Somebody Tell Paul! It’s an R.D. Invasion


When visiting Chatham on Sunday we spotted a familiar yet unsettling sight: an army of R.D.’s has invaded Chatham. So we felt it vitally important to alert Paul and the rest of the GoodMorningGloucester audience. The R.D. army has set up shop in a new toy store on Main Street in Chatham. There are doctor ducks, chef ducks, bride ducks, groom ducks. No way to know what their next move is but Ruby and Luke recommend keeping them under close surveillance.

– John McElhenny 





"Letters, E-Mail, Texts — What’s Next?", a podcast episode of "On Point with Tom Ashbrook"

From NPR-

Letters, E-Mail, Texts — What’s Next?

Letters are dead. E-mail outdated. Text messages so passé. What’s going on with how we communicate?

Text messages passe?  Jeeze I’m a huge fan of the simple text message to get my point across in a pinch.

Letters totally dead.  Email outdated?  I’m a dinosaur I guess.

A very special meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club April 12


The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club is delighted to have Dr. Mario Motta as our speaker for the April 12 GAAC meeting. Mario will address the serious threats to our dark skies (and our health!) here on Cape Ann and elsewhere.

Dr. Motta will discuss the human health issues caused by light pollution, and will outline important reasons for good lighting practices, which include energy savings, better seeing at night, and a variety of important environmental problems. This will be a fun and informative meeting on an issue that is critical to us all.

Mario has worked on light pollution issues since 1990, was instrumental in getting a light pollution policy adopted by Gloucester, and is working for similar legislation statewide. He is a founding member of NELPAG (new England Light Pollution advisory group), is on the IDA board, and has gotten both the Massachusetts Medical Society and the AMA to adopt light pollution measures for health reasons. He is on the AMA Council of Science and Public Health, and led a 2 year effort on a compilation of light pollution’s health issues that was adopted by the AMA as policy in 2012.

GAAC meets on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center at 8:00pm. There is no cost. We’re on the web at and on Facebook at

Bodin Gallery Boarded — by the Australian Coast Guard!

bodin boarded
After the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt, I had a visit from Craig Longmuir, Acting Chief of the Rescue Coordination Centre, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Emergency Response Division (equivalent to our US Coast Guard). He’s here on official business to observe and learn from how we handle maritime rescues. He visited USCG Boston, and is headed next to New London, CT. One interesting issue he’s working on is how to rescue four to six thousand people from a cruise ship in distress (like the recent Carnival Cruise ship disaster in the Gulf of Mexico). But Craig came to Gloucester for enjoyment, and really liked our city and the clam chowder at the Gloucester House. Originally from Scotland, he’s very friendly, and will hopefully send interesting material from “CG Australia” for us to see. He’s taking one of my 1924 photos of Good Harbor Beach home, plus the sticka’, and is now on our gallery e-vite list. Ya’ just never know what’s gonna’ happen here! His employer is Their patrol area encompasses 10% of this planet’s oceans. 
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Lecture Tonight at the Seaside Garden Club

Lecture Tonight at 7:30 at the Manchester Community Center: Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! ~ Notes from a Gloucester Garden.

Cabbage White Butterflies mating in Cornus florida ©Kim Smith 2009

Cabbage White Butterflies Mating in the Native Flowering Dogwood Foliage 

The lecture tonight is based on the book of the same name, which I wrote and illustrated. In it I reveal how to create the framework, a living tapestry of flora, fauna, and fragrance that establishes the soul of the garden. Using a selection of plant material that eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides, and guided by the plants forms, hues, and horticultural demands, we discuss how to create a succession of blooms from April through November. This presentation is as much about how to visualize your garden, as it is about particular trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and annuals. Illuminated with photographs, and citing poetry and quotations from Eastern and Western cultural influences, this presentation engages with an artist’s eye while drawing from practical experience.

For a complete lit of my 2013 – 2014 programs and workshops, visit the Programs and Lectures page of my blog.

Cecropia Moth ©Kim Smith 20009

The Cecropia Moth, or Robin Moth (Hyalophora cecropia) is the largest moth found in North America, with a wingspan of up to six inches. He is perched on the foliage of our beautiful native Magnolia virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia), one of several of the caterpillar’s food plants. You can tell that he is a male because he has large, feathery antennae, or plumos, the better for detecting scent hormones released by the female. This photo was taken in our garden in early June.

