On Behalf of Pathways for Children and Myself ~ Thank You to the Beautiful Manchester Garden Club Ladies!!!

Manchester Garden Club at Pathways ©Kim Smith 2014After months of planning and coordinating, this week we installed the new butterfly garden at Pathways for Children. We’ll be bringing you more updates from the garden but I wanted to first thank our super hard-working, fabulous and fun, beautiful team of volunteers from the Manchester Garden Club. We planted the garden in record time due to their can-do-attitudes. Thank You Ladies–you were simply the BEST!!!

And, success! As Bernie Romanowski, the facilities director, and I were tidying up, not one, but two butterflies stopped by to investigate the new garden, a Cabbage White and a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail. I wished our volunteers had seen that. Plant and they will come!

Thank You Frieda Grotjahn…I Love my new Again & Again Tote Bag!



Frieda owner of Again & Again, used art work straight form the pages of my Cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In a Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest”, to custom designed a “Sista Felicia” tote bag made from recycled sail cloth. 


I absolutely love my new “Gifts Of Gold Tote Bag…Thank you for all the special book details you included, and the clear inside pocket is awesome! 




Again & Again tote bags are durable, functional, and fun!  Fredida and her staff will work directly with you to customize a bag to suit your specific needs.  The patterns they can create are endless.  Again & Again Bags are awesome for the beach and boat, and make great gifts, for all occasions!  Visit their website http://www.againnagain.com/, or stop by the store on 195 East Main Street, Gloucester and check out their ready made collection!




Homeward Bound

Today, Sunday 6/8/14, I'm being discharged from the Rehab and going home. It has been a grueling five month journey. Along the way, I resided at three medical facilities that treated and nourished me back to health. Without them, I wouldn't be traveling the next path - to my home in Pigeon Cove. "One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time." Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) Pigeon Cove map 1852
Today, Sunday 6/8/14, I’m being discharged from the Rehab and going home. It has been a grueling five month journey. Along the way, I resided at three medical facilities that treated and nourished me back to health. Without them, I wouldn’t be traveling the next path – to my home in Pigeon Cove.
“One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time.”
Hermann Hesse (1877-1962)
Pigeon Cove map 1852

Radio Shack 127 Eastern Ave in Gloucester.

I have been having a terrible time with my iPhone 5.  Apparently some people have had 

a hard time shutting the iPhone 5 off, and unfortunately, I am one of them.  Finally, it wouldn’t shut off at all, so after weeks of it on constantly, the battery was shot.  So much time wasted each day with the crazy phone.  Now I am a strong Apple fan and have been almost from the beginning of the company.  BUT after driving an hour to an Apple store in our state of New Jersey, they said I would have to leave it with them for five or six days.  I don’t think so.  You should be very proud to have such a wonderful Radio Shack in Gloucester.  A lovely woman called their tech, Travis, who was off for the evening, and believe it or not, after we spoke on the phone, he came right into the store.  Travis set a time on his day off, the next day, and came in to work on my phone.  Two hours later…FIXED!  Completely, and for a fair price.  I declare them better than Apple; never thought I would say that.  Just know that if you have a technical issue, there is a good chance, Travis can fix it…cheerfully too!  Thank you for fixing my iPhone, I feel blessed for stopping into Radio Shack.  Linda

Linda rae castagna


Today- The First Annual Rocky Neck 5K!!!!

Rocky Neck 5k: Run for the Arts

Rocky Neck 5k

Introducing the 1st Annual Rocky Neck 5K Road Race/Walk benefiting Rocky Neck Art ColonyCultural Center Building Fund.  The course starts on Rocky Neck Causeway, proceeds to Gloucester’s scenic Back Shore and returns to the newly reopened The Studio Restaurant on Rocky Neck. Winners will be recognized and all race participants will be treated to a free celebratory lunch overlooking picturesque Smith Cove. Open to all ages.

The first annual Rocky Neck 5K run/walk road race will begin at exactly 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, June 8, 2014. The Start line for the race will be positioned under the banner on the Rocky Neck Avenue causeway, adjacent to the public parking lot. The finish line will be in front of The Studio Restaurant, at 49 Rocky Neck Avenue.

Tickets are $25 until May 31st, then $35 afterwards. Your ticket includes admission to the race, a buffet ticket to The Studio Restaurant after the race and a t-shirt for early registrants. Awards will be awarded to the top male & female in each of the folowing categories:

  • 12 years old & under
  • 13 – 19 years old
  • 20-35 years old
  • 36-59 years old
  • 60 years & older

The Race Course

View the whole Rocky Neck 5k course here.

Parking Options:

There are 300 parking spaces potentially available to race participants within one mile of the Rocky Neck 5K Start. Free curbside parking is available to race participants along East Main Street leading into the Rocky Neck area, and, on Rocky Neck, along Rocky Neck Avenue andWonson Street.

