The Paper House In Rockport Is An Interesting Joint

Went This Weekend With The Kids, Check It Out Some Time, Everything’s Made Of Paper

from the website-

About The Paper House

The Paper House is an actual house made from paper.
It was built by Mr. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer who designed the machines that make paper clips, began building his Rockport summer home out of paper as a hobby. That was in 1922.

The paper was meant to be good insulation. Eventually, not only was the house made of paper, but furniture as well, including some intricate and beautiful pieces.
For more about the background, read the interview with his grand niece. For an interesting look at what you’ll see, let’s step inside.

Here’s the website-


MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Found on Niles Beach Sunday Afternoon

Message in a bottle ©Kim Smith 2014

Nathan from Littleton found this message in a bottle. The bottle had been sealed with a cork and wax. He’s promised to write in to the comment section at GMG to let us know what was written on the note!

“Alaric’s March,” a short film shot in Gloucester, by high school student Will Bermudez

Check out this short film, shot in Gloucester, by Will Bermudez, for the Lexington High School Film Festival. Will is the son of my friend Claudia Bermudez and he won second place in the festival! You’ll see scenes of Brace Cove, the Paint Factory, the train station, and more. So many congratulations Will–just beautiful!  

Our Quadruple Pincer Clawed and Blue Lobster Has Company With Today’s yellow Lobster!!!

Yellow Lobster-Blue Lobster-Quadruple Pincer Lobster All Landed In Gloucester at Captain Joe and Sons


Crazy, right?  There’s Nowhere that you can go to see these three lobster mutants in the same place let alone same lobster crate but we’ve got them her at our lobster dock, Captain Joe and Sons In Gloucester

Way More Pictures and Video when you click below this first picture-


AliciaLouWho and Online Dating

Alicia Tweets-

Who Has Dating Advice For @AliciaLouWho ?

Please leave your response in a comment to this post and help the chica out…

Someone has a sweet way to get across an important reminder…

Janet Rice submits-

A nicely painted rock with an important public service message at the Good Harbor Footbridge.( Thank you to the person who took the time to do this-made my day! )

Best-Janet Rice



Monday June 2nd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather …

Marine Forecast …
Small Craft Advisory…
Mon S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.
Mon Night S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Mostly sunny and Warm 66-75° at the shore with light onshore SE winds 5-15 mph .. 75-85° over the interior with calm winds.. Monday night clear lows in the lower 50’s inland to mid 50’s at the shore .. Light SE winds 5-10mph ..

Beach Forecast…
66-75° . UV INDEX 8 .. Water Temp 56° winds light onshore SE 5-15mph ..

Hourly Forecast…


Extended Forecast…