So Very Proud of Our Joey for Winning the CACC Gloucester Small Businessman of the Year Award


Joey gets an award.

Joey is getting an award today so RD starts off at Brothers with a sugar high.
Joey is getting an award today so RD starts off at Brothers with a sugar high.
Then RD moves on to the hard stuff at the Studio during sound check.
Then RD moves on to the hard stuff at the Studio during sound check.
Mayor does an intro. Rubber Duck is all ears.
Mayor does an intro. Rubber Duck is all ears.
John does an intro and RD is sizing up Craig's ear.
John does an intro and RD is sizing up Craig’s ear.
Rubber Duck goes for the wet willie.
Rubber Duck goes for the wet willie.
Joey goes for the heart felt thanks, Lowell is not paying attention!
Joey goes for the heart felt thanks, Lowell is not paying attention!

Winners of 2015 Gloucester Citizenship Awards


Janet Young submits-

Recipients of the 2015 Gloucester Citizenship Awards pose with their certificates in the entrance hall of the 1806 Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse.
From left to right: Janis Bell, James Fialho, Arline Moore, Harold Burnham, Greg Bover, Mary Rhinelander McCarl, Rosemary Ginivan Attridge, Nicole Richon Schoel, Roger Armstrong, Bill Melvin, Brent “Ringo” Tarr.
Back row: Jerry Ackerman, Carol Ackerman.
Congratulations to all!

Note from Joey:  See the people in this photo?  Every one of them has either directly or indirectly made all of our lives better as a community and individually.  They are the fabric which makes Gloucester the special place it is.  Thank you for all you’ve done and thank you to the UU for holding these award nights, they are special nights which reaffirm what an incredible place we live in.

Schooner Roseway at the Gloucester Marine Railways

We love living up the hill from the Gloucester Marine Railways–never a dull moment!

Roseway Schooner MA ©Kim Smith 2015

History of the Gloucester Marine Railways from the Railways website:

“In 1855, Dodd & Tarr Fisheries was started on the tip of Rocky Neck in Gloucester Harbor. As the fisheries business grew to encompass a wharf, a grocery store, warehouses and 15 schooners, the need arose for a way to repair and maintain the fishing vessels. In 1859, the company constructed the first of two marine railways on the northern-most tip of their property on Rocky Neck. From then until about 1970, the Railways used a steam engine to haul up the vessels. One note of interest is that the gears used in the steam engine were produced at the same factory that built the engine for the Civil War battleship, the Monitor.

In 1874, the Tarr bothers of Gloucester took over the firm of Dodd & Tarr and by 1879 the company was listed as “Rocky Neck Marine Railways Association”. The name “Dodd & Tarr & Co.” was reserved for the fishing business only. By 1892, the railways was maintaining 20 first class vessels. In 1907 Capt. Frederick Albert Cook reportedly brought his schooner to the Railways to be sheathed for ice and outfitted for an Arctic expedition. In the 1920s and 30s, schooners participating in the International Fishermen’s Races were hauled out at the Railways for painting and last minute repairs. In the late 1980s the Mayflower II came for repair. Recently the privately owned 128 foot Nantucket Lightship was hauled up in dry dock as she received fresh paint and maintenance.

Since 1859 the Rocky Neck Marine Railways, now known as the Gloucester Marine Railways Corp., has maintained and repaired thousands of fishing, commercial and pleasure boats from the wooden schooners of the last century to the present day steel and fiberglass vessels. A modern Travelift has recently augmented the original railways as GMRC keeps moving ahead, from one century to the next, distinguished as the oldest continuously operating marine railways in the country and a well respected member of the marine industry in the Northeast.”

Read more about the Gloucester Marine Railways Corp on their website here.

Roseway Schooner Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2015

About the Schooner Roseway from the World Ocean School website:

“In the fall of 1920 a Halifax, Nova Scotia, newspaper challenged the fisherman of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to a race between the Halifax fishing schooners and the Gloucester fleet. Therefore many schooners, such as Roseway, built at this time were not strictly designed for fishing but in order to protect American honor in the annual races.

Roseway, 137′ in sparred length, was designed as a fishing yacht by John James and built in 1925 in his family’s shipyard in Essex, Massachusetts. Father and son worked side by side onRoseway, carrying on a long New England history of wooden shipbuilding. She was commissioned by Harold Hathaway of Taunton, Massachusetts, and was named after an acquaintance of Hathaway’s “who always got her way.” Despite her limited fishing history,Roseway set a record of 74 swordfish caught in one day in 1934.

Roseway was built and maintained to an exceedingly high standard, using a special stand of white oak from Hathaway’s property in Taunton. She had varnished rails and stanchions and had a house built for her every winter. She was so well maintained that the coal for the stove was washed before being stored in the bunker. This kind of treatment, which contributed to her longevity, was unheard of in the commercial fishing fleet.

