Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions Behind The Scenes- Tom and Peter Favazza Making The Greasy Pole Flags Part I

You wanna talk history?  You wanna talk about passion?  Listen as the Tommy and Peter Favazza talk about the years of dedication they have given as makers of the Greasy Pole Flags and Fiesta Committee members.  This is what it’s all about: the complete giving of time and energy so everyone gets to enjoy the pageantry and tradition kept alive by families like the Favazzas.




greasy pole$IMAG0754





Part Two of My Article for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism Featuring Gloucester’s HarborTown Cultural District

Friday was an especially terrific day for me as my article for Cape Ann Magazine hit the newsstands and later in the day, I learned that part two of my article for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, “Gloucester Harbortown Cultural District,” was posted on the MOTT blog, Mass Finds.

I was completely taken by surprise that my photo was chosen for the cover of Cape Ann Magazine and just happened to be in Joey’s office down at the dock when Andrea Holdbook, CAMag’s editor-in-chief posted on goolge that the summer issue had hit the stands. It was especially fun to share the news with Joey because he provides a tremendous forum here on GMG highlighting all the good happenings and events in our community, and because he is so supportive towards all his contributors.

Yesterday I posted an excerpt from Cape Ann Magazine’s “Cape Ann to Mexico: The Monarch Butterfly Connection,” and the following is an excerpt from the MOTT article. Please share with your friends. Thank you! Part One is posted here.


MOTT Article
Gloucester HarborTown Cultural District
Part Two
By Kim Smith

The last days of winter and first days of spring herald the beginning of the nine-day novena leading up to the Feast of St. Joseph, which always takes place on March 19th. With its thriving Sicilian American community, Gloucester is one of only a handful of American cities that celebrates the Feast of San Giuseppe with traditional Sicilian customs. Homes are decorated with altars devoted to the patron saint of the poor and orphaned, and a special trolley takes everyone who is interested around the city to view the altars of San Giuseppe. Special Saint Joseph bread, oranges, and lemons are given to all who come, while everyone eagerly anticipates the coming feast day.

St. Joseph Trolley ©Kim Smith 2012Saint Joseph Trolley Participants

Summertime is Gloucester’s high season. The city is alive with nightly live music, an embarrassment of riches in fabulous restaurants, and bustling shops and galleries. On specially designated nights, Main Street is closed to traffic and the entire town becomes one giant block party. Restaurants open onto the street, merchant booths appear, shops have special offerings, and there are street performers and family-friendly activities at every corner.

Mayor Carolyn Kirk Family Gloucester Block Party ©Kim Smith 2012 copy

Bill and Mayor Carolyn Kirk Family and Friends at the Block Party

In August the tall ships arrive from around the world to participate in Gloucester’s Schooner Festival. “Le Beauport,” Gloucester’s beautiful working harbor, is the backdrop for the races and parades of these magnificent traditional fishing vessels designed during the age of sail. The afternoon lobster bake, nighttime nautical Parade of Lights, and fireworks that brilliantly illuminate the harbor are just some of the fun family-friendly activities that take place during the three-day long Schooner Festival.

Schooner Festival Lobster Bake ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

George and Charles Ryan at the First Annual Schooner Festival Lobster Bake

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a sunset tour of Gloucester Harbor aboard one of the exquisite schooners built by the living legendary ship builder and National Heritage fellow, Harold Burnham, on either the 65-foot Thomas E. Lannon with Captain Tom Ellis or the Pinky Schooner, operated out of Maritime Gloucester.

St. peter's Fiesta Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2012 copy

My favorite event of the summer is the annual St. Peter’s Fiesta, with both its deeply religious aspect of honoring St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, and the jubilant festivities that take place throughout the city during the five-day celebration. Read More Here.

St. Peter's Fiesta from Ferris Wheel © Kim Smith 2011 copy




Sista Felicia Will Be Live Streaming Tonight’s St Peter’s Novena NOW! Tuesday Night 6/24/14

Click Here To View The Live St Peter’s Novena Video Feed RIGHT NOW!!!

Click the picture then you will be brought to UStream where they ask you to watch a short 30 second ad and then the live feed will play for you!

thanks To James From Cape Ann Giclee For The Help Getting The Feed Streaming

image image

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ This weeks special guest is Charlee Bianchini.


This Week:
Fresh Grilled Salmon, $11.95!

