Henry Ford Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you are right.”

Henry Ford (1863-1947)


The quintessential American industrialist, Ford got his start as an engineer with the Edison Illumination Company, eventually rising to Chief Engineer and beginning to experiment with vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Ford is credited with the development of assembly line manufacturing and the franchise system which allowed him to produce and sell a car that the middle class could afford. He also believed in paying his employees much higher wages than average so that they could help fuel an upward capitalist spiral. He thought increased international commerce would lead to peace and was only a reluctant supporter of the US war effort, although at its peak his Willow Run plant was building one B-24 bomber every hour. Ford’s reputation as a philanthropist was enhanced by the vast wealth he left to the Ford Foundation, but sullied by his life-long anti-Semitism.

Greg Bover

Thank you to Our Sweet Friend and GMG Contributor Catherine Ryan

I met Catherine initially through my work designing the HarborWalk gardens as she was very much involved with making the wonderful granite story markers placed throughout the HarborWalk (she also had a hand in many aspects of the HarborWalk’s creation). Catherine is a regular contributor to Good Morning Gloucester and her posts most often feature the work of Gloucester artists, along with covering a wide range of art and cultural related events.

I am so appreciative of our friendship, and also want to highlight some of the valuable volunteer pro bono work she does as the Mayor’s Representative on Gloucester’s Committee for the Arts. In that capacity, she works with the steering committee for the Gloucester Harbortown Cultural District,  provides on-going expertise for the Gloucester HarborWalk, and works on countless other statewide and New England regional outreach projects, coordinating with many cultural districts beyond our own.

As you may or may not be aware, Catherine created the interactive Google map with over 100 sites and images by Edward Hopper from his many visits to Gloucester: See Edward Hopper All Around Gloucester here.

image001Gloucester to Berkshires Map by Catherine Ryan. Click to view larger.

I was so touched by Catherine that she made the above map for my participation in the Berkshire Museum’s exhibit “Butterflies” and for my upcoming film screenings there. On Friday I learned that the Museum has scheduled a showing of Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly to air on Sunday, July 13th. We are planning additional activities around the event and I will keep you posted. So many thanks to Catherine for making this helpful map and providing a handy visual for GMG readers planning to make the trek out to Pittsfield and the Berkshires. 

Catherine writes ~

“I am SO HAPPY for you! Here’s a visual map to Western MA and proximity of some of the major Berkshire art & cultural highlights including 5 nearby Cultural Districts.

Gloucester to Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA 169 miles
Berkshire Museum to Mass MoCA 35 miles
Berkshire Museum to newly re-opened Clark 31 miles
Berkshire Museum to Tanglewood 14 minutes
Berkshire Museum to Amherst (many museums in this area, too) approx. 1 hour and twenty minutes

*Gloucester has 2 Cultural Districts and Pittsfield has one also. There are 4 other cultural districts in western MA (3 are within the Amherst vicinity): Springfield, Northampton, Easthampton + Shelburne.”

WTD? Part 5: Where The Duck?

Where is the Rubber Duck?!? If no one gets it I will start leaving hints at 6PM.  Leave your guess in the comments and win a brand new GMG sticker and a hand blown Rubber Duck. In order to win, get specific. Judging is arbitrary and capricious. The winning answer will contain the most details. If you think someone nailed it, steal their answer, add a detail and pile on. Start with the state, … Is that a leaf fragment of quercus rubra with two needles from a pinus rigida? Clues!!

[edit1] OK, maybe shaved it down too much. David Tapley on Facebook says Falmouth. Nope.

Clue 1: Barnyard Animal

Clue 2: Oldtimers with good noses might get it first.

Clue 3: Anyone remember the pigs?

Clue 4: Who had pigs in Gloucester?

Preview Party for Artists and their Guests tonight at Art in the Barn 25th Annual Art in the Barn Benefit and Sale From Alice Gardner

Preview Party for Artists and their Guests tonight at Art in the Barn 25th Annual Art in the Barn Benefit and Sale

25th Annual Art in the Barn Benefit Exhibit and Sale, 82 Eastern Avenue, Essex,MA

Friday, June 13, 2014 Opening Reception 6-8:30 PM

“Join us for a night full of live music from E.J. Ouellette and Crazy Maggy and refreshments from the Flatbread Pizza Mobile Oven, The Woo(pie) Wagon and Ipswich Ale Beer Truck.”

Friday,June 13 10AM to 4PM

Saturday,June 14 10 AM – 6PM

Sunday , June 15 10AM – 4PM

One time parking fee $5 a car.

