No Mug Up Sunday at Khan Studio – But Will Have Mug Up at Aquatro Gallery

no mug up1

Due to a private memorial service that will be taking place Sunday for Evelyn Howe with her family, there will be no Mug Up at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery this Sunday, June 23.  There will however be a Mug Up at Aquatro Gallery next door, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., G4, hosted by Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black.

evenly memorial mugup

At 1:30 pm Sunday, there will be an Evelyn Howe Memorial Mug Up at Khan Studio for family, friends and acquaintances of Evelyn that would like to come have a champagne toast, cheesecake and other goodies and companionship in Evelyn’s memory.

E.J. Lefavour

Special Time with FOB Ann Kennedy

a morning with ann kennedy

I got to spend a very special morning with Ann Kennedy on Tuesday, toward the end of her and Bob’s month-long annual visit to their beloved Gloucester.  We met early for a delicious and hearty breakfast at Sailor Stan’s, then went for a nice long walk out Eastern Point, to the spot I now call Evelyn’s Point, beyond the Retreat House and Brace Cove.  We encountered many beautiful and fun things along our journey, including a mother duck with her ducklings (she had to be babysitting, as they couldn’t all have been her’s) and two turtles sunning on a rock in Niles Pond, plus a dreadful and vicious bullfrog that Ann attempted unsuccessfully to capture and bring to Joey.  This has become one of my favorite spots to walk to and it was nice to be able to share it with Ann, who had never been there.  The trails through the woods are soft and peaceful.  At one point we were forced to stop and turn back because of a large uprooted tree that made the path we were on unpassable.  It was a special time with a special FOB and friend, and I look forward to a repeat when they return next year.

Congratulations to Ann and Bob who just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary.

E.J. Lefavour

A Memorial to Evelyn – Vandalized

evelyns memorial windowbox

I didn’t know what to do with the windowbox at the gallery this year.  I’d had enough of the flamingos and tiki man, and I didn’t want to deal with planting flowers.  So now it has become a memorial to Evelyn, complete with a standup paddleboard , which she loved doing so much, that I made from a flipflop.  She’ll be with us all season – at Mug Ups, paddleboarding, openings, dancing at Madfish and everything else we’ll do that she loved.  If anyone would like to add anything to the memorial – beach stones, shells, whatever for Evelyn, please feel free.

evelyn gone

I scheduled this post a fews days ago to run on Sunday afternoon.  This morning I arrived at the gallery to discover Evelyn and her paddleboard gone.  They had been glued in place, so they had been forcefully removed.  I try to live by Thumper’s mother’s teaching: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”, but today I just can’t.  To the lowdown dirty rotten scumbag that stole Evelyn and her paddleboard from this memorial to her memory, bring them back.  If you return them, all will be forgiven and forgotten; don’t return them, and you have some serious shit karma to deal with.  

Unfortunately, the person who did this most likely does not read Good Morning Gloucester because no FOB would do such a thing.  I assume it was someone coming from Madfish last night that didn’t get a good enough dose of Groove Therapy, and maybe too good a dose of alcohol to be thinking rationally or consciously.  If anyone leaving Madfish Grille last night saw or knows who did this, please let them know how badly they have hurt those of us  mourning the loss of Evelyn, and that they can make it right by returning the stolen items to her memorial. 

E.J. Lefavour

A Week Ago Today – For a Most Incredible Mother

Out of suffering

I feel incredibly sad today for Tim, Evelyn’s son who doesn’t have his mother on this Mother’s Day.  Tim was the center of Evelyn’s universe and vice versa, and I know he was the last thing on her mind as she died.

We never talked about it, but for the massive spirit that Evelyn was and is, she had to have endured great pain and suffering in her life.  I am grateful to her for the pain I now feel over her loss, and for the strengthening of my own spirit that I know will result, and I am sure for many others, including Tim.  Dearest Evelyn, in life you were such a loving, generous and caring person, and even in death you just keep on giving.  Thank you.

This quote by Kahlil Gibran to me describes Evelyn so profoundly:

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

E.J. Lefavour

Arjuna Quote of The Week In Memory of Evelyn Howe (1967-2013)

May 9, 2013 In memory of Evelyn Howe (1967-2013)

“Every day Death strikes all around us, yet we live as if we were immortal.”

Arjuna, from the Mahabharata, circa 400 BC

Sometimes described as the Sanskrit equivalent of the Iliad, the Mahabharata is an epic poem that tells the story of the Kurukshetra War, which may have occurred as early as 2400 BC. Seven-hundred of the nearly 200,000 verses form the Bhagavad Gita, sacred to Hindus. The hero of the epic, the warrior prince Arjuna, is befriended by the god Krishna who aids him in his battle for the succession to the throne of Hastinapura.  Among his many trials, Arjuna is asked a series of riddles in order to gain access to water for himself and his brothers who are dying of thirst. When asked what is the greatest wonder in the world he answers with the quote above and is allowed to drink.

Evelyn Howe’s friends describe her as a woman who lived life fully, as if she knew what Arjuna realized so many centuries ago. Her passing reminds us that we all hang by a thread, but also that we have the choice and the power to make the most of our limited days.

Greg Bover

Evelyn’s Gloucester

evelyns gloucester

I went to Evelyn’s wake yesterday, accompanied by Jim Casey.  We arrived at Ross Funeral home early, before the family.  When I entered the first parlor, I immediately saw this beautiful arrangement of flowers and walked over to look at them, then at the card.  I was so proud and overwhelmed when I read the card, which said: “Deepest Sympathy on the loss of Evelyn who the City of Gloucester was blessed to know” from Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Police Chief Leonard Campanello, Fire Chief Eric Smith and USCG Station Gloucester.  The family was so moved by this gesture from the City of Gloucester, as was I, knowing that very special lady, Carolyn, was behind it.  This is such an amazing place in so many ways, the reason Evelyn so loved living here.

I put together a couple of photo collages to display at the wake and wanted to share them.  The first one was made so that her family and friends who had never been to Gloucester (many lived in the Wrentham/Norfolk area and RI) could see and understand Evelyn’s great love and passion for the place.  The second one is of some of the abundant life Evelyn experienced and shared here.  Special thanks to Kim Smith for the beautiful photo of Evelyn that I used for the central image on both collages.

In my 58 years, I have been very fortunate to have not lost any close friends or family members (except grandparents when I was young), until now.  This morning I went to put out recycling and trash.  When I pulled out the recycling bin, I saw the two empty champagne bottles Evelyn had brought to Sunday’s Mug Up along with pomegranate juice to make mimosas to go with her amazing lemon/lime cheesecake topped with homemade whipped cream.  I looked at the name of the champagne and totally lost it.  Its name was  “Barefoot Bubbly”.  That was Evelyn.  Barefoot as could be whenever she could be, and as bubbly as champagne.  Evelyn, you will be so sorely missed by many, but I know your beautiful spirit of light and love will shine on forever, and I am so happy to have known you.

During the past week I have spoken with many people who had only met Evelyn once or on a couple of occasions, but all were feeling the same sense of loss of a very special person.  That is because when you met Evelyn, her spirit went out before her, and that was what you encountered first – the “person” came next.  So whether you’d known her all your life, or for just a brief time, everyone had the same pure and beautiful experience of encountering her perfect self.  We should all live as Evelyn did.

I know Evelyn’s death will have a profound effect on many people, so great that no one will ever know the full extent of it.  For me, her passing has already given me a great gift.  My dear friend Wendie Demuth and I had a falling out at the end of last season and hadn’t spoken since.  Last week Evelyn and I were talking about Wendie, and Evelyn told me that one day we would reconnect, make up, hug and again be best friends.  That very thing happened last evening at Evelyn’s wake – and I know she was there, her big beautiful spirit cheering over what she had accomplished.

At the family’s request, Donations in Evelyn’s name can be made to The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA, a place Evelyn loved and was very involved as a volunteer.

E.J. Lefavour

Evelyn Howe


Photo of Evelyn by Wendie Demuth

HOWE, Evelyn M. 46, of Gloucester, and a former Norfolk resident died suddenly on May 5, 2013 the victim of an accidental drowning. Born In Boston on April 21, 1967, she was the beloved daughter of the late Walter R. Howe, and of Charles and Susan Brindley of Norfolk. She was a graduate of King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham and had attended Clark University. Evelyn has been employed as a Technical Account Manager for Harbor Networks in Framingham, and has lived in Gloucester for the past three years. She loved to help people and was always generous of heart. Even while vacationing she would find great causes that she could lend support to. Once while vacationing in Belize, she found a local animal shelter where she could volunteer her time. Evelyn loved the outdoors and enjoyed Kayaking, Paddle boarding, and Jeeping with the Bay State Jeepers. She was the loving mother of Timothy J. Howe of Haverhill, and was the dear sister of Walter Howe Jr. of Attleboro, and Mark Brindley of Norfolk. Relatives and friends are invited and may call at the RJ Ross Funeral Home, 135 South Street, Route 1A, WRENTHAM CENTRE, on Thursday from 4-8 PM. Her Funeral will be Friday at 10 AM, in the Original Congregational Church, East Street at Dedham Street, Wrentham Centre.

Donations in her memory may be made to the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Evelyn Howe- FOB Will Be Missed

FOB Evelyn was at every GMG event, Mug Ups, Our Show at Cape Ann Giclee, All the Gallery openings.  Always with a huge infectious smile.  The kind of smile that people from out of town get when they move to Gloucester and throw themselves into the community and “Get What Gloucester Is All About”

So sad to see such a positive spirit leave the GMG family.  She will be missed.

EJ writes September 4th, 2012-

EJ and Friends Getting Their Cape Ann SUP On!

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Joey C

It is a total blast, but also a really great low impact workout and a beautiful, peaceful way to explore the harbor and environs. I got to do my first exploration of Ten Pound Island and Evelyn and I accompanied The Bounty out of the inner harbor yesterday morning.

My friends are Evelyn Howe and Becky Bernie of Magnolia and East Gloucester. Today was Becky’s first time and yesterday was Evelyn’s, and we paddled from Oak’s Cove over to Joey’s dock and back to Madfish Wharf in under an hour.


EJ Writes –

Final Mug Up of 2012

Posted on October 2, 2012 by E.J.

It was a great final Mug Up on Rocky Neck Sunday.  Although we didn’t do food competitions this year like last, only the blueberry bake one, I have to say that Evelyn Howe won the best contribution to a Mug Up this season with her pumpkin cheesecake with praline topping – which topped Ann Kennedy’s candied bacon with chocolate sauce, which came in really close to Gigi Mederos’ pickled zucchini which doesn’t sound like much, but was tastebud tantalizing.  Many people brought wonderful additions to the Mug Up fare this season, but these three homemade contributions were spectacular.  Thanks Evelyn, Ann and Gigi.

In Memory of Evelyn Howe

first mug up 2013

This was my scheduled post for today, sharing the wonderful time we all had at Mug Up yesterday.  Early this morning, we learned of the death of Evelyn Howe, a dear personal friend and paddleboard buddy, devoted single mom, avid volunteer and supporter of the Center and Rocky Neck Art Colony (where she had moved this past fall), volunteer on the painting/cleanup crew at the paint factory, a dedicated friend of Good Morning Gloucester, and an avid lover of everything Gloucester, a place she so dearly loved.  Evelyn is pictured above with her amazing lemon/lime cheesecake and champagne and pomegranate juice that she so generously slaved over and brought to share for Mug Up.  Evelyn was an incredibly generous, funloving, sharing young woman, quick to smile and make a room light up.  She apparently drowned while trying to save her good friend who had come up to visit from Rhode Island with his wife and had gotten into trouble after being swept into the water at Brace Cove beyond the Retreat House.  They both were lost.

To those of you who knew Evelyn and her beautiful spirit and bubbly energy, we will all be getting together this evening at The Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street at 6:00pm, to be with each other, share our feelings and thoughts, and grieve the loss of this beautiful woman.  Please come, and feel free to bring along something to share, if you like.

evelyn at plunge

2013 rocky neck plunge 132

Here’s Evelyn, the trooper, during and after her plunge this New Year’s Day with Amanda Nash at the Rocky Neck Plunge.  Evelyn was always up for an adventure and into trying anything.  She lived her life and enjoyed it immensely, and made everyone around her enjoy it too.

evelyn on nightsup

On the Night SUP on Smiths Cove – the night little fish swarmed our boards and jumped all over our feet – creepy but very cool.  SUP on a morning paddle with Becky Bernie over to Capt. Joe & Sons to visit Joey.


And Evelyn at Mug Up at the gallery.

evelyn at mugup

This was sent in by a co-worker of David Machado, Evelyn’s friend who she died trying to save.

I worked with David Machado who passed away with Evelyn Howe this weekend. He worked at Materion Technical Materials in Lincoln, RI. I have attached a picture below for your blog. He was a great guy. He was really looking forward to spending time with his wife Kristen this weekend. That was the last thing he said to me when he left work on Friday. Everyone here at Materion is extremely upset and in disbelief. We will pray for Evelyn Howe and her family and also David Machado and his family.

evelyns friend dave

We had a great pre-season Mug Up on Cinco de Mayo, reconnecting with old and new friends after a long winter, and enjoying some amazing treats that were brought for everyone to enjoy.  A bunch of people arrived at the same time, so I lost track of who brought what, but I do know Evelyn Howe made the most incredible lemon/lime cheesecake with homemade whipped cream and brought pomegranate juice and champagne for yummy and healthy mimosas.  Peter Quarato made the most wonderful Mexican wedding cookies.  Ann and Bob Kennedy are back in Gloucester again from Missouri for the month of May and she brought her notorious thick cut bacon dipped in chocolate sauce – decadent.  Greg Bover made his delicious ginger molasses cake.  Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black brought Gigi’s famous drunken bread pudding drenched in rum.  Mona Faherty brought Margaritas (I had suggested it, and was hopeful, but didn’t really think someone would bring them – yea Mona).  Fred and Janet came late, but came heavy with shrimp roasted with mango sauce and were dressed for the occasion and bearing maracas.  Donna and Rick had them too.  Of course, Paul Morrison was in the hizzy with a new, bigger, better Rubber Duck – the original one having been misplaced.  Also Amy Bell and Richard Mils came by, as did Richard Rosenfeld, Len Burgess and Mary Bowles bearing bunches of tulips.

The new digs got filled up with a bunch of great energy and everyone had a good time.

E.J. Lefavour