On December 7, 1941, just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Boston Globe reported the purchase of Roseway by the Boston Pilots Association. In the article, the Pilots describedRoseway as “sturdily constructed of oak, the craft is fully capable of withstanding the battering of heavy seas and onslaughts of terrific gales that pilot boats maintaining the lonely vigil off Boston Harbor are called upon to meet.” Clarence Doane, agent for the Boston Pilots, stated that Roseway “approaches as close as possible to specifications of the ideal pilot boat as any vessel. . . .”

Read more about the Schooner Roseway on their website here.

Roseway Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2015

5PM START! LET’S DO THIS! Come Party with THE GMG CREW At The Studio #GloucesterMA Tonight June 2nd

Tonight We Celebrate Some Middle Aged Balding Slightly Overweight Guy Being Recognized As Small Businessperson Of The Year For Gloucester From The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce (AS I TELL EVERYONE THIS IS A TEAM RECOGNITION AND WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RECEIVED WITHOUT THE INCREDIBLE GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT CONTRIBUTE ON GMG EVERY SINGLE DAY!)




51 Rocky Neck Avenue



For those of you who may be directionally challenged, if you have a smartphone, click the link on the map below.

I don’t want to hear any lame ass excuses that you couldn’t find it. (We get that sometimes, even from people who claim they have smartphones and have addresses on flyers) I know, crazy, right?

Get directions to this location


Lennie Merullo finds David Cox


Lennie recently passed away at the age of 98 (May 5, 1917 – May 30, 2015), during his 50 years of scouting for the MLB, he found David Cox, see Newspaper clipping from Gloucester Times, stating that while scouting in the New England area. He had come to watch Gloucester’s Frankie Destino and Lynn English’s Johnny Hyde, but found in the midst David Cox.

“This Cox boy is a smooth operator, and looks like he can hit” said Lennie. “He’s a senior, you say? Looks like a good collge prospect to me. Has the arm, the speed and the power. One of the best boys I’ve seen this season”.



David continues to show his passion for sports through his photography of local Gloucester High School Sports, and published here on GoodMorningGloucester. David’s GMG Posts


JUDITH SPEAKS on the Terraced Lawn of The Sargent House Museum


Mrs_John_Stevens-by_Copley-860pxJoin us on our Terraced Lawn for

June 4, 2015, 5:30-7PM • $5 suggested donation

Come hear Cape Ann Students read Judith’s words that are brilliant, profound & hilarious. One of America’s most influential thinkers, Judith Sargent Murray’s ideas still resonate. Hear Judith on writing, capital punishment, prejudice & female politicians.

We are honored to present Joseph Stiliano, Artistic Director of the Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe, and Patricia Bridgman, living-history interpreter, performing selections from The Mingling of Souls, from Sorrow to Joy, by Jay DiPrima: a love story of Rev. John Murray and Judith Sargent Murray. | Sargent House Museum | 49 Middle Street |

Gloucester Bingo Winners

Julie from Harbor Goods sent me the list of the Gloucester Bingo.

Grand Prize Winner Beth Lott

Here is a list of the other winners. This was such a great idea and fun to do. Hope next year this event takes place.

Beth Lott – Grand prize winner. Alchmey and the Ardelle
Donna Ardizzoni – Beth Williams Studio
Kaylee Duchane – Capt. Bill and Sons
John Karvelas – Harbor Goods/Life is Good
Beth Kirchner – Kestral Educational Adventures
Debbie Bickoff – Lat 43
Marge Wiggins – Lunch with the Mayor
Ed Watkinson – Ohana
Alyssa Selig – Premier Imprints
Ann O’Neil – Sage Floral Studio
Julie Broe – Toodleoos!



Gloucester’s Police Chief Leonard Campanello is a ROCK STAR!

Gloucester police Chief Leonard Campanello – photo: Allegra Boverman

Chief Campanello’s “Angel” project began yesterday.  If you don’t know what that is, read this article in the Gloucester Daily Times.

The Chief’s project has been the subject of national news for about a month now and he’s even been challenged by the district attorney (see this article in the Boston Globe).

But our Chief remains cool as a cucumber.

Just listen to him in this NPR interview from yesterday — especially the part where he says, “We appreciate the district attorney’s comments, but the fact is that the police have always had the discretion to charge or not charge and not just with drugs, with most crimes.”

If you see Chief Campanello, please congratulate him on his vision, compassion, brilliance and cool head.

This is definitely the guy you want protecting our city and helping to heal our drug problem. BRAVO CHIEF!

