GloucesterCast Taped 4/28/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

GloucesterCast 4/29/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

Topics Include:

2:10 St Ann’s School Closing

5:38 O’Maley School Theater

9:42 Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll

13:00 Mayor Kirk

18:30 Coffee Roll Or Cannoli

20.25 Styrofoam Cups vs Paper Cups

26:06 Cotton Is For Suckers

27:20 Cross Fit Cape Ann

29:15 Muffy White

32:12 Manscaping

35:15 Joey’s Use Of Female Hygiene Products

35:53 Manly Scented Sunscreen

40:27 Laurie Lufkin Click Marketing

42:10 Alicia On Social Media

46:00 Brianmoc

47:30 The Idea Behind GMG

56:30 19 Again

58:00 LMGTFY

If you only listen to one of our podcasts let this be the one.  I had so much crazy fun with Alicia.

Here are some memorable quotes from our discussion-

“Should I brace myself? Should I put my seatbelt on?”

“Powder fresh in my nether regions”

“Cotton Is For Suckers”

“Picture late 70’s early 80’s porn”

“Need a machete down there to get to the good stuff”

Stepping Up For City Hall Saturday Sold Out- But Still Tickets Available for The Sunday Show

REMINDER: Don’t miss out on the Banana event of the year!! Hurry downtown to get your tickets for the enormously popular fun fashion show and theatrical event — STEPPING UP FOR CITY HALL.

Saturday evening is sold out, but tickets are still available for the SUNDAY, May 5th AFTERNOON show!

The Sunday performance is in the Kyrouz Auditorium at City Hall — doors open at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $35 and are available at Bananas, 78 Main Street in Gloucester. All proceeds will be used to purchase new windows for our historic City Hall.

Be a Bananahead and get on Down To Bananas for your ticket!


What Little Credibility People Magazine Had Just Flew Out The Window When They Named Gwyneth Paltrow World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Gwyneth Paltrow undeniably a beautiful woman.  No question.  But World’s Most Beautiful?  That’s just crazy talk.

WORLD.  As in the Earth, right?  Not like most beautiful person that lives on her block.  Bananas.  Might as well rename the magazine the National Enquirer II.

7.5 Lbs of Paper Going Directly Into The Recycling Bin- Are You Kidding Me Restoration Hardware?

Someone I share a house with and may or may not be related to through marriage submits this-

An absolute waste – 7.5lbs of catalogs from restoration hardware came in the mail in one wrapped up package that I dumped directly into the recycling bin…
I would be embarrassed if I worked for RH

photo (43)

How Bout One Big Piece of Nice Card Stock Saying Check Out Our Awesome Website For What’s Current?

Cape Ann Milkweed Project ~ Place your orders today

Order Your Milkweed Plants Today!

Monarch Chrysalis on milkweed rib ©Kim Smith 2011Monarch Chrysalis on Rib of Common Milkweed Leaf

Everyone who wrote in yesterday and placed an order has been recorded. Anyone interested in ordering either Common or Marsh Milkweed today, please place your order in the comment section of this post or yesterday’s post, which explains the project, and includes all details. Don’t forget to specify whether you are interested in Common or Marsh Milkweed and how many plants you would like.

Thank  you so much to everyone who is participating. Keep the orders coming!

Monarch Caaterpillars Feeding on Common Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2011

Monarch Caterpillars Feeding on Milkweed in the Summer…

Monarch Willow tree ©Kim Smith 2012 copy

Equals Millions of Monarchs in the Fall!!!

Promoting one of my Fellow Iowans ~ Patty Larkin at Shalin Liu on May 5th

Patty  Larkin is playing Shalin Liu on Sunday May 5th.  Patty was born in Iowa, grew up in Milwaukee went to college in Oregon and then arrived at Berklee College of Music in the mid 1980’s but Patty Larkin calls Cape Cod home, so Patty Larkin is a Boston area musician.  Patty Larkin is a self-described “guitar driven songwriter” with an impressive 25 year career as one of the great voices of the contemporary urban folk scene. A winner of an unprecedented 11 Boston Music Awards.  Check her out and go see her.

