Uhmmm There’s Zero Reason For You Not To Get Thirty Days Of Free Amazon Prime Video and Binge Watch My Favorite Show Of All Time…



Just got a notice that Amazon Prime Video (which let’s be honest if you’re still paying for full blown cable you’re a dinosaur) is giving away free 30 day trials of it’s service.

Which means you can watch Kenny MFing Powers in all his glory on East Bound and Down.  All Four Hilarious Seasons!!!

Not to mention about a bazillion other shows.  There is zero and I mean zero reason not to take up this free offer (and just another reason people need to be cutting the cord and ditching cable and home phone services)

Get Amazon Prime Instant Video Free 30 Day Trial By Clicking This Link


BTW, Read this from Gizmodo if you weren’t already convinced to take advantage of the offer-

Today the FCC voted to “effectively allow cable companies to charge whatever they like for all broadcast TV” — which is a shitty move. Most things about cable companies, the most hated of industries in terms of customer satisfaction, are terrible. Have you cut your cord or are you still wired in?
Obscure FCC Regulation Could Make Local TV Channels More Expensive

Over at Bloomberg, an inside source reports that the FCC has just voted to allow cable companies to …
Read more

It’s become a cliche — especially in New York City — to roll one’s eyes at a cable box and proclaim, “I don’t even own a television.” I’m guilty of it. The truth is that I miss cable sometimes: the endless variety of channels, live news, the comfort of always having Something On. I miss watching The Daily Show without hassle most of all.

But there are enough options with my Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions (this reminds me to cancel Hulu+, which I never use) to keep me distracted. If you have a fast internet connection, you have access to an abundance of streaming media — no Time Warner or Comcast intermediary required.

So why do you still keep your cable? And if you’re cable-free, what does your media setup look like?

Here are some clips from some of the shows you could be watching free on your TV, iPad or Phone Right Now-

My favorite- East Bound and Down

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Every Episode of The Sopranos

and Way More-

Get Amazon Prime Instant Video Free 30 Day Trial By Clicking This Link



To the editor:

The recent Gloucester Daily Times headline and story about the wind turbines (“No windfall from turbines,” May 29) was typical quality from this newspaper — a misleading headline and a lack of facts. Two points I would like to make — when my administration was working to make the turbines a reality, we were taking a stab in the dark in terms of revenue projections. We always estimated between $400,000 and $450,000 per year. As they came online and experienced down time, as well as mandatory shutdowns for two hours a day during the summer months per the City Council special permits, the revenue is tracking at over $350,000 per year. On top of that, the owner-operator makes a tax payment to the city of $40,000 per year as part of the power purchase agreement. We came darn close to our projected revenue range.

Read the full rebuttal here: Turbine Story Off Base

Peggy’s House, a Cape Ann Cottage: Photographs by Robert Lerch

 Robert Lerch, Peggy's House - Blue Blanket.
Robert Lerch, Peggy’s House – Blue Blanket.

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present Peggy’s House, a Cape Ann Cottage, a photographic series by Robert Lerch. The one-day exhibit will take place at the White-Ellery House on Saturday, June 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The White-Ellery House is located at 245 Washington Street in Gloucester at the Route 128 Grant Circle Rotary. This program is free and open to the public.

Peggy’s House is a collection of photos, primarily interiors, all taken in one particular house in Annisquam. Built in 1761, “Peggy’s House” is one of only 65 or so known surviving Cape Ann cottages. Typically referred to as a story and a half with a gambrel roof, it was the vernacular house of the time. During the Colonial period, approximately 350 Cape Ann cottages dotted the coastline around the island, and were home to the many families who made their livelihood fishing and farming.

Robert Lerch said of working on this project, “I am fortunate and grateful that I was given the opportunity to photograph inside a very special Cape Ann Cottage, within the current owner’s daily living space.”

Robert Lerch is a contemporary fine art photographer who has owned and operated a gallery on Bearskin Neck in Rockport for 35 years. His work is sensitive, soulful, and full of substance. He uses all found material and works only with natural light.

The White-Ellery House, located at 245 Washington Street in Gloucester at the Route 128 Grant Circle Rotary, was built in 1710 and is one of just a handful of First Period houses in Eastern Massachusetts that survives to this day. Unlike other structures of this period, the largely unfurnished house has had very few interior alterations over the years. Stepping inside today, visitors enter much the same house they would have 300 years ago. The historic home will be open this year on the first Saturday of June, August, September and October as part of Escapes North 17th Century Saturdays. Parking is available off Poplar Street in the field behind the house.

