GMR and Schooner Adventure happenings

Hi Joey,

The Gloucester Marine Railway is a busy place these days.  Everyone is busy getting their boats ready now that 

we have some warm weather.   The tug Towline is being painted.   The Ardelle came out on Monday and was 

powerwashed, Harold Burnham expects her to go back in Wed morning at high tide, about 5 a.m.   The Adventure’s crew are

very busy painting, caulking, and replacing the outer section of the stem.   Geoff Deckenbach expects her to go 

back in on Wed evenings high tide, about 5 p.m.  The Adventure will motor over to the Harbor Loop which she will make

her new home by the Maritime Museum.  Meanwhile, the Phyllis A’s team is raring to go with her restoration, we are awaiting 

word on when she can come up into dry dock.    Workers pictured include Geoff, Manny from GMR, John Miles, Tony Finnociarro, 

Sarah Tuvim, Katherine Richmond of KR Painting all on the Adventure,  and Doug Parson’s with the Phyllis A.   Michael Bergman

stopped by.   He is very anxious to get back onboard to continue working on making the rat’s rails (ladder like structure up to the 

top of the masts).

Mary Barker

Ginormous Moth and Live Butterflies at the Berkshire Museum!

In the above Vine from the Berkshire Museum exhibit “Butterflies,” you can catch a glimpse of the ginormous Attacus atlas, the world’s largest moth. Atlas Moths are found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia and are common across the Malay archipelago. The female Atlas Moth, which is appreciably larger than the male, may have a wingspan of up to ten inches-imagine, nearly a foot! Attacus atlas is a member of the Saturn Family of moths, as are the North American Luna and Cecropia Moths. For comparison sake, our gorgeous Cecropia Moth has a wingspan of up to six inches.

Attacus atlas1280px-Atlas_Seidenspinne_Park_Uslar_5Images courtesy of wikicommons

BREAKING NEWS: Stage Fort Park Trolley Shuttle is BACK!

Stage Fort Park Trolley Shuttle

We just got word from Bob Ryan at CATA that, since the Blynman Bridge weight restriction has been lifted, he was able to scramble and get the Stage Fort Park Trolley Shuttle up and running starting on June 21!  See the trolley schedule here.  This is excellent news for everyone who drives in Gloucester during summer weekends because it means fewer cars — as well as anyone who benefits from tourists coming to Gloucester (which is just about everybody who lives and/or works here as I explain in this post).

Way to go Bob!

Happy Birthday Richard

happy birthday richard

Richard Rosenfeld is a great and generous friend and neighbor to all on Rocky Neck – an author, historian, benefactor of the Cultural Center and patron of the arts, fun loving Mug Up competition judge and winner, and all around good guy.

Happy Birthday Richard from all of us here on Rocky Neck and beyond who know and love you.  We hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises and well wishes.

E.J. Lefavour

Get your Gloucester Stage Membership before June 12 and enter to WIN!

This just in from Heidi Dallin of Gloucester Stage.  Check it out — and don’t miss this year’s musical Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.

 Purchase Your Membership Before June 12 and Be Entered to Win!

 You may already be aware of all the great benefits of a GSC Season Membership: savings of up to $7.50 per ticket, guarantee of the best seats availablefree ticket exchange, and a StageSource Circle of Friends Card (2-for-1 tickets to other participating theaters!)

 Now, as an extra benefit, anyone who purchases a Membership before our season kick-off on June 12, will be entered to win one of the prizes below! Memberships purchased prior to the start of this promotion will be automatically entered into the drawing.*


2 (two) complimentary Memberships for the 2015 Season. Productions and dates to be announced! 

2 (two) Memberships for 2014 – bring more friends to the show(s), or give as gifts! 


Dinner for two at the 5-star
Duckworths Bistrot in Gloucester.

*Winner of the 2014 Memberships prize cannot exchange for cash or be refunded for previously purchased 2014 Memberships.

*Promotion ends June 12 at midnight.

Memberships can be purchased by phone, via the GSC Box Office at 978-281-4433 or online here.

A Summer Evening with Chelsea Berry and special guests Renee & Joe. Friday July 25, 2014


Get your tickets now for our outdoor July concert on Cape Ann! Renee and Joe will open… and this gorgeous shot on Wingaersheek is of course by Louise Welch!!!
Buy your tickets at

single tree music

Cheers To Twenty Years !





Twenty years ago today we said I Do…



We celebrated  our marriage with family & friends…


and we wowed our wedding guests with a choreographed first danced to “It Had To Be You” by Harry Connick Jr. ….


and yes… It’s true, I began feeding you that very night!….

felicia barry

Happy 20th Anniversary My Love…


Cheers to continuing our happy journey through life together… I  adore you





Pet of the Week- Ashley

My name is Ashley and I am a four-month-old Retriever mix.  I will be medium in size when I am fully grown.   I am smart eager to learn and looking for a forever home.  I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.  I have been asked to tell you about the Sato Reunion to take place on Saturday, June 7 at Stage For Park in Gloucester, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (rain or shine). I hope it doesn’t rain, I can’t do anything with my hair when it gets wet.
Maybe I will be adopted in time to attend the reunion!

Dory Row, Gloucester

I shot this dory photo with a Nikon 500mm mirror lens. The heavy 500mm beast is known for recording reflected points of light as circles, or "doughnuts." Measuring almost 12 inches long, a tripod is required for sharp photos. Doughnuts do not a great lens make, and I was happy to unload it a couple of years ago.
I shot this dory photo with a Nikon 500mm mirror lens. The heavy 500mm beast is known for recording reflected points of light as circles, or “doughnuts.” Measuring almost 12 inches long, a tripod is required for sharp photos. Doughnuts do not a great lens make, and I was happy to unload it a couple of years ago.

Beautiful Industry- Captain Joe and Sons Macro

Fun On The Dock.

You know how repetitive the work we do down here is.  Without a creative outlet I’d probably lose my mind.