In addition, the following lots will be available for participants to park free for the duration of the event:  11-13 Rocky Neck Avenue – Public Lot; 31 Rocky Neck Avenue – Former Bickford’s Marina Lot; 81 Rocky Neck Avenue – Gloucester Marine Railways Lot; 20 Wonson Street – Rosenfeld Lot.

Additional offsite parking will also be available to race participants as follows:

Municipal Parking Lots
Harbor Parking Lot (near Gloucester House Restaurant)
Manuel F. Lewis Parking Lot
St. Peter’s Square (Town Landing Parking Lot)
Fitz Hugh Lane Lot (Roger’s St next to TD Bank)
Downtown Gloucester, MA  01930

Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle will operate in a loop between 8:40 and 9:40 on the morning of the race, picking up passengers from Downtown Gloucester and depositing them at The Studio Restaurant dock on Rocky Neck for a $5 per person RT fare. Return passage from Rocky Neck to Downtown via the Water Shuttle will be available throughout the day of the race. From The Studio, proceed left onto Rocky Neck Ave. Start line will be 300 yds. ahead.

Community Stuff 6/8/14


capeannrelayfoelife“Come Join us At the Cape Ann Relay for Life June 13th-14th at O’Maley School. Relay For Life is a family fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. ”





All Lectures are Free and Open to the Public!

Wine and Cheese Reception Following Each Lecture

“Masters of Elimination” is the first Lecture of the Series, offered Saturday, June 21st, 2014, 3:30 p.m. at NSAA, by renowned Cape Ann artist and teacher, Gloucester native, Charles Movalli.

This first Lecture of the five-Lecture Series will focus on four legendary Cape Ann artists: Aldro Hibbard, N.A., Lester Stevens, N.A., a Cape Ann native, Emile Gruppe and Carl Peters. The artistic vision they shared manifested in their dedication to

en plein air painting. Movalli, in addition to addressing the history of their storied careers, will emphasize “the interconnections between the four and how, unlike much of the detailed studio work seen in galleries today, their mutual dedication to working on the spot made them masters of elimination.” Essential to working outdoors is the ability to grasp quickly the essence of a scene, then capture it on the canvas with skillful simplicity. To demonstrate this mastery of the brush, Movalli, through the use of slides, will show the detail of the brushwork in a particular painting side by side with an overview of it as he discusses each artist’s techniques and approach to their work.

These behemoths in the world of visual arts were instrumental in the

founding and creation of The North Shore Arts Association early in the twentieth

century. Their influence can be seen over many decades even into the present day in the work of artists from New England and around the world.

— The second Lecture in the Series will be given by Rockporter and National Art Academician Tom Nicholas, who, drawing from his 40 years of work as an artist, will discuss his approach to design and composition. His lecture will be held on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.

— The third Lecture will be given by renowned Rockport artist and teacher, Ron Straka, who painted with Paul Strisik and other well known Cape Ann artists. He will address the importance of design, which incorporates color, form and movement, as opposed to simple composition, when applied to work that attempts either an abstract, semi-abstract or realistic style. This talk will be offered on Sunday, August 17th, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.

— The fourth Lecture in the series, “Learning to Paint The Day” will be given by celebrated Rockport watercolorist and author of many art instruction books, Betty Lou Schlemm. She will teach how to create movement on the canvas with attention to the play of light on form. Sunday, August 31st, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.

— The fifth Lecture is offered by well known artist and Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame member, Frank Federico, on Sunday, September 28th, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. He will address the diversity of mediums he uses – pastels, watercolor, acrylics – and the variety of techniques they require.

Come to the North Shore Arts Association in historic Gloucester to hear and enjoy some of Cape Ann’s legendary artists and teachers as they share their

expertise in celebration of the visual arts.

More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting their website at www.nsarts.org, and by email at arts@nsarts.org, or by telephone

978 283-1857.

The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.


“Some things old, some things new, nothing borrowed, lots of blue”!

Sound like a good title for a show in June?  I thought so…

Would that I could write individually to you about my show instead of using a mailing list!  But I just can’t.  

I am honored to be the Artist Of The Month at the Sawyer Free Library in Gloucester MA.  I’ve covered the walls at the library entrance with photographs and some work in acrylics, and put some ceramic pieces into the display case.  This is the most extensive show I’ve ever had and I’m really very pleased with the way it looks.  And, if you are in the area, I’d like to share it with you.

The show will be up for the month of June, with an event on Thursday June 12th, at the library 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  

The library has a page showing the exhibit in the process of being installed.


And the show itself is viewable from my website:


Thanks for listening.  And, enjoy!

Jan Walker

Sawyer Free Library, 2 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930


Their website shows when the library is open.  They are closed on the weekend except for Saturday through 1 pm.

North Shore United Way announces the final of four winners in a Volunteer Story Contest, awards $1,000 to Backyard Growers to recognize the contributions of Endicott College students to garden beds in backyards and schoolyards across Gloucester.

