAtlantic Lines but on this particular assignment, he was serving as a First Mate on the tugboat Spence. The intended mission and route was to pull a barge from Cartagena, Colombia to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Coincidentally, the tugboat had just undergone inspection and repairs in Cartagena before being deemed seaworthy for the trip.

In addition to Trupiano as First Mate, the team included Captain James Stock, Engineer William Wakefield, and Able Bodied Seaman (AB) Kenneth Williams; all except Trupiano were from Florida.

On Dec. 13, the Spence crew headed for Cuba and the next day at 2 p.m., a back (stern) compartment flooded causing a 25-degree list or tilt to the right (starboard) and the stern began to sink. “It happened quickly,” said Trupiano. “The stern was almost submerged in less than two minutes. We still don’t know what caused the flood but it was massive and we had to act immediately.”

The crew placed a May Day call but no one responded, so they put on their life jackets and decided to steer the sinking boat toward the barge they were pulling so they could board it. “We decided against the survival suits, because our last resort would be to swim for the barge which was about 1,600 feet away,” said Trupiano. “Survival suits are great for floating, but not for swimming or attempting to climb up or onto a barge. The barge offered the most safety.” Although the tugboat was sinking, Trupiano steered the boat close to the barge and all four crewmembers prepared to jump to the barge’s deck.

Read full story here

SHEILA AND JOEJoseph and Shelia

Look Who I Found!

Undoubtedly one of the very best bartenders ever!

I spy with my little eye, the one and only, Jack Muniz!

Jack is now tending bar at the pretty fantastic Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall in Salem.

I had a yummy lunch up there the other day…made that much better by being able to chat with Jack.

Great food, great location, great ambience, a great raw bar, and Jack. Win, win, win, win, win.

Check out their menu and more HERE!  Turner’s Seafood.