2015 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule and Good Morning Gloucester Coverage


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St. Peter Novena Starts Tonight!

Live From St. Peter Novena

The Construction of 2015 St. Peter Novena Altar

St. Peter Novena Day 1

Live From St. Peter Novena Night 2!

St. Peter Novena Day 2

Our Friend Desi Smith In Action!

Live From St Oeter Novena Day 3

An up Close Look of the St Peter Novena Altar

St. Peter Novena Day 3

Do nice guys finish last?

Let’s face it, not all gals like a “bad boy” and not all gals like “wicked super nice guy”. I like guys that are a little bit of both. (well my husband is at least) This concept is so easy for us gals to understand but guys just don’t get it.

Obviously ladies love compliments from their guy but can it ever be too much? Nothing wrong with a guy saying in front of a group of friends “look how HOT my lady is today” Thats cute but when does it become over kill? Some guys think it’s never too much.

I for one, think at certain point it will no longer sound genuine.

Guys and Gals…. thoughts?





Russ Gershon Trio (RG3) Friday, June 19, 2015, 7:30pm

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck
6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Tickets: $15 at the door, $10 Rocky Neck Art Colony members.
Limited seating – call ahead to reserve, 978-515-7004


The Rocky Neck Art Colony (RNAC) Only Excellent Music series is thrilled to present an outstanding evening of jazz by the Russ Gershon Trio (RG3).

The leader of Boston’s legendary Either/Orchestra, Russ Gershon will be on saxophones, flute and piano joined by bassist Blake Newman (Lizard Lounge poetry band, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Agachiko) and drummer Oscar Suchanek (Either/Orchestra) for an evening of soulful jazz. The program will include Sonny Rollins’ seldom-heard Freedom Suite, Charles Mingus’ Meditations on Integration and music by Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Gershon and others. Swinging, bluesy, exploratory and exciting.

People Really Eat This Stuff?


People Really Eat This Stuff?


Why do people eat Mushrooms?

I never understood it. There’s no taste to them they only suck up the flavors they’re cooked in.

I personally think they’re are disgusting looking. Not a fan of the texture.

I will only eat them if there is no way to pick them out of food they’re cooked with.

Maybe GMG will have a Mushroom cook off. Then maybe someone can change my small mind.

Below there are some photos of a mini mushroom farm my son bought.

It’s easy to do and it’s funny watching them grow everyday. They grow very fast.

They’re called “Oyster Mushrooms” so if your into eating these disgusting things I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.



Rockport Music Just Announced Pousette-Dart Band

Just Announced!


Pousette-Dart Band

Saturday, August 8, 8 PM




A fixture of the folk rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s, Jon Pousette-Dart continues to find that sweet spot between rock, blues and country.  Whether mining classic hits from his days fronting the Pousette-Dart Band (“Amnesia,” ‘County Line,” “For Love”) or shifting into the acoustic bluesy folk of his current solo work, Pousette-Dart remains a vibrant and beloved performer.
“How Much”


Pousette-Dart Band 'County Line
Pousette-Dart Band
“County Line” (vintage)


New Podcast Festival Screening 
CAST PARTY: Podcast Festival Live Tuesday, July 28, 8 PM 

Hosts of several of the biggest and best podcasts in the world will convene for CAST PARTY, a festive, rousing original variety show beamed live via satellite from New York City, including RadioLab, Invisibilia, and Reply All.

Rockport Chamber Music Festival in full swing!



Don’t Miss These Great Upcoming Chamber Music Concerts!