The Contest:
In April, North Shore United Way announced a Volunteer Story Contest inviting local residents to tell a story about how they are improving the lives of others through volunteering at a local nonprofit. The contest was announced on the organization’s Volunteer Hub at volunteer.nsuw.org, a website that helps residents find meaningful, local volunteer opportunities.

The final of four winning entries belongs to George Kuntz and the Endicott College football team. To recognize Endicott College’s participation in raised bed gardens now producing a harvest for families and schools across Gloucester, North Shore United Way is contributing $1,000 to the Backyard Growers Program. The funding will support the Schoolyard Garden Program, which provides Gloucester elementary school students with a full “farm-to-table” experience. This fall, 1,300 children will have the opportunity to plant and harvest from their school gardens and enjoy the fruits of their labor through cafeteria tastings of the vegetables they grew.

George’s Story:
George Kuntz has the special job of coordinating volunteer opportunities for Endicott College students all over the North Shore. He shares how a ton of dirt convinced a group of football players that their community needed them.

Thanks to the Volunteer Hub I recently discovered the Backyard Growers Program (BYG) and have been regularly bringing Endicott students to help this brand new organization nurture their network of raised bed gardens across Gloucester. Recently I organized our football team to travel around the city filling the BYG garden beds with compost.

When we volunteer our time, we are helping low-income families and school children in the program to make healthier choices by growing fresh fruits and vegetables in their backyards and schoolyards.

When the football team and I helped during Compost Delivery Day, we met a young boy in West Gloucester who was SO EXCITED to receive his compost.  When we arrived at his home and started to unload, he exclaimed “Woah!  That is a LOT of dirt!  Where are we going to put it all?”  The excitement and joy on his face was priceless! 

When first presented with the notion of “moving dirt” around Gloucester, the initial feeling from Endicott students was “WHY???”   After seeing how excited people got about the hope of growing their own food, the students started to get it.   Little by little, each time we returned, students started to grasp the concept of helping others—especially how important it is to respond to needs right here on the North Shore.

Every time I volunteer for something I always learn a little more about the world I live in. I love returning to Backyard Growers simply because the passion and drive the director has for her community is refreshing and rubs off on us!

North Shore United Way invests almost $1M each year in projects that transform lives and improve communities now and for future generations.  NSUW is all about local impact by rigorously vetting and supporting dozens of causes that serve children, families, and seniors on the North Shore.  For more information about the programs funded by NSUW donors, visit nsuw.org. Find a volunteer opportunity at volunteer.nsuw.org.

Backyard Growers  is a small, grassroots organization that provides resources and support to backyard and schoolyard gardens in Gloucester with a  mission to give low- to moderate-income Gloucester families the tools, skills, and inspiration to become life-long gardeners. The organization increases access to fresh local produce; changes families’ attitudes and behaviors toward eating vegetables; builds community and self-sufficiency through backyard gardening; and improves environmental conditions in downtown neighborhoods.




Contact:         Dawn Southworth, Director

Address:    63 Bennett Street South
        Gloucester, MA 01930

Telephone:    978-290-2107
         Email:    dawn_southworth@hotmail.com
Website:         http://www.annisquamarts.com

Day Program:  Half or full day options, ages 6-15

Annisquam Arts begins its 20th season with an exciting array of workshops to inspire your child’s imagination this summer. We will have fun creating with a wide range of art materials in a multidisciplinary studio and exploring the beauty of Cape Ann. Classes include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, bookmaking and mixed media for ages 6-15. 

Small classes and individual instruction nurture all levels of ability. Parents are always amazed at the extensive projects and quality of materials. The in-depth art experience is unrivaled by any other offerings on the North Shore.

Educator and artist, Dawn Southworth, is the art teacher at Glen Urquhart School and co-owner of Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA, a leading presenter of contemporary art in New England and a member of the Boston Art Dealers Association.

Amy Billings is the kindergarten teacher and upper-school fitness instructor at Glen Urquhart School, with an impressive background in craft instruction to teens and children. Amy will direct the Afternoon Specialty Workshops.

The Afternoon Specialty Workshops are for ages 8-15 and include jewelry, sewing, fashion design, fitness and more!

Dawn and Amy are teaming up to offer an all-new FULL DAY option where children will start class at 9AM and finish at 5PM.

Annisquam Arts Children’s Summer Studio is located in Gloucester. Each workshop runs for one week. The morning workshops meet 4 days a week from 9AM – 1 PM in Dawn’s studio. The Afternoon Specialty Workshops, for older students, run in the afternoons from 2 PM – 5PM at the same location. Students have the option of combining the morning and afternoon classes for a full day. We will also provide care for the one-hour interval between the morning class and the afternoon class at no charge. The entire program runs for seven weeks, June 23 – August 7, with a new course each week.

An exciting exhibition of selected artwork caps the season at The Cape Ann Museum.