Love’s Labour’s Lost – don’t lose out on it!

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe’s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost is playing May 11, 17, 18 @ 8 PM and May 12 & 19 @ 3 PM, Rockport Community House 58 Broadway.  It’s a fun show!

Here’s a more complete slideshow:

Fr. Matthew Green

Love’s Labour’s Lost is almost ready to hit the stage


Love’s Labour’s Lost
By William Shakespeare
May 10, 11, 17, 18 @ 8PM; May 12 & 19 @ 3 PM
Rockport Community House, 58 Broadway, Rockport
Tickets: $15, general; $10 student; $5, youth 18 and under.
Available at the door, or reserve at .

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe will end its 2012 -13 season with a production of William Shakespeare’s comedy of manners, mores and modes, “Love’s Labour’s Lost”.

I snuck in to their dress rehearsal (well, not really – I was invited) and snapped some photos to share with you:

Back to the press release:

The action takes place in Navarre, where young King Ferdidand calls on his courtiers to join him in a pledge to undertake a strict regimen of study and celibacy. The court nobles, after reluctantly accepting, are sorely tested in their resolve – as is the king – by the arrival of the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting.
As each man seeks a way around his vow to forego fleshly desire, and the Princess with her ladies see through the men’s clumsy attempts at wooing, the stage is set for some romantic hijinks. They set out to prove that as the pen may be mightier than the sword, neither is a match for a woman’s sharp tongue. Disguises, false identities and a masked ball complicate the situation, leaving the king and his men scrambling to recover some semblence of dignity and possibly the love of the women they pursue.
Director Ray Jenness, whose deft hand fashioned CAST’s productions of “The Tempest”,”The Taming of the Shrew”, “Measure for Measure”, “I Hate Hamlet”, and “Visiting Lear”, has created “a vaudeville, with the characters taking their turns, all trying to outdo the others. Acknowledged as Shakespeare’s first comedy, it excels at exploiting the foibles and follies of the human condition”.
The cast includes David Alvarado, as Longaville; Beth Bevins, Jacquenetta; John Butterworth, Don Armando; Chuck Francis, Anthony Dull; Ashlee Holm, Princess of France; Elizabeth Jelinek. Moth; Luke Miller, Sir Nathaniel; Carly Moulton, Maria; Ian O’Connor, Costard; Dominic Parry, Berowne; Jim Robinson, Holofernes; Matt Schwabauer, King of Navarre; Jessie Sorrells, Rosalinde; Joseph Stiliano, Boyet; David Sullivan, Dumain; Bianca Tocco, Katherine.

Fr. Matthew Green

Shakespeare Shout!

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe celebrated its (and the Bard’s) birthday with an evening of readings and song from Shakespeare’s works. The celebration was held at the Rockport Community House. There was a good turnout, with all the seats filled. It ended with cake, meat-filled pastries, and delicious punch!

Here is a slideshow of the event:

Don’t forget about their upcoming production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, May 10-12 & 17-19, 2013, at the Rockport Community House

Visit their blog at

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Tragedy of Julius Caesar – don’t miss it!

Turn off the TV, save money by not going to the movies… and go see LIVE theater right here on Cape Ann!  The talented director, cast and crew of the Cape Ann Shakespeare Company are offering a great production of Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. I was at the dress rehearsal on Tuesday, and really enjoyed it.  They act it out with intensity and emotion that totally blows away the barrier of Elizabethan English.  This would be a great opportunity to help high schoolers see a text they probably have to read for English class, jump off the page and come to life!

Performances February 27 (opening special: all seats $5) through March 2 are at 8 PM; Sunday, March 3 at 3 PM at the Gorton Theatre (home of the Gloucester Stage Company) 267 East Main Street. Tickets, $15, general; $10, student; $5, youth under 19, are available at the door or may be reserved at . More information is available at and Facebook.



Click here for more photos!

The cast includes David Adams, Jonathan Arnold, David Cluett, Stephanie Cochran, Richard Crowell, Timothy Edwards, Ashlee Holm, Ray Jenness, Ian O’Connor, Craig Owen, Dominic Parry, Matthew Recine, Jim Robinson, Jessie Sorrells, Ken Stoeffler, and Pauline Wright.

Fr. Matthew Green

Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar, coming soon to the Gorton Theater

I had the privilege of attending part of a CAST (Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe) rehearsal (not in costume) for their upcoming presentation of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.  Here are some photos, alternated with the text of their press release.

Performances February 27 (opening special: all seats $5) through March 2 are at 8 PM; Sunday, March 3 at 3 PM at the Gorton Theatre (home of the Gloucester Stage Company) 267 East Main Street. Tickets, $15, general; $10, student; $5, youth under 19, are available at the door or may be reserved at . More information is available and Facebook.

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe presents William Shakespeare’s politically charged drama, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a story of ambition, intrigue, betrayal and assassination. Rome is divided between its support for the military hero, Julius Caesar, and the senate of the republic which sees Caesar’s ambition as a threat to its collective power. Under the leadership of Cassius and Brutus, a faction of senators assassinate Caesar sparking a civil war with his supporters, led by Mark Antony and Octavius.

“This is a story which we are currently seeing played out in many parts of the world: Shakespeare’s play is, unfortunately, still very relevant”, points out Joseph Stiliano, the drama’s director. “We see it in the news,and in the video games that challenge our nimble fingered virtual warriors.Our modern-dress production, though not changing the time or place of the action, stresses its current pertinence.”

Written in Shakespeare’s mid-career, it has a spareness and pace that drives the action to its conclusion. It is less a tale of good and evil, than one of clashing world views between factions that can find no common ground.

The cast includes David Adams, Jonathan Arnold, David Cluett, Stephanie Cochran, Richard Crowell, Timothy Edwards, Ashlee Holm, Ray Jenness, Ian O’Connor, Craig Owen, Dominic Parry, Matthew Recine, Jim Robinson, Jessie Sorrells, Ken Stoeffler, and Pauline Wright.

It was still a rehearsal, of course, so fumbling lines led to some hilarity from time to time…  More photos of the rehearsal are here with other photos from CAST.

Fr. Matthew Green


Don’t miss Shakespeare in Gloucester!

The Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe is presenting two adaptations of Shakespeare works at the Gorton Theater. I went to opening night on Thursday, and it was great!  One might think that Shakespeare would be intimidating, but the actors do a great job of making it accessible.  You also get to hear some lively Shakespearean insults when the characters take each other on (“Get lost, you dwarf, you tiny little weed, you scrap, you acorn!”)  Here are a few photos. (For more photos, click here.)  First in the show is ad adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream:



Second is a version of King Lear:


More photos of the performances (and rehearsals) here.

Fr. Matthew Green


CAST Rehearsals are underway!

The Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe is rehearsing for their upcoming productions, “Love on a Midsummer Night” and “Visiting Lear”, adaptations of two Shakespeare classics. They will be performed together as “A night of one-acts, Love On A Midsummer Night & Visiting Lear” on Nov. 1st-4th and 9th-11th at the Gloucester Stage Co.  I got a behind-the-scenes look at a rehearsal at the Rockport Teen Center this week, and even a month before going “prime time”, there is great energy and acting going on! Here are some photos.  These and more can be viewed on my Flickr photostream.


Those involved in “Love on a Midsummer Night”: Andrew Hoover, Matthew Recine, Rachel Sternlicht, Nicole Bauke, Beth Bevins, Dom Parry, Jesse Sorrells, Andrew Millefoglie, and Susan Laniewski, Ken Stoeffler, and Nick Neyeloff.

The cast, crew, etc. of “Visiting Lear”: David Cluett, Stephanie Corcoran, Joseph Stiliano, Susan Lanieski, and Ray Jenness.

Fr. Matthew Green

Don’t Miss “I Hate Hamlet!”

I haven’t seen this yet myself, of course, but I’ve been around the Annie while the troupe was there, and they sure seem to be having fun with the production!  Very often that translates in to the audience having fun too…  I hope to make it to one of the shows.

Celebrate Shakespeare’s 445th Birthday


cape ann Shakespeare troupe


“A Shakespeare Celebration”

Directed by Ray Jenness

Scenes, Sonnets, Songs, Cake and Punch for the Bard’s 445th Birthday

With Special Guest Singing Group ‘Leven

April 25th at 8PM and April 26th at 6PM

Rockport Community House

58 Broadway

Donation: $15, General; $10, Student/Senior

At the door or reserve at

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Rockport Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded and managed by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.