GloucesterCast 143 Taped At Cape Ann TV 6/9/15 With Toby Pett, Alicia DeWolfe, James Eves, Sista Felicia and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


Topics Include: Special Thanks To the Crew At Cape Ann TV Who Taped Our Show For Broadcasting On Local Channel 20, Guests Toby Pett, Alicia DeWolfe, James Eves, Sista Felicia, and Host Joey Ciaramitaro, Cape Ann TV running multiple disclaimers before the broadcast on Cape Ann TV, Alicia Shows Her Age, Thanks To Earl and Arch for The GloucesterCast Intro Music “Gloucester Til the End“, Sad News About EJ’s Baby Eider, Sista Felicia Coyote Story Is Suspect, Breaking news about Electric Charging Station and Three New Nissan Leafs To Be Used By Inspectional services team, GMG Calendar Hosted By James Eves Is Blowing Up With New Community Groups Adding Their Calendars Daily, Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Opening Week!, New Magnolia Farmer’s Market In The Works, Schooner Adventure Gets Coast Guard Certification and We Hope They Keep To The Educational Mission and Not Compete For Passengers On The Lannon and Ardelle, GMG Cigar and Rum Cruise With Ryan and Wood and Old Cuban Cigar Company Sold Out Once Again Call To Get On Waiting List 978 281-6634, Why We Stayed Away From The Hoax On The Back Shore Story, Licking The Same Ice Cream Cone As A Dog- Disgusting or Not?,Podcast Listening Protocol- Is It OK to Listen To The Podcast In Bed With Your Partner?, The Launch Of



Download the Cape Ann Cultural Districts Mobile app today and promote to visitors to Cape Ann all season!

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The “Cape Ann Cultural Districts” mobile app is available in the Apple and Android apps stores and can be downloaded free on these sites or scan the QR code.

The mobile all continues to increase awareness of Cape Ann’s creative communities, individual artists, museums, recreational attractions, historic sites, restaurants, lodgings and businesses. The mobile app provides a free, consolidated, flexible platform to access information and way-finding for each of the four state-designated Cape Ann cultural districts – Essex River, Gloucester’s Harbor town, Gloucester’s Rocky Neck and Rockport.

Each cultural district has its own page and directory listing of cultural offerings and businesses that include a description, location, phone number, directions and links to web sites and other associated social media sites.   This year visitors and residents who download the app with find calendar event links to interesting and engaging activities around Cape Ann.  The consolidation of events in one app will make is easier to plan, locate and enjoy all that the area has to offer.  Several merchants on Cape Ann will be offering discount coupons which will only be available through the app. 


Jean Grobe


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Look and look again: The HarborWalk Fishermen’s Wharf exhibit is deeply channeled, joining discussion with fine art, business and community, wharf and sea.

Cat Ryan submits-

Keep in mind that the installation is a work-in-progress. Look for updates and notices of an official unveiling!

Look and look again: The spiffed up HarborWalk Fishermen’s Wharf exhibit is deeply channeled–joining fine art and discussion, business and community, wharf and sea. Keep in mind that the installation is a work-in-progress. Look for updates and notices of an official unveiling!


Back in 2010, detailed information panels along Fishermen’s Wharf were created by Mark McDonough, Vito Giacalone, Peter Prybot and Joey Ciaramitaro. The panels were installed along the Giacalone’s wall, between businesses and at the water’s edge. The content, collaborative spirit and contemporary reporting impacted the HarborWalk design. Cambridge Seven Associates, architects for the HarborWalk, were fans. Connections were encouraged. Two HarborWalk story posts (formerly described as Story Moments) were sited at each end: Fishing Today HarborWalk Story Post #5 and Lobstering HarborWalk Story Post #4. Pretty much everybody hoped the signs would be cared for and this outdoor channel would remain.


Thanks to bright sunshine, the panels along Fishermen’s Wharf deteriorated. Some of the fabulous content disappeared. Guess what? Signs are temporary and can be re-visited.


New signs were designed, content edited and updated, and the display taken to a new level with support of the City. Matt Coogan, Senior Planner Community Development, directed the project, working with the original authors and team. Cambridge Seven Associates designed the panels. The addition of fine art photography, drawings and design spiffed up the already museum quality display. Fine art by Joey Ciaramitaro, Marty Luster, Paul Frontiero and others are something else to celebrate this week!