Wednesday, June 25th
Special Guest: 
photo by
Sheila Roberts Orlando

We are so long overdue to have the sweet, talented Charlee
Bianchini as Wednesday’s guest at the Rhumb Line. ~ Fly
From her website: Growing up in a house filled with folk
music, bluegrass and jazz, Charlee has been singing since she
could remember. She started playing the guitar when she was
five years old, and after learning the basics, she chose to pursueclassical guitar.  She has studied with the accomplished, Anthony Weller, among others, and she continues studying both classicaland folk/rock finger-picking techniques.  Charlee has beenperforming professionally for four years now, mainly in andaround New England. Her music could be described asacoustic, folk/indie-rock. Her favorite artists include, Jeff Buckley, Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Joan Baez, Patsy Cline, Phoebe Snow, Fleetwood Mac, The Talking Heads, and BonnieRaitt among so many others.
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Fresh Grilled Salmon, $11.95!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus – Check out Fred’s rockin’ wine menu!
7/02 – Alexandra Valenti
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly


St. Peter Novena Day 8



St. Peter Day 8 Photos

Last nights rosary ended with one of my favorite novena songs Padre Pio #2… “The Godmother” had the crowd waving their hands to the beat of the music!….Rosie Verga’s statement,during the closing prayer… “That song was a treat for all of us here tonight and a perfect way to end tonight’s rosary.”

The American legion Hall was quickly cleaned and reset for tonight’s last 2014 St. Peter Novena and Ceremonial Rosary Mass after last nights Novena


***View tonight’s Novena and Mass services live at 6pm ***
GMG Live Stream Details
 are posted at the top of the GMG website for your convience

W. G. Brown and Company, circa 1920

W. G. Brown department store was located at 186 and 188 Main Street in downtown Gloucester. It was touted as the largest dry goods store this side of Lynn. The W. G. Brown building today is called Brown's Mall and stands across the street from the Gloucester District Court and Police Station. Dry goods stores carry textiles and household items other that those in hardware and grocery stores.
W. G. Brown department store was located at 186 and 188 Main Street in downtown Gloucester. It was touted as the largest dry goods store this side of Lynn. The W. G. Brown building today is called Brown’s Mall and stands across the street from the Gloucester District Court and Police Station. Dry goods stores carry textiles and household items other that those in hardware and grocery stores.

The Difference Between Good Harbor Beach and Hampton Beach

We don’t have whack jobs like White Ninja Guy-

This was taped on Hampton Beach yesterday

Serious question, does this routine have the ladies ready to jump his bones?

I mean the act is so preposterous you almost have to respect it.

Completely redefining the White Ninja game.

Or not really…

Celebrating on Gloucester’s Water Shuttle From Cindy Hendrickson

Hey Joey,

What a spectacular time a group of us Gloucester chicks – and a few select men –  had last Saturday celebrating the birthday of our dear friend and GHS alum, Christine Buckley.  It was one of those “significant” birthdays that deserves more than just a dinner get together.  

Why not celebrate on the ocean, we thought?  How many of us grew up here and proclaim our love of the ocean, yet never actually get out on the water?  Too many, certainly.

For the mere sum of $10 per person for the Best Party idea ever ( it was my idea so I could be a tad prejudice), we made arrangements to meet friends on the M/V Lady Jillian aka the Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle.

Our illusory plan was that Chris would be meeting Diana Davis and myself at the Studio Restaurant for lunch.  When the two of them arrived, I was stationed at the top of the shuttle ramp, dressed as a Mermaid with a sign proclaiming Ocean Wisdom. We told Chris that she was going for an ocean ride – and what a ride it turned out to be!

Besides the Studio, the shuttle stops at Harbor Loop.  GHS Cheerleaders, Kathy (Johnson) Keefe and Holly Davis, in original outfits from many moons ago, greeted us at the dock with a lively cheer.  

The third stop is St. Peter’s Landing and a smiling couple adorned in Sou’-wester fishing hats met us there – they were Chris’ daughter and son-in-law, Lars and Heather Muelle. 

Now – Chris assumed this was it since we opened some bubbly (only paper cups – no glass onboard) and dove in to delicious snacks. 

Chris had no idea we had ONE more Special Guest back at the Studio.  It was Whoopi!  The place was hysterically laughing, from the restaurant patrons to the surprised tourists sharing this wonderful day with us.  Whoopi turned out to be a friend that Chris had not seen for far too long – our own beloved recently retired Director of the Sawyer Free Library – none other than Carol Gray!  

I think that Captain Peter Favazza as well as the other guests had as much fun as we did!  Stevie Douglas even came on board and recited from Longfellow’s “The Wreck of the Hesperus”; a nice touch from a star GHS hockey player from yonder years. 

The Party Train kept moving and ended up at Mile Marker One.  The surprises were not over.  Who else but Cape Ann’s finest singer-songwriter, Chelsea Berry, would ride her bike over just to sing “Happy Birthday” to our Special friend?  Chelsea also presented a gift to Chris from us; VIP tickets to her summer concert at Mile Marker One on July 25th.

The motley crew moved from here to a Buckley family party before we called it a day.

A Perfect Day for a Perfectly Wonderful Lady.

Cindy Hendrickson