Photos Alice Gardner

Drivin’ Up The Wall

The Gloucester Clam

Okay, Gloucesterites. We have to talk. We really need to sit down and have A Serious Discussion about something, and I want you to listen up – but we both already know the truth here, don’t we? It’s the elephant in the room. Our deep dark not-heroin-or-pregnancy-related-for-once secret.

We’re a city full of TERRIBLE DRIVERS.  Just awful. On the best of days, it feels like driving in a post-apocalyptic nightmarish cityscape where if a man flinches, the churning hordes will innately sense weakness and rend him asunder. On the worst of days, there’s beach traffic.


Because I’m a deeply introspective person who tends to think of the macroenvironment surrounding my collection of dented vehicles, I set out on a spiritual journey to understand WHY we drive this way. And by “set out on a spiritual journey”, I mean I cracked open a beer. What I found on my…

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Community Photos 6/15/14

Brace Cove, photo from Anthony Marks


Summertime key lime pies at Sticky Fingers Bakeshop!
Brown’s Mall on Main Street or 7 Pleasant Street.

image (7)

Susan Parker Submits-

Hi Joey, We loved seeing Fredrik Bodin’s photo of Israel Forster’s MBTS grist mill!

Major Israel Forster’s Portrait


Community Stuff 6/15/14

Hey Joey,
I’m just wondering if you would post something for us. We the BBC committee need some volunteers and we also need some chase boats for the course and a boat for the finish line. I figured I’d could reach out to you and the blog. Anyone interested could give me a call 978-281-1568 and I can explain more about it.
Cape Ann Rowing Club

This has been a tradition in Lanesville for many, many years.  All are welcome to come and enjoy the Barnacle Bazaar from 9-2, June 21.  All proceeds from this event support The Open Door.



Gloucester U This Summer – “Cape Ann is Our Campus”


Courses for teens include:

   Sailing * Gloucester History * Mass Audubon Ipswich Sanctuary * Arts
   Entrepreneur Boot Camp * Read & Write Anywhere * Drama * Yoga

A FREE Summer program for grades 9-12 at Gloucester High School.

  • Open to all GHS students and incoming 9th graders from O’Maley.
  • Runs from July 7 to August 28, 2014.
  • Many classes are only 2 weeks to fit your summer and meet in the AM.

Register now at  http://gloucesteru.weebly.com

Info: swhitney@gloucester.k12.ma.us
978-281-9870 ext. 12222

Easy schedule: all AM Classes; different classes run for 1, 2, 4 or 8 weeks.

Eight Week Classes : July 7 – August 28th 


Greenhouse / Zero Waste

GHS Greenhouse needs tending  -and we can’t do it without you.  Maintain the growing plants that were started in the spring by GHS Culinary and Science Students with assistance by the district-wide Backyard Growers program and the GHS Environmental Club. Help our school reduces waste and increase recycling by identifying and proposing a program to make our school more environmentally responsible and influence change.
Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Read Write Anywhere
Encourage students to read and/or write in various locations around Cape Ann. The program will bus students to locations such as coffee shops, outdoor locations, bookshops, and etc. for focused/ fun reading and writing locations while working with a writing teacher.
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Students will learn exercise and stress management techniques and how the body connects to the brain. Course will teach students the basic yoga poses in a fun and dynamic way.  Proper breathing techniques will be taught which helps with better learning, concentration, stress reduction; helps calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.  No previous experience is needed.
Monday and Wednesday 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Four Week Classes :  July 7 – July 31st


Learn the art of forming beautiful and creative lettering. Different alphabet types such as Roman, Uncial and Italics will be presented and the use of a variety of pens, inks, and papers will be used to enhance the letters. Creative techniques will be taught to embellish the lettering.
Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Art – Mixed Media
Create mixed media art projects on clay board or canvas and bring your creations to life.  It can be as simple as using ink and watercolor or more complicated and fun using acrylic paints, glitter, beads, stencils or gluing your favorite line from a song, poem or a quote.  Explore glazing, brushing techniques, color mixing and more! Come express your personality, ideas, and inspirations
Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Two Week Classes : July 21 – July 31


Mass Audubon Ipswich Sanctuary Program (1) – July 21 – July 31
Mass Audubon Ipswich Sanctuary Program (2) – August 4 – August 14
A program developed with the Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary working in collaboration with our students and teachers is a platform to educate students about the ecosystems and plants/animals found on the North Shore and Cape Ann. Course to include Field Programs in:  Writing Journals, Bird, Wetlands, Ponds, Forest Exploration, Field Exploration, Tracking, Canoeing, Salt Marsh/Rocky Shore, Eastern Point. Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (Bus Leaves from GHS at 9:30 AM and Returns to GHS at 12:30 PM)

Cape Ann Museum – Gloucester U Downtown Tours: Historical Tours of Downtown Gloucester   July 21 – July 31

A program developed in collaboration with the Cape Ann Museum to help students discover unique historic events and places in our town.

Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Becoming a Peaceful Warrior July 21 – July 31
Students will learn the art of resolving conflict with peaceful mindsets and positive attitudes
Monday  – Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
Sailing and the Gloucester Harbor (1) July 21 – July 31
Sailing and the Gloucester Harbor (2) August 18 – August 28
The course with SAIL GHS will cover many STEAM topics, including: natural features and history of the harbor up to the present day, safety, sailing, and physics of sailing, animals, and nature as well as preparing students for competitive sailing at the high school level.  Students will meet at the Maritime Center for instruction and boats will leave from this location.
Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 12:00
9th Grade Transition Program – August 18 – August 28
An engaging orientation program to introduce incoming 9th grade students to the workload tricks and resources available. This course will also be an opportunity to introduce students to leadership and service opportunities at GHS.
Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
Entrepreneur Boot camp – Collaboration with the HIVE – July 7 – July 17
The Entrepreneur Boot camp teaches students in grades 10, 11, and 12 how to create an arts and crafts based business plan, present a plan to investors, and to run a small business of their own creation. The class will be split into two groups, each of which will go through the steps necessary to establish a business and actually sell their own creative product.
Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon
Day 1: Guest Speakers and Brainstorm
Day 2: Create groups – Brainstorm and Research- Goal: Each group has a business idea by the end of day
Day 3: Begin business plan – establish roles within groups – Group members have homework assignments for Day 4
Day 4: Work on business plan – Goal: completed business plan by end of day
Day 5: Field trip to Startup Company (yet to be determined)
Day 6: Groups present plan to a board – Board approves, grants them funding for project
Day 7: Build and sell
Day 8: Build and sell
Intro to The Hive  – August 18 – August 28
The Intro to The Hive class teaches students how artists make money through creative expression. The class culminates in a gallery show in The Hive, which the students will plan, budget, and advertise. Each student will also learn how to create an identity as an artist and how to present and price their artwork. Perfect Class for Incoming 9th Grade Students.
Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon
Day 1: Guest Speakers and Brainstorm
Day 2: Decide on a theme for the show and begin a business plan. Homework: Students research a commercially successful artist to model their approach after
Day 3: Field trip to a gallery (to be determined)
Day 4: Establish groups – Groups budget and plan
Day 5: Groups present plan to panel – start work on art
Day 6: Work on art, advertise
Day 7: Work on art, advertise
Day 8: Finish art, hang show – Show the night of the 28th
Monday and Tuesday 9:00 – 12:00, Wednesday 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

One Week ClassesJuly 28 – July 31

PictureDrama Workshop – July 28 – July 31
This classic theater workshop is a great opportunity for new students or rising 9th grade students who may be interested in becoming involved with the GHS Theater program during the school year. Make friends, play a part, and have fun.
Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 12:30
Career Readiness – August 4 – August 7
This program gives students the opportunity to spend quality time in the development of a career plan to help determine their skills and interests. Students will investigate what career best suits their talents and what skills and training they will need for a chosen career. This summer class will also include many field trips around the Cape Ann area colleges and businesses, and the students will develop of digital portfolio that they can continue to build on throughout their high school career


Join Maritime Gloucester for an evening of squid science on Wednesday, June 18!  Dissect your own small squid, then watch a giant squid dissection as it’s broadcasted live from New Zealand.  Register here today!

From 4pm – 5pm, discover the amazing adaptations of squid as you dissect a small squid species in our wet lab.  The small squid dissection is $5 per person, and recommended for ages 6 and up.  All the squid will be recycled as food for our Aquarium creatures.  From 5pm – 8pm, we’ll watch the first three hours of a six-hour giant squid dissection conducted live at New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology.  The event will be played on our large projector screen in our Marine Science Classroom.  The viewing is free, and calamari and pizza will be served for a suggested donation of $5.

Giant squid have fascinated mankind for centuries, but many aspects of their biology remain poorly understood. AUT University is excited to be examining several giant squid, and invites you to watch the action unfold as Dr Kat Bolstad and her team examine Architeuthis dux specimens from New Zealand waters. Join us as we dissect these deep-sea giants, collect data and seek answers to some big questions. What is the giant squid’s role in deep-sea food webs? Can we infer more about its life by examining the enormous eyes? What are the effects of ocean acidification on these animals? We will be using a combination of traditional and novel techniques to learn what we can from this exciting event.

