Liv’s Wedding in Less Than Three Weeks and Checking Off My To-do List!

Love this beautiful linen in shades of sea and sand. As a general guideline, table runners are usually about 1/3 the width of the table. I was able to cut three runners out of each length and have some leftover fabric, more than enough to make a few pillows–they will be a lovely reminder of Liv and Matt’s wedding!


Comsos 12 ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

Cape Ann Museum just added their calendar to the GMG Calendar


Victoria Petway at Cape Ann Museum just set up a Google Calendar for museum events, made it public and shared it with me, giving me  access to “Make changes AND manage sharing”. I then added her calendar to the ever growing calendars on the GMG “Cape Ann Calendar”. Now when ever she adds and event or makes changes to an event it immediately shows up here on GMG.

This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at on the ‘events’ page.

To submit entries for this calendar email text only to the following:

A Title
A Date and Time
A Place including complete address
A Short description (no more than a paragraph)
and a link for more info

I post regular Arts related PR and announcements directly to GMG daily, so send those to me too.

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Tonights host is Orville Giddings with his guest Ron Schrank 7pm @ The Rhumb Line 6.3.2015


Dinner Specials Every Week!

Wednesday, June 3rd – 7pm


Orville Giddings will be hosting this Wednesday’s  Rhumb Line
music show  while I’m away in Albany, NY with Orleans (and
the boys from “Little Feat”). Thank you Orville! His musical
guest will be Ron Schrank. Don’t miss it! It all starts early…

ron schrank
7pm! ~ Fly
ps: Speaking of 7pm, a big thanks to all the folks who came out for
last week’s debut early start. It was a great night, and I’m sure there
will be many more to come!
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
6/10 Dan King

6/17 Annette Dion

6/24 Brian King

7/01 Charlee Bianchini

7/08 Marina Evans
Coming Soon… Fozzie

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

DES Crowning–The Procession to Church

_2015_05_31_056674The procession started at the DES Portuguese Club to  Mr. and Mrs. Jose Diaz Ferreira (The 2015 Mordomo),  and back to the church where Father “Jim” Achadinha , joined the procession up Portuguese Hill.  The neighbor pronominally Portuguese, they appreciated Father “Jim’s” participation in the procession waving and coming out to greet the procession of the Holy Ghost.  The rain held off until everyone reached Our Lady of Good Voyage, the rain stopped briefly after the Holy Mass, and the procession headed towards the DES club to celebrate the Holy Ghost’s Traditional “Sopas” (Portuguese soup).

Below is a slide show of the Procession and the many who participated. Two colors are used in conjunction with the feast: RED and WHITE. Red symbolizes the tongues of fire, the form in which the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles, and white symbolizes peace, purity and divinity.


Just created my first report using #GloucesterMA SeeClickFix App

Be cool to see how effective it is!


If you would liek to download it here’s the links for Android and iPhone
I’ll provide the direct links to download the app. I also produced a screenshot video from my cell phone of just how easy it is to download and use (see below).

First the direct links to get the App for Android and Apple-

For Android Click Here


For iPhone Click Here



While you’re At It, Might As Well Download The GMG Android App Free Here


Next The Screenshot Demo Of How Easy The SeeClickFix App Is To Download and Use-

And Another For The GMG App-

and Mayor Theken’s original press release-

Gloucester will use SeeClickFix to improve quality of life and encourage civic participation

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken today announced that the City of Gloucester has launched a new program that will allow residents to report quality-of-life issues and request municipal services through an online and mobile interface. Powered by SeeClickFix, the place-based reporting platform allows Gloucester residents to document neighborhood concerns and improvements, ranging from litter or flooding to damaged sidewalks and malfunctioning traffic signals.

“Gloucester is proud to provide the community with an easy-to-use web tool that helps them access services and make positive changes in the community,” said Mayor Romeo Theken.

