International Dory Races

Great day for the races! As has been the case recently, the Canadian team was too strong registering wins in the mixed, Juniors, Masters and Open races, while the USA team’s Women had a big win and put the team on the board. The Masters Race was highlighted by the boats coming together after the start, but after getting oars back in the right places went on to complete their race. The Open Race.. WOW! The win was decided at the finish line!

International Dory Race a results June 2015

Damon acummings forwards-

USA/Canada dory results from today 6/20/2015

1. Canada Kelly George and Robert Fox 6:38
2. USA Lily Jean Sanfillippo and Billy Edmunds 6:52

1. USA Tyler Edmunds and Tom Beaton 6:46
2. Canada John Ernst and Thomas Stuart 6:30 dsq for inproper mark rounding

1. USA Amanda Pallazola and Lindsey Rogers 6:57
2. Canada Danette Eden and Kathyrn Moore 7:08

1. Canada Willie Wells and Keith Merrell 6:39
2. USA John Scola and Mark Harmon 6:56

1. Canada Markus Schmidt and Joel George 9:41:44
2. USA Dylan and Clayton Morrisey 9:42:00

Yes, that really is a difference of less than one second. We moved the tv film guy over beside us at the finish so he could photgraph it in case we were unable to tell who crossed first as they came up the channel neck bow to bow.

Live blogging: Relay for life festivities…

Our fearless leader, Super K, Donna Ardizzoni, Melissa Cox, John McEhenny and many more volunteer to brave the dunk tank in order to raise money for Relay for Life!


What an amazing crew for an amazing cause! We all have been affected by cancer in such a way we will do anything for the cause!


pre dunking


first up… Super K


then chris paid a boat load to dunk Joey






Viva San Pietro! Cape Ann Museum celebrates Fiesta with film, photography, sculpture and more

Viva San Pietro!

Cape Ann Museum celebrates Fiesta with film, photography, sculpture and more

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (June 10, 2015) – The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to offer a special view of Fiesta-inspired art. The mini-exhibit will be on display in the lower level atrium from Tuesday, June 23 through Sunday, June 28 during Museum hours. Drawing on the Museum’s own collection, along with private collections in the area, the exhibit includes works by New York artist Philip Reisman who worked in Gloucester during the 1940s and 1950s, painters Lucette White and Eileen Mueller who captured the color and excitement of Fiesta in more recent years, and collage artist and sculptor Hans Pundt. Two documentary films about Fiesta will be available for viewing on a continuous loop throughout the week. Related exhibits and information can be found in the Museum’s Maritime Galleries.

St. Peter’s Fiesta – Festa di San Pietro – honors St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen. It is the largest and most colorful of the celebrations that Sicilian immigrants brought to Gloucester. The tradition of celebrating Fiesta began in Gloucester the late 1920s as a neighborhood novena and expanded to a city-wide event in the 1930s. Fiesta is still celebrated in Gloucester in late June, with four days of music, dancing, parades, fireworks, seine boat races and the traditional greasy pole competition. On the last day of Fiesta, an outdoor Mass is held, followed by the blessing of Gloucester’s fishing fleeet.

Images available on request.

Reiki Sample Sessions Offered at Relay for Life, Cape Ann. Saturday. June 20th

Cape Ann Wellness

Relay for Life Cape Ann 1964951_10152186246124536_1267189925_n Relay for Life Cape Ann

Saturday. June 20th. Relay for Life, Cape Ann.
In its 14th year the Relay for Life, Cape Ann raises money for the American Cancer Society.
Relay for Life, Cape Ann. 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Burnham Field. Gloucester MA.
To find out more about the Relay for Life and how you can donate –
Sample Reiki Sessions from 3:00 – 7:00 pm at the Survivors Tent. 
Free to participants of the Relay. ‘By Donation’ for others. (100% of Donations to Benefit the Relay for Life.) Join us if you can, and enjoy a sample of Reiki for relaxation, rest and renewal.

Reiki at NSMC FB Reiki in Healthcare and Hospitals

Having worked with many patients/clients receiving treatment for cancer, initially as a bedside nurse and now as an RN/Reiki Provider, this event speaks to my heart.  These patients undergoing treatment for cancer and receiving Reiki have relayed “a…

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Do You Have Your Fiesta Whites Ready For Fiesta Sunday?


fiesta whites gmg post 2

The clock is ticking…Only 7 shopping days left to purchase your Fiesta Whites”!

fiesta white gmg post

For generations it’s been customary to wear “White” clothing on Fiesta Sunday. As far back as l I can remember during the weeks leading up to fiesta in early June, our mother Pat, aunts, and grandmothers on both our paternal and maternal sides of our family shopped for Fiesta White clothing, for the entire family. They were not alone. Our entire Fishing Community was out shopping for white clothing. The Big question around town was “Do You Have Your Fiesta Whites and Wardrobe Yet?” Growing up the streets of downtown Gloucester on Fiesta Sunday looked like a sea of white. Last night while leaving the St. Peter Novena, I overheard a group of women talking about how they had their families, children and grandchildren’s “Fiesta Whites” all ready for next Sunday, along with their traditional Nautical theme outfits for Fiesta Saturday’s Races, on Pavilion Beach. I love that today this customary tradition continues!


I look forward to capturing everyone again this year in their “Fiesta Whites” & Nautical Theme clothing at next Saturday Races and Sunday Parade…Get shopping, and smile for the camera!

Shop Local For Fiesta Whites! 






Marshalls at Gloucester Crossing has a great selection of Fiesta Whites for men, women, and kids! 

Click Read More for  complete photo gallery of today’s post and last years Fiesta Sunday Whites photo Gallery

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Live From St. Peter Fiesta Altar

Chris Pallazola and son Anthony working hard with a team of men to complete the altar for this up coming week! Chris Palazolla is the unsung hero of Fiesta, working hard behind the secesns for years. The man in charge of the construction of the Fiesta Altar. Thank you Chris for all do to help keep our Fiesta Tradition!