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The Madfish Grille Grand Opening this Friday with “Groove Therapy” then Music for the rest of the weekend. Saturday “Mike O’Connell & Friends” and on Sunday “Soul Rebel Project”

The madfish grille

The Madfish would like to invite YOU to the first of our fresh and invigorating experiences, GRAND OPENING night! For our lively evening we are offering you LATE NIGHT BBQ and RAW BAR. In addition, we will have a SPECIAL VISIT from Ketel One. Groove Therapy will grooving you all night long in our new “Big Room”! So come join us, because here at The Madfish Grille …”WE HAVE MORE FUN!”  Saturday Mike O’Connell and Friends then on Sunday Soul Rebel Project

groove madfish 6.19.2015



mike oconnell madfish




The Mad Fish

77 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930



Dave Sag’s Blues Party Tonight with Jon Ross @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm-11:30pm 6.18.2015


Dave says,

I’m psyched for this week! My electrolytes are running high, so, let’s get to it! This Thursday our martini-induced conglomeration starts with that Maine mind-melter, Mr. Jon Ross, on catarrh and vocals.It’s been a while since we joined forces and the chemistry has always been bubbly.

courtesy photo
courtesy photo

Not only that, but Mr.John Cameron has taken time off from slicing his fingers in his shop to join us on the typewriter. Keys, that is. Always a pleasure. And Mr. Chris Rivelli, of RFB fame, is diving in for eggbeating sorties that will have you running for cover. Gwan be a great time!
Now Sunday, why not spill your drink all over your flip flops dancing to the groovy sounds of Mr. Orville Giddings and company at the Mile Marker? I’ll be there with the likes of Mr. John Cameron (again!),and L’il Steevee Chaggaris, on drummps. It’s a great place to have light indigestion and several strong drinks while waiting for summer to happen. hours: 6 to 9. Semi- nudity advised.

Would You Lookey Here At Who Just Manned Up and Hopped On The @STOKGrills Revolution! @Frankruptcy

Hey Frankie, I think they may give you 29 cents at the scrapyard for the old Weber. Bah! 🙂

Pet of the Week-Hogan


Hello, my name is Hogan and I am a happy hound!  I enjoy walks in the park and snuggle time on the couch.  I get along with other dogs and like life at a slower and quieter pace.  If you think I might be the fellow for you then be sure to come in soon.  For more information about Hogan or any of his furry friends please visit the shelter in person or check our website www.capeannanimalaid.org for more information.

St. Peter Novena Day 3




Video take on day 2 of the 2015 St Peter Rosary


Last Night’s Head Table Leading the Nightly Rosary


Rose Loiacono and Grace Favazza


Grazia Taormina and Giovanna Taormina

Faces of the Rosary


Kay Orlando (left)


Sara Maniaci and Maria Sanfilippo 


Fina Farrara


Grace Ciaramitaro and Margarita Pellicca


Sarah Favazza


Passing on tradition to the next generation!




Novena Coffee Time!


Florance Curcuru




Grace Favazza


Novena Pastries





Click Read More for complete photo gallery of day 3 St. Peter Novena! Continue reading “St. Peter Novena Day 3”

Community Photos 8/18/15

Therefore I have sailed the seas and come, To the holy city of Byzantium. Yeats

Peter Digre submits-


Not sure if Peter had any more levers he could stretch any further with his photo editing software on this one. Winking smile

Plum Cove Beach Sunset – photos from Anthony Marks

Golfing Cape Ann and Special Gifts for Father’s Day

Cape Ann Wellness, Fitness and Health News –

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit

Father’s Day is almost here! Looking for a Gift for the Special Men in Your Life? Here are some ideas for those that love to golf – A round of golf at their favorite course. Golf lessons with a pro. A gym membership for improved fitness, strength and flexibility to avoid injury and improve their game. Or, for a Unique Gift – a Session of ‘Hypnotherapy for Improved Golf.’   

Golf Swing DTW AD Improve Your Game With Hypnosis

Golf opportunities on Cape Ann –

  • Bass Rocks Golf Club. Gloucester MA
  • Cape Ann Golf Club. Essex MA
  • Rockport Golf Club. Rockport MA

For more information on golfing on Cape Ann – http://capeannvacations.com/wordpress/golf-gloucester/

Golf is Exercise for the Body and the Brain. For those that don’t think of golf as exercise, golf entails walking, balance, flexibility and coordination for the body. Plus mental focus and concentration for the mind.

Walk the…

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