Check out the full week of music and plan your week – some amazing music this week here are some highlights:

  • Tonight – Boston Benefit at Espresso’s 
  • Tuesday – Always great the Woodpeppers with special guest Dennis Brennan (one of my favs) at Jalapenos
  • Wednesday – Dennis Monagle with Julie Dougherty & Dave Brown at Minglewood
  • Thursday – Singer-Songwriter Shuffle at Giuseppe’s
  • Friday – Megan McKenzie Band at Minglewood
  • Saturday – Garnet Rogers & Chris Pahud at Old Sloop Coffeehouse or Jay Geils at Shalin Liu
  • Sunday – Patty Larkin at Shilin Liu

East Gloucester Elementary School is showing we are Boston Strong on Tuesday

Hi Joey!

A quick message for the voters in East Gloucester, Ward 1.

East Gloucester Elementary School is showing we are Boston Strong on Tuesday. As part of the bake sale during Tuesday’s election, we will have a donation box for The One Fund Boston. Students are encouraged to wear Boston related clothing on Tuesday (sports, Boston city, fire, police, universities, etc). If families wish to send in a donation, we will be collecting them on Tuesday and sending to One Fund Boston as a gift from EGS. Voters who would like to make a donation can! Cash or checks made out to "One Fund Boston, Inc." For more info check out  Delicious bake goods and doing good for our community all at once = BOOM!

Thanks for sharing see you there!! (Bake Sale will run from 7:45 – 3pm)


Muffy White

Brad Byrd at The Landing @ 7 Central

brad byrd landing


It’s been almost a year since Brad last performed in Manchester by the Sea, but this Saturday at 9pm, he returns to The Landing at 7 Central.

Performing originals and covers from 9pm to midnight, guests are guaranteed a great night of live music when Brad Byrd performs.

Reservations are suggested.

Espresso’s to host Benefit for Boston “The One Fund” 6:00 to 9:00 tonight….4.29.2013


scottie mac

Benefit for Boston…with John Jerome, Bradley Royds and more….Bring your peeps and have some fun while raising money for Boston

bradly and john

Artist Work Spaces: Linda Colman

Hi Paul!

I just cleaned up my studio yesterday, so it’s the perfect time
to share my studio with GMG.
It’s upstairs in my house, has great light and is roomy enough if I don’t get too messy!
Here are pictures of my big tree sketches and some
small paper cutouts based on my recent Hawaii vacation.
Best, Linda Colman.


Gloucester Represents! At The Marathon Memorial


Hi Joey!
Hope you have been well.  I went into Boston on Saturday…got some really great photos. This one stood out- and I thought of you.
Thought I would send it.
Hope all is well with you!


Hi Joey,

I saw this Gloucester shirt hanging at the Boston Marathon Memorial on Sunday 4/28/13

Kelly Howard,  Holliston, MA

Boston Marathon Finish Line 4-28-13 147

Jim Lowell submits-

As always, Gloucester is well represented as seen from this image shot last night at one of several Copley Square memorials to the Marathon victims. Boston Strong!


Community Stuff 4/29/13

Chickity Check It! The Law and Water Gallery


Here above the tide, in America’s storied fishing port, the Law & Water Gallery shows provocative works by accomplished artists in mixed media, paint, ceramics, and photography.

The gallery brings together two bodies of art under one roof. The first has, as its starting point, the written and unwritten laws that shape society. The second centers around the body of water that surrounds and sustains our island.

These works offer fresh perspectives on law and justice, port and place, work and environment.

Located in the storefront law office of Ken Riaf on Gloucester’s Harbor Walk, the Law & Water Gallery is open on Saturdays and by appointment.

View the artists.


At the Friday May 10 meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club, physicist Gary Meehan will speak on the nation’s next generation of geosynchronous weather satellites, GOES-R.

Gary will give us a high-level "tour" around the satellite, and explain the various instruments that will fly on it. Gary will give particular emphasis to the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI), the flagship instrument on GOES-R, for which he is the lead systems engineer.

The new satellites will provide continuous imagery and atmospheric measurements of Earth’s Western Hemisphere as well as space weather monitoring. They will be the primary tool for the detection and tracking of hurricanes and severe weather, and will improve support for the detection and observations of meteorological phenomena that directly affect public safety, protection of property, and ultimately, economic health and development.

Gary has been a member of the GOES-R Ground Processing team for the past few years at Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) in Lexington.

GAAC meets at 8:00 on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center in the Lanesville neighborhood of Gloucester. There is no charge. More information is available on their website, and on their Facebook page, http://facebookcom/gaacpage