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Growing Up on Main Street Gloucester, Circa 1960s ~ Stories Shared by Melissa Abbott and Toby Pett

In the comment section of several recent posts, Melissa and Toby have been sharing some super fun stories about growing up in Gloucester during the 60s. I know everyone doesn’t read the comments, so we are posting their conversation. Wonderful Gloucester history–thank you both so much for taking the time to write.

Melissa Abbott gloucester ma.jpgPhoto of Melissa Abbott , circa 1970

Melissa writes (see Toby’s original comment, posted yesterday, below):

“Very Funny Toby. I have never heard that story about C2 in Nick’s Pool Room. Women were not allowed in the Pool Room and it was like walking the gauntlet to walk in front of it carrying your school books. Once I was bet .50 to walk into the pool room and all the way around the back pool table and back out. I loved a dare so I did it amidst all kinds of cat calls and whistles. I think I was in the 8th grade at Central Grammar so it must have been about 1966 or so. Nick Danikas was in my class and such a nice boy. I think I took the .50 and went down the street to Connor’s Drug Store and bought some Cherry Cokes and hung around in the wooden phone booth with some other kids. Whenever I went into Connor’s Drug Store (now Sugar Magnolias) on Main St., the old man and his son Austin would nudge each other and stare at me. I later found out it was because my great great grandmother was named Mary Connors and she had been married to the 1880′s Halibut Highliner Schooner Captain Wiilliam Greenleaf who was my great great grandfather. Capt Willam had lost a Schooner called the Henrietta during a storm on a shake down cruise when they were tossed over by a rogue wave. Mary Connor’s brother was onboard and was lost with several others. My great great Grandfather was a finest kind of guy and he supported all of the families for the rest of his life till he died while living on Middle St in the 1930′s. He was known as the best cusser in Gloucester but he never swore and was a teetotaler. He and his brother Nathanial Greenleaf were well known on Gloucester docks as very fast and able men in the late 1800′s. Anyway, the Connor’s always nudged each other because apparently I looked like a Connors Girl and the genes had come through on my face. Dr Cohen had his office upstairs and Ina Hahn taught dance there. We bought all our shoes at Phillip Weiner across the street (Now mark Adrian) and if we weren’t in Connors drug store after school waiting for the late bus then maybe we were in the Tic Toc sharing a plate of French Fries in a book (now the Franklin). Like Toby mentioned, in those days Gloucester Youth sort of “came of age” in and around the “waiting station” in that area of Gloucester. We practiced swearing, acting grownup, smoked cigarettes, wore outfits from Adaskos, Goldman’s, or Empire Stores. All carried the same pocketbook bought at Mark Adrian and wore circle pins at our peter pan collars with matching heather toned wool skirt and cardigan sets. The Clique and the West End Kids rivaled each other like West Side Story only it was the Gloucester version and it was the 1960′s. Background music was Louis Louis, 96 Tears, and the Beatles.”

Toby’s comment, to which Melissa responded, 

“I realize that many do not keep our early to bed, early to rise schedule…was hoping to hear from someone re: C2…well, here is the answer: where David Cox’ wonderful little shop is, there was Nick’s Pool Room…it was a wonderful place to spend time and make friendships…Mike Patil, one of the founders of Timberline, spent time there…Phil Mazzeo, who just closed his hair salon on Center Street, was one of the best shooters…I could go on and on…it was a place where you learned to mature and to respect others…It was run by the Danikas family, Artie, now in his 80′s, walks Essex Ave and Good Harbor Beach every day…and his son Capt. Nick is co-owner of the Hurricane II, the whale watch boat…anyway, I have gotten off track here, C2 was the number on the Juke Box for “It’s Over”, that great tune by Roy…and when you were about to finish off your opponent in a game one would often say “C2″…to this day when I am watching sports and one team has clearly claimed the upper hand I often say “C2″, although I don’t think many around me understand…”

Melissa adds more to the story:

