Martel Needs Your Help!

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Martel Needs Your Help!


FROM The Cape Ann Animal Aid;

“The Story

Martel’s rescue story begins with Ruthie, an abandoned yellow lab caring for eight puppies in an over-crowded, high-kill shelter in rural Georgia (see photo below). Thanks to the folks at our partner rescue organization, Road Trip Home, Ruthie and her pups were pulled from the shelter and put into a loving foster home. Martel was one of those pups and that was just the beginning of his rescue journey. When old enough, Ruthie and the pups were transported into our care, ready to begin the next chapter and find loving homes.

For Ruthie and Martel’s litter-mates, adoption came quickly and our hearts were overjoyed! But what about Martel? Well, Martel’s journey took a surprise turn when his eyes began to look swollen and watery. He scratched at them and was clearly uncomfortable. We took him to the vet for a closer look.

The wonderful staff at Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital recognized a more serious condition and referred Martel for an appointment at the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital.

There, we learned that Martel is suffering from a severe case of Distichia (pronounced ‘dis-tee-chia’) in each eye. He has extra eyelashes growing through the underside of the eyelid facing toward the eye. These eyelashes rub on the cornea and cause pain and discomfort. In Martel’s case, the condition is serious and may likely lead to more severe complications like corneal ulcerations, scarring, and vision loss.

The surgery Martel needs involves freezing the stray hair follicles in the eyelid with an ophthalmic cryosurgical unit to prevent further hair production. There is a 25% chance that after surgery, new eyelashes will develop and Martel may require a second surgery in his lifetime. Today, we’re taking it one step at a time and we’re determined to get Martel the happy ending he deserves.

The vet bill including Martel’s pre-op care, surgery, and post-op care is expected to total over $2,100. You can help by making a donation—big or small—towards Martel’s medical bills.

With your gift today, you will join others who see the vibrant life and love in Martel’s eyes. You will make a difference and help this little fella thrive, stopping his pain and discomfort and getting back on the road to adoption.

On behalf of Martel, Ruthie, and all of us at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, thank you for reading Martel’s story. We can’t wait to write the next chapter—and we’ll have you to thank for making it all possible!”


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