Lynzariums- The Coolest Living Art Plant Store I’ve Ever Encountered. Must Visit-Bottom Line.
186 East Main Street.
As a man with a black thumb I’ve never had any experience with beautiful exotic plants that virtually thrive more with increased negligence.
Tomorrow, Sunday Her Sister Will Be In The House For The Second Day Of A Two Day Pop Up Shop Featuring Her Funky West Coast Collections From-

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Elon Musk Quote of the Week From Greg Bover

June 4, 2015

“I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.”

Elon Musk (1971-    )


Born in South Africa, Musk sold his first video game at the age of twelve, immigrated to Canada as a teenager, and became a US citizen in 2002. He began his entrepreneurial career selling his city guide company Zip2 to Compaq, and then founding and ultimately selling the company that would become PayPal to Ebay for $1.5 billion. He founded SpaceX which has developed rockets with record weight-to-thrust ratios and has the NASA contract to supply the International Space Station. He was a co-founder of electric car maker Tesla and currently serves as CEO and Chief Product Architect, for which he famously receives a $1 salary. The company has sold more than 70,000 vehicles to date. He is also the chairman of SolarCity, currently building the largest manufacturing facility for solar panels in the US.

Greg Bover


NOAA Lobstermen meeting ©Kim Smith 2015The NOAA Fisheries sponsored informational meeting held Thursday night at their Gloucester facility did nothing to alleviate lobstermen’s deeply held concerns over the NOAA observer-spy program.

The lobstermen’s greatest concern is safety; safety for their crew, the observer-spy, and for themselves, along with the liability issues and lawsuits that will fall squarely on their shoulders when the accidental injury or drowning invariably occurs. The financial burden will be huge because of the adjusted insurance rates and the fact that the boats will now be forced to carry expensive safety equipment; combined costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. The observer-spies carry sleeping bags, pillows, personal coolers, measuring boards, baskets, and buckets. When asked about her experience on a lobster boat, NOAA representative Sara Weeks admitted that she had never been on a lobster boat. On a small boat, where there is barely enough room for a second crew member, the panelists did not seem to comprehend the dangerous situation they are forcing upon the lobstermen.

The president of the Massachusetts Lobsterman’s Association, Arthur Sawyer, pointed out that although over fifteen years of data has been collected by the state of Massachusetts, this information was not sought by NOAA. The company contracted by NOAA to carry out the gestapo-like spy program is called MRAG Americas. Andrew Rosenberg owns MRAG. He was also the former Deputy Director of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (or the fox evaluating the chicken coop, see below).

Reportedly, MRAG is paid approximately $800.00 – $900.00 for every spy. The spy is paid roughly $125.00 to $150.00. MRAG pockets the rest (this program is huge and there are thousands upon thousands of these observer-spies). Now that there are few to no ground fishing boats on which to position the spies, MRAG and NOAA have suddenly targeted the Massachusetts lobstermen. Afterall, they have to keep the gravy train collecting our tax payer dollars to spy on our fellow citizens.

“Sea days” are the number of days the lobstermen will be forced to allow an observer-spy on their boat. This information, although available to the NOAA representatives, was conveniently and purposefully withheld from the lobstermen at the time of the meeting.


Lady B. Gloucester Lobster Boat ©Kim Smith 2015Lady J. Gloucester Lobster Boat at Daybreak

Art Haven Has Great Programs for the Kids This Summer

Art_Haven-logoSign Up Today for
Summer at Cape Ann Art Haven!

Summer is right around the corner and we can’t wait for it to start! Click on the icons below to find out more about each of our awesome weekly programs here at Cape Ann Art Haven.



Icon-MixedMediaMIXED MEDIA & PRINTMAKING WEEK: August 10-14

Icon -AnimatorANIMATORS WEEK: July 6-10

Icon-CeramicsCERAMICS WEEK: July 27-31

Icon-FashionFASHION & FABRIC ARTS WEEK: August 17-21

Icon-NatureArtNATURE ART WEEK: July 13-17

Icon-PaintersPAINTERS WEEK: August 3-7

Icon-BookmakingBOOKMAKING & PORTFOLIO WEEK: August 24-28

In addition to our morning programs, we are also excited to launch the Cape Ann Creative Crew, which will run Monday-Friday from 1-3pm.

