Earth Day: Planting salad greens at West Parish- Lara Lapionka Reports

Hi Joey,

Here are some pictures of West Parish students planting salad greens as part of the first annual, district-wide salad planting day. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

Featured here are Ms. LaCoste’s and Ms. McKechnie’s classrooms. All five elementary schools participated–more pictures to come!

Thanks – Lara

Epicureans for Education This Saturday, April 27, 6:30pm Ryan & Wood Distilleries "The Spirit of Cape Ann" Blackburn Center, Gloucester


Join us for a GREAT night of food, drinks and helping kids… can there be a better combo? Okay, maybe all of that on a tropical island, but a top notch distillery located on our little island isn’t a bad spot either!


Enjoy chef hosted interactive cooking demonstrationsof sustainable local seafood,

along with wine and cocktail tastings

Your evening includes heavy hors d’oeuvres by Turner’s Seafood, beverages including beer and wine, entertainment by DJ Tony, "Instant Wine Cellar" raffles and silent auction.

Cheers! Alexandra Lorenzano & Kathi Turner, event co-chairs

$65 per person, $75 at the door

Click here to purchase online  or call 978-283-1700 to request tickets payable by check

Proceeds from the evening benefit the  scholarship and financial aid programs of Eastern Point Day School.

Check us out online at

Call us at (978) 283-1700 or email at

for information or to arrange a tour.


Update For Boston/Watertown From Gloucester Police Chief Len Campanello

Hi Joey,

Just wanted to give your reades a brief outline of Gloucester Police Departments involvement in the Boston Marathon and ensuing events last week. Gloucester Police Department is part of a multi-jurisdictional consortium called NEMLEC (NorthEast Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council). NEMLEC deploys resources for different scenarios on a needs based analysis and when requested. One of their resources is a highly trained, quickly deployable Rapid Response Team (RRT). This team is comprised of officers from within the consortium who are uniquely trained to provide direct support in emergency events such as the bombing in Boston and the following suspect manhunt in Watertown. NEMLEC was requested by Boston Police immediately after the bombing.

A number of Gloucester Officers are specially trained and are active individual members of NEMLEC. One of these officers, our K9 handler Chris Genovese, was activiated to the NEMLEC Rapid Response Team the day of the bombing. He and a Gloucester detective assigned to the DEA were an integral part of securing Boston in the confusing hours that followed the inital blast. Additionally, both officers stayed deployed in Boston and later in Watertown and assisted closely with the manhunt and capture of the second suspect.

As a City, we received no threats of any kind as a result of this incident. In a preventive measure, I ordered the Police Safety Boat launched and several sweeps of the Harbor were made Monday night. I also deployed our second K9 on several days to check our more vulnerable areas, again being proactive and protective. Our patrol force was asked by the MBTA to make frequent checks of the commuter rail stations, which we did. We remain, as always, vigilant for any safety issues that arise, but again I want to emphasize that no threats were received or perceived for the City of Gloucester as a result of the bombings in Boston.

I am extremely proud of the affliation that Gloucester has with NEMLEC, our own officers, and in our ability to render highly trained and professional aid when needed. As a result, should Gloucester have a need, NEMLEC will be there, as they were in November when we were facing a stand-off with a suicidal person holding a gun.

Today, we mourn the loss of our brother officer from MIT and pray for the MBTA officer still hospitalized, as well as for the victims of Marathon Monday’s attacks. The support we have received from the residents of Gloucester is amazing and we thank you for all you have done to show your appreciation. In the end, this is what you pay us to do and we are humbled and honored to be abe to protect and serve the citizens of Gloucester 24/7.

Thank you for the opportunity to update your readers.

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester, MA

Clean up this coming weekend/ One Hour at a Time Gang

REMEMBER everyday is Earth Day: Earth Day clean up is on Saturday April 27th from 9- 12 at Stage Fort Park please bring fresh fruits and veggies for the food pantry, then Sunday is the Pride Stride Day. Please look at GMG’s  Earth Day map for more information.  Remember to be greener we must be cleaner.  The DPW on Poplar Street has yellow bags to help you pick up when taking your walks.

day earth

Anyone Need a Glass Display Case?

glass case

4′ long x 20″ deep x 40″ high display case on wheels, rolls easily for moving around, glass front and top. Solid sides, solid sliding doors on back. Locking mechanism can easily and inexpensively be attached (not included). Base with wheels is separate from main top section, can be used with or without the base. (Photo is shown WITH wheel base in place – wheels are covered by wood base so you don’t see them). Fair condition. Top glass has 5″ crack in corner that is covered with clear packing tape.  ready for pick up anytime.  It is heavy!  On Rocky Neck, E. Gloucester  Contact: Brenda 978-559-1709