We knew we were lucky to have Chief Campanello come to Glocuester when he brought the crowd to their feet with his Springsteen version of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town” at the first Cape Ann Winter Solstice in December 2013.  Sheila Roberts Orlando captured the moment perfectly in the photo below:


Paintings For Sale!

Paintings for sale!


If you don’t do Ebay and like one of the Paintings and there are no bids on it you can contact me at and we’ll work something out.

I also have larger paintings 16″x20″ up to 36″x40″, so if you’d like to come take a look at them contact me to set a an appointment.



My name is Paul F Frontiero Jr and I’m starting my own “Jackstarter” Campaign.

What’s a “JackStarter” Campaign? There was no such thing until now. (I just made it up)

I am selling some of my Dad’s Paintings on Ebay. The money will go to adopting a needy Jack Russell Terrier.

I’m am stating out the bidding very low so you can enjoy a beautiful painting by my dad for a crazy low cost. You will see paintings this size by other Cape Ann artists for hundreds of dollars more. So Bid and own a beautiful piece of Cape Ann Art by a Great Cape Ann Painter “Paul F Frontiero Sr.”

I’ll ship anywhere in the USA or will hand deliver it to you if you live on Cape Ann.

There’s no obligation to buy, but if your looking for a painting I just wanted you to know what the money will go to.

I will share my experience of adopting a Jack with the GMG readers. I’ll be working with JacksGalore of western Massachusetts

And I’m sure you’ll she us walking around Stage Fort Park this Summer.

There are a lot of needy “Jack’s” out there that need a forever home.


Our “Blaze” was a sweetheart. We had her for 7 years before she was diagnosed with a collapsed Tracea.

She got me through a lot of hard times. She Passed over the bridge on Feb. 2, 2015.

She almost took down GMG Headquarters at one time. And we miss her so much.

We will be giving a needy Jack Russell a great home to enjoy.

Maybe this one will become the “OFFICIAL DOG OF GMG

You can check out all the cute Jack Russells and make a donation of any size at;


Updated With Mobile Phone Screenshot Demo- #GloucesterMA SeeClickFix App Which Allows Citizens To Report Public Works Issues

So Mayor Theken announced that the SeeClickFix App that Sal DiStefano talked about on GloucesterCast 129 (listen here) is live!  I went to the City website to find it but there wasn’t any hyperlink, just instructions that it was actually out there and live.  Knowing that most people won’t follow through with a web search to go and find it and download it I’ll provide the direct links to download the app. I also produced a screenshot video from my cell phone of just how easy it is to download and use (see below).

First the direct links to get the App fr Android and Apple-

For Android Click Here


For iPhone Click Here



While you’re At It, Might As Well Download The GMG Android App Free Here


Next The Screenshot Demo Of How Easy The SeeClickFix App Is To Download and Use-

And Another For The GMG App-

and Mayor Theken’s original press release-

Gloucester will use SeeClickFix to improve quality of life and encourage civic participation

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken today announced that the City of Gloucester has launched a new program that will allow residents to report quality-of-life issues and request municipal services through an online and mobile interface. Powered by SeeClickFix, the place-based reporting platform allows Gloucester residents to document neighborhood concerns and improvements, ranging from litter or flooding to damaged sidewalks and malfunctioning traffic signals.

“Gloucester is proud to provide the community with an easy-to-use web tool that helps them access services and make positive changes in the community,” said Mayor Romeo Theken.

With the online and mobile reporting platform, residents can report quality-of-life concerns through service request categories via the City of Gloucester website, mobile applications (e.g., iPhone and Android), a Facebook App, and the website The platform allows Gloucester residents to provide locations, descriptions, and photos of any issue, in real time. Once a resident submits a concern, the platform issues an alert that becomes public information available to any resident. This will allow the City of Gloucester to acknowledge a service request, route it to the proper department and update the request as needed, including after the matter has been resolved.

The platform also allows Gloucester residents to view, comment on, and vote to fix problems that are submitted by their neighbors. Citizens can even create their own “watch areas” to receive notifications about any category of issues in their community and subsequently follow the progress of all related service requests—not just the one they reported.   Reports can be submitted and tracked from the City of Gloucester website directly ( Residents will also find links to download SeeClickFix mobile applications on the City’s website.

Dory elimination final results, Monday evening June 1, 2015

Damon Cummings submits-

Open division finals, one mile course off Niles beach at 6 pm Monday June 1, 2015
Dylan and Clayton Morrissey 9:57
Jimmy Tarantino and Joe Comminelli 10:08
Vito Giacalone and Mike Mitchell 10:10
There was a strong NE breeze and intermittent rain and fog but they raced in the lee of Eastern Point so waves and wind were not bad until way out.
The race was close as you can see from the times and the lead changed several times. The Morrisseys will be going to Canada in the end though.