If you have any questions about our programming or registration, please call us at (978) 283-3888, or e-mail

Hear rock star, Nelson Bragg tomorrow (SUN) at 9am on North Shore 104.9

Tomorrow morning at 9am, on her show 104.9FM radio show, “Curtain Up”, Aurelia Nelson hosts the multi-talented Nelson Bragg — percussionist, drummer, songwriter, vocalist for Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tour.

Nelson will give us a glimpse into the L.A. pop scene and what it’s like to work closely with Brian Wilson and tour with the Beach Boys.

Here’s Nelson on percussion at Celebrate Gloucester 2010 with KBMG.


Updated:Rumors Swirling of Possible Hostage Situation or Training on Backshore

UPDATE: The GDT reported that it was a hoax.
The concern is that there is a group that is staging these hoaxes to study how police and other officials respond to such threats.

Phone has been blowing up all morning.  I resisted the urge to post anything because there are too many rumors.  I don’t want to post the wrong information.  What I have seen and heard is sheriff’s cars with lights and sirens. Seeing them now leaving Gloucester.  We’ve heard and I am not confirming but there may have been a training but again, nothing has been confirmed. 
So there’s that…..

The 1st Annual Cape Ann Shave to Save was a great success.

Becky Shaw (Betsy Rich’s Mother)

The 1st Annual Cape Ann Shave to Save was a great success.  So far we have raised almost $5,000.00 for St Jude Children’s Hospital.  We had 12 participants ranging in age from 87 to 5.  Dawn Burnham’s youngest grandsons from New Hampshire and Connecticut joined the cause.  Jane Shaw & Dawn Burnham would like to thank everyone who made this night a success.  A special thanks goes to Michael Antell, and the ladies of Ambiance Hair Design, Rockport & Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa for giving up their Friday night to shave heads. 

Donations may be made until June 10th.  Checks may be written out to St Jude and mailed to P O Box 74, Essex,  01929.


Friends of the Rockport Public Library Summer Book Sale June 19 to June 21

The Friends of the Rockport Public Library summer book sale is Friday and Saturday June 19 and 20 from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, June 21 from 1 to 5 pm.

The sale includes hard back and soft back books for both adults and children, books on tape, cds, and videos.

All proceeds are used to supplement programs at the library including the Author’s Series, Cabin Fever movies, children’s programs and museum passes.

The library is located on the corner or Broadway and School Street.

For more information visit or call 978 546-6934

O’Maley Concert next week

Hi Joey,

Michelle Cook and Diane Bevins here.  We are very proud parents of two talented performers at the Omaley Innovation Middle School.  Attached is a flyer advertising a 1 hour concert that the Omaley Vocal Performance group will be hosting on Wednesday June 10th at 7:00PM in the OMaley Auditorium.  The students under the direction of Mrs. Sellers have been staying after school 2 days a week to prepare for this special event.  We would love to fill the auditorium to showcase their hard work.  Would you be able to post this flyer to create awareness?

Best regards,

Michelle and Diane


Establish Event Today and Tomorrow At Lynzarium’s Plant Shack

Hi Joey Happening today and tomorrow. 

Erica Maver of Establish,, just landed and is setting up at Lynzarium’s Plant Shack, doors open at 11am! Tons of jewelry, accessories and home goods. Check us out at 186 East Main Street, Gloucester Ma 02118. 

Morning @CaptJoeLobster The Mighty F/V Sea Force One Pulls Up To Load Bait Before Heading Out To Harvest #Lobster #GloucesterMA

A Hero Among Us Sergeant Isaac Pike of Gloucester Earns the Bronze Medal

Check Out This Exceprt From Terry Weber’s piece here-

A Hero Among Us
Sergeant Isaac Pike of Gloucester Earns the Bronze Medal

At just 21 years of age, Isaac Pike of Gloucester demonstrated uncommon leadership and courage under duress that most of us only read about or see in movies.

Back in 2003, Pike served as an Army Airborne Rifle Team Leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now, 12 years later, at Gloucester City Hall, he received the Bronze Star Medal for his “exceptionally valorous action” during the Battle of As Samawah. Pike’s leadership under fire inspired his team to fight at great risk and resulted in the enemy’s eventual retreat and a pinned down platoon was able to emerge safely from the danger zone.

An estimated 200 people gathered at Gloucester’s City Hall last Friday to watch Pike receive the medal. Pike, 34, accepted the award from retired Army Col. John G. Castles. Hosting the event was Richard Barbato, an Outreach Specialist for the Lowell Veterans Center. Both Castles and Barbato served in Iraq with Pike and were present on the day Pike earned his Bronze Star.

The rest of the artic and picture here at Wicked Local