Saunter by. More stories to come. Worth repeating: the exhibit is still a work in progress. It’s not 100% live…yet!

contact Friends of the HarborWalk (most active related to the beautiful public gardens) and/or

Eider Encounter

Finishing up filming cygnets and ducklings for the morning, I noticed a Great Blue heron swoop onto the shore. I got my gear back out and headed over to where it appeared to have landed along the rocky coastline. With eyes peeled for the heron I nearly tripped over the female Common Eider. Literally. Oval-shaped and seemingly immobile, the eider looked just like another rock on the beach. She didn’t budge while I kneeled down on the sand and photographed and filmed her, cameras positioned no more than a foot away. I only stayed close for a few moments and then moved further away and watched for awhile as she thoroughly oiled her feathers. She didn’t appear to be injured. Concerned as I was that she could easily become a coyote’s breakfast if she wasn’t able to fly, still I thought it best to leave her be. As I returned to my car and turned for one last look, she was flying straight up, helicopter fashion, and then forward towards the sea.

Female Common Eider Rockport Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

 Female Common Eider

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Milkweed Seedpod ©Kim Smith 2014

Street Smart Vs. Book Smart

I honestly do not know who to blame for the lack of common sense adolescents have these days.

These young adults are graduating from college, some with double majors and they can’t even follow a direction??

Is it me or does that not make any sense??

Bad enough some schools took cursive out of the curriculum and they



Honestly, I want my kids to know how to sign their name, balance a check book, pay bills AND do their own laundry in college. I want them to know how to fill out New Hire paperwork and know what a tax form looks like.



Blueberry Pancakes with a Smile

sailor stans smiling pancakes

Sailor Stan’s is now open Tuesday through Sunday from 7:00 am until 12:00 or so.  Stop in for some of Wayne’s happy blueberry pancakes, awesome omelettes, specials of the day, and new offerings of homemade muffins.  Rocky Neck – 1 Wonson Street – the cool funky place filled with local characters, good food and fun.

Mom and I have had breakfast there twice since landing back in the land of miracles, and it is great!  So glad to be back on Rocky Neck!

E.J. Lefavour

Hobbit House Studio

Coast Guard News Updates


Coast Guard News Updates

Coast Guard, partner agencies rescue ill mariner near Boston Light

Posted: 09 Jun 2015 08:47 PM PDT

The Master of this undated photo of the fishing vessel Enterprise contacted Coast Guard watchstanders Tuesday, June 9, 2015 and reported they were en route to their homeport of New Bedford with a seriously ill crewman aboard. The Coast Guard and partner agencies responded to the distress to transfer the crewmember to advanced medical care on shore. Stock photo of Fishing Vessel Enterprise.

Stock photo of Fishing Vessel Enterprise.

BOSTON — The Coast Guard responded to a medical emergency on a fishing boat Tuesday one mile east of Boston Light.

The master of the fishing vessel Enterprise contacted watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Boston’s command center via VHF radio at about 6:30 p.m. reporting they were en route to their homeport of New Bedford when a crewman aboard became seriously ill.

A Coast Guard Station Point Allerton boat crew was patrolling nearby aboard a 29-foot Response Boat — Small and diverted to assist. Coast Guard Station Boston launched a rescue crew aboard a 45-foot Response Boat — Medium.

Once on scene, a Station Point Allerton crewmember boarded the Enterprise, assessed the 61-year-old man’s condition, and remained aboard while the Station Boston boat crew escorted Enterprise to shore. On land, the Coast Guard transferred the man’s care to Massachusetts State Police and an advanced medical crew.

“The master of the Enterprise did exactly the right thing by calling for help and heading to shore,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Aaron Silva, a response coordinator at Coast Guard Sector Boston. “From there, the great coordination between the two Coast Guard stations, the state police, and local EMS ensured a quick and effective rescue.”

Book launch for Phoenix of the Seas, by Chester Brigham

Book launch for
Phoenix of the Seas, by Chester Brigham

The saga of the Gloucester schooner
Ernestina-Morrissey, State Ship of Massachusetts

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to welcome author Chester Brigham to the Museum on Saturday, June 13 at 3:00 p.m. Brigham will be reading from and signing copies of his latest book, Phoenix of the Seas (books will be available for purchase in the Museum Gift Shop). This program is free for members or with Museum admission.