Gloucester’s Bruce Tarr presents citation to Bill Hanney at NSMT last night

L-R: Kevin Hill NSMT Artististic director, State Rep Jerry Parisella (who also presented a citation from the house), Senator Bruce Tarr and Bill Hanney
L-R: NSMT Artistic Director Kevin Hill, State Rep Jerry Parisella (who presented a citation from the house), Senator Bruce Tarr and Bill Hanney on the NSMT stage (photo: Karen Nascembeni) 

Vickie and I went to see Dreamgirls at North Shore Music Theatre last night.  Stellar performances from the entire cast.  Excellent voices.  Loads of fun! Check it out here:

Before the show our own Senator, Bruce Tarr presented North Shore Music Theatre owner, Bill Hanney with a citation congratulating him for reviving the theatre on the anniversary of it’s 60th year in operation.

As you might expect, Sen. Tarr was a natural on stage, offering fun facts about the theatre, which opened in 1955 with “Kiss Me Kate.”

Don’t miss Dreamgirls.  It’s only running through June 14, so get your tickets soon (right here), before it sells out.  Check out the video below.

Willie “Loco” Alexander the Godfather of Punk joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm to 11:30pm 6.4.2015

dave sag


Dave says,

It’s Ragnarock and roll time as we welcome back The Godfather of Punque: Mr. Willie Alexander. Just back from a tour of Asgard, his horned helmet is sharpened to the point of no return. We’ll be cranking it out at the Rhumbline this Thursday from 8:30 on, with the likes of the ferocious Billy Loosigian on catarrh, and Steevee Chaggaris on eggbeaters. When you clock the human race with the stopwatch of history, it’s a new record every time!


willie ds rl bw
Then, on Sunday, join me for an evening of blues at the Mile Marker at the Cape Ant Marina. From 6 to 9, we’ll be serving up copious amounts of frisson with a great band featuring Chris “Stovall” Brown on gootar and vocals, the magnificent Joe Bargar on keys  and vocals, myself on bass and a drummmbler yet awakened from  a deep sleep.
Don’t forget Monday afternoon matinees at the Rose Baker Senior Center where The Old Salties honk it up for free  from 1 to 3 P.M. It’s free, like advice!


40 Railroad Ave
Gloucester, Massachusetts
(978) 283-9732

DES Crowning–Celebrate with “Sopas”

IMG_4418Father “jim” Achadinha and Father Gene Alves and the Portuguese community commemoration of 13th Century Queen Isabella, who fed the soup to the starving peasants after the famine. The soup consists of Cabbage, beef and a tasty stew like sauce over bread.

For me it’s all about the juices, which has a hint of mint.




IMG_4457 Stitch


Please join us for a memorable adventure aboard the Schooners Fame, Ardelle and Thomas E. Lannon, and help the Museum to keep history alive!
We still have room for you and a friend! There are limited tickets available at just $ 40.00!
Bring a team!
For parties of two or more, we’ll make sure that we get all of you on the same schooner.
It’s an evening of fun, songs, games, and silly challenges, all for a great cause.
You can purchase beverages aboard.
Don’t wait!  Sign up securely on our web site at:
or call Marcia now at (978) 375-3337.
The Challenge directly funds the care and preservation of our Essex-built schooners. Thank you for your generous support! See you on board!
Thanks for letting folks know!

Nichole’s Picks 6/6 and 6/7

Pick #1   Salem Arts Festival

For three days each June, this FREE family-friendly festival transforms downtown Salem, MA, into an opportunity for the arts community to showcase their talents.  Now in its seventh year, the festival boasts attendance numbers in the thousands and celebrates all the arts: painting, photography, sculpture, dance, music, writing, film, new media, performance, theatre, poetry, culinary, and more!

Read all about the event HERE and check out a full calendar of events

Pick #2  See the Whales

The whales have recently returned from their winter vacation and are hungry!  Spring trips offer great opportunities to see the whales feeding….which, if you’ve never had the chance to witness it,  is not to be missed!!

Check out Cape Ann Whale Watch HERE

and even snag a GROUPON HERE

IMG_5453 IMG_5621 IMG_5648 IMG_5677 IMG_5686 IMG_5802 IMG_5807 IMG_5809

Pick #3  Myopia Polo

The new season of Sunday Polo Matches kicks off this weekend.  It is a really a great way to spend an afternoon.  Get there when the gates open (1:30, I believe) get field side parking, spread out a great picnic, and let the kiddos see the horses being cared for and getting ready.

Check out Myopia Polo HERE for more information!

IMG_0509 IMG_0516 IMG_0528 IMG_0534 IMG_0542 IMG_0544 IMG_0549 IMG_0635 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0644 IMG_2043

For a more comprehensive list of family activities please visit our friends at North Shore Kid