Simone de Beauvoir Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“That’s what I consider true generosity. You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”

A native Parisienne, de Beauvoir studied mathematics and languages at a time when very few women did. She went on to study philosophy at the Sorbonne and wrote her thesis on Gottfried Leibniz. During further studies she met Jean-Paul Sartre with whom she had a life-long relationship, but never married. Her 1943 novel She Came to Staymade her name as an existentialist writer, but her treatise The Second Sex, six years later, solidified her standing as a founder of Feminism, even though an early English translation, hurriedly done, distorted her message. She remained politically active until late in life and is buried, with Sartre, in Montparnasse.

Greg Bover

Live Blogging: Charlie Carroll Photography @ Cape Ann Giclee

Fluid Dynamics: by Charlie Carroll

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Come on down and see Charlie’s work, and our jaw will hit the floor. These photos are stunning, colorful, and extremely unique. You will want one for your wall, without a doubt. If you can’t make it down, his show runs from April 12th through April 27th. You have to see these in person!

To purchase Charlie’s work go to:

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

 Although not native to the waters of Cape Ann, little compares to these Blue Point, Westport, CT oysters, shucked and devoured at Gloucester’s Wingaersheek Beach. Kathy recently mastered the art of shucking and showed Marty how to find the hinge to unlock the shells. She also shared them with Fred Bodin (Bodin Historic Photo) and made a video of his technique.
The oysters were purchased at Connolly Seafoods: The last frame shows the additional gifts from the sea courtesy House of the Raven:

KC1933 copy
KC1905 copy

KC1919 copy
Photos © Marty Luster 2013



PearlsHouseOfRavenPhotos and video © Kathy Chapman 2013

BOLO! The Alewives are running!


Fish Counters,

I counted two alewives at the counting board today at 1:00 – 1:10. Hopefully they are the first of many.

I also stopped by the bridge at Apple Street in Essex around noon today and there were about 3 dozen in the brook at that time and I’ve received reports that many were counted yesterday in Essex.


Dave Sargent
Gloucester Shellfish Constable/Alewife Warden

In case you don’t know, as I didn’t, the alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) is a species of fish. There are anadromous and landlocked forms. The landlocked form is also called a sawbelly or mooneye (although this latter name is more commonly applied to Hiodon spp.). The front of the body is deep and larger than other fish found in the same waters, and its common name is said to come from comparison with a corpulent female tavernkeeper (“ale-wife”).[1] In Atlantic Canada it is known as the gaspereau. More locally, in southwestern Nova Scotia, it is called a kiack (or kyack).[2] In the Southeast US, when sold and used as bait, the fish is often referred to as “LY”.

Adult alewives are preferred bait for the spring lobster fishery in Maine.[3] It is also used for human consumption, usually smoked. It is caught (during its spawning migration upstream) using large dip nets to scoop the fish out of shallow, constricted areas on its migratory streams and rivers. It is one of the “typical” North American shads of the subgenus Pomolobus.

from Wikipedia

E.J. Lefavour

Nina and Frank Groppo Family

Many, many thanks and our deepest appreciation to the Frank and Nina Groppo Family for agreeing to be interviewed and for allowing us to film their beautiful St. Joseph celebrations. While interviewing and during the feast, their wonderful home was overflowing with family and friends, joy and grace. Thank you Groppo Family and Friends!

Nina writes:
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this – we appreciate yours and everyone’s devotion and faith to Saint Joseph.
We hope to continue with this devotion and tradition for as long as Saint Joseph and the good Lord give us the strength to do it and send us the help to do it – not just for us but for all that join in this beautiful tradition of faith, whether for just one day or for the full Novena!!

Groppo Family Feast of St. Joseph Altar©Kim Smith 2013Left to right back row: Vincenza Ferrara, Kathy Pratl, and Francesco Groppo.

Left to right front row: Eleonora D’Angelo, Angela Sanfilippo, Agata Groppo, Fina Briguglio, and Maria Sanfilippo.

and Nina “Crocetta” Groppo sitting on Agata’s lap.

Click portrait to view full size image.

The Backwoods Ramblers with Fozzie Hill next Saturday @ Cafe Shalom

This just in from Natalia Carollo ~ Cafe Shalom @ Temple Ahavat Achim:

Saturday, April 20th at 8:30 pm at the Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St., Gloucester)

The Backwoods RamblersThe Backwoods Ramblers are a group of multi-talented musicians featuring lead and harmony vocals with Barry Michaud on guitar, Pat Conlon on mandolin and harmonica, and Jack Schwartz on bass and banjo. The group plays a memorable blend of folk-rock, country, and bluegrass.

Fozzie HillAlberta Hill (also known as Fozzie), one of the best kept secrets on the North Shore music scene, will sing songs both written and borrowed about life, love, and landscape.

All are welcome! $10 donation is suggested.

Dave Brown, Allen Estes, Wolf Ginandes and Benny Benson~Tonight @ MinglewoodAtLat 9:00pm

db maewolfbbm

Headshaft photos

Watch out Minglewood….this is gonna be one wicked awesome night!




hey ya”ll dave brown and i will be playin some tunes at Latitude 43 tonite 9p.m. with wolf and benny on bass and drums…come on down and watch as i hang on for dear life tryin to keep up with “mad man D B” on electric guitarrrr…x,o,allen

Sidewalk Sweeping Day Saturday, April 20, 2013- Clean City Initiative Earth Day Cleanup April 27th

Sidewalk Sweeping Day

Please join the Clean City Initiative and the Building Center of Gloucester on our Annual Sidewalk Sweeping Day April 20, 2013. Sweep all the winter sand off of your sidewalk and into the street for the D.P.W. to come and take it away on your scheduled sweeping day, look for the posted schedule in your local newspaper or online on our cites website. Try to keep it in small piles so the street sweeping machine can sweep it up. Offer to help a neighbor that might need it. Look for coupons in local paper from our sponsors the Building Center of Cape Ann. Thank you for “Helping to Keep Our Home Port Clean”.

Sidewalk Sweeping Day 2012 and Donna of One Hour At A Time Gang  and friend and injured dog.



Earth Day Cleanup

Come join the Clean City Initiative for an Earth Day cleanup at Stage Fort Park on Saturday April 27, 2013 from 9-12. We will be collecting fresh fruits and vegetables for the Food Pantry so if you can, please bring something that comes from the earth. You can come and clean Stage Fort Park or take your bag and bring it to an area that you like to visit that needs some cleaning. Take an extra bag and separate the recycling from the trash. Organize a neighborhood cleanup, we can show you how. Contact Rose Lopiccolo at the DPW at 978-281-9785 or Patti Amaral at 978-412-4201 or visit our webpage at,. Thank you for helping us to “Keep Our Home Port Clean”.

Earth Day Central at Stage Fort Park