Special thanks to the Auckland University of Technology, the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and The Octopus News Magazine Online.  In the event of technical difficulties, we will offer a plankton exploration in our video microscope lab.

Rockport Fireworks

Is Having An Ice Cream Party

Thursday June 26th

From 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. at

The Ice Cream Store

14 Bearskin Neck, Rockport

Ice cream is FREE

Donations are suggested and all funds help light

a brilliant display of Fireworks on August 9th

Anyone interested in donating to the fireworks can send donations to Rockport National Bank Firework Fund LLC, c/o Marcia Budrow, 37 King Street, Rockport, MA.

Ken Knowles “Illumination Night” raffle tickets will be available, or purchase as Katie’s Gift Shop call Susan at 978-546-9566 with any questions.


image007 (1)

Castle Hill, 290 Argilla Rd., Ipswich, will kick off the Castle Hill Summer Picnic Concerts on Thursday, July 10 with 80s cover tune band Orange Crush.

Each Thursday, July 10 – August 28, area musicians will perform from 7 pm – 9 pm at Castle Hill, a seaside estate and National Historic Landmark featuring a ½ mile rolling lawn, gardens, and a 1920s English-inspired mansion. The complete concert line-up includes:

July 10 Orange Crush—80s Cover Tunes

July 17 Digney Fignus—Americana

July 24 The Fools—Rock

July 31 Grupo Fantasia—Latin

August 7 Beantown Swing Orchestra—Big Band Swing

August 14 HELP!—Beatles Tribute Band

August 21 Entrain—Rock Funk Jam Band

August 28 Orville Giddings Band—Boogie Blues

Admission is at the gate only–$30/car or $20/car for members of The Trustees of Reservations. Motorcycles and walk-ins are $10.

The gates open at 5 p.m. for picnicking. Attendees may bring a picnic supper or pre-order one through one of Castle Hill’s exclusive vendors.  Additionally, ice cream, pizza, salads, sodas, sweets, and other products are available for purchase on-site. Ipswich Ale and Mill River Winery sell beverages on-site at a beer and wine garden, located partway down the Grand Allee on the first hill. Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Weather cancellations (if necessary) will be announced by 3:00 p.m. concert-day. Please visit www.thetrustees.org  for more information on concert vendors, visitation, and other public programs.

Opening Wine and Cheese Reception Thursday, June 26th 6-8 pm

All NSAA Events are Free Open to the Public!

The NSAA offers 6 major art exhibits throughout its 2014 season. The third is a juried exhibit of artist members’ works in oil, acrylic, pastels, watercolor, graphics and sculpture.

Come experience the landscapes, seascapes, marine and still life work of some
of Cape Ann’s finest working artists of today.

This event is generously sponsored by Nancy Strisik of The Paul Strisik Gallery of Rockport, MA

More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting their website at http://www.nsarts.org, and by email at arts@nsarts.org, or by telephone
978 283-1857.
The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.

Hello Cape Ann! The Newburyport Guide has now branched out and we are offering the same great on-line media marketing to those on Cape Ann. Today is our first launch day of our new website, www.thecapeannguide.com. We hope you will all visit our website and check us out. We are now taking on new members and hope you will all like us on facebook www.facebook/capeannguide and thank you. Cape Ann is a wonderful place to live and play, and we are happy to be able to do both!

Sue Ann Pearson, Magnolia

Sunday is International Sun Day!

Sunday afternoon, June 22nd from 5:00 to 9:00 the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club will be celebrating International Sun Day by the Fisherman statue, with special solar telescopes, crafts for the kids, and many pairs of safe solar glasses to give away.

Everything is free, there is no cost for anything.

We’ll be looking at solar prominences as they happen, and sunspot groups as they make their way around our nearest star, all with specially made, safe telescopes and filters designed specifically for solar observing.

You must never look at the sun directly, with or without a telescope! But you can safely come see it in detail with your local astronomy club on Sunday!

As the sun sets we’ll look for Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with our regular telescopes — this will be a really fun afternoon and early evening, right there on the boulevard. Come and celebrate Sun Day Sunday with GAAC!

Conversation with the Artist: Dennis Flavin, Father’s Day, 5–6pm, Trident Gallery

Dennis and I would like to invite you and your readership to attend the Artist Talk he is holding at the Trident Gallery tomorrow night 5-6pm.  After a fine day celebrating all Dads, it would be a great way to spend some time conversing with a local father figure who has operated the Halibut Point Restaurant for the past 30+ years.  At the same time he worked tirelessly as a restaurant owner, he still maintained practicing his art in various studios in Cape Ann. He is now ready to reveal his art to the world and will be discussing this journey with all who attend tomorrow.
Annalei Babson