With the online and mobile reporting platform, residents can report quality-of-life concerns through service request categories via the City of Gloucester website, mobile applications (e.g., iPhone and Android), a Facebook App, and the website The platform allows Gloucester residents to provide locations, descriptions, and photos of any issue, in real time. Once a resident submits a concern, the platform issues an alert that becomes public information available to any resident. This will allow the City of Gloucester to acknowledge a service request, route it to the proper department and update the request as needed, including after the matter has been resolved.

The platform also allows Gloucester residents to view, comment on, and vote to fix problems that are submitted by their neighbors. Citizens can even create their own “watch areas” to receive notifications about any category of issues in their community and subsequently follow the progress of all related service requests—not just the one they reported. Reports can be submitted and tracked from the City of Gloucester website directly ( Residents will also find links to download SeeClickFix mobile applications on the City’s website.

Magnolia Historical Society Presents: Art in the Schoolhouse

Magnolia Historical Society is once again hosting the biannual Art In The Schoolhouse and you’re invited. The art reception is at Blynman Schoolhouse June 5 from 6 to 9 pm, with the show running June 6 noon to 6 pm and June 7 from noon to 4 pm. Join us for light beverages, hors d’oeuvres and fun. Sell your pieces, mingle with friends and support a great cause – the Blynmann Schoolhouse Restoration Project. Spacing is limited and demand is high. So what are you waiting for? Register Now and visit our web site for more details.


Little Red Schoolhouse
46 Mangolia Avenue, Gloucester MA 01923

Paintings for Sale! Auction Ends Friday Afternoon

Paintings for Sale! Auction Ends Friday Afternoon


I am selling some of my Dad’s Paintings on Ebay. The money will go to adopting a needy Jack Russell / Mix Terrier.

I’m am starting out the bidding very low so you can enjoy a beautiful painting by my dad for a crazy low cost. You will see paintings this size by other Cape Ann artists for hundreds of dollars more. So Bid and own a beautiful piece of Cape Ann Art by a Great Cape Ann Painter “Paul F Frontiero Sr.”

If you don’t do Ebay and like one of the Paintings and there are no bids on it you can contact me at and we’ll work something out.

I also have larger paintings 16″x20″ up to 36″x40″, so if you’d like to come take a look at them contact me to set a an appointment.

I’ll ship anywhere in the USA or will hand deliver it to you if you live on Cape Ann.


Ron Gallo & The Satellite Hearts Saturday 9pm with Julie Rhodes opening @ 8pm June 6…Don’t miss it!

ron gallo1

Ron Gallo, former frontman of critically acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll band Toy Soldiers, spent the last year in the trenches of transition and self-examination, resulting in the birth of “RONNY”, a new album/band/outlet that follows the shifting habits and rituals of Ron Gallo at any given time. His 7 year tenure in the aforementioned rock band taught him about the grit and joy that exists in the hot pursuit of his truest love; but mostly that he’s got no other choice, and was put here to make songs and sing them for people at places, all the time. He is 6’3, has large hair and was once described as “racially ambiguous.”

Backing Ron Gallo this time around, we welcome the Satellite Hearts! Pure rock ‘n’ roll, wild and dangerous, yet full of awe and childlike wonder. It’s like The Clash infused with unpolished 80’s brat punk that trekked through the 60’s while flirting with bell-bottomed psychedelics.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Julie Rhodes opening for Ron Gallo @ 8pm

Then on Sunday June 7th Ron Gallo “Solo Acoustic”

ron gallo 1 


 25 Rogers Street

Gloucester, Ma

(978) 281-0223


alchemy gloucester

3 Duncan St
Gloucester, Massachusetts
(978) 281-3997

GAAC Welcome to Amateur Astronomy Night June 12 @ 8:00


Save the date! Friday June 12 @8:00 is GAAC’s “Welcome to Amateur Astronomy Night.” Don’t miss this annual overview of everything you need to know to begin exploring the cosmos in the company of very nice people.

We’ll have telescopes of every size and description set up inside the Lanesville Community Center for you to inspect and ask their owners about.  What are the benefits of that particular scope? What can you see? How much did it cost? Get lots of answers while munching a brownie. And that’s not all:

You’ll enjoy six quick, colorful ten-minute presentations on different Astronomy topics, featuring GAAC faves Mario Motta, Glenn Chaple, Elaine Kolaczkowski, Jim Koerth, Alan Winter, and John Hobbs.