Looking for Pussy Willows

Habitat Gardening Post #2 ~ Beauty in Our Midst

Pussy Willow Salix discolor Niles Pond gloucester © Kim Smith 2013

Blooming now along the water’s edge and wetlands is our native Pussy Willow (Salix discolor). The first photo is cropped (click to view larger) so that you can easily see the Pussy Willow tree on the far right at the pond’s edge– a pretty pale yellowish-green. The small tree, or large shrub, can either easily be pruned to a standard shape, or allowed to grow in its more unruly, wildy way. Prune the branches down to the ground and the following year you will be rewarded with straight shoots for cutting and bringing indoors. Salix dicolor grows easily in average, wet, and moist areas, and grows best in full- to part-sun.

Pussy Willow Salix discolor © Kim Smith 2013

Pussy Willows are pollinated by wind and by insects and produce a very high-sugar nectar. They are an important early food source for native bees. One Pussy Willow catkin contains about 200 fruit-bearing flowers. Cardinals and finches find the flower buds tasty, too. Willows are dioecious, which means some twigs  produce beautiful golden stamens (male parts), while others bear slender greenish pistils (female parts).

mourning cloak

I often see Mourning Cloak butterflies around the berm between Niles Pond and Brace Cove; the leaves of the Pussy Willow are a larval host plant (caterpillar food plant) for both the Mourning Cloak and Viceroy butterflies. The Mourning Cloak is one of the earliest butterflies seen in our region because they overwinter in the adult form.

Pussy Willow Salix discolor 2 © Kim Smith 2013

The bark and roots of Pussy Willow contains a compound called salicin, and the herb is used similarly to aspirin in treating mild fevers, cold, infections, headaches, and pain.  Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a synthetic replacement for salicin.

Mourning Cloak Butterfly nectaring from milkweed, image courtesy Google image search

Rising Star Brad Byrd on TV and Live @ Dog Bar this week

Brad Byrd (R) w/ Allen Estes on the set of Local Music Seen

We see one of our roles, here at GMG, as making sure you know who’s on the way to making it big.  Rockport native, Brad Byrd is one of those local musicians.  Some day, when Brad’s playing stadiums and you can’t get a ticket for under 200 bucks, you’ll be saying, “I saw him at the Dog Bar in Gloucester, Mass!”  But only if you get down to the Dog Bar tomorrow (THURSDAY) where he’s on at 9pm.

Tonight you can see Brad on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, which airs at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  In this show, Brad’s hypnotic voice draws you into his world where you’ll notice that every one of his lyrics is perfectly placed and there isn’t a single extra word. This is some of the best songwriting you’ll hear.

When this show premiered last June, Allen introduced an excellent new song, “The Trouble with Me”.  Here’s a taste:

Almost exactly a year ago, Brad shot a music video for his hit, Zero to the 101 at Minglewood.  Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from that video shoot.

More behind-the-scenes footage here.  And more Brad Byrd videos here.

Wednesdays with Fly Amero

Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!
Hello everyone!
Wednesday, April 24th
Special Guest:  ELAINE O’ROURKE!

Elaine O’Rourke returns to us once again with her gentle
voice, uniquely original rhythmic guitar strumming… plus, a
recently released CD (I played on a couple cuts myself) titled,
“Silence of Time”!  The disc, you’ll soon come to know, is a
true-to-life snapshot of this extremely creative artist’s mind
and spirit.  A “feel good” experience all the way! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Ron Schrank

Charlee Bianchini

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly


Cameron’s Feast 2013

On April 16, Henry Allen held the annual “Cameron’s Feast” – a fundraiser for the Brain Candy Project, which supports the parents of critically ill hospitalized children.  It is named after Henry’s son, who died from brain cancer in 2008, and who inspired the project. The date of the event this year would have been Cameron’s 18th birthday.

A percentage of the proceeds from the event will go to the Richard Family Fund in Cameron’s name, in honor of Martin Richard, the child victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. Donations can still be made at

The activities took place at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, and included many musical tributes from assorted groups and individuals, poetry, an art sale, and a delicious buffet.

Henry Allen and the New Swingset opened the evening. When the musicians got swinging, so did some of the audience, including Tim Edwards (“Cowboy”) and Ruth Mordecai:

as well as David Wesson and his daughter Talia:

Here’s a full slideshow:

Fr. Matthew Green

Sneak preview night time garage sale happening thisThursday 5-8pm.