Hey Toby, As you know, you and I go in the WAY BACK Machine together quite a bit and probably know where more bodies and buried on Cape Ann then we care to describe. The history is forgotten and the ways we relate to each other is forgotten as new generations emerge and new people move onto Cape Ann. Your post about Nick’s Pool Room certainly piqued up the memories of the Waiting Station and downtown Gloucester in the 1960′s. The streets and sidewalks were thronged with kids after school. This is where we made our “connections” and learned our social queues, that and passing notes in class were our social network. I thought about those times more this morning. I loved Grays Hardware across the Street (now the new stores where Kid’s Unlimited is located). Nancy Gray was my best friend in 6th and 7th grade and we would go into her father’s store on Main St after school and see her mother and brothers there. Her father would give us a dollar and we would scamper off to Connors Drug store together. I was also friends with Wendy Wonson whose Mom and Dad were fantastic people and invited kids to their home on Eastern Point many times where we played 45 records and twisted in their living room. Dr Wonson was a dentist and he was upstairs from Nick’s Pool Room someplace. Other friends of that era that you could find on the sidewalk at the Waiting Station in the 1960′s included Donny Steele, Robbie Wonson (from Rocky Neck), Whitey Wonson and his older brother Todd, Peter Asaro, Fingers Mike Parisi, Edie Kuivanen, Rick Melanson, John Love, Eric and Brett Hawks, the Peloquin Brothers, Holly Davis, Holly Bell, Judy and Jack Gale, David Lacey, Charlie Abbott (my now husband AKA Wicked Abbott and yes he is still WICKED), David Abbott, Andy MacInnis, Pouchie, Jackie Chimaseno (now married to JJ Bell), Paul and Peter Jeswald, Scott MacNeil, John Ahonen, Isabel Natti, Cliff and Ralph Amero and their brothers from Magnolia, Maureen Viera, Fly and Linda Amero, Michael March, Jonathan Pope, Valerie Means, the McCarthy Brothers from Long Beach, Ralph Pino, Robert Hawkins, Miffy and Jay Somers, Jackie Alexander and even you Toby Pett. I am probably missing many more people but even to this day when I walk past Passports or Deborah Coull Salon I still can squint my eyes and see all the people I knew at Central Grammar congregating, waiting for the late bus home. I still remember my penny loafers, leather boots, knee socks, and the Carnaby Street style double breasted Maxi Coat I wore. White Lipstick and Vidal Sassoon haircuts were the rage for girls but many just grew their hair as long as they could. I was always looking for split ends and wishing my hair longer, combing it constantly between classes to get that smooth flat look. Everyone said I had the best manners in town, at least my friends parents told me that when I called and announced who I was, “Hello, This is Melissa Smith, May I please speak with…..” Everyone knew my name then, as I had the same name as my grandmother whose name was on loaves of Anadama Bread in the First National Stores and on the sign outside Easterly Inn on the back shore. Everyone had at one time worked for her and either loved her or hated her, there was no middle ground. Now a days, no one remembers our history. Everyone knew you Toby as Dr Pett’s son. The connection, the roots meant something and were respected. Nowadays it is quite different and thats ok. I like the anonymity to a certain degree. People often try to explain things in Gloucester to me and give me directions. I don’t even tell them that I could drive to that place in my sleep or with my eyes closed. I know the feel of driving on the streets with my eyes closed.

I am not sure if I could do an oral history on my own but once you get me started on something and my memory gets woken up I do tend to know who lived in what house and the history of almost any house or area in town having known people who lived there or been in the homes at one time or another and maybe even lived there myself. Some things are best left un-talked about and when I observed newcomers explaining Gloucester and Gloucester history to people on the social nets and even writing books about it, I do know they may be missing a certain flavor of the story because they hadn’t lived it and it becomes rote and disconnected from the truth and the roots, lacking the personal experience touch.

Toby, you and I could have a field day with the Kings Rook and Stonehenge Days. If I ever talk about those days to people, no one believes me. It was THAT cool. Yes, we saw J Geils Band 38 times before they were famous or listened to a young Bonnie Raitt open for people who got mad because she was so good with that bottleneck guitar and was a girl besides. You were the Manager and I was a waitress. I only worked there so I could hear the music for free. It was a good gig.

