31st Cape Ann Artisan’s Open Studio Tour!


The M S Foley Stoneworks Gallery and Studio are ready just in time for the 31st Cape Ann Artisan’s Open Studio Tour! We have maps, brochures, coffee, donuts and a bunch of new stone sculptures. Our hours are tomorrow  Sunday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. We are 0.2 miles south of 128 exit 14, on Essex Ave (#376). Please drop by…..What you will see is most unique!




Mike with some visitors on Saturdays open house
Mike with some visitors on Saturdays open house


Delmore Schwartz Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“Existentialism means that no one else can take a bath for you.”

Delmore Schwartz 1913-1966


Born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, NY, Schwartz attended Columbia and the University of Wisconsin before receiving a degree from New York University. He studied philosophy as a graduate student under the great Alfred North Whitehead at Harvard while he roomed with the poet Robert Lowell. His first book, In Dreams Responsibilities Begin, based on his parents failed marriage, gained him widespread notice. He went on to teach writing at a number of schools including Syracuse and Kenyon. Among his many students and protégés was Saul Bellow, whose Humboldt’s Gift is based on their relationship. Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground also studied with Schwartz, wrote at least two songs in his memory and named him the “first great man I ever met.” Schwartz died at 52, alone and isolated from the world, from complications of alcoholism and mental illness.

Greg Bover

Artist Loren Doucette public art installation EGS students

Cat Ryan Submits-


East Gloucester Elementary School and ART

Hey Joey,


East Gloucester Elementary School and ART

Hey Joey,

image002 (7)

What happens when artist Loren Doucette exhibits art projects by the entire East Gloucester Elementary student body over two back-to-back family nights?

image004 (4)

She lifts it to the level of public art installation. (Ruby McElhenny’s mask J)

image006 (2)

That’s Loren’s mom, Diane, helping out.


Thanks to hundreds of display cases –big shout out for the shoe boxes from Mark Adrian Shoes—and a beckoning zippy maze we were treated to a walk in field of masks.

image011 (2)

The PTO worked with East Gloucester Elementary to bring Loren and artist Amber LeBlanc (look for her teaching art this summer at YMCA Camp Spindrift) to spend an entire day with each grade. Devoted entirely to art and only art! 

Loren’s most recent work—the view from Kate’s balcony– will be on exhibit opening this weekend atFlat Rocks Gallery.

Esteemed artist, Ed Touchette, is the art teacher year round for East Gloucester Elementary school and Veteran’s. So these students have a touch with a master class every week! And Mary Rhinelanderdesigned the school logo.

Special thanks to EGS PTO for such a memorable event.

image012 (2)

Happy Summer Solstice

Everywhere I traveled today, it was hard not to notice Rosa rugosa dazzling in bloom, not only becasue it is so pretty, but because of its welcome fragrance. That sublime combination of salty sea air and sweet roses beckons us to live everyday of our fleeting New England summer to the fullest.

Wishing Everyone the Happiest of All Summer Days Yet to Come! 

Rosa rugosa Niles Beach ©Kim Smith 2013

 Niles Beach Rosa rugosa

Terrific Presentation Given by Broadcast Lighting Designer Jonathan Lipsy at Cape Ann TV

Jonathan Lipsy from the broadcast lighting and design firm Integrated Solutions Group gave an outstanding presentation on lighting for interviewing at Cape Ann TV’s Lunch and Learn. Jonathan presented the information clearly and concisely, with an overall strategy of thinking about lighting interviews in layers, along with the excellent advice that less is more. Thank you Becky, Lisa, and Erich for the invitation. The presentation was well worth the time, with the added bonus of an extra super delicious lunch provided by Wally’s Catering. Jonathan Lipsy ©Kim Smith 2014

 Jonathan Lipsy and Cape Ann TV’s Becky Tober demonstrating portrait lighting for broadcast. 

Cape Ann Artisans Tour Today and Tomorrow


It’s another great day on Cape Ann and perfect for the 31st Annual Cape Ann Artisans Tour, which is happening today and tomorrow from 10 – 5. The Boston Globe just published a wonderful review of the tour called: Light of days lures artists to Cape Ann by Diane Bair. I hope you can make a stop to my studio at 97 East Main St. You’ll find a complete map of all the participants on the web site.


International Dory Races Results From Damon Cummings


Here is the raw data from the dory races this morning.
Mixed Doubles
1. Kelly George and Robert Fox (Canada) 6:13
2. Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino (USA) 6:25

1. John Ernst and Thomas Stuart (Canada)6:20
2. Tyler Edmonds and Thomas Beaton (USA)7:11

1. Gail Atkinson and Kathryn Moore (Canada)6:23
2. Amanda Palazzola and Lindsey Rogers (USA) 7:39

Seniors (Open)
1. Markus Schmidt and Joel George (Canada)9:47
2. Vito Giacalone and Mike Mitchell (USA) 9:54

There was no Masters division race.