17 Kondelin rd #7
At our warehouse in the Cape Ann Industrial Park
Gloucester, MA 01930
Thursday, april 25th, 5-8pm (sorry no early birds)

This is going to be a great sale for resellers! It will packed with items. Here’s how the sale will go: For the first hour all items will be priced at $5.00 each. Then from 6 to 8 all items are $1.00 each!


Help us Beautify the City Gardens on the Boulevard – Sunday April 28th

Susan Kelly Writes-

On Sunday April 28th a group of Generous Gardeners will be cleaning up the gardens to the right of the Fisherman’s Wives statue.  We are going to be including these gardens in the garden tour to benefit the city Harborwalk and other Gloucester gardens on July 13th.  Everyone would like these gardens need to look terrific, so plants need to be divided and weeded.  There is also a new empty bed that can be filled with these divisions.

Are you available for a few hours to help?  We will be there at 9:00 am. Gloucester High Honor Society students will receive community service credit hours.  No gardening experience necessary.  We will provide gardening gloves if you need them.

Contact with any questions or to sign up to help.

Community Stuff 4/24/13

Gunilla Caulfield and June Houghton Sullivan Guest Speakers at the Pigeon Cove Circle

Rockport author, Gunilla Caulfield and June Houghton Sullivan Guest Speakers at the Pigeon Cove Circle

On Thursday, May 30 at 6 p.m. Rockport author Gunilla Caulfield and June Houghton Sullivan will be guest speakers at the Pigeon Cove Circle meeting, Six Breakwater Avenue, Rockport.   Gunilla Caulfield will discuss her recent book, "WW II Army Nurse June Houghton Sullivan – A Life Story!"  This heroic true-life story of June Houghton Sullivan of Rockport, will provide members of the Pigeon Cove Circle and guests an opportunity to meet this talented author and respected Army nurse June Houghton Sullivan.   A book signing will be held and those who wish to purchase a book ($15.) may.  It is not necessary to be a member of the Pigeon Cove Circle to attend this event, all are welcome.

The Pigeon Cove Circle is a civic organization made-up of men and women throughout Cape Ann.  During the year a variety of fund-

raisers are held and these monies are utilized for community purposes such as scholarships to Cape Ann students, etc.  The group meets on the last Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.  A pot-luck dinner is held and guests are always welcome at no fee and pre-

registration is not required.  Those attending are welcome to bring an item for the pot-luck buffet.  New members are always welcome as are guests.

Hi Joey:

Golden Living of Gloucester is a skilled nursing facility.  The majority of the residents here are senior citizens.  They wanted to find a way to show their support for our fellow New Englanders who have been effected by the tragic events of Monday April 15th, 2013. 

They came up with the idea of writing letters.  Thank you letters to the Boston law enforcement and emergency medical services and get well letters to the victims in the Boston hospitals.

Our residents have invited the staff of Golden Living and would also like to extend their invitation to the citizens of Gloucester to join them in their efforts to give back to our fellow Americans in this time of need.

In addition to writing letters Golden Living will also have a collection for ONEFUND.ORG for anyone who wishes to make a donation.  I have attached the flyer to this email.  We were hoping your blog could help us put the word out to the community. 

We hope to see you there Sunday May 5th, 2-3:30pm.  Golden Living Gloucester, 272 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA 01930.  Light snacks and refreshments will be served.  Please call with any questions 978-281-0333.


Jamie L. Desmond

Cape Ann YMCA to host National Senior Health & Fitness Day on May 29th

The Cape Ann YMCA, Middle Street, Gloucester, will be hosting National Senior Health & Fitness Day on May 29th from 7:30 a.m.  –

11:30 a.m.   Services for seniors, exercise programs,  information on shingles, lyme disease prevention and more. 

For further information, please contact Chris Erbland at 978-283-0470.

Video- Gloucester MA Waterfront , Rockport, Bearskin Neck, 1959-1967 Part 1

Old reels of tape converted to digital files.  Ciaramitaro and Curcuru families.  Benny Curcuru, Auntie Annie, Captain Joe and Felicia Ciaramitaro.  Stage Fort Park, Gloucester Harbor, the Paint Factory, The Dragger Fleet, Downtown, Rogers Street, The Gloucester House, Bearskin Neck, Rockport.  I don’t recognize a lot of the older Italian women and men, feel free to leave a comment with the names you recognize and the time displayed when you see them in the comments on this video.  Thank you

Gloucester MA Waterfront , Rockport, Bearskin Neck, 1959-1967 from Joey on Vimeo.