The Manchester Community Center is located at 40 Harbor Point, Manchester.

Better start saving now if you want to see the Rolling Stones @ the Garden

Vickie got hold of an exclusive presale email for Rolling Stones tickets.  Check out these outrageous prices!  Tickets go on sale Monday 4/15 and it looks like you have to buy them in pairs.  

By contrast, there’s lots of excellent music in Gloucester for a bit less money.  See the full schedule here.


Lower Level Seating (100 Level) US $450.00 – US $600.00
US $450.00 Ticket +US $19.64 Fees/Additional Taxes = US $469.64
US $600.00 Ticket +US $22.95 Fees/Additional Taxes = 
US $622.95

Main Floor Seating US $600.00
US $600.00 Ticket +US $22.95 Fees/Additional Taxes = US $622.95

Club Level Seating (200 Level) US $450.00 – US $600.00
US $450.00 Ticket +US $19.64 Fees/Additional Taxes = US $469.64
US $600.00 Ticket +US $22.95 Fees/Additional Taxes = US $622.95

Upper Level Seating (300 Level) US $150.00 – US $250.00
US $150.00 Ticket +US $13.02 Fees/Additional Taxes = US $163.02
US $250.00 Ticket +US $15.23 Fees/Additional Taxes = US $265.23

– One premium reserved Price Level 1 Floor ticket
– VIP entrance
– Pre-show buffet dinner – specially selected menu, bar (wine, beer, beverages), wait staff service
– Exclusive merchandise item
– Official tour program
– Collectible laminate
– Onsite check-in staff

– One General Admission Tongue Pit ticket with early entry before general public
– Exclusive merchandise item
– Official tour program
– Collectible laminate
– Onsite check-in staff

– One premium reserved Price Level 1 ticket
– Exclusive merchandise item
– Official tour program
– Collectible laminate

Dave Sag’s Blues Party with ~ Erin and The Soul Drivers @ The Rhumb Line 8-11pm – 4.11.2013

 dave bw

Dave says,

 I’m takin’  April 11, off. I’m putting’ on my muddy boots and heading’ down to N’Awlins once again to hang out at the BP Oil Spill® Festival. Sponsored by Walt Disney, this outfit really knows how to get down and dirty. Corporations are people, too, my friends, and I’m so pleased that their ads show their great humanity and humility. Now if I could just get that oyster to stop waving’ a white flag….

Filling in the cavity left by my departure will be that friendly drummer, Jeff Casper and his band: Erin and the Soul Drivers, with my favorite big-eared bass buddy, Mr. Russell Keyes.

erin and the soul drivers

  And write this down: April 18 Ms. Mari Martin returns with a blistering band featuring Bob Enik, on glitar, Jim Gambino, on keys, and Andrew Jones, on Drums. Last time Mari sang here, the heavens opened and stayed open.
  And April 25, welcome back Mr. Greg Lutrell, fabulous guitarist and singer. He’s just got back from China, where he’s been all winter playing music and hacking into North Korea’s Sun Yung Guy’s  porno pod.

DON’T FORGET: we start at 8 pm now ,not 9. You’re the best. We love you! 
  I’m still not on Facebook, due to the large volume of nonsense, so , if you’ve got friends who want to know what’s going on, send me their email addresses. No pressure, no salesman will visit your home.

Pet of the Week- Joey



My name is Joey. I think I am about five-years-old.  I have a handsome white-and-tiger coat.  I found myself homeless as an adolescent, I lived on the harsh streets in Boston alone.  Along the way, I met some wonderful friends who were part of a feeding program.  These human friends would come out each night and feed the cats who lived on the streets.  I was so grateful for the kindness they showed me.   One of my favorite’s was Ms. Patty – she would feed the feral cats who were not friendly to me at all.  Ms. Patty realized at one time I must have been a house cat.   I worried about Ms. Patty traveling alone at night and I would keep her company and safe along her route.   We would go the library and three other stops before going right to Ms. Patty’s own front door.   The kind ladies thought it would be best if I were placed in a shelter where I could find a loving family.   I am now at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.   Check out their site at

The shelter here is beautiful – and so are the staff and volunteers who treat me like Ms. Patty did!