Committee for the Arts (CFTA) announces that 15 semifinalists have been selected for the first ever 2013 Gloucester MA HarborWalk Public Art Challenge

Catherine Ryan Submits-

Hi Joey-

On behalf of the City of Gloucester , the Committee for the Arts (CFTA) announces that 15 semifinalists have been selected for the first ever 2013 Gloucester MA HarborWalk Public Art Challenge. Congratulations all!

  • James Calderwood
  • Tiffany Carbonneau
  • Anna Chirico & Dave Blakney
  • Justin Desilva
  • Andrew Thurlow & Andrew Doyle
  • Gary Duehr
  • Bartek Konieczny
  • Angelina Marino-Heidel & Joel Heidel
  • Michael McNabney & Troy Zaushny
  • Frank Morbillo
  • Laura Piraino & Lise Breen
  • James Sardonis
  • Kim Smith
  • Robert Trumbour, Anthony Sanchez, Jared Steinmark, & Alex Cabral
  • Juni Van Dyke

This national call to artists received an overwhelming response, with over 150 project ideas submitted from artists here and across the country. Judging for round 1 was done anonymously. With only 3 awards available and so many thoughtful submissions, it was necessary that round 1 require further essential review time. Competition was very strong. The CFTA was impressed by the quality and effort of so many proposals. It’s exciting and a privilege to see so many ideas, and all with a focus on Gloucester. Sincere thanks are due to all of the artists who took the time to send in applications, and we appreciate their interest and support of this call.

What stage are we in the overall process?

The semi-finalists entries are in final review by the round 2 selection panel which is tasked with selecting the 3 finalists from the group of 15 semi-finalists. The distinguished 7 member jury panel covers a cross section of expertise and excellence and includes: John Bell, Business, Civic and Political Leader, Gloucester, MA; Andrée Bober, Landmarks Museum Director and Founder, The University of Texas at Austin, TX, ; Phil Cusumano, Artist and Licensed Captain, Gloucester, MA; Morgan Faulds Pike, Artist, Gloucester, MA,; Trevor Smith, Curator of Contemporary Art, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA,; Peter Sollogub/Chris Muskopf, Architects, Cambridge Seven Associates, Cambridge, MA; and Jeff Weaver, Artist, Gloucester, MA, We are grateful for the judges’ participation. We anticipate that the three winners will be announced May 2013. Soon thereafter, the Committee for the Arts will announce a special exhibition featuring all 15 semi-finalist entries and the panel’s selections (date, venue, & details are in the works). Stay tuned!

CFTA hosts introduction meeting with Gloucester arts group and Gloucester ‘s new Community Development Director Tom Daniel

Catherine Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Tom Daniel is the Community Development Director for the City of Gloucester . His work is focused on continuing to support the vibrancy of Gloucester with its diverse economy and numerous amenities.

Since the arts are such an important component of Gloucester and community development, on April 4, 2013, the Gloucester Committee for the Arts hosted an open introduction meeting with Tom Daniel for a lunchtime meet and greet. Committee for the Arts Chair, Judith Hoglander, felt that this meeting would provide us with an opportunity to get to know Tom, and for him to better understand the importance of arts in Gloucester . It was wonderful!  Many who attended wore more than one hat,  so to speak, and have been engaged in several volunteer activities around town for many years. We are a lucky community. Among the folks present were artist Beth Williams, Cape Ann Artisans; Director of Cape Ann Museum Ronda Faloon; Ruth Mordecai, Artist and Director Goetemann Residency Program Director; Brenda Malloy, artist and Rocky Neck Art Colony; Jo Ann Castano, Arts Gloucester; Matthew Swift, Trident Gallery (to open soon on Main St.); Anne Robinson, seARTS and Cape Ann TV; Suzanne Gilbert, North Shore Arts Association; Susan Erony, artist, educator, Gloucester Writer’s Center; Marty Morgan, artist; Carol Gray, Director Sawyer Free; and members of the Committee for the Arts- Judith Hoglander, Dale Brown, Marcia Hart, Catherine Ryan and new member and artist Sinikka Nogelo.

We are so grateful that Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library offered the Friend’s Room space for this gathering. We learned that Tom is originally from central MA, and that he loves arts and culture, and how both are conduits to broadly experiencing our community. He shared examples of his advocacy for the arts throughout his career with examples from Minneapolis , MN , and most recently Salem , MA . We look forward to more discussions.

