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I added 4 tablespoons of salted butter to the zest and juice of one medium lemon for the lemon butter which I’d add to the grilled asparagus-

2015-06-11 16.40.44

Tossed the asparagus in canola oil some Atlantic Saltworks salt and crushed black pepper before grilling

2015-06-11 16.52.12

Lemon Butter

2015-06-11 16.50.59

 2015-06-11 19.28.06

Prepped The Atomic Buffalo Turds As Usual- Slice jalepenos in half scoop out the seeds fill with cream cheese and wrap with bacon.  Finish with a liberal sprinkling of cayenne pepper.

2015-06-11 17.18.24

Decadent Results

2015-06-11 18.54.57-1

Craig outdid himself with these gorgeous grilled Italian sausages with the peppers and onions.  He kept adding beer to the cast iron pan to achieve the perfect coloring.

2015-06-11 19.00.20-1

Although we had access to the Huge Smokin’ Jim’s Smoker, we opted for Eric’s 20 year old Weber  with melted off handles.  Used Royal Oak Lump Charcoal.  (I didn’t hear anyone complaining)

2015-06-11 19.04.53

Couple of Ribeyes and corn in the husks

2015-06-11 19.05.16-1   We also had (not pictured) Tobey’s pork cutlets and Eric’s Guacamole.

Loblolly Cove ~ Red-winged Blackbird Habitat

Loblolly Cove Rockport Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015Loblolly Cove, Rockport
Male Red-winged Blackbird Massachusetts -4 ©Kim Smith 2015Male Red-winged Blackbird

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Comsos 12 ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

At Last!

The Schooner ADVENTURE  held an open house on Saturday to celebrate the the issuance of a final certificate inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard. The approval to carry passengers on sailing trips caps a 27 year, 5 million dollar effort to restore ADVENTURE , built in 1926, to seaworthy condition. It last fished in 1953.

The restored vessel will serve as a base for extensive educational programs focused on Gloucester’s history as a major fishing port. It will also be available for charter for trips of up to four hours.

ADVENTURE  joins the schooners THOMAS E LANNON and ARDELLE  as the stars of Gloucester’s growing schooner fleet.


Lead shipwright Geoff Deckerbach and crew member Dave.


P1010459 2

Author John Morris (Alone at Sea, Gloucester in the Age Of The Dorymen) and Helen Garland



What do you do?

In this particular situation I’m at the hair salon. There are 6 chairs, 3 on each side and no one sitting in them. Which chair do you choose?

I chose the one on the end, the next person chose to skip a chair and so forth. So now there are 3 chairs open because people skipped a chair.

There are people standing because there are “no chairs”. Why do you think that is? People scared of germs? invading space? antisocial?

If you notice this is a common theme in our lives. Just another thing I ponder sitting here with no one near me.


Gator Bites

jolly gator fish camp

Now that people here are snowless and warm again and shouldn’t hate on me for doing so, I wanted to share a few photos and adventures from Florida.  My mother and I were driving state road 46 in Geneva, FL on our way to Sanford to take the auto train, in the middle of nowhere, Florida, when we came across a long bridge spanning the St. Johns River and saw way off the road, the first sign of civilization we had seen in some time.  It required a white knuckle hairpin turn at 55 mph off single lane 46 to get onto the dirt access road to reach it, but the trip to Jolly Gator Fish Camp was so well worth it.  If you ever find yourself on or near State Road 46 in Geneva, FL (not far from Cocoa Beach), don’t miss the opportunity to stop.  The food and view are amazing, and the staff were so warm and wonderful.  We had grilled gator bites (so yummy!) and Florida Cabbage (equally delicious).

E.J. Lefavour

Hobbit House Studio

Artist’s Reception for Gabrielle Barzaghiat The Trident Gallery Tonight

A public reception for artist Gabrielle Barzaghi will be held on Saturday, June 13, 6-8pm, on the occasion of the exhibition When Objects Dream: New Drawings by Gabrielle Barzaghi. For further information about the exhibition, please see the Trident Gallery homepage,

Gabrielle Barzaghi

Lost and Found: Wrenches

Did you, or somebody you know, lose a box of wrenches this week? These belong to somebody that needs them, so no freebies here, be honest! Tell me where, and possibly when you lost them, and come and gettem! (Aunt Joany Kimberley scooped these up this past week)

Hit me up at, or respond below!

Last Night’s BBQ Throwdown On The @STOKGrills 


Started the charcoal in the STOK Drum charcoal grill and would let it get up to 500 degrees with top and bottom vents wide open while we worked to get the food ready.

My two zoochies Madeline and Eloise helped prep the chicken by skewering them and applying canola oil and salt and pepper. We put the skewered chicken aside.

Peeled the carrots and snipped the ends off.  Then boiled them for about 7 minutes to soften them up just a little and then ran them under cool water to stop them from cooking any further. (Kate tells me they call this blanching).  Then Eloise tosses the carrots to coat in a soy, ginger garlic marinade and we let that sit on the counter to marinate.

Then Madeline cut up the pineapple into half inch slices.  We made a glaze of honey, canola oil, nutmeg and cinnamon for the pineapple.  


Now that the grill hit 500 degrees I took the charcoal and dispersed it evenly along the bottom of the grill and arrange the carrots in a perpendicular pattern in relation to the cast iron grill grates on the STOK Drum Grill so we can create some pretty hash marks.

Hit the top of the pineapple with the honey/canola oil/nutmeg/cinnamon glaze and cover for about 5 minutes. Then make your first flip-

Now hit the other side of the pineapple with your glaze and mop the carrots with the soy ginger mixture. After another five minutes flip and rotate a quarter of a turn to make em look pretty.  They should be softened up by now. 

Toss the chicken skewers on the grill now.  About three minutes a side. After the first turn, mop em with the Thai peanut sauce.

On the second turn mop everything with their respective glazes.

Plate and serve. #Boom!


Meg Colby, 7th grader At O’Maley Earns 3 Gold Medals At The Special Olympics!

Joey, hope all is well.   Would you post this about one of our Special Olympics Athletes:

Meg Colby, 7th grader from the O’Maley School. Has been swimming for the New England Aquatics Special Olympics earning 3 gold medals in qualifiers, 100m freestyle, 50m back stroke and the anchor leg for the 4×4 deadly relay team. Her older sister Marybeth a student at GHS has been a coach for 3 years dedicated to younger swimmers and Dad Brian coaches a mens swim team.   

SPCL OYL swim_2015 -7184

Here is a picture of Meg in action – Backstroke

Submitted by Thom Falzarano