GloucesterCast Podcast 4/25/13 With Guest Kim Smith

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/25/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Kim Smith

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Father Matthew Green

Topics Include:

Spring, Planting, Mayor’s Poll On Good Harbor Beach Footbridge, Kim’s Black Swallowtail Butterfly Movie, Community Milkweed Planting Project, Kim’s Prius, Paul Morrison and Coyotes, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Craig Kimberley’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Premiere at The farm Bar and Grille, Feeling Like Your Live On Vacation In Gloucester

Mayor Kirk Shares Feedback On the Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll and Plans On How They Plan To Proceed From Here

Hi Joey,

The verdict from the poll is in but it really isn’t as simple as saying, well 64% voted for the aluminum fix and 36% voted for the wooden fix so we’ll put up the aluminum span.  As with just about everything, it’s way more complicated than that.  If you would allow me to,

I’d like to share some of the feedback we’ve received and how we plan on proceeding from here.

In addition to the polling results, there have been many thoughtful email and Facebook messages and phone calls that have come through my office or DPW.  An artist sent a picture of the beautiful Milton Avery painting of a couple walking across the footbridge.  Another person sent a picture of what was thought to be the actual wooden bridge that washed away and into the marsh by Stop & Shop.  Turns out, that was the section of the bridge that washed away in 2006!!  This past winter it has moved into a position where it can be retrieved and DPW will remove it.

People sent links to other “synthetic” solutions, and links to other wooden bridge examples.  And of course, your display today was beautiful.  A lot of questions have come up as well, and I will do my best to answer them.

Cost is clearly a factor that is on people’s minds.  $65,000 seemed to be outrageous for the wooden fix.  That estimate is for an outsourced solution, i.e., not using our DPW.

The timetable seemed troubling to some people.  We were required to go through a Conservation Commission review, and that takes a number of weeks in addition we had to wait to get the estimate and plan for the fix before proceeding to ConCom.

The way we put the poll out there, it wasn’t clear if we were talking about temporary fixes or permanent fixes.  Basically, ConCom has said, “this is the last temporary fix (however we do it).”  The city is encouraged to come back with a permanent plan that addresses the resource area, takes into consideration the structural integrity of the rest of the bridge, and perhaps is redesigned to withstand the types of storms and tidal surges we are experiencing.  Neither choice in the poll addressed these issues.

Then the question of the Magnolia Pier came up.  This is one of those quirky things about how our waterways are governed.  The city has responsibility for the Good Harbor Footbridge, but the Harbormaster and the Waterways Board have responsibility for the Magnolia Pier!

And then of course, some people wanted the best of both worlds – New England charm and Yankee ingenuity which I take to mean a more cost effective solution that preserves the iconic character of the footbridge.

A couple of people suggested a “buy a plank” program where if you got married on the bridge or the beach, you could buy an engraved plank to help offset the cost of the repairs.  Sort of like a memorial bench or brick program.

So – here’s what it’s come down to.  DPW Director Mike Hale and I met today, and we’ve decided to use our DPW guys to do a wooden repair.   I have directed him to retask some of his staff, order the materials and start immediately.  While this will save the city about $60,000 it reduces the manpower that DPW can devote to all those other things citizens find important (which is why outsourcing was an attractive option).

We will formulate a Building Committee as required by the City Charter and pursue a permanent redesign.  The Committee can take the time to go through all ideas, and do this right.

Joey, thank you for allowing me to pose the poll to the GoodMorningGloucester readers.  Most importantly, I appreciate the spark of discussion and ideas that ensued.
Mayor Kirk




FRIDAY JUNE 21, 2013 at 7:30 pm

ADVANCE TICKETS available at Cape Ann Community Cinema

FINAL web  Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Movie poster CACC -1Come celebrate the premiere of my film, Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly, on the Summer Solstice, Friday, June 21st at 7:30pm, at the Cape Ann Community Cinema.

As everyone who knows me knows, I have been working on developing this film for nearly two years. It is the first to be completed in the trilogy and I am overjoyed to announce the premiere will be held at the Cape Ann Community Cinema. Many thanks to Rob Newton for inviting me to have the premiere at his wonderfully unique and super fun movie theatre. I hope everyone will come celebrate this special night with me. I think you will love seeing scenes of our native flora and fauna, filmed all around Gloucester and Cape Ann, on the Big Screen.

The Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly is a 45-minute narrated film. Every stage of the butterfly’s life cycle is experienced in vibrant close-up, from conception to pupation to metamorphosis. The film is for adults and for children so that all can gain a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between wildflowers and pollinators and the vital role they play in our ecosystem. Filmed in Gloucester.

ADVANCE TICKETS available at Cape Ann Community Cinema

Light refreshments, including wine, and beer will be served. I hope to see you there!


Sat, May 4th: You want to see the guy who turned down offers from major labels to do his music his own way!

And he’s got a heart.  Check this out from the Old Sloop website:
Garnet Rogers and Old Sloop Coffeehouse encourage attendees to bring non-perishable food items to this concert to be donated toThe Cape Ann Open Door Food Pantry. Donors will receive a free drink as a thank-you.

Sounds like my kinda guy!  Get tickets here.