The Ernestina-Morrissey,  c. 1894. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.
The Ernestina-Morrissey, c. 1894. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

Phoenix of the Seas recounts the journeys and travails of the Ernestina-Morrissey, State Ship of Massachusetts. The schooner, repeatedly written off as doomed, is now undergoing complete restoration thanks to a combination of state and private funding,

The Ernestina-Morrissey’s story is one of wide-ranging maritime adventures, lived by a remarkable cast of captains, crews and voyagers. Launched in Essex in 1894, she sailed to the Grand Banks from Gloucester for cod in the 1890s, voyaged to the Arctic every year for almost two decades on scientific expeditions, served under both the U.S. Army and Navy in the Arctic during World War II, crossed the Atlantic a dozen times as a packet ship, linking Cape Verdean-Americans in New England with family members on their home islands, then back in America under sail out of New Bedford she was a floating schoolroom where boatloads of school children learned about the wonders of their ocean environment.

Behind it all has been the ship’s indomitable spirit, sensed by all who have sailed her: Gloucester fishing captains Bill and Clayton Morrissey, Arctic navigator Bob Bartlett, Henrique Mendes on Cape Verde, round-the-world captain Dan Moreland. And by those whose lives she has touched: dory-trawling fishermen on the Grand Banks, hardy field scientists, Inuit hunters, GIs at remote weather stations, Atlantic islanders, volunteers who have sacrificed much for love of the ship.

Gloucester author Chester Brigham has written three other books relating to the maritime and cultural history of Cape Ann: On Opposite Tacks (2011), Gloucester’s Bargain with the Sea (2007) and The Stream I Go A-Fishing In (2003).

More Three Foot #Lobster Traps From the Fishermen @CaptJoeLobster For Sale

They are all in good working condition.  They cost $25 each.  here is a link to where you can get a recreational license and fish them yourself-

95 East Main Street Captain Joe and Sons.  Call ahead 978-283-1454


2015-06-10 12.01.43

What did B.B. King think of Alexis P. Suter? See for yourself at the Gloucester Blues Fest Aug 8

The first time B.B. King heard Alexis P. Suter sing is when she opened for him in NYC.  This is what B.B. King said, “It’s a rare thing to share the stage with great talent like that young lady.”

On August 8th, only eight weeks from this Saturday, you can experience what he was talking about at the 4th annual Gloucester Blues Festival at Stage Fort Park.  Plus you get to hear 6 other blues legends too, including the guy known as “Hendrix of the Harminica,” Sugar Blue!

You know you want to be there and you don’t want be one of those people who forgets that you can save $12 per ticket by getting them now (GET TICKETS HERE).  So don’t put it off any longer.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from Alexis P. Suter at The Gloucester Blues Festival.


Oh man! Dennis Brennan This Thursday Night 8:30-11:30 Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line 6.11.2015

Put on your dancing shoes….cause it’s gonna be one of those nights!dave s

Dave says,

dennis brennan 1

Wednesday’s With Fly Amero…This week’s special guest is Dan King…Tonight 7pm 6.10.2015


This week only…
Greek Shrimp w/Linguini – $10.95
American Chop Suey – $9.95



Wednesday, June 10th – 7pm
Special Guest: D A N K I N G !

dan king mm1 2 rl

Everyone’s friend and songwriter hero, Dan King joins us at
the Rhumb Line this week. Whenever he and I get together,
it’s always simply a matter of time before the evening starts
going “Beatles”. It all starts early… 7pm! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
6/17 Annette Dion

6/24 Brian King

7/01 Charlee Bianchini

7/08 Marina Evans
Coming Soon… Fozzie-kins

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂





A Father and Son Reading with J.D. and James Scrimgeour w/Open Mic

Saturday, June 13, 7:00-9:00 pm
261 Main Street, Gloucester, MA


Join Eastern Point Lit House in welcoming local authors J.D. and James Scrimgeour for a special father and son reading of their work. There will be an open mic at 7 pm, followed by the Scrimgeours at 8 pm. Everyone is invited to read!

For more info: