GloucesterCast Podcast 4/26/13 With Guest Brianmoc

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/26/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Brianmoc

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Brianmoc

Topics Include: Web Design For Mobile, Being A Local Politician, Local Gas Prices, Self Serve vs Full Serve, Flanagan Square Gas Station, Skip Montello

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Dinner Dealer | Local Card of the Week — Riverside Bistro

Dinner Dealer guru Jessica Brand writes-

You’ve been driving by it day in and day out, waiting patiently for the "season" to start. Well, it’s here folks! Riverside Bistro is officially open for business. Nestled along the Essex River, you get an unadulterated view of the landscape (arguably the best on Rt. 133). Go for the drinks. Go for the food. Go for the vista. Go for the sunset. Seriously, what more could you ask for? Dinner Dealer is proud to offer a $10 off coupon to the Riverside Bistro — and it’s valid on weekends too!


Here’s what you should do . . . Call up some friends and make reservations for 6:30 p.m. on the deck. Bring your Dinner Dealer coupon with you. Order the individually crafted mojitos along with their new coconut shrimp appetizer (with the mango dipping sauce). If fresh mojitos aren’t your cup of tea, their Professional Mixologist can design a specialty cocktail to your liking. Their Cruzan (infused rum) drink list is killer.
As you and your loved ones enjoy the ultimate Riverside Bistro dining experience out on the deck with the boats going by, let the beauty of the sunset take your breath away. Pause, and savor this moment.

Riverside Bistro • 112 Main Street
978-890-7019 •

Don’t have a $10 off coupon to Riverside Bistro yet?
Jump online now, and get your Dinner Dealer deck of discount cards •

Dine Out. Dine Local. Dine Often.

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Fish Tales

Fishing  aboard a locally owned and operated charter boat is a part of Gloucester’s fishing industry.  As catch limits make it increasingly difficult for small commercial fishing operations to remain viable, we can expect some of the fleet to turn to sport fishing charters for livelihoods.

We visited with Capt. Dave Marciano and Mate Jason Muenzer aboard FV Hard Merchandise.  Dave has merged commercial groundfish and tuna fishing with taking on private charter parties.

Unfortunately, last winter, a through-hull fitting failed and Hard Merchandise sank at her dock. The resulting damage has been repaired and all is ready for the new season.

Of course Hard Merchandise is also well known as one of the competitors in National Geographic Channel’s WICKED TUNA series. Dave reports that he is in negotiations with Nat Geo for a third season.

Hard Merchandise copy
Capt Dave copy

Mate JasonColor photo and video © Kathy Chapman 2013

B+W photos © Marty Luster 2013

Elynn Kröger Gallery

elynn kroger gallery

I really love living on Rocky Neck where I can see artist friends on a daily basis.  I went to tea at Elynn Kröger’s yesterday.  Elynn is always a joy to visit with, and her gallery and abstract landscape paintings and drawings are truly amazing.  Just the trip up to her space is a delightful adventure.  Her gallery is at the top of the stairs at 15 Rocky Neck Ave., and every step of the way you encounter an interesting and quirky assortment of objects and quotes.  Once inside, her work and space will blow you away.  And then there is her beautiful view of Smiths Cove.  Elynn’s gallery is open year round, but now that nicer weather is upon on, next time you visit Rocky Neck, make sure you take the magical trip up the stairs to Elynn Kröger Gallery.  In the meantime, you can visit her website at  Her phone number is 978-282-3467 if you want to call first to make sure she is open, although her general pre-season hours are 11:00-6:00.

E.J. Lefavour

Could we live in a more beautiful place?

Niles Pond Pussy Willows

Spring has barely sprung, but yesterday was a little taste of summer. I went for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine at Brace Cove and Niles Pond where I ran into my friends JoeAnn and MJ, who were also walking their dogs on this glorious afternoon. I was looking for muskrats and seals. I didn’t see the seals, but the muskrat swam alongside our route, keeping a wary eye on my every move.

Captain Joe Lobsters

After the luxuriously delightful beach walk, I came home and cooked up some Captain Joe and Sons lobsters and fresh corn for dinner. So looking forward to the warm weather!!!

Guitar Series at Shalin Liu – Featuring Jason Vieaux May 10th

Photo by Tyler Boye

Guitarist Jason Vieaux

Jason Vieaux performs Massachusetts premiere of Dan Visconti’s Devil’s Strum as well as music by Giuliani, J.S. Bach, Britten, Jobim, Albéniz, Pat Metheny & José Luis Merlín
Friday, May 10, 2013 at 8pm at Shalin Liu Performance Center

Vieaux’s concert is part of its  2012-13 new Guitar Series. The evening will traverse the Baroque period with Bach’s Lute Suite No. 1 in E Minor, which Vieaux will play on guitar; the 19th century with Giuliani’s Grand Overture, Op. 61, as well as Albéniz’ Sevilla (arranged by Vieaux); the 20th century with Benjamin Britten’s reflection on Dowland’s music (Nocturnal after John Dowland), Antônio Carlos Jobim’s A Felicidade, José Luis Merlín’s Suite del Recuerdo, and Vieaux’s arrangement of Pat Metheny’s The Bat; and the 21st century with the Massachusetts premiere of Dan Visconti’s Devil’s Strum, written for Vieaux in 2010.

Shalin Liu has great music all summer long
something for everyone check it out .

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend – get out and enjoy the weather and hear some great music around.  Everything from amazing pianist to jambands and everything in between- check out the full list here.  Don’t forget about Boston Strong Benefit all day Saturday at the Landing @ 7 Central with great Live Music, Great Food and Raffles.

Litter pickup tomorrow – Thatcher Road

Hi Joey,
Long-time fan of the blog, infrequent commentor and Captain Joe’s customer here.  I’ve contacted you a few times before….
As part of Earth Day Clean Up week my husband Sam & I are going to pick up some bags tomorrow morning at Stage Fort Park and try to make a dent in the atrocious amount of litter along Thatcher Road.  We’re going to start at our house around 9 am (couple houses down from Rockport line) and work towards the corner of Thatcher Road and Barn Lane.  We’ve got afternoon plans, but hope to get in 2 hours or so of pick up.
I was hoping you might be able to share these with the GMG community.  Maybe some of the other folks that live in the area will join in!  We’re going to try to get 4 to 6 bags.  If anyone is interested, I’ll be the person in the reflective vest picking up litter while trying to avoid being hit be a car!
Erin Rulli

Shakespeare Shout!

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe celebrated its (and the Bard’s) birthday with an evening of readings and song from Shakespeare’s works. The celebration was held at the Rockport Community House. There was a good turnout, with all the seats filled. It ended with cake, meat-filled pastries, and delicious punch!

Here is a slideshow of the event:

Don’t forget about their upcoming production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, May 10-12 & 17-19, 2013, at the Rockport Community House

Visit their blog at

Fr. Matthew Green

Earth Day, Every Day By Fred Bodin :How I Cut My Electric Bill by 50% and Now Shooting for 85%

Fred Bodin Writes-

Good lighting is of prime importance to an art gallery, and here at Bodin Historic Photo lighting burns huge amounts of electricity. I have 36 track and ceiling lights in the showroom and windows, and each used a 75 watt halogen spotlight. Do the math, and that’s 2700 watts burning 7 days per week, 8 to 10 hours a day. About ten years ago I experimented with CFL fluorescent lights, which use less energy and last longer than the halogens, but produce an ugly green or blueish light. CFLs made my artwork look awful, so I stopped buying them.

Five years ago I jumped on the LED bandwagon, which promised large energy savings and a 10 to 20 year bulb life. But the light’s color still wasn’t right: either too pink or too cold white (like a hospital OR). Last year I found the perfect LED: the GE PAR 30 2700K warm floodlight. I use the long neck version because of the size of my fixtures. I discovered this light at ACE Hardware for about $50. They also have a larger version (PAR38) for recessed ceiling lights: GE Dimmable 12W LED Bulb (66529) – LED Light Bulbs – Ace Hardware. As my halogens and CFLs burned out, I replaced them with my new favorite LEDs.

Last year I found the same LED product at The EFI Mass Save Catalog Product Offer | GE LED PAR30 for $35 each. So I ordered 6 of them and now have 10W LEDs in 21 of my 36 gallery lights. My electric bill is already drastically lower, dropping from $100–$120 per month down to $50–$60 per month, saving $600–$720 per year. The savings will be 85% when all of my fixtures are re-lamped with LEDs. (360 watts with 10W LED vs 2700 watts with 75W halogen). Below are some comparisons.

Halogens: GE 75W halogen warm spotlight: $15–$20. 1,500 hour life (vulnerable to vibration**). Dimmable. $9.03 operating cost per year.

LEDs: GE 10W LED warm floodlight. $35–$50. 25,000 hour life (not vulnerable to vibration**). Dimmable (check dimmer compatibility). $1.20 operating cost per year.

*CFLs: Not a contender because of the yuk color. **Vibration is a major cause of failure for filament bulbs, such as halogens, and is caused by shipping, handling, or a rockin’ party.

My advice: Come into my gallery and see the LEDs first hand. Buy one or two LEDs with the warm 2700K color balance to fit your light fixtures. Compare the color with what you’re using now. Then start re-lamping and saving money!

Here’s my favorite LED, lit by the same LED in my gallery track light.


C.B. Fisk Time Lapse Installation

Dear Joey,
Fans of C. B. Fisk might be interested in the time lapse photography of our
recent installation at Indiana University in Bloomington. It is an
instrument we built in the 1980’s in California in a concert hall that the
client built onto the back of his house. He died a couple of years ago and
we were asked to find a new home for the organ. Last year we disassembled it
and moved it to Indiana where it’s been in storage waiting for preparations
to Alumni Hall to be completed. I went out in March with a crew of five and
we worked 60+ hours a week for more than five weeks to put it all back
together. It’s 30 feet tall, weighs more than 30,000 pounds, and is the
third Fisk instrument at the Jacobs School of Music, which boasts the
largest organ department in the country. It has been a particularly
interesting project for me personally because the original 1987 project was
one of the first times I served as project manager. How fortunate I am to be
able to revisit some of my early work and see what has changed and what has
remained the same. I have a great job.
Here’s what it looked like in California, below, and what it looks like now
in Indiana. This the link to the YouTube time lapse video

shot by an IU student.  Note the incomparable walnut carvings by Gloucester’s own Morgan Faulds Pike.
Regards, Greg Bover

HUGE NEWS! Rocky Neck Art Colony to purchase the Cultural Center next Tuesday APRIL 30!!

Thanks to your support, next Tuesday at 10 am at Atty Deborah Eliason’s Gloucester office, the Rocky Neck Art Colony will purchase the former Christian Science Church.  We have raised enough since last May to fund our $200,000 down payment.  We will finance the remaining $250,000 with current owners Steve and Kathy Archer, and continue to energetically seek funds to reduce the debt in short order, pay for renovations, and fund our reserves. 

We invite you to our ribbon-cutting/key passing/check-writing celebration at the Cultural Center between 6-8 pm on Tuesday April 30. I hope you will join us to celebrate this community investment for the cultural enrichment of future generations!


Karen Ristuben


Rocky Neck Art Colony

Back on Sept 11, 2011 Karen Ristuben Explained The Dream that has now become a reality!

Community Stuff 4/26/13

Picture 1Picture 2


On Thursday, May 16th, from 6:15 to 8:30 pm, Karl’s Sausage Kitchen and European Market will be hosting a beer tasting event at their new Peabody location. The guest speaker will be Internationally known beer expert and author Horst Dornbusch. He has written for several publications, including All About Beer, Brewers’ Guardian, The New Brewer,  American Brewer, and Ale Street News. He is a regular columnist for, and he has given public speeches and held tastings internationally in venues large and small.
Mr. Dornbusch will present an entertaining lecture, “Ten (Dirty) Secrets of German Beer,” as participants sample seven distinct German beers, including Altbier, Kölsch, Märzen lager, Urbock and more. Authentic German tasting plates will be prepared in Karl’s Sausage Kitchen to be perfectly matched with the wide variety of beer served. Mr. Dornbusch will highlight different beer varieties and explain to the participants why certain beers pair well with different foods, along with touching on the vast history of brew crafts.
Of the event, Mr. Dornbusch said “The guided pairing of German beer and food presented is a perfect choice. It showcases Karl’s Sausage Kitchen’s key strengths: a broad and authentic selection of both German beer and German delicatessen. I am happy to bring the relationship between the two to life in both theory and practice, by serving and explaining the characteristics of very different German beer styles, each matched with contrasting or complementary food”
Karl’s Sausage Kitchen & European Market is well known throughout New England for its authentic, old-world European sausages, cold cuts and smoked meats, made on the premises with the finest meats and spices. They also stock imported products jams, jellies, chocolates, cheeses, pickles, cookies and bread in their grocery.  The move to the larger Peabody facility has enabled owners Anita and Robert Gokey to add a European CafĂ©, where customers can now enjoy sandwiches, grilled sausages, traditional German fare and imported beer and wine before stocking up on meats and imported goods to take home. 

Pricing is 69.00 per person. Seating is very limited. Stop into the store or call Brooke at 978.854.6650 to purchase admission.