Anyone Have a Pizza stone They’re Not Using That They wanna Trade For A GMG Cap?

I Just Ordered This To Make Pizza On The Grill

KettlePizza Basic Kit for 18.5-Inch and 22.5-Inch Kettle Grills



Now I Just Need A Couple Of Pizza Stones.

If anyone has some that have been sitting in their cabinets for years and would like to trade me for a GMG cap let me know by leaving me a note in the comment of this post.  Thanks.

Look for my review.


Mute swan cygnet  Massachusetts  -1©Kim Smith 2015The beautiful single cygnet at Henry’s Pond has disappeared. Did anyone by chance see what happened?

Mute swan cygnet pen, female Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015May 28, 2015

Mute swan cygnet cob pen, female male Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015May 30th, male, or cob on the left, female pen on the right, cygnet tucked between the two

Mute swan cygnet -3  Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015June 7th, adeptly preening, or oiling its feathers.

Mute swan cygnet pen, female Massachusetts -2 ©Kim Smith 2015Anytime is nap time.

Mute swan cygnet pen, female Massachusetts -3 ©Kim Smith 2015June 12th early morning, last sighting.



2015 ESM Schooner Challenge – Photos By FOB Len Burgess

Thank you to the schooner captains, Tom Ellis, Harold Burnham, Mike Rutstein and their crews and everyone who came out to support the Museum. It was an evening of fun with plenty of wind and waves. Here’s a slide show of some photos from the Challenge.

Hope to see you all again next year.

Essex Shipbuilding Museum

 –Len Burgess Challenge'15_6915

St. Peter Novena Starts Tonight!



novena altar st peter 2015 set up 1

Grace Cusumano, Caryn Linquata Ryder, Michael Linquata, Jeanne Marie Linquata, Anthony Sanfilippo, Anna Sanfilippo

St. Peter

Yesterday Afternoon the St. Peter Fiesta Novena Committee set up this years Altar at the American Legion Hall on Washington Street.

St. Peter

The St. Peter Fiesta Rosary kicks off this evening at  7pm. at the American Legion Hall located on Washington Street. Gloucester.

This year 2015 St. Peter Novena schedule June 15-23, 7pm.

Sista Felicia, will keep GMG viewers updated throughout the nine day Novena with live blogging and photo posts again this year!


Wicked Tuna–Capt. Bill Muniz of The “Lilly” Lands a Big One

Captain Muniz the Gloucester star on Wicked Tuna, lands a Tuna the hard way with a harpoon, just like his Portuguese ancestors from the Azores.  Also see Capt. Muniz prepare his tools of the trade.

Muniz Fish



Magnolia Farmer’s Market

Breaking News:

Magnolia Farmers Market

We are very excited that the first farmers market starts Monday, June 15, 2015 on Lexington Avenue in Magnolia 4pm-7pm. Rain or Shine ! A little rain isn’t going to stop us as it’s a much needed rain today. The ground and especially the produce are happier with this rain. Local vendors from all around Cape Ann will be setting up every Monday along the Ave. Virgilio’s bakery, Seaview farm (local meats, eggs), classic cooks and your favorite farmer to name a few. Please come support Magnolias 1st ever farmers market. Marshall’s Farm deal of the day at both the farm and Magnolia market, $2 off a quart of strawberries, $1 off a head of fresh picked lettuce and $1 off a bunch of asparagus. With your farmer Bob card.
For more information please follow the following link

Yo- There’s Goats at First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery Through Today- Check ‘Em Out!

Crystal Daley forwards-

We want to let everyone know that at First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery the goats are back. They are munching happily at the vegetation and will be here until next Tuesday. People are free to visit them as they love having company just please remember they have plenty of food already so don’t feed them and they are behind an electric fence for their protection.

We will be hosting a work party this Sunday June 14th starting at 11. So come by and help out and get distracted by the goats. Wear appropriate clothing for outside work.  

We look forward to seeing everyone.

I’m STOKed about Grilling On My @stokgrills Drum

Completely obsessed with getting to the BBQ after work and unwinding while creating something delicious. 
See the cast iron grates on the STOK Drum grill? I don’t know how any grilling enthusiast would ever go back to aluminum metal grates after using cast iron.   The beauty of it is that these grates came standard on a grill that already cost less than a similarly equipped Weber. 
I take pride on how I’ve been caring for them too.  Clean before and after every session and then I keep a mason jar filled with peanut oil right next to my baby and slather on the peanut oil after the cleaning while the grates are still hot.  It’s made them into a beautifully seasoned cooking surface which makes killer hash marks and has a great degree of anti-stick properties just like your favorite well seasoned cast iron pan. 
Have I told you yet about how obsessed I am with my new Charcoal grill? Because if I haven’t,  let me tell you I could go on and on.
Can’t wait for our first annual GMG BBQ Throwdown at Stage Fort Park!





I Went Yard

To the Yard House, that is.

I’m pretty certain that I wrote about a yummy meal at the Yard House over a year ago, but it stands repeating.

After a day that involved the boys setting out lobster traps, me beginning to pack for our week’s vacation to Nantucket, some bike riding, playing of catch, an early Father’s Day lunch at Captain Carlo’s on the deck for my dad (because we’ll be away), hockey practice, and the dropping of boys off at my mom’s, Freddy and I did some birthday shopping for Finn and then landed at the Yard House at Market Street for a late dinner.

Totally yummy.

Check out their full menu here if you’d like.

Surf and Turf Burger
Surf and Turf Burger
BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Burger
BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Burger
Surf and Turf Burger
Surf and Turf Burger


Close up of Tower of Rings
Close up of Tower of Rings
Tower of Rings
Tower of Rings
Poke Stack of Ahi Tuna
Poke Stack of Ahi Tuna