This is the inaugural episode of my new series that showcases anything I’m really diggin’ at the moment. And right now, I’m feeling me some SURFRIDER PIZZA. You may know that they have great subs on fresh baked bread, but do you know how awesome the pie is there? This place churns out some amazing specialty pies, one of my favorites being the Pollo Pesto, trust. But in this episode, I go in deep for the classic: pepperoni and cheese. For me, it’s all about hand tossed, freshly made thin crust. I’m not about some sweet sauce either, that’s just wrong. Some call in New York style, I call it proper. Whether it’s a white garlic pizza, pesto, red sauce, you name it, SURFRIDER has something for ya!



Do Any of Our Readers Know Why the Entire Swan Family at Henry’s Pond Has Disappeared?

Cygnets ©Kim Smith 2014GMG Reader Denise Penta writes in the comment section of a previous GMG post “Exterminate All Swans” by 2015:

June 2, 2014

“In Rockport, MA across from Pebble Beach I enjoyed a male and female mute swan along with their 4 pens. Two days later, I returned to take more photographs and they were gone. I have asked the regular walkers in that area if they have seen them and to my dismay, they disappeared. At the same time, the ducks has 5 babies and now there are only 4. I also noticed many round indentures in the sandy water near the shore and wonder if an animal frolicked about consuming some ducks. I miss the swans terribly. I also drove around the waters where they are found throughout the summer, but to no avail.

Then after reading several articles, including this one, I learned what is occurring more frequently is that of hunting and removal by state and federal wildlife officials. State and Federal wildlife officials are removing Mute Swans and killing them so that they can open new habitats to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swan species which will in the next few years be used as a Trophy Waterfowl for hunting purposes. Wildlife budgets are experiencing huge deficits and now wildlife officials are trying to enhance these budgets by enticing hunters through Trophy Waterfowl which will greatly increase hunting and the cost of hunting permits.

We have been fighting with other entities to stop this killing and have successfully worked with legislators in New York to introduce legislation to stop the killing of Mute Swans in New York until wildlife officials can present true research instead of the false basis for killing the swans that have been perpetuated upon the taxpayer. Yes, the taxpayer is funding this killing and reintroduction of the Trumpeter Swans so that a few of the population can enjoy them by killing them.

I would like to know who in God’s name gave these people permission to plan the killings and replacements? The government does not have an all-rights to nature and without votes from the public, there should be great protests to such an elimination. I would be the first one with a sign if I find the government removed our beloved swans.”

Addendum from Denise: “I apologize, I clicked send before placing quotations from the source that I got the information from, so here is the site link to where I got the information.”

Who Remembers The Catnip Man?

catnip man update

I did a post about a year ago on the Catnip Man  I received an email today from Ann Flood of Florence, Oregon with this picture.  She and her husband operate a collectibles shop there called Treasures by the Dunes.

In 2005, they purchased this painting of the Catnip Man at an auction in New Hampshire.  She came across my GMG post while searching for information about the man in the painting, who they both initially thought was a sea captain, and so had purchased the painting because they live on the coast in Oregon.  There is no identification as to the artist, who may have been from Beverly because of his note on the back about The Catnip Man standing in front of Salem 5 Cent Savings Bank (presumably the one on Cabot Street in Beverly where Catnip Bill spent a good deal of time during the last years of his life) selling bags of fresh green catnip.

I think it is pretty cool that Catnip Bill has been gone for over 50 years, but he still keeps popping up in unexpected ways.

E.J. Lefavour

Carry In/Carry Out Rock Get Replaced By a Pile Of Abandoned Trash

Sad smile

Here’s a big bag of suck from Janet Rice.  (yesterday’s feel good story of the day gets turned on it’s ear by some rotten bastards)

Janet Rice reports-

Last evening I stopped by the Good Harbor footbridge to enjoy the sunset and I noticed something was missing and something was added.No nicely painted rock to remind people to take care of our beach and a big pile of trash to replace it. Really? So sad….

Here’s the post from yesterday that had everyone cheering-


Posted on June 2, 2014 by Joey C 5 comments Edit Post

Janet Rice submits-

A nicely painted rock with an important public service message at the Good Harbor Footbridge.( Thank you to the person who took the time to do this-made my day! )

Best-Janet Rice



Dave Sag’s Thursday night blues party at the Rhumb Line to host Sax Gordon 8:30-11:30pm 6.4.2014

dave sag

This could be my highlight of the summer,so c’mon down to the Rummie and grin and barbaric to the likes of that Saxophone wizard: Mr. Gordon “Sax” Beadle.  Gordon bleu will have you rockin’ in the aisles with his drug resistant strain of infectious musical madness. This guy really scares me sometimes: he’s so up and away that I get the chills along with my shortness of pants.
He’s travelled the world with his take on rhythm and blooz, backed up everybody, and I’m so honored that he still finds time to come up here  and entertain us. Take your Wayfarin®!
And he’s bringing along one of the most sympathetic Qatarists I know in the guise of Mr. Mike DiBari. This Kat knows all the chords! Tintinnabulations provided by Broomful  drumbler Mr. Chris Rivelli. Me on base. Don’t miss it!


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: Allen Estes

Wednesdays Only:
Prime Rib is BACK!!! $12.95!

Wednesday, June 4th
Special Music Guest: 

 photo by Donna Amero

Recently, Allen has been filling in as host here and there when
I’m on the road.  This week, we get to play together again!
How many times have I mentioned how lucky we are to have
him here on the island?  Such a great spirit!  Allen Estes! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib, $12.95!(while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus – Check out Fred’s rockin’ new wine menu!
Coming soon…
Jon Butcher

Charlee Bianchini

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Pasta with Rope Mussels and Smoked Chourico




Pasta with Rope Mussels and Chourico

Our dear family friend Toby Pett stop by the house with a special delivery Saturday afternoon


Toby’s visits always include a special treat of some kind! He usually comes bearing delicious, assorted cheeses,  bottles of fine wine and on occasion handy kitchen gadget of some sort.  Saturday’s visit was no excepting. When the door bell rang, and Coconut began barking, I peeked out the window and noticed his tan truck in the driveway. I greeted Toby at the front door where he stood grasping a white shopping bag, sporting his big happy smile. As I opened the door, Toby said “I brought you a few things today, and one of them  I’m hoping you don’t already own.”  Tobey knows how much I love our conversations about food, cooking and fine wines!  He and I have been know to chat hours about our passions for good food and delicious wines.  As Toby entered and walked over to my kitchen island, the excitement to learn what was in the bag grew…. he reached into the white bag and pulled out a container of marinated Colossal Green Olives, and said, ” I know you loves olives…so enjoy these how ever you please,  but have you ever cooked with this? …as he removed 4 large links of Smoked Chourico Caserio.  The smell of the smoked Chourico was mouth watering. He then pulled out a beautiful hammered copper dome shaped pan, one in which I had never seen before, and said, “do you have a  “Cataplana?”…and immediately began explaining the uniqueness of cooking with a Cataplana- a traditional Portuguese seafood pan.  The copper pan, cooks very much like a pressure cooker, and has been commonly used to cook seafood dishes in Portuguese kitchens for many generations.  After admiring, and thanking Toby for his generous and thoughtful gifts, he shared some of  his favorite dishes prepared  with seafood in this pan over the years.  During our conversation Toby encouraged me to create a new recipe for Sista’s Dish GMG post.  I used the Cataplana yesterday for the first time, and I’m loving it! It easy to use, cook awesome, and love that it makes one dish meals in minutes. I highly recommend purchasing a Cataplana.  This traditional Portuguese seafood pan get a two thumbs up in my kitchen this week!


Yesterday I whipped up this incredible pasta dish for a late luch my husband Barry and I  shared. This handy copper pan, cooked an amazing one dish meal in less then 20 minutes.  The flavor of the Smoked Chourico, combined with the Rope Mussels was outstanding! Pasta with Rope Mussels and Smoked Chourico is a quick and easy recipe that’s delicious enough to serve as an entrée or appetizer this summer!

Toby,  thank you for the treasures that inspired me to create this tasty fast and easy new recipe!

For Step-by-Step recipe details and photos click continue Continue reading “Pasta with Rope Mussels and Smoked Chourico”

Tick Tock…

The Stage Is Being Set-

Within this trailer, the St Peter’s Fiesta Altar Is About To Become Erected Once Again To Bring On The Greatest Time Of The Year For Our Fair City.

Gloucester’s Superbowl- The Saint Peter’s Fiesta  2014 Edition- Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

2014-05-31 09.29.53


Mike Lindberg’s Classic Here (I don’t know why but I tear up every time I watch this)-

Tuesday June 3rd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather !

Marine Forecast ….
Small Craft Advisory !
Tue SE winds 5 to 10 kt…increasing to 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt in the afternoon. Seas 4 to 7 ft.
Tue Night SE winds 10 to 15 kt…diminishing to 5 to 10 kt after midnight. Seas 4 to 7 ft. Patchy fog. A chance of showers. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
HIGH SURF ADVISORY!! With offshore storm very slowly moving away to the east , will continue to produce big surf 4-6ft waves on top of tide .. There is also a strong rip current …
Beach Forecast… Temps 66-74° , sunny early / clouds late .. Winds SE 15-20mph , water temps 56° …
UV INDEX 6 .. Chance of evening storm .

Forecast pretty much the same as yesterday warm temps 70’s coast / 80’s inland with SE winds at the shore 15-20mph .. Mostly Sunny early increasing clouds late . Chance of a storm early evening hours …
Tuesday Night temps mid to upper 50’s light SE winds …

Hourly Forecast

Look Ahead …




Community Stuff 6/3/14

Hi All,
You are cordially invited to the GHS Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting this coming Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 at 3PM.
Refreshments to follow, provided by GHS Culinary Department and Gloucester U Cooking and Chemistry Classes.
Many different Gloucester groups under the direction of GHS Culinary Arts teacher Mr. Patrick Reardon have come together to provide “seed money” and labor for the NEW GHS Greenhouse.  These include: GHS Environmental Club to Gloucester Education Foundation,  GHS Culinary Department to Wolf Hill Gardens
The GHS Greenhouse will be used to support the GHS Culinary Department and Gloucester U’s Cooking and Chemistry Classes, as well as science experiments for the GHS Science Department.
Gloucester U is also looking for students who would like to help with the GHS Greenhouse over the summer session (see  The new Greenhouse is outside the far side of the Science Wing at GHS, next to the pre-school children’s play area.   Please come and visit sometime – but please don’t pick the flowers!


Essex Merchants Group’s Online Auction is Open 

Let the Bidding Begin!

Online Auction is Open

Essex Merchants Group is excited to offer over 125 items donated by Essex individuals and businesses up for bid now until Monday, June 16th at 8 PM.

You’ll find gift certificates from the town’s restaurants and many of its antique shops, plus fine art, specialty gift baskets, marine goods, landscaping and carpentry services, concert tickets, and museum memberships. Fishing charters and cruises on the Essex River are well represented too.

A few highlights on the auction block:

  • Paul Russell’s vintage car tour
  • Private 1 1/2 hour cruise for 42 people on Essex River Cruises’ River Queen
  • Large bronze and glass dragonfly garden sculpture by Chris Williams
  • Oil paintings by local artists, Teri Eramo of Eventide Fine Art Gallery and Robert Hanlon of Walker Creek Furniture and Art Gallery
  • Family portrait session from Underwood Photography
  • Cogswell’s Grant tickets to Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallions

All proceeds from the auction go to promoting Essex.

Click here to browse, register and bid!

Morning Joey!

Attached is a flyer for our old time carnival happening in Millbrook Meadow this coming Sunday.  I’m not sure which version is easier for you to post, so I’m attaching both a pdf and a jpeg.  We truly appreciate you posting this for us!

Thank you!



seARTS 2014 Partner With an Artist Program

seARTS 2014 Partner With an Artist Program:

Call to Artists and Application Guidelines

seARTS invites artists to apply for Partner With an Artist Grants

image001 (3)

Partner With an Artist (PWA), seARTS signature artist grant program, provides grants to artists to create new work — in any medium: visual, performing, multimedia art — in partnership with local businesses.  PWA’s focus  is  to  celebrate  the  arts,  strengthen partnerships with the business community, and to promote a vibrant and culturally rich economy on Cape Ann.

The 2014 PWA program will connect with three of Cape Ann’s Cultural Districts: Essex River, Harbortown and Rocky Neck. Jurors will award three $1,500 grants, totaling $4,500, to artists who collaborate with a business in a Cape Ann Cultural District. One artist or project in each of three Cultural Districts will receive a grant. Each completed project will be presented in its Cultural District for the public to experience and enjoy.

Partnership with a business: This is an opportunity for artists and businesses to explore a creative relationship. We seek to fund innovative projects where artists and businesses work together to explore new opportunities only made possible by collaborating.  A business might provide goods, services, or space for a project. 

Creating opportunities for artists: PWA supports artists and encourages creative new work that connects to the local community and that will attract residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the Cultural District.

Grants:  One $1,500 grant will be awarded to one artist in partnership with a business located in each of these three Cultural Districts: Rocky Neck, Harbortown and Essex Cultural Districts.

Please note: Projects in the Rockport Cultural District are not eligible.                                  A grant was awarded in the Rockport Cultural District in 2012.

Phase One:

April – June 2014

Grant applications will be solicited by seARTS for artists collaborating with a business in each of these three Cultural Districts:

Gloucester’s  Rocky  Neck  Cultural  District  

Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District

Essex River Cultural District

Phase Two:

June 2014

One grant of $1,500 will be awarded to one artist collaborating with a business in each of these three Cultural Districts:

Gloucester’s  Rocky  Neck  Cultural  District  

Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District

Essex River Cultural District

Phase Three:

September-October 2014

Completed projects will be presented in their Cultural Districts.


Resources and Links:

PWA Overview

Massachusetts Cultural Council


  Application Deadline:                                     June 20, 2014

  Award Notifications:                                      June 27, 2014

  Public Project Presentations:                           September/October 2014                    


If you are a current member of seARTS, there is no fee to apply for this program. To join or renew your membership please visit If you wish to apply, but not join seARTS, there is a $25 application fee. 

APPLICATION must include:

1. Cover sheet with contact information: name, street address, email, phone number(s), and names of all artists and business partners involved in the project.

2. Resume or C.V. 

3. $25 application fee for non-member applicants. 

4. One page project description, including a description of how the partnership will work. Identify the business partner(s): company name, street address, contact person, email and phone number(s)

5. Budget including in-kind donations.

6. Work samples:

Visual Art: 10-20 images numbered and titled on CD-ROM readable on Macintosh.  Jpeg files  at  300dpi,  approximately  4”  x  5”.

Media, Performance or Sound Art: 5 minutes on DVD or CD, with numbered media list that corresponds to work samples.

               DEADLINE: All applications must by received no later than June 6.

Contact information:                 or 978-281-1222

Send your application to: or                                         seARTS/PWA, P.O. Box 1476, Gloucester, MA 01931