Thursday night blues party @ The Rhumb Line ~ Special guest ~ Greg Luttrell. 4.25.2013


He’s baaacck! Mr. Greg Lutrell, that is. He’s just returned from an entire winter’s engagement  at  the Comrade Hilton Hotel in Beijing, China ,filling the  Chairman Mao lounge and Happy Ending Massage Parlor, located in the basement. Now, we’ve got him. So, this thursday, C’mon down to the Rhumb Line and march in step to the bestests blues china you’ve ever eaten offa.  Mr. Benny Benson, Irish Ace of Pace, holds down the fort on drums, with myself, on base. Don’t forget: we start at 8 pm!
But wait! there’s more! Saturday nite, I’m honored to be playing with The Orville Giddings Big Band at the Stone Soup in Ipsquitch! He’s managed to pull together an all-star band including a couple of the Roomful of Blues hornists, including Mark Earley. I guess his bassist has a boo-boo or something, cuz I’m filling in. Down time: 8 pm! be there!

greg (1)

Greg Luttrell

benny benson headshaft photos

benny benson headshaft photos

Origami class at the Hive tonight!

Tonight, April 25, I will be teaching an origami class at The Hive at 7PM.  The cost is $15 students, $20 adults. Supplies are included.

The theme is “Spring!”  So I am going to offer a “menu” of models we can chose from, including flowers, butterflies, birds, and insects.  The ones in the photo are examples; which models we can do depends on the experience and skill of the workshop participants. I’ll have a range of difficulty from simple to high intermediate.

If you can’t make it to the class, don’t despair! I am hoping to teach classes at The Hive more often after June.  Also, I will be available for private lessons for individuals or groups at other locations if requested.

Fr. Matthew Green

5 Masted boat Camden ME. From Edward Como via Eloise Como Brown

I came across this in my grand dad’s glass plates..

I also have many shots taken ca. 1900-1908 of folks and a few of the Gloucester harbor…

My Grandfather was Edw Como, who for many years, sold men’s suits at the Empire Clothing Store and was a hobby photographer..

Thanks for all you do..

Eloise Como Brown, formerly of Beverly Farms and now in NCarolina..


Community Stuff 4/25/13

CAT Collaborative weekend opening for Becky Shaw @Gloucester Stage Co.

more info-


Greg Gibson reads from his new crime novel, The Old Turk’s Load

For Immediate Release

When: Wednesday, May 8th at 7:30 PM

What:  The GWC and the Bookstore of Gloucester are sponsoring a reading by Greg Gibson.  Gibson will read from his new crime novel, The Old Turk’s Load.  Luc Sante, author of Low Life and Kill All Your Darlings, had this to say of the new novel: “A marvel of Chandleresque plotting, with a deeply felt and utterly real ‘60’s setting and a heart as big as all outdoors.”

Who: Greg Gibson is a writer, publisher, a member of the Gloucester Writers Center’s Board Directors, and has been an Antiquarian book dealer since 1976, specializing in old and rare maritime books, documents, manuscripts and ephemera, and in the Literature of Cape Ann, about which he compiled a lengthy bibliography in 1978. His publishing house, Ten Pound Book Company, has published 30 books, including Vincent Ferrini’s autobiography Hermit of the Clouds and Peter Anastas’s Maximus to Gloucester. He is the author of Gone Boy (Random House), Demon of the Waters (Little Brown) and Hubert’s Freaks (Harcourt) as well as numerous small press publications.

The Harbor Room at 8 Norwood Court, Gloucester Massachusetts.  To find out more about the Gloucester Writers Center visit  To find out more about the Bookstore of Gloucester visit

Hi Joe,
  I was hoping you could help get the word out about a fundraiser we are holding at Espresso Italian Grille & Pub. It will be a pizza buffet on Monday, April 29th from 6-9:30. The cost of the buffet is $10per person and 100% of all buffet sales will be donated to the One Fund Boston. We appreciate any "shout outs" you can give to make this event a success.
Thanks So Much!
           Espresso Management and Staff

The Five Wishes Program at the UU Church

On Sunday, May 5th, at 4:00 pm, the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church on 10 Church Street (on the corner of Middle and Church) will host a showing of the Five Wishes film downstairs in the vestry. Ginny Cohen, RN, whose ministry is devoted to end of life issues, will lead a discussion afterwards. The Five Wishes is a Living Will that incorporates emotional and spiritual needs along with medical wishes. This document is a way for individuals and families to plan ahead in order to better cope with serious illness or accidents. This program is free and is open to the public. The Five Wishes material will be available for a small fee. For more information, please call 978-283-3410.


Mayor Kirk Asks You To Vote In This Good Harbor Footbridge Poll

Mayor Kirk is asking for community feedback-

Hi Joey,
We have a bit of a dilemma regarding the Good Harbor Beach footbridge.

The estimate we have for repairs is $65,000. This is basically a temporary fix and carries the risk of being washed away during the next big storms. Also, the Conservation Commission is throwing down the gauntlet on any more temporary fixes.

An alternative would be to have the broken section be replaced with an aluminum boat ramp-like structure. It would have a synthetic decking, four feet wide with railings, and hook in on just the ends (no pilings necessary). Total cost of this fix is $20,000, the ramp would be made here in Gloucester by a Gloucester company, and could be finished within 3 weeks. It could be removed in the event of a hurricane as well.

So I gotta ask GMG readers, which would you rather?

New England Charm? ($65,000 wooden temporary repair)


Yankee Ingenuity? ($20,000 aluminum repair on broken section, rest would remain wood).

Your readers probably photograph / paint this view more than most so we thought we’d start here to gather feedback.

Mayor Kirk

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