Interfaith Prayer Service in Response to Marathon Tragedy, Wednesday, April 17

Dear Joey,
Could you please post this for the community?
Interfaith Prayer Service in Response to Marathon Tragedy, Wednesday, April 17, 7:00 pm. at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1123 Washington St. (Lanesville). All are welcome. If questions, please call Pastor Anne Deneen, 978-283-6550, or Rev. Wendy Fitting, 978-283-3410

“A Concert for Mother Earth” in celebration of Earth Day

Greta Bro copy
The Annisquam Village Church presents: 
“A Concert for Mother Earth” in celebration of Earth Day. 
Saturday, April 20 at 8 p.m
Featuring Greta Bro Group with Ricardo Frota, Maurice Cahen and Steve Travis. 
Tickets at the door only: $20/$10 students.
For more information: 
Call: 978.283.6416 

Wednesday with Fly Amero ♪♫♪Special guest: TMax

Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, April 17th
Special Guest:  

His real name is Timothy Maxwell, but everyone knows him as
T Max.  And they know his magazine, The Noise, filled to the
brim with music news, reviews and interviews, as a publication
that has tied the New England music scene together for over
30 years!  But T’s also a singer-songwriter, and he’s planning
on opening some of those pages for us as well… this coming
Wednesday, in fact.  A rare treat, for sure. ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –
  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Apr. 24: Elaine O’Rourke

May 1: Ron Schrank

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack

Yesterday afternoon we were at the Cincinnati airport returning to Boston when we heard the initial report of the bombings at the marathon finish line. It’s difficult to put into words the anger and sickening feelings one experiences upon seeing a beloved city under attack and especially the marathon event, which brings an international crowd of participants and cheerers-on.

The marathon is cherished by Bostonians and it shines a world-wide spotlight on their beautiful city during the celebration of this oldest of annual marathons. The Boston Marathon is a tremendous source of pride for our state and for our nation. Immediately your heart goes out to the victims and their families. You see featured on the news extraordinary acts of bravery and kindness in people helping people. But then you begin to think about future public events and the larger implications on our freedom-loving society.


Acts of terror, whether domestic or international, are designed to forever imprint fear. We were unable to attend the marathon this year as my widowed sister-in-law remarried over the weekend, but I know where I will be next year.

After both September 11th and the marathon bombings, students at MIT illuminated the Green Building in red, white, and blue.

He’s Baaaaaack . . .

Something’s up in Gloucester.  Only 2 weeks ago, Dennis Brennan played The Rhumb Line with Dave Sag (see post about that here).

Tonight he’s back in Gloucester @ Jalapenos with Dave Brown, Wolf Ginandes & Dave Mattacks.  Could it be the tremendous musical talent resident in Boston is attracting yet another great musician?  That’s what we think.  So we’ve selected a series of Dennis Brennan videos to feature on gimmesound.  See them here.    

You might want to call Jalapenos at 978-283-8228 to reserve a table for tonight.  The room is usually full.

Here’s a video of Dennis when he was a bit younger.

Today “Cape Ann Auction” – April 16th in Magnolia @ 1 Lexington Ave. preview 4-6pm – 6:00 pm auction time.

auction bottles aution minis

Interchangeable Tonkas

tonkastonka crop

Vintage toolstools

Check out other auction items here >

Community Stuff 4/18/13

Dear Joey,

Here’s a flyer I hope you can post for a panel discussion happening next Sunday (3:15pm) at the National Historical Park in Lowell as part of the Folklife Series. I get to be on the same stage as two men whose work I admire greatly: shipbuilder and National Heritage Fellow Harold Burnham and Erik Ronnberg, Jr. whose ship models can be found in the Smithsonian, Mystic Seaport, and many other museums. We are all going to bring models with us and discuss the similarities and differences in the ways we create and use models in our work. I’ll bring C. B. Fisk’s model of Memorial Church at Harvard and the organ we just built for them. More info at

Thanks for helping to get the word out.

Gregory R Bover

V.P. Operations, Project Manager, C. B. Fisk, Inc.


Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge Wrap Up From Chief Leonard Campanello

Hi Joey,

Just wanted to let your readers know that the Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge just wrapped up on Sunday. The department lost over 400lbs collectively and we are very thankful for the support we received from citizens and businesses alike. I would like to once again acknowledge the businesses that supported us:

Cape Ann Car Wash

Castle Manor Inn

Cape Ann Marina and Resort


Toms Auto Center

Gloucester Inn By The Sea

Acme Merchandise and Apparel

Manchester Athletic Club

Fitness Zone

Yukan Run

And thanks to all the citizens of Gloucester who rallied around us for this challenge.

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police, City of Gloucester, MA