Of All the Ships…


Of all the ships I ever sailed

“Friend ships”

have brought me

to the safest harbors

As we begin our 3rd annual Nantucket Romp with three amazing couples and their equally as precious children, I can’t help but think how fortunate we are.  It is 9:00 in the morning on our first full day in Nantucket and I’m sitting on the expansive patio watching the newest of parents in our circle dote lovingly on their 7 month old son.  Simultaneously, one dad is playing whiffle ball with three of the boys while the others jump, splash, and laugh in the pool and hot tub.  (Which we realize is not intended for young children so is set for a low temperature and they’re only in for short intervals).  The dads and several of the children were up and out for a 6:00 trip to the beach for some surf casting, I managed to sneak in a shower, and two pots of coffee have been brewed and more was brought home by our fisherman along with fresh, warm donuts from town.  A little bit of work is getting done, it is a beautiful 73 degree day and life is good.  When I say that we’re fortunate it is not because we are able to be at this beautiful home on this beautiful island….it is because we have been able to foster, continue, and treasure these amazing friendships that have spanned decades and have been passed to their spouses who have been welcomed from towns other than Rockport….and now onto the children who are becoming faster friends with each passing year.  Our children, giggling as I type, range in age from the little guy at 7 months to the leader of the pack who is unbelievably a whopping eleven now.  One couple has been together since high school and the newest grew up together and were married just three years ago.  One couple met in college and my husband and I met, fittingly at the Rhumb Line back in 1998.  All of the husbands have been friends forever.  Friendships like what these men have (along with countless other kind, generous, and phenomenal friends who did not make this trip) are what life is all about.  Sure, being here on Nantucket, in a home that is nothing short of dreamlike, helps create the warm fuzzies…but it was the story telling, laughing, and the camaraderie that we enjoyed until the wee hours of the morning and will continue to be what drives these friendships for years to come.  I feel beyond fortunate to have landed amongst this group of merry men and their wives…and to have my children growing up in their midst.

At home, on Cape Ann, many families just like ours are settling in to enjoy a fabulous St. Peter’s Fiesta Celebration and others are simply heading to the beach or having barbecues with dear friends and families.  Some friends are sneaking out for a quick beer or glass of wine, friends are getting together to go shopping, or play a round of golf.  Whatever it is, and whomever’s company you are enjoying…I hope that you feel as fortunate as I do.

We have all wrestled with the fact that life can be far too short in the recent years and as we continue to grow up….it is even more invaluable to know that we are truly treasuring every moment.  As this group likes to say after a enjoying a fishing trip to Costa Rica…Pura Vida my friends.


Image 2 IMG_4299 IMG_4250

Image 1

Peppercorn Crusted Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes



Peppercorn Crusted Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sometime my best receipes are created when I’m in a rush to get dinner on the table!  A few night ago, I’ pulled this meal together using what I had on hand in my refrigerator and pantry…the flavors of the peppercorn coriander crust and creamy goat cheese tomato filling was incredible…It pared nicely with herb mustard fingerling potatoes and garlic infused broccolini… Perfect recipe for summertime grilling!


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St. Peter Novena Day 5




Lia Militello, Caterina Cusumano, Giovanna Toromina, Grace Favazza, Rosalie Lioacchino

Each evening during the opening prayer service Rosie Verga, talks about the Children, and how important it is to bring the younger generation to the St. Peter Novena.  Rosies words are so very true.  Our children are the future of the Feast of St. Peter, and of all our deep rooted Sicilian Traditions.  It is vital to the tradition they we expose them and keep them involved.  Last night two little blessings, Dante Linquata and Phoenix Curcuru entertained us with their dancing and sweet voices of laughter as they played together during the rosary.


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Fiesta & 4Th of July Nail Art at Elite Nail Salon


elite nails Fiesta nails gmg post

Maryjane Carollo, owner of Elite Nail Salon, is truly a master nail technician. Maryjane has been fancying up the finger nails of her clients with her amazing skills and nail art for over 23 years. A few days ago Maryjane, posted the photo and comment shown below advertising  her latest works of holiday nail art on Facebook…I called immediately for an appointment and had my nails done yesterday! Thank you …I love them!

“St Peters, 4th of July, World Cup Nails. Come get yours done. All painted free hand!! Elite Nails”

nail art

If you can dream it Maryjane can create it…

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