Our program:

  • What you need to know to get started in astronomy
  • How to buy your first scope, and what you need to do before you buy
  • The upcoming 2017 solar eclipse, how and where to view it
  • All the best astronomy gadgets, from the gadget meister
  • The how’s and why’s of binocular astronomy — seeing more with less
  • How to do astrophotography without a telescope (with examples!)

Of course we’ll have the usual goodies, friendly folks and wonderful conversation you’ve come to enjoy from GAAC.

We meet at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street in Gloucester, MA, at 8:00 on the second Friday of every month. Everything we do is free; there are no dues or fees, ever. Find more info on the club at our website,, our Facebook page,, or on twitter, @GAACster.

Art in Schoolhouse

Scan June 5 Magnolia ShowWhat a list of great local artists that are showing at this Art event.


Skip                Montello

Phil                 Cusumano

Leslie              Heffron

Sue Ann          Pearson

Kathy             Roberts

Deb                 Nypaver

Josiah              Bedrosian

Susan              Drennan

Robert            Williams

Mary Anne        Brewer

Rusty               Kinnunen

Abby                Quinn

Audi                 Souza

Judy                 Robinson-Cox

Wilmarie           Torres

Joey                 Ciaramitaro

Laureen            Maher

Donna              Ardizzoni

Erin                  Pequeno

Lara                 Barnett

Bridgette         Matthews

Powers-Smith and daughter

Amy                Bain


June 1, 2015 GHS Senior Moose Lodge #1471 and Women of the Moose Chapter#896 Youth Awareness Speaker Award’s Ceremony

The annual G.H.S./MOOSE Youth Awareness Program recently awarded scholarships to this year’s senior speakers.  The program, now in its seventh year, features GHS student leaders, developing and facilitating mentoring skits, at Gloucester’s five elementary schools.  The speaker’s unique themes are aimed at advising their youthful peers in proper responses on topics including Positivity, Recycling, Making Good Decisions, Being Yourself, Importance of Reading, and Goal Setting.


Spring 2015 005

Left to right Linda O’Maley, Junior Grad of Moose Chapter #896 and Jason Psalidas, Governor of Moose Lodge #1471, Val Gilman, Skit Coach, GHS Principal Erik Anderson, GHS Youth Awareness Liaison Don Riley, and far right is GHS Youth Awareness Advisor, Rory Gentile
Sitting left to right in the GHS main lobby are GHS senior $200.00 scholarship winners Tess Benson, Tess Destino (who was also awarded $3,000 for her national presentation this month in Orlando, Florida and a $500.00 district award),  Kelly Hurd, (also awarded $500.00 scholarship for her speeches to Gloucester Elementary School K-4th graders) and Jaqi McCarthy, $200.00 scholarship winner. GHS Senior $200.00 scholarship recipients in back row include Everest Crawford, left, and Bart Margiotta, right.
Left to right front row…  Linda O’Maley, Junior Grad of Moose Chapter #896 and Program Liaison; $3,000 national, and $500 District, scholarship winner Tess Destino;  $500.00, District scholarship winner Kelly Hurd;  and Rory Gentile, GHS Teacher/Youth Awareness Advisor.
Spring 2015 043

Left to right back row… Valerie Gilman, Skit Coach, Don Riley Youth Awareness Liaison, and Jason Psalidas, Governor of Moose Lodge #1471

Who Sees weasels? Al Bezanson, That’s Who!

Our boy Al Bezanson submits-


I was approaching my back steps and focusing a telephoto lens on these flowers when up popped a weasel. He appeared for just a few seconds three times, and I managed this quick shot on his last pop. He seemed to be staring me down, and my expression mirrored his I’d guess.  I was very happy to see him, for a single weasel typically kills hundreds of mice in a year.

Weasel crop

Have you ever seen a weasel?  Fairly certain I haven’t.  Is that weird that I haven’t seen a weasel?