So while it is hard to believe that as a baby boomer, my stories about Gloucester and history are even something interesting. I documented my families businesses in my book “The Legacy of Three Melissas” but maybe there is more to the story and another book in me from that era. Not everything in the past was that great and mostly I am not sure the memories are worth talking about. I prefer to remember the good times and the highlights with affection. Thank-you Toby for sparking the story!!”

Melissa Abbott circa 1960s

Melissa Abbott, circa 1960s

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Rockport Stuff: Farmers Market, Garden Club Tour, Scandinavian Mid-Summer Fest

Rockport is kicking into summer this weekend with the Rockport Garden Club Tour, which starts on Friday June 20th. It’s a walking tour this year, which is cool because well, you can walk from garden to garden. Just imagine, instead of getting into your car between gardens on the tour, you can stroll at a leisurely pace, enjoying the hidden botanical gems of Rockport. No more fumbling with your keys, no more peering from the map in your hand back to the windshield as you try to find the next location, no more nearly side-swiping some unsuspecting tourist or one of your fellow Garden Club members in your desperate attempt to find a parking space. The Garden Tours are always wonderful, but this one might just be the most relaxing and inspiring one yet — you don’t want to miss it. Tickets are available at Toad Hall Bookstore now through the dates of the tour, and on the dates of the tour (June 20th and 21st) at Harvey Park under the Rockport Garden Club tent.Garen tour Poster 2014_500x398

Spiran Hall is hosting their annual Scandinavian Mid-Summer Fest this Saturday, June 21st, also in Harvey Park at the corner of Pleasant Street and Broadway. The Mid-Summer Fest features all sorts of good clean Nordic fun: pickled fish, strawberries and cream and nisu bread for starters. Folk dancers and singers will be on hand and a maypole will be set up for a little ceremonial welcome to summer. And if summer ever deserved a welcome, it is this year. Glad Midsomer! as they say.

Finally, the ROCKPORT FARMERS MARKET is back! This is all-caps, because I’m excited. Fresh food made, grown or produced by hard-working folks in cooperation with the earth. Rockport may not have a grocery store, but we have our sweet little Farmers Market, so that’s a good start. And since the market falls on a Saturday, it’s a great complement to the Thurday Cape Ann Farmers Market. Patrons can go to both each week and stuff themselves with good stuff. Fresh food all the time, that’s our motto on Cape Ann. Well, not really, but it’s not a bad idea. The Rockport Farmers Market vendors will offer fresh produce, small-batch salsa, hummus and guacamole, baked goods, coffee, maple syrup, eggs, and more and more.

See you in downtown Rockport on Saturday, June 21st for some good food, beautiful gardens and Scandinavian rituals!


Blackburn Challenge Registration is Open!!!


Click the emblem to register. It is so easy. Do not be put off by the scary registration form. This is the year you do it. Paddle all the way around Cape Ann with 300 other boats. Rubber Duck has done it five years in a row and although there are amusing videos of Paul exiting his kayak the 23 miles was fun. The cold beer and the pulled pork sandwich at the end was awesome.

Since Rubber Duck now has the Blue Duck with a 225HP Suzuki on the transom she may go around the Cape this year a little quicker than the last five. Yes, she may be wimping out this year. Does anyone want to take the real Rubber Duck on their kayak?

Wednesdays With Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: Jon Butcher 8-11 June 18, 2014

rhumbWednesdays Only:
Prime Rib, $12.95!

Wednesday, June 18th
Special Guest: 

After some 30 years on the west coast, Jon Butcher has been
hard at work resurrecting his legendary status here among us
in the east through recent times.  I’ve had the pleasure of
sharing the stage with him on numerous occasions – acoustic
songwriter shows, electric blues, and more.  We’ve even
worked in the studio together along the way.  This Wednesday,
he lights up the Rhumb Line with his exciting energy and
soulful, seasoned material.  A true American legend! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib, $12.95! (while they last!)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus – Check out Fred’s rockin’ new wine menu!
6/25 – Charlee Bianchini

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Are You a Flasher?

Oh, for the love of God.  Not that kind of flasher.  Keep it clean.

Are you a flasher when you see a police car parked on the side of the road?  Do you warn approaching cars of the hidden police car parked around the bend or up ahead?

I used to be.  I’m not any more.

In my 20s and maybe even my 30s, I would warn other cars by flashing my headlights in the hopes of saving them from an impending ticket.  Now, after having seen more than my fair share of super crappy drivers, I think that if you’re going to speed or drive recklessly then you deserve a ticket.  I now, as a driver who has two young boys in the backseat of my car 97% of the time, support the police officers in their mission to keep our roads safe.

The other day, while driving from Rockport to Gloucester via Thatcher Road, the car behind me was so spirited with its flashing, I couldn’t help but laugh.  He surely had some type of super hero complex.  Clearly on a mission to save the world from speeding tickets.  What would that Super Hero’s name be?  Driving in front of him was reminiscent of walking into Spencer’s at the Liberty Tree Mall circa the 1980s.  Surely someone out there knows what I’m talking about?

His exuberance made me start to think…..which side of the law do most people fall?

St Peter Novena 2014… Ma Chi Siammo Tutti Mutti…Viva San Pedro



Bridgette Mathews St Peter Altar Photo

Bridget Mathews captured this beautiful photo during last nights St. Peter Novena

The Feast of St Peter begins each year with a 9 day religious novena, held at the American Legion Hall on Washington Street here in Gloucester.  Each evening women of all ages…and a few men…gather for a nightly rosary, mainly done in Sicilian. Click links below for a to hear one of the oldest deep rooted Sicilian tradition’s still held in our beautiful community. 

The St. Peter Rosary…

You may remember this song from past post relating to St Joseph Rosary this past March…It was my Uncle Mike Militello most favorite Novena Song Dell’Aurora. It has become our families favorite song…we can’t help but think of him each time we sing the chorus part of this song…



Rose Verga leading the prayer service last night

Peter Favazza writes~ This is what it’s all about. The statue of St. Peter who makes miracles happen …here I’m taking a picture with my cousin Sarah Favazza. Sarah’s father Salvatore Favazza bought the St Peter Statue over from Sicily 80 years ago.

Peter Favazza with Cousin

Peter Favazza Altar photo

Photos courtesy of Peter Favazza

Ma Chi Siammo Tutti Mutti…Viva San Pedro

I will be live blogging nightly from the St. Peter Novena and posting more photos and stories about this tradition over the next several days…keep checking back…Viva San Pedro!

***If you have any old photos from past St. Peters Novena’s, and would like to share them on GMG please send them to us!

rosie verga novena st peter

From left: Gina Ciaramitaro, Nicole Curcuru, Amanda Mohan, Pat Ciaramitaro, Felicia Mohan, Andrea Randazza Carlson, Bridgette Mathews, Abbey Mathews

Pet of the Week- Virginia

My name is Virginia, I am a sweet and cuddly girl.    I am a seven-year old girl cat with a handsome brown/mix coat.
I am looking to be the only cat in my home   I would prefer to move into an adult only house.   I love attention.
Also, we have a special program here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester. We have the Senior Cat Adoption Program right now and there are no adoption fees for cats six and older and we have several cats here who are over six.  So please stop on by and learn more about me and our other senior cats.  Remember, seven is still a young cat!

Community Photos 6/18/14

Cruiseport After Dark, photo from Anthony Marks

Cruiseport After Dark

Hey Joey. 

Hope you had a great Father’s Day! You probably already know (have had) this, but the re-opened Studio has a sushi roll in your honor! Delicious! So good we had to have 2! 🙂     Karen Pischke

Note from Joey- Named after our Grandfather, Captain Joe, The Man our business is named after.  I’m no Captain.

Hello Joey and Kim,

It is the summer of blue petunias in Gloucester.  If anyone is wondering why weedy beds on the boulevard and around town have been cleaned out and replaced with blooming flowers, please thank my numerous Generous Gardener Volunteers.  We are the ones in the green aprons working around town.  We have planted around 400 plants behind the police station including 100 blue petunias.  We have planted 300 blue petunias and 50 Nepeta at the Fishermen’s Wives and another 70 blue petunias and 10 Knock Out Roses have replaced the weedy patch of Rosa Rugosa at the start of the boulevard.  The small garden at the corner of Pleasant and Middle Street has also been filled with a variety of perennials.

This is donated time, labor and plants for all residents and tourists to enjoy.  If you would like to join our group, we meet on Wednesday’s at the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial from 6-7 PM.  If we are elsewhere, there will be a sandwich board at the memorial to let volunteers know where we are.  If you would like to get emails regarding Generous Gardeners activities, contact  If you would like to support city beautification financially, the non-profit Gloucester Civic and Garden Council supports our work.  Send donations to Adah Marker, Treasurer, 3 Fuller Street, Magnolia, MA 01930.  Please put in the memo line for Generous Gardeners.

These projects could not have been done without help from Terese O’Connell, Sue Skinner, Ann Johnson, Deborah and Roger Dawes, Beth Chianciola, Mary Jo Holland, Nancy Mertens, Cathy Hertl, Joan Sweeney, Sheila Blake, Christie Wight, Kirstin Martin, Maggie Rosa and Rosemary Banks.  I hope I didn’t miss anyone and I apologize if I did.  Also, a thank you to Wolf Hill Garden Center for a fabulous discount on all of the plants that didn’t come from someone’s garden.  We also thank Neptune’s Harvest Fish/Seaweed Products for their fabulous fertilizer we are using everywhere.

Here are some before and after pictures.

Susan Kelly

Chair, Gloucester City Planting Committee

Police station before plantingpolice station in processpolice station doneWeedy Rosa Rugosarosa rugosa replant

The new stairs at The Police Station From Bing McGilvray-

photo (85)

The situation was brisk last Sunday at Bodin Historic Photo.  Our man Fred was back in his de facto Chamber of Commerce role as tourists wandered in with random questions.  A customer was being briefed on the way things were a hundred years ago on the waterfront.  All the while old friends were coming by.  The word of the day was Keep Calm and Carry On.  There was time, however, to enjoy a popover sent over from Passports.

Al Bezanson


Fred Bodin with popover

American Glory-

American Glory arriving in Gloucester harbor at 5:40am. Tues.  –Len Burgess


Wednesday June 18th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather ..

Marine Forecast …
Wed SW winds around 10 kt. Gusts up to 20 kt in the afternoon. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Patchy fog. A chance of showers and tstms. Some tstms may produce gusty winds…small hail and heavy rainfall. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Wed Night NW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 1 foot or less.

Early morning showers / storms followed by mostly sunny skies with lower humidity and temps climbing into the upper 80’s to lower 90’s .. Breezy west wind 10-15mph and gusty .. Wednesday night clear lows in the 50’s light west winds…

Beach Forecast .. Mostly Sunny 89° temp , winds west 10-18mph .. Water temps 58-63° . UV INDEX 10! Burn in less then 10-15 minutes … Use sun screen .. Enjoy have a great day !

Hourly Forecast …


Extended Forecast…



Community Stuff 6/18/14

Cynthia Mochowski submits-

The Child Study Program had the opportunity to be filmed by the local cable station to promote the program to the community. A special thank you to Mark Kelsey for helping to make this happen. Check it out

Rockport Art Association

The Rockport Art Association opened its 2nd Summer Shows of the 2014 season on Saturday, June 14th.
These juried shows feature the paintings, graphics, sculpture and photographs of its juried exhibiting members.  Awards were given to the following artists for their outstanding achievements: Jeff Weaver, George Martin, Em Marquis Brown, Tom Nicholas, NA, Charles Shurcliff, Liné Tutwiler, Eva Cincotta, Anita I. Johnson, Charles Movalli, Judy Metcalfe, Greg Phillips, T.M. Nicholas and David Piemonte.  To see these works and the exhibitions in their entirety, please visit the RAA at its 12 Main Street campus.  As always, the Association is open and free to the public.

LineTutweiler - Abandoned boat

good afternoon Joey.

can you please post the attached two files to your blog?   one is the general annoucement of the parade and the other is a campaign we are trying to raise.  get people back to dressing up and being part of the parade. trying to gather that interest in participating, especially of the young kids in the community.

any help would be great.

thanks as always.

David Harvey


Fishtown Horribles Parade Committee

Presents the

Fishtown Horribles Parade

When:    Thursday, July 3, 2014

Time:    6:00 pm

Where:    Kicks off and ends at Gloucester High School
Parking lot

*Parade participants need to be at the High School no
Later than 5:00 pm

**If interested in becoming a committee member
Or volunteering day of Parade, please contact Dave
Tucker @ 508-517-1731 or Al Kipp @ 978-223-7264

For anyone that isn’t interested in attending Gloucester’s Superbowl, The Saint Peter’s Fiesta-


My name is Marinna Teixeira and I am the event planner at Mass Energy Consumers Alliance in Boston. Candace Wheeler has advised me to contact this email address for sending out a press release for one of our upcoming events:

Mass Energy is hosting a breakfast & wind turbine tour at one of the wind turbines in Gloucester on June 28. I would like to submit the attached press release and spread the word about this wonderful (free!) event that is a great opportunity for everyone in the Gloucester community to learn more about wind power.

Who: Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy), a local non-profit organization with a commitment to support renewable energy.
What: A Gloucester Wind Turbine Tour! People of all ages are welcome to join us for breakfast and to learn about the wind turbines (and take a peek inside a turbine tower!) Speakers on renewable energy will be present, including members of the Gloucester community who will explain how the turbines benefit their community.
This event is free and open to the public. RSVP is required by Wednesday, June 25.
Where: Blackburn Industrial Park in Gloucester, MA
When: Saturday, June 28 at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Why: Mass Energy offers the only tax-deductible green electricity option in Massachusetts (see The Gloucester wind turbines are two of the most productive wind turbines in the state, and Mass Energy purchases green power from them on behalf of our members. During our wind turbine tours, we aim to educate the public about the positive impacts that local wind power provides for the community.
RSVP: Get your tickets by Wednesday, June 25 for this free event at or by contacting Marinna Teixeira at or (617) 524-3950 ext. 142.

North Shore Arts Association is pleased to Announce
A Special Exhibit and Benefit Sale for Local Charities of archived works of internationally recognized Rockport artist, Betty Lou Schlemm.

“The Gift”   June 29th – July 26th

Artist’s Sale of Unframed Paintings,  Saturday, June 28,  1-4 p.m.
Opening Reception Sunday, June 29th,  2 – 4 p.m.

Rockport’s artist, author and teacher Betty Lou Schlemm is, as she says, “tithing my life,” referring to her amazing body of work.  She is selling off the personal
archive of her work both in oils and watercolor.
The proceeds of this most generous sale will go to benefit three of Cape Ann’s charity organizations:  Wellspring House, Open Door, and Cape Ann Animal Aid.
This extraordinary gift and sale, given with such generosity of spirit, truly is
a one time opportunity to own and collect the work of a legendary artist.

More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting their website at, and by email at, or by telephone
978 283-1857.
The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday,  Noon to 5 p.m.



Want to have a late night shopping /dance party at POP, complete with drinks and your favorite hostesses?! 

Come hang with Peg and V for a night of partying…like a POP Girl!
Specialty cocktails and snacks will be served and there will also be some other surprise goodies for attendees!
This is a test run of what we hope will become a regular thang! Special goodies for special customers! Tease, tease! 🙂


At 67 Main Street!


Take Us Out to the Ball Game!

It’s not often you can get a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan to agree on, well… anything! Especially if that Yankees fan happens to be… FRANK from Gloucester!

But once in a great while a brand comes along that unites the fans for love of the game! That brand is Tokens & Icons!

Click the picture below to see the video:

FREE Dance Trial Classes

Saturday, June 21st

· 11am-12pm Tiny Tots (ages 2.5 – 5)  

· 12pm-1pm  Ballet/Jazz (ages 6-9)

· 1pm-2pm Ballet/Jazz (ages 9-13)

Thank you:)

Katherine Hooper

North Studio Owner/Director

Mass Motion Dance North
36 Walnut Street
Peabody, MA 01960
(978) 977-DANCE (3262)

Home of BoSoma